Friday, January 31, 2014

Passport Application - Louise Spalding (Spaulding) Pani - 1921

Louise Spalding Pani, daughter of William L. & Nancy Spalding, was born 29 June 1888, at Hartford. She states in her application that she is known as Louise Alexander; that she resides in New York; and that she has previously lived in Cuba. She planned to visit France, Switzerland, Holland and Germany.  I found an earlier passport application by her dated January 23, 1920 that says her mother is then named Nancy Spalding Miller and lives in Chicago, IL; also, the earlier application states that her husband is named Joseph Pani and that he was born in Milan, Italy.

Her surname is properly spelled Spaulding.

My research leads me to believe that this lady was an actress, and that she had several husbands.  Here are a few items that I found:

From the Indianapolis Star, 1909, in an article about the race car driver, Lewis Stang:  In 1908 Lewis Strang had married Jeanne L. Spaulding, better known on the stage as Louise Alexander, a professional actress and dancer. In those days before the two-career marriage, she had promised not to go back on the stage. A publicity photo shows a young woman with a flawless face and long, dark hair that any young man might covet.

The feature race of the day was the G & J Trophy dominated by Buick’s star driver, Lewis Strang. The press ate up the opportunity to capture Strang and his wife embracing for a romantic hero’s welcome after the big win. His wife, the stunningly gorgeous Kentuckian actