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Aug 1799 – Dec 1840

Note:  This data appears to be double indexed, both with Groom first and Bride first.  I have not checked to see if that is consistent throughout. You will see some entries twice with slight variations; this is because all of this data is found in old journals & written in longhand (cursive) and is very difficult to read, so the transcriber made two entries because it could be interperted in either form.  I think the best way to search this data is to search using your various surnames, using the search feature of your browser or copy the data and create a Word document and use that search feature. 

CARTER, James - COLEMAN, Nancy 09-OCT-1825
CARTER, John - KELLY, Amy 11-MAR-1809
CARTER, Martha - MCDANIEL, Gobel M 15-NOV-1832
CARTER, Moses - THORP, Ann 23-DEC-1817
CARTER, Peggy - JACKSON, Roby 04-MAR-1814
CARTER, Polly - BENTON, Bassett 05-MAR-1808
CARTER, Polly - COLEMAN, Martin 27-JAN-1821
CARTER, William - HAYNES, Hannah 02-MAY-1824
CARTER, Wren - WAKELAND, Plemelia 09-DEC-1831
CASEY, Catherine - ACTON, Francis 26-NOV-1840
CASEY, Didamah - ACTON, Francis 23-JAN-1839
CHAMBERLIN, Liles - TAYLOR, Sarah 10-FEB-1824
CHAMBERS, Abrin - MILLER, Sally 02-JUL-1828
CHAMBERS, Elizabeth - OLDHAM, George 14-FEB-1818
CHAPMAN, Eliza - HECK, Randall 22-AUG-1839
CHAPMAN, Ellis - SOUTHARD, Nancy 14-SEP-1820
CHAPMAN, Ezekiel - MASON, Catherine 15-OCT-1840
CHAPMAN, Frances - AMBROSE, Lewis 18-APR-1833
CHAPMAN, James - TAYLOR, Margarie 04-FEB-1819
CHAPMAN, Levina - GRIGSBY, Aaron 25-AUG-1813
CHAPMAN, Moses - BARNETT, Palcy 13-FEB-1817
CHAPMAN, Nancy - ROGERS, Edward 22-JAN-1818
CHAPMAN, Rachel - HALL, Ancil 07-FEB-1840
CHAPMAN, Robert - PORTER, Sally 12-JAN-1836
CHAPMAN, Sally - FORD, William 10-FEB-1813
CHAPMAN, Sally - SMITH, William 19-DEC-1832
CHAPMAN, Solomon - RENDER, Sarah 04-JUN-1824
CHAPMAN, Willis - RENDER, Nancy 13-DEC-1805
CHAPMAN, Wilson - NICHOLAS, Ellen 31-JAN-1838
CHINN, Ann Eliza - COOPER, John 08-MAR-1837
CHINN, Catherine - COOPER, Wesley B 11-MAR-1840
CHINN, Dorothy - AUSTIN, Andrew 31-AUG-1840
CHRISTIAN, Charles - WYLEE, Dolly 23-DEC-1816
CHRISTIAN, James - WILCHER, Nancy 18-SEP-1813
CHRISTIAN, Walter - SMITH, Eliza 26-SEP-1833
CHRISTIAN, William - WELCHER, Malinda 07-AUG-1821
CLANNAH, John - BLEVINS, Betsy 08-OCT-1816
CLARK, Andrew - CLIFFORD, Catherine 23-DEC-1820
CLARK, Anthony Ann - EARP, James 05-OCT-1840
CLARK, Elenor - WILSON, George 26-AUG-1808
CLARK, Sarah Ann - WHITE, Alfred 11-JUL-1839
CLARK, Wilford - LANGLEY, Susan 09-JAN-1839
CLARK, William - BENNETT, Rachel 26-APR-1838
