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KY National Guard, Ohio County

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John M. Trowbridge
Command Historian
Kentucky National Guard

Searching for Poncho:
The Kentucky National Guard Mexican Border Service, 1916-1917

The Kentucky Brigade was mobilized for the Mexican Punitive Expedition in June of 1916 and trained at Fort Thomas, Kentucky. In August 1916 the Brigade moved to Fort Bliss, near El Paso, Texas. They were stationed at Camp Owen Bierne, some two miles from Fort Bliss. They were attached to the 10th U.S. Provisional Division under command of Brigadier General Charles G. Morton. Their mission was to conduct patrols along a sixty-mile-stretch of the Rio Grande River to Fort Hancock, Texas. In February1917 they were ordered back to Fort Thomas and mustered out.
Kentucky National Guard
Commander - Colonel Jouett Henry.xiii
Executive Officer - Lieutenant Colonel E. B. Bassett.
Regimental Adjutant - Captain B. S. Winfree.
Regimental Commissary - Captain A. G. Chapman.
Regimental Quartermaster - Captain B. G. Nelson.
Regimental Commissary Sergeant - Lawson B. Flack.
Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant - Ernest Cravens.
Regimental Sergeant-Major - Robert T. Hayes.

Commander - Major Henry W. Rogers.
Adjutant - First Lieutenant Brick Southworth.
Quartermaster - Second Lieutenant Allen Beard. (Madisonville) Quartermaster Sergeant - Sergeant First Class Henry G. Jones.
Company H, Hartford (Ohio County)    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Commander - Captain James M. DeWeese.xv
First Lieutenant Clarence B. Shown.
Sergeants: Anderson, Andrew K.
Barnett, Estill L.
Gray, Walter D.
Hoover, Marvin
Liles, William C.
Corporals: Blair, Ben W.
Clark, Otis
Hawkins, Charlie M.
Hudson, Forrest
Kirk, Arthur D.
Leisure, Charles F.
Musician: Logsdon, Kit
Cook: Bennett, Letcher D.
Allen, Ira Claud
Allen, Willis
Arnold, Pirtle
Brown, Haden
Carson, Rosco S.
Chandler, Alva C.
Colburn, Otis
Daffon, James
Daugherty, Hobart P.
Duke, Claude
Ferguson, John W.
Foster, Chester D.
Glenn, Howard
Glenn, John J.
Gray, Clarence M.
Gray, Ollie
Harris, Jesse
Hazelrig, Nicholas B.
Hester, Tom J.
Holbrook, William B.
Hunt, Lyman
Hurt, Charles B.
Igleheart, Sam S.
Johnson, Charles W.
Johnson, Rollie
Jones, Eura W.
Keown, Gilmore
King, Charles
Leisure, Irvin
Logsdon, William M.
McDaniel, Oscar L.
Miller, Cleo C.
Minton, Arthur
Morris, Albert
Morris, Herman
Norman, Pete
Owen, Fletcher
Owen, Lonnie
Peach, Alva
Peach, Everette
Peach, James E.
Schroader, Grossie
St. Clair, Wava
Stevens, Shelby
Tanner, Charles H.
Vineyard, Columbus W.
Wakeland, Willie
Wallace, Omar T.
White, Leslie
White, Stoy H.
Whitehouse, Ben H.
Wilson, Mose
Wimsatt, Edmund R.

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The following books should be read by every Ohio County researcher:

Ohio County, Kentucky, in the Olden Days, by Harrison D. Taylor

History of No Creek, by Harry Tinsley

Torn Asunder, by Beth Chinn Harp

Genealogical Newspaper Columns of Agnes Ashby, compiled by Michael L. Cook

Fogle's Papers - A History of Ohio County, by McDowell A. Fogle

Ohio County, Kentucky, Obituary Index (2 Vol's), by Jerry Long 


The West-Central Kentucky Family Research Association's address is P. O. Box 291, Calhoun, KY 42327. They have a research center located at 895 Main Street in Calhoun and it is open 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. each Monday, Wednesday and Friday (except during holiday seasons). The dues are $25 per year and this includes a quarterly publication. The association has many books for sale, including Ohio County Cemeteries, Vol I and Vol II.

Ohio County Cemeteries

The US GenWeb has an online site with a list of Ohio County Cemeteries. This site can be found at the following link: 

Grant Cemetery, Fordsville, Ohio County, KY

Grant Cemetery
Fordsville, Ohio County, Kentucky

642 Shreve Road, Fordsville, Ky 42343
Lat: 37° 34' 12"N, Lon: 86° 38' 35"W
Contributed by Zola Stevens, Aug 27, 2004 []. Total records = 14.
To reach cemetery drive 7 miles east of Fordsville on Hwy 54, turn right or south 1/2 mile on Shreve Road. The cemetery will be seen on the right just as the road starts to turn west.
This cemetery is now on private land, owner not connected with any individuals buried in the cemetery. In the past 2-3 years the gravestones have all been removed via bulldozer or something like that, if the stones cannot be restored a memorial will be erected with the following names if the landowner will allow. He is adamant against any involvement.
This is a listing held by the Ohio County Library, documented on May 19, 1973. It does not include several children's graves which had only markers with no names.
- Zola Stevens
Basham, L. D., Co D 26th KY Inf
Dalton, Leo G., d. Jan 7, 1865, (may be Lea G.), dau M.C. & E.J., aged 11 months
Dymond, Mary A., b. Mar 7, 1805, d. Feb. 3, 1864
Dymond, Robert, b. England came to America Jul 4, 1800 d. Nov. 5, 1861
Grant, Elizabeth F., b. Jan 1, 1838, d. Apr 24, 1871, wife of W.W.
Grant, J. L., b. Dec 27, 1823, d. Sep 2, 1896
Grant, Lucie A., b. Feb 2, 1824, d. Oct 7, 1899, wife of JL
Keith, Charles M., b. Aug 6, 1850, d. Jun 16, 1852, son J.W. & M.E.
Matthews, Blain J., b. Dec 22, 1828, d. Dec 16, 1865 (Mason)
Matthews, James W., b. Sep 24, 1793, d. Apr 10, 1860
Porter, Aleda B., b. Aug 2, 1876, d. Jul 19, 1883, dau of T.M. & M. E.
Porter, James, b. Sep 30, 1798, d. ? 31, 1883
Withers, Abigail, b. May 17, 1828, d. Aug 24, 1909
Withers, Barnett P., d. Jun 22, 1888, aged 64 years

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Beaver Dam - 1910

These two maps show the town of Beaver Dam in 1910. Click on the map to enlarge.