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CHARLES W. MASSIE was born November 18, 1845, in Bedford County, Va., and is the eldest of twelve children born to John and Theodocia Frances (Wade) Massie, both still living. John Massie was born in Amherst County, and his wife in Bedford County, Va., and followed the carpenter's trade until 1847, when he came West and located in Ohio County, Ky., where he engaged in farming and worked at his trade eighteen years. He then moved to Daviess County, Ky., where he resided until recently, when he removed to Owensborough (sic), Ky., and engaged in the tobacco business. He has been successful in his business career. He is a member of the Baptist Church. Charles W. was reared and educated in Ohio County, save a short time when he attended the Whitesville Seminary in Daviess County. At the age of nineteen he began for himself by farming, which he followed until 1876; while farming he began the study of law, at home, and after five years' study was admitted to practice, which he conducted in connection with farming until 1876, when he moved to Hartford and gave his exclusive attention to law. In August, 1882, he was elected judge of the county court, his present position. He still carries on the practice of law in other courts, and has a high standing as a judge and lawyer. October 20, 1864, he married Miss Martha S. Ford, daughter of David and Emily Ford, of Ohio County. By this union they have nine children: Elisha S., Nora H., Nancy B., Everett L., Zenobia, Mary T., Joseph B., James C., and John C.  Judge Massie belongs to the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and his wife to the Baptist Church.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

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LIEUT. ROBERT J. MASON, Ohio County, is the son of Robert C. Mason, who
was born in Virginia in about 1812, and with his family removed to Oldham County, Ky., in 1837. He still lives at the latter place and is postmaster and Chapter Mason. He has a fine library, and is a scholarly gentleman. The mother of Lieut. Mason was born about 1802, in Culpeper County, Va., and died in January, 1881. Her maiden name was Frances Smith. Lieut. Mason was born in Madison, Va., April 12, 1829. He received his early training in the schools of Kentucky, which at that time afforded but meager advantages; he has acquired much by a later course of study and reading. At the age of twenty-one he commenced business for himself as farmer, carpenter and practical engineer. In 1864 he purchased a farm in McLean County, and improved it continuously until 1881, when he made an exchange and obtained a part of William Field's, consisting of 115 acres, all first class land, with good improvements and a superior quality of spring water. Lieut. Mason was married October 4, 1866, to Mary E. Hall, eldest daughter of Isaac S. and Julia H. Hall, of Oldham County. The former died in 1871, leaving a widow and ten children; the latter still lives on the old place at Oldham. This union was blessed with one child — Isaac, born April 28, 1868. He is a student and teacher. Lieut. Mason is a member of the Blue Lodge of Masons and is one of the leading members of the community; takes a deep interest in temperance, education and all progressive movements.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note: Robert Johnson Mason died at age 92 of pneumonia 31 Oct 1921 in Buford, Ohio County. He is buried in the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Buford.

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Rough River Report - 1930 - Part III

Source: House Documents, 71st Congress, 3rd Session (Dec 1,1930 – March 4, 1931); Examinations of Rivers and Harbors, Vol. 1

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GEORGE M. MARTIN, Ohio County, is the son of Nimrod Martin, of Shelby County, Ky., who was born in 1805, and removed to Indiana when he was but twelve years of age, and there remained until he reached the years of manhood.  He then went into Ohio County, and was there married to Deborah Dobson, who was also a native of Shelby County, born in 1817, and married when but thirteen years of age. She died May 31, 1881, leaving eight children to mourn her loss: Matilda, wife of William Paris; Eli, married to Cassandra Taylor, subsequently to Sarah Dawson; Mildred, wife of Marion Jewell; George M.; Mrs. Chloe Taylor; and Mrs. Debbie Dodson. Our subject was married February 22, 1863, to Mary P. Taylor, daughter of Thomas L. and Sally (McCracken) Taylor. She is the seventh of a family of eleven children; was born in Ohio County, Ky., in May, 1839, where she received a common school education. They have three children: Kinch Hay, Homer, and Charlie. They are members of the Bell Run Missionary Baptist Church; and he is a stanch Democrat. His farm consists of 122 acres of meadow, plough land and timber. He has good buildings and many other improvements, and has a coal-bank on his farm.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note:  George Madison Martin, born 18 April 1938, died  in Ohio County 8 March 1925.

WADE N. MARTIN, Ohio County, was born in Butler County, Ky., June 26, 1827. His father, John Martin, was a native of Philadelphia, Penn., born in 1801; came to Kentucky with his parents in 1815; settled at Shakertown in Logan County, and in 1817 removed to Butler County, where he married Malinda Neal, in 1824. Seventeen children are the result of this union, of which number our subject is the third. John Martin died in Texas, in 1867. Subject's grandfather, John Martin, was a native of Ireland, born in 1765; was a sailor by occupation; he died in 1835, aged seventy years; he married Mary Graham, who died in Butler County, aged ninety-four. The maternal grandparents of our subject, George and Margaret (Tyler) Neal, were natives of North Carolina, and died in Kentucky at the advanced age of seventy-six and seventy-three years, respectively. Wade N. Martin remained with his parents until the age of fifteen, when he began to learn the trade of tanner, and worked three years with James Helm, of Morgantown. When he arrived at the age of eighteen, his father gave him his time. Wages were not over $7 per month, but for eight years he continued tanning when he could get work; in the meantime he made several trips in flat-boats on the river. April 11, 1850, he married Martha T. Harris, and three years later settled in Wayne County, Ill., where his wife, Martha, died, leaving one child — Corrinna, who died in the same year. In 1855 he removed to Ohio County, Ky., where he purchased a tannery and worked at his trade. His second marriage was celebrated December 30, 1855, with Jemima N. S. E. Hodges. This union has been blessed with eight children, seven of whom are living: George W., John W., Ransom B., Mary T., Martha P., Sina N., and Luella E. In 1874 Mr. Martin discontinued the tanning business, which he had followed successfully for twenty years, and gave his attention to trading in land and stock and tobacco, which he followed for some years. He owns about 1,500 acres of land in Ohio and adjoining counties. The home farm is well improved with good barns, orchard and dwelling. Mr. Martin began life without assistance, and has arrived at his present state of comfortable independence by his own energy. Mr. and Mrs. Martin and their children are members of the Baptist Church, in which Mr. M. holds the office of deacon; he takes a strong stand in favor of temperance, and voted with the old Whig party until 1854, since which time he has been a Republican.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note: Wade Neel Martin died 21 Feb 1900 in Ohio County and is buried in Green River Cemetery, Ohio County.

Photo courtesy of Frances Wilson Burgess, great-great granddaughter of Wade Martin.

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J. M. Porter Co.

I recently found this token for sale on eBay.

Thanks to several friends, especially Judith Wilson, it appears that this token was used by a grocery store in Beaver Dam that was owned by James McHenry Porter, who was born 1 Oct 1862 and died 3 March 1935. Mr. Porter is buried in Sunnyside Cemetery in Beaver Dam.

The 1930 census shows his occupation as merchant/grocer in Beaver Dam.

Mr. Porter's parents were Martin Van Buren Porter and Sarah Angeline Porter and his spouse was Nancy Mary (Arnold) Porter. They had six children: Roxie Josephine, Clytie Hayden, Edith Ada, Altha, Marie and Henrye Arnold.