CLARK, William - OVERTIN, Delilah 08-JUL-1806
CLEAVIR, Phebe - CALLOWAY, Zacariah 07-AUG-1805
CLEAVIR, Phebe - CALLOWAY, Zachariah 07-AUG-1805
CLEMENT, William - THORP, Sally 03-APR-1812
CLEVER, Stephen - TOPSLEY, Elenor 22-APR-1810
CLIFFORD, Betsy - HOUTCHINS, Jesse 08-APR-1818
CLIFFORD, Catherine - CLARK, Andrew 23-DEC-1820
CLIFFORD, Michael - RICE, Nelly 06-JAN-1820
CLIFFORD, Nancy - TAYLOR, John 22-JUN-1813
CLIFFORD, William - BUTTERWORTH, Eliza 04-AUG-1824
CLOUCH, John - BLIVENS, Betsy 10-NOV-1816
CLUTTER, Delilah - REED, James 18-JUL-1804
COBB, Elizabeth - WILSON, Warren 06-NOV-1832
COBB, Elizabeth L - WILSON, Warren 06-NOV-1832
COBB, Henry H - HUFF, Nancy 10-FEB-1840
COBB, Jesse - LAMB, Sally Ann 30-SEP-1831
COBBS, Forbetha - HALL, John 03-FEB-1835
COCHRAN, John - DAVIS, Peggy 23-SEP-1813
COCHRAN, Polly - WARNELL, Richard 19-FEB-1818
COCHRAN, Rachel - HOCKER, Philip 01-JUN-1816
COFFEE, Cleo - HUDSON, William 29-AUG-1810
COFFEE, Philip - ASHLEY, Elizabeth 29-DEC-1813
COLE, Mary - LEACH, Leonard 04-FEB-1824
COLEMAN, Ann - WILLIAMS, Erezine 07-NOV-1831
COLEMAN, Catherine - ASHLEY, Thomas 18-JUN-1806
COLEMAN, Christine - WILLIAMS, Amos 22-FEB-1825
COLEMAN, Elisha - MATTOX, Susan 1826
COLEMAN, Elizabeth - DURLAP, Henry 07-SEP-1811
COLEMAN, Henry - ADDINGTON, Jemima 11-DEC-1835
COLEMAN, Martin - CARTER, Polly 27-JAN-1821
COLEMAN, Martin - LEACH, Martha Ann 25-FEB-1840
COLEMAN, Martin - TAYLOR, Catherine 02-OCT-1799
COLEMAN, Martin - WILLIAMS, Harriet 07-NOV-1831
COLEMAN, Mary - BLEVINS, William 01-OCT-1838
COLEMAN, Nancy - CARTER, James 09-OCT-1825
COLEMAN, Polly - FULKERSON, Fulkerd 30-MAR-1818
COLEMAN, Richard - HOCKER, Rebecca 23-JAN-1823
COLEMAN, Sally - WILLIAMS, Isaac 10-FEB-1824
COLEMAN, Sarah - WISE, James 05-JAN-1828
COLLINS, Sarah - DAVIS, Churoe 06-SEP-1814
COMBS, Eden - TILFORD, Mary 08-MAY-1839
COMPTON, Susanna - EDMUNDS, Isaac 01-OCT-1804
COMPTON, Winney - HERRALD, Richard 25-JUL-1800
CONDIT, Abigail - HOUSLEY, Robert 06-FEB-1832
CONDIT, Allen - HOSTUTE, Catherine 14-APR-1810
CONDIT, Angelina - TICHENOR, Bennett 30-AUG-1831
CONDIT, Ann - ELLIOTT, John 18-JUL-1812
CONDIT, Betsy - BARNETT, Robert 23-MAR-1816
CONDIT, Elena - BOYLE, Alford 15-NOV-1823
CONDIT, Emeline - IGLEHEART, John 28-NOV-1832
CONDIT, Jacob - BROWN, Rhoda 14-OCT-1826
CONDIT, Jemima - TUMNONDY, William 28-JUL-1818
CONDIT, Jonathan - DUKE, Mary 14-JUN-1834
CONDIT, Moses - CONDIT, Sally 08-DEC-1812
CONDIT, Peter - HOUSLEY, Elizabeth 07-DEC-1826
CONDIT, Rhoda - IGLEHEART, William B OCT 1827
CONDIT, Ruth Ann - DAVIS, Miles H 17-FEB-1832
CONDIT, Sally - CONDIT, Moses 08-DEC-1812
