Saturday, August 18, 2018

History of Daviess County - Christopher D. Jackson

History of Daviess County

Recently I discovered a book published in 1883 about Daviess County that contained a information about people from Ohio County.  This includes people born in Ohio County that moved to Daviess County; people from Daviess County that married people from Ohio County; and some people that were born in Daviess County and moved to Ohio County and then moved back to Daviess County. I think I have short bios on 28 people who were born as early as 1797 and as late as about 1850. I will post all of these people one-by-one starting below.  The book has 854 pages and the official name of the book is:

“History of Daviess County, Kentucky. Together with Sketches of Its Cities, Villages and Townships, Educational, Religious, Civil, Military, and Political History; Portraits of Prominent Persons, Biographies of Representative Citizens.”

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Charles Wesley Taylor

Source: A Sesqui-centennial History of Kentucky, 4 volumes, published 1945.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

The Blue and the Gray - 1905 - Beaver Dam

Source: Kentucky Eloquence, Past and Present; Library of Orations, After-Dinner Speeches, Popular and Classic Lectures and Poetry; editor Col. Bennett H. Young; published 1907 by Ben La Bree, Jr., Louisville, Kentucky. Page 348.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

John Russell Pirtle

Source: A Sesqui-centennial History of Kentucky, 4 volumes, published 1945.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Constance King Foster

The Hartford Herald, Hartford, Kentucky, October 30, 1918
  • Connie Foster, wife of Mr. Byron Foster, died at her home at Covington Saturday morning of pneumonia super-induced by an attack of Spanish Influenza. Mrs. Foster was formerly Miss Connie King, of Covington, before her marriage to Mr. Foster two years ago. Her husband is a son of Mr. Isaac Foster, of Hartford. He was at Atlanta, Georgia, when notified of her illness but reached Covington before her death. She was buried at Covington yesterday evening at two o’clock. Mrs. Isaac Foster attended the funeral.
 Note:  Another death from the 1918 flu pandemic.  Her husband, Byron Lee Foster, was born 4 Aug 1891 in Ohio County.  He was a civil engineer and he died in 1956.