Saturday, March 29, 2014

Passport Application - Alice Reid Whayne - 1919

Alice Reid Whayne, daughter of Lloyd Thomas Reid and Elizabeth J. Taylor (both names of parents taken from Alice's death certificate and affirmed on Joe Taylor web site), was born 27 June 1870, at Hartford, Kentucky. In 1891 Alice married Dr. William A. Whayne and they resided in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Whayne died in 1909 in Colorado and in 1919 Alice applied for a passport to travel to Peru for the purpose of "making a home for my son, who is employed by the Curo de Pase Copper Company, Peru." Alice had two children. She died in San Antonio 27 January 1921.

Name:  Alice R. Whayne
Birth Date: 27 Jun 1870
Birth Place: Hartford, Kentucky
Age:    49
Gender: Female
Passport Issue Date: 4 Dec 1919
Passport Includes a Photo: Yes
Residence: San Antonio, Texas
Spouse Name: Dr. Wm. A. Whayne
Spouse Birth Place: Fulton, KY


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Passport Application - Daisy Dora Wedding - 1921

Daisy Dora Wedding, daughter of Robert Richard Wedding and Cora V. Ezell, was born at Hartford 21 April 1894. Her father was a Judge in Ohio County. At the time of her application she lived in Indianapolis, where she was a teacher.  She planned to travel to Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Gibraltar, and Holland.  Daisy married George J. Edick in Indianapolis on 30 July 1930.

Name:  Daisy Dora Wedding
Birth Date:  21 Apr 1894
Birth Place:  Hartford, Kentucky
Age:  27
Passport Issue Date:  13 Jun 1921
Passport Includes a Photo:  Yes
Residence:  Indianapolis, Indiana
Father Name:  Robert R. Wedding
Father's Birth Location:  Kentucky
Father's Residence:  Hartford, Kentucky


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Passport Application - Raymer W. Tinsley - 1914

Raymer Wendell Tinsley, son of Wilburn S. Tinsley and Hattie Pernola Bennett, was born at Hartford 2 February 1890. Raymer (Ray) married Emma Alice Keown and they had four children. Raymer's application for Passport stated that he was a teacher.

Raymer graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1912. He attended the University of Illinois and attained a Master of Arts degree with a major in German. His thesis was titled Realism in Theodor Storm's Novels, and was published in 1915. The thesis can be found online at:

At various times he lived in Texas, New York, Mississippi, and Georgia. Raymer Tinsley died 1 May 1970 in Atlanta, Georgia.  Note:  Some researchers say that Raymer died at Lanark Village, Franklin Co., Florida, but he is listed in the Georgia Death Index.

While in Texas, Raymer served as a Special Agent for the Department of Justice.

Name:  Raymer W. Tinsley
Birth Date: 2 Feb 1890
Birth Place: Hartford, Kentucky
Age: 24
Passport Issue Date: 17 Feb 1914
Passport Includes a Photo: No
Residence: Hartford, Kentucky

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Passport Applications - Flemen Coffee Taylor - 1919, 1920, and 1921

Flemen Coffee Taylor, son of Richard Fleming Taylor and Elizabeth Jane Paxton, was born 9 November 1877 in Cromwell.  The first Passport application is for Flemen and his wife, Sarah (Hernandez), to travel to Mexico City, Mexico; he states that their official residence is Birmingham, AL; that from 1905 to 1908 he resided in Mexico City; that he is a mechanical engineer; and that he seeks to travel there as an agent for a manufacturing company.

His second application, the following year, states that his permanent residence is Beaver Dam; that he has been in Mexico City for a year "on business."

His third application, filed about one year later, states that his permanent residence is Ensley, Alabama; that he is living in Tampico, Mexico; and that he is there on business on behalf of the Freeport-Mexican Oil Company, working as an engineer.

Flemen, his wife and daughter, are shown living in Beaver Dam in the 1930 and 1940 census. They had at least one child, a daughter, Sarah May (Mae), born in Mexico in 1920.

Flemen graduated from the State College of Kentucky, in Lexington, Class of 1902, and gained his Masters Degree in 1905.

Flemen died 23 October 1951 in Pierre, Hughes County, South Dakota at age 73.  He is shown buried in Riverside Cemetery in Pierre.  Although he spelled his first name as Flemen, I found him listed as Fleman in several places.