CONDIT, Uzal - LINDLEY, Mary 01-NOV-1832
CONDIT, William - BROWN, Jane 05-AUG-1833
CONNER, William - POTTS, Rachel 07-MAR-1807
COOKSEY, Eliza - ILER, Perry 11-FEB-1831
COOKSEY, Victoria Ann - EARP, Nicholas P 27-JUL-1840
COOLMAN, Elizabeth - BROWN, Alexander 08-DEC-1819
COOPER, Alexander - MILLER, Sally 07-JUN-1814
COOPER, Betsy A I - HOCKER, Quisenberry 13-APR-1840
COOPER, Betsy A L - HOCKER, Quisenberry 13-APR-1840
COOPER, Clarissa - HOCKER, Nicholas 25-SEP-1827
COOPER, Elenor - WALLACE, William 08-JUN-1803
COOPER, Elizabeth - COX, Benjamin 12-APR-1807
COOPER, Elizabeth - EMBRY, Isaac 11-FEB-1833
COOPER, Henry - PHIPPS, Nancy 31-OCT-1803
COOPER, Jacob - HOOVER, Milly 18-NOV-1839
COOPER, Jane - EMBRY, William 12-APR-1834
COOPER, Jane - MILLER, David 25-JAN-1810
COOPER, John - CHINN, Ann Eliza 08-MAR-1837
COOPER, Martha - STEWART, Henry 22-MAR-1837
COOPER, Polly - CAMPBELL, John 18-JUN-1810
COOPER, Robert - NEAL, Delilah 28-MAR-1809
COOPER, Sally - ADDINGTON, Joshua 28-JUL-1828
COOPER, Sarah - SHIVELEY, John L 09-FEB-1830
COOPER, Wesley - ALLEN, Milly 22-SEP-1831
COOPER, Wesley B - CHINN, Catherine 11-MAR-1840
CORLEY, Judith - BROWN, William 01-JUL-1816
CORN, William - SHOW, Edith 31-DEC-1831
CORTLAND, John - TALMON, Sally Ann 22-OCT-1824
COTTER, Nancy - MADDOX, Joshua 05-SEP-1833
COVINGTON, Edward - FULKERSON, Rebecca 25-OCT-1836
COX, Althae - COX, Philip 24-SEP-1838
COX, Anderson - MITCHELL, Sally 27-APR-1820
COX, Ann - SHULTZ, John 18-SEP-1831
COX, Benjamin - COOPER, Elizabeth 12-APR-1807
COX, Elizabeth - POOL, Allen P 29-NOV-1836
COX, Elizabeth - ROBEL, Logustain P 05-APR-1828
COX, Elizabeth - SIX, David 23-DEC-1819
COX, Finis - NAPIER, Mary 17-FEB-1807
COX, James - LEACH, Elizabeth 13-MAY-1806
COX, Jane - TROXAL, Frederic 13-APR-1818
COX, Jane - TROXAL, Frederick 13-APR-1818
COX, Jeremiah - DAVIS, Dorcas 21-DEC-1819
COX, Joseph - BARNARD, Helen 06-DEC-1811
COX, Joseph - TANSON, Elizabeth 17-JAN-1825
COX, Lucinda - WALLACE, Washington 29-AUG-1833
COX, Minerva - BENNETT, Thomas 14-JUL-1838
COX, Philip - COX, Althae 24-SEP-1838
COX, Polly - ALBIN, Joshua 11-MAR-1835
COX, R E - PAYNE, Emily Ann 28-SEP-1840
COX, Sally - GREEN, William 02-JAN-1836
COX, Susan - DAVIS, Alford 04-JUN-1831
COX, Thomas - LEACH, Miranda 24-DEC-1829
COX, William - BARNARD, Matilda 07-MAR-1822
COY, Allen - BURDEN, Delilah 13-NOV-1829
CRABTREE, Abraham - POTTS, Johanna 13-DEC-1810
CRABTREE, Isaac - LAMB, Sally 05-MAR-1814
CRABTREE, Isabel Elizabeth - MORRIS, Amos 13-AUG-1827
CRABTREE, Isabell Elizabeth - MORRIS, Amos 13-AUG-1827
CRABTREE, Jane - SIX, William 26-DEC-1821
CRADDOCK, Margaret - TAYLOR, Nicholas 08-OCT-1833
CRASH, Fanny - ATTERBERRY, Stout 08-DEC-1824
CRASH, Phebe - MATTHEWS, James 22-AUG-1810
CRASH, Phebe - MATTHEWS, James 22-AUG-1818
CRAVENS, Dorcas - GIBSON, Daniel 22-APR-1832
CRAVENS, Jane - JAMES, William 28-JUL-1825
CRAVENS, Jesse - NAMNY, Ann 23-AUG-1832
CRAVENS, Jesse - TARLTON, Rebecca 17-SEP-1802
CRAVENS, Jessie - ROYAL, James 04-AUG-1831
CRAWFORD, Fanny - AUBREY, Jacob 28-SEP-1840
CRAWFORD, Granite - BEAN, Polly 30-JAN-1830
CRAWFORD, Jossie - WOOLEY, Levi 01-AUG-1814
CRAWFORD, Mary Elizabeth - THRASHER, Eli 03-NOV-1822
CRAWFORD, Mason - MCCARY, Mary Polly 10-FEB-1805
CROCKIN, John - HALL, Peggy 26-MAR-1820
CROWDER, Ann - STEWART, Cornelius 24-JAN-1835
CROWDER, Lucinda - DAUGHERTY, Moses 03-MAY-1838
CROWE, Ann - MCCREERY, Charles 28-OCT-1811
CROWE, Caroline - LIGHTFOOT, Pendleton 21-FEB-1832
CROWE, Elijah - CALLOWAY, Frances 21-JAN-1811
CROWE, Elijah - JOHNSON, Judy 02-JAN-1814
CROWE, Eliza - AMBROSE, Henry 30-AUG-1836
CROWE, Elizabeth - WOODWARD, James H 08-APR-1833
CROWE, Henry - CARTER, Amy 04-NOV-1822
CROWE, Henry - RICHARD, Elizabeth 24-FEB-1820
CROWE, Hyram - WHITTIER, Elizabeth 25-JUL-1827
CROWE, Jesse - ANDERSON, Mary 01-OCT-1814
CROWE, John - BOSWELL, Trycy 27-APR-1812
CROWE, John - JACKSON, Polly 08-JUL-1835
CROWE, Louise - HAMILTON, Samuel 17-APR-1834
CROWE, Mary Ann - BELT, Henry 15-APR-1838
CROWE, Nancy - SMITH, John J 22-FEB-1832
CROWE, Sarah Ann - WOODWARD, Stephen 24-OCT-1838
CULBERSON, Joseph - BECK, Becky 21-MAR-1805
CUMMINS, Jacob - WILLIAMS, Polly 11-MAR-1824
CUMMINS, Moses - GRIFFITH, Ruth 23-OCT-1810
CUMPTON, Molly - YOUNG, William 13-MAR-1806
CUMPTON, Theodocia - SHANE, James 09-JAN-1809
CURD, Daniel - UPTON, Edvina 11-NOV-1830
CURD, Mary - MOSELEY, Jesse 12-AUG-1824
CURLET, Margaret - MOSELEY, Robert 22-JAN-1829
DANIEL, Ann - SMITH, Thomas 10-DEC-1831
DANIEL, Brockel - ARNOLD, Amanda 03-DEC-1832
DANIEL, Doranda - ROSS, John 30-MAR-1840
DANIEL, George - TILFORD, Nancy 18-MAR-1827
DANIEL, Martha - THOMAS, Nathaniel 18-APR-1833
DANIEL, Mary Ann - PLUMER, Caleb 03-JUN-1819
DANIEL, Vivian - MCCREERY, Vitula 25-SEP-1836
DANIEL, Walker - SMITH, Maryan 22-AUG-1825
DAUGHERTY, Andrew - EVANS, Sarah 03-JUN-1837
DAUGHERTY, Moses - CROWDER, Lucinda 03-MAY-1838
DAVENPORT, Robert - WISE, Katie 13-NOV-1817
DAVENPORT, S A - TURNER, Nancy 18-SEP-1840
DAVENPORT, Sam A - FUNK, Nancy H 18-SEP-1840
DAVENPORT, William - MEYERS, Ellen 21-FEB-1838
DAVIS, Alford - COX, Susan 04-JUN-1831
DAVIS, Amelia - TALBERT, Benjamin 07-DEC-1838
DAVIS, Amos - CAIN, Elizabeth 04-AUG-1823