Name:  Flemen Coffee Taylor
Birth Date: 9 Nov 1877
Birth Place: Cromwell, Kentucky
Age:    41
Passport Issue Date: 21 Jun 1919
Passport Includes a Photo: Yes
Residence: Birmingham, Alabama
Father Name: Richard F. Taylor
Father's Birth Location: Kentucky
Father's Residence: Deceased

Name:  Flemen Coffee Taylor
Birth Date: 9 Nov 1877
Birth Place: Cromwell, KY
Age: 42
Passport Issue Date: 30 Jun 1920
Passport Includes a Photo: Yes
Residence: Beaver Dam, KY
Father Name:  Richard F Taylor
Father's Birth Location: United States

Name:  Flemen Coffee Taylor
Birth Date: 9 Nov 1877
Birth Place: Cromwell, KY
Age: 43
Passport Issue Date: 11 Mar 1921
Passport Includes a Photo: Yes
Father Name:  Richard Fleming Taylor
Father's Birth Location: Kentucky

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Passport Application - Harvey Boyce Taylor - 1922

Harvey Boyce Taylor, son of William Carey Taylor and Frances Adaline Stevens, was born in Beaver Dam 29 September 1870.  His mother is featured in the previous posting (below). Mr. Taylor was a Baptist minister and was traveling to Brazil to visit his brother. He married Mary Ellison Humphrey Peay from Logan County, Kentucky in 1897 and they made their home in Murray, Calloway County, Kentucky. They had two children. Rev. Taylor died in Memphis, Tennessee 31 May 1932.

Name:  Harvey Boyce Taylor
Birth Date: 29 Sep 1870
Birth Place: Beaver Dam, KY, Kentucky
Age: 51
Passport Issue Date: 5 Apr 1922
Passport Includes a Photo: Yes
Residence: Murray, Kentucky
Father Name: William Carey Taylor
Father's Birth Location: Washington Co, Ala
Father's Residence: Deceased

The left part of the following image is not related:
 The right part of the following image is not related:

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Passport Application - Frances Adaline (Stevens) Taylor - 1918

Frances Adaline (Stevens) Taylor, daughter of Blackstone Stevens and Hannah Ann Taylor, was born 14 January 1850, in Ohio County. Frances married Rev. William Carey Taylor from Alabama in 1869, who was deceased at the time of her application. They had three sons. At the time of her application she listed her permanent residence as Richmond, Kentucky.  She stated that she had been visiting her son in Recife, Brazil for about one year.  Frances died in Memphis January 1, 1938 and is buried in Russellville, Kentucky.

Name:  Frances Adaline Taylor
Birth Date: 14 Jan 1850
Birth Place: Ohio County
Age: 68
Gender: Female
Passport Issue Date: 9 Apr 1918
Passport Includes a Photo: Yes
Residence: Murray, KY
Spouse Name: William Carey Taylor
Spouse Birth Place: Washington, Alabama

Friday, March 7, 2014

Passport Application - Estill Turns - 1908

THANKS to Janice Brown!  She solved the mystery.  The last name is Turns, not Tarus. I have made the appropriate changes below.

MYSTERY:  I need some help on this person. I do not find a family with this name in the census records. I have tried several variations of spelling of the last name [spelled Tarus by] (please check the image of the application below and look closely at his signature). One clue is that in 1908 he stated he lived in Rochester, KY, which is in Butler County (right on the Ohio County/Butler County line).

Of course 1867 was right after the end of the Civil War and people were moving around a lot because there were no jobs. So, maybe his family didn't stay in Ohio County very long.

I also checked Joe Taylor's web site and did not find any connection. Also checked and with no success. Please contact me if you have any ideas or information.


Estill Turns, son of Joseph Calvin Turns and Elizabeth Jane Brownwas born at Hartford 23 February 1867. He applied for a passport to travel to Panama and he listed his occupation as mining engineer. Estill died 30 March 1937 in British Guiana, and that is where he is buried.

In the 1880 census he lived in Cromwell; in 1900 he lived in Monterey, California. In 1915 he applied for a second passport to travel to Peru, Columbia, and Argentina; also in 1915 he traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa; in 1910 he was living in Georgetown, Guiana.

Name:  Estill Turns
Birth Date: 23 Feb 1867
Birth Place: Hartford, Kentucky
Age: 41
Passport Issue Date: 3 Jul 1908
Residence: Rochester, Kentucky