DAVIS, Baxter - OWEN, Frances 12-JUL-1830
DAVIS, Betsy - LANSON, John 29-JUN-1820
DAVIS, Churoe - COLLINS, Sarah 06-SEP-1814
DAVIS, Cynthia Ann - SHULTZ, Nicholas 06-OCT-1832
DAVIS, Dorcas - COX, Jeremiah 21-DEC-1819
DAVIS, Dorcas - WELCHER, William 05-SEP-1810
DAVIS, Elizabeth - HILLMAN, Benjm 19-SEP-1809
DAVIS, Garret - BRYANT, Rebecca 22-OCT-1827
DAVIS, Garret - ELIN, Mary Ann 14-SEP-1829
DAVIS, Garrett - ELIN, Mary Ann 14-SEP-1829
DAVIS, Hannah - BRUNER, Peter 08-JAN-1827
DAVIS, Harriet - REDMOND, Robert 02-MAR-1811
DAVIS, Harriet - REDMOND, Robert 2-Mar-11
DAVIS, Hezekiah - HATCHER, Elenor 21-JUL-1813
DAVIS, Isabella - ROYAL, John 14-JAN-1830
DAVIS, James - FIELD, Lucy 20-FEB-1810
DAVIS, Jared - BRYANT, Rebecca 25-OCT-1827
DAVIS, Jeremiah - ROSS, Aaron 23-DEC-1819
DAVIS, Jerimiah - ROSS, Aaron 23-DEC-1819
DAVIS, Joseph - SHEPHERD, Nancy 25-JAN-1840
DAVIS, Lucy - HANSHAW, William 12-OCT-1814
DAVIS, Malinda - MCKAY, Allen 17-APR-1822
DAVIS, Margaret - SHEPHERD, William 26-FEB-1840
DAVIS, Mary - TAYLOR, Harrison D 11-NOV-1828
DAVIS, Mary Ann - ATHERTON, Joseph 30-MAR-1830
DAVIS, Mary Ann - HOCKER, Richard Weaver 30-JUL-1836
DAVIS, Miles H - CONDIT, Ruth Ann 17-FEB-1832
DAVIS, Mirinda - ENNETT, Titus 22 AUG 18 ??
DAVIS, Nathan - GRIGSBY, Eliza 1840
DAVIS, Nelly - HOCKER, Martin 12-APR-1829
DAVIS, Nelson - ATHERTON, Hannah 06-MAY-1822
DAVIS, Owen - GENTRY, Polly 08-NOV-1834
DAVIS, Peggy - COCHRAN, John 23-SEP-1813
DAVIS, Richard - NEAL, Elizabeth 04-NOV-1824
DAVIS, Solomon - ROSS, Jemima 29-NOV-1829
DAVIS, Thomas - INGLEHEART, Rhoda 18-APR-1836
DAVIS, Thomas Y - TAYLOR, Hester Ann 23-DEC-1840
DAVIS, William - HAYNES, Elizabeth 11-JAN-1832
DAVIS, Willis - LAWTON, Ann 09-AUG-1839
DEAN, Summers - ROBERTSON, Amanda 30-APR-1826
DEERING, S S - NALL, Martha Jane 22-SEP-1840
DEHAVEN, Edward - HALL, Dosha 15-MAY-1828
DENT, Peter - PHIPPS, Martha 23-AUG-1838
DEWEESE, Benjamin - ANDERSON, Anna 25-JUN-1802
DEWEESE, Dan - KUYKENDOLL, Louise 12-OCT-1840
DEWEESE, Farmer - HAYNES, Nancy 25-FEB-1837
DEWEESE, Martin - WHITE, Sarah 25-JAN-1830
DEXTER, Benj - WARDEN, Betsy 29-JAN-1827
DEXTER, Joseph - ANDERSON, Patsy 20-DEC-1825
DEXTER, Rebecca - HEDGES, James 08-NOV-1809
DEXTER, Silas - WOODWARD, Ann 04-JUL-1825
DICKEY, Elijah - ERVIN, Polly 01-JAN-1810
DICKEY, Sarah - DURBIN, William 16-JUL-1814
DODSON, Dolly - MARTIN, Monroe 04-JAN-1827
DODSON, George - KING, Deborah 13-NOV-1828
DONALDSON, Patrick - GOFF, Betsy 06-AUG-1805
DOUGHERTY, Chesterfield - EZELL, Levice 07-JAN-1835
DOUGHERTY, William - WHITE, Abagile 17-MAR-1836 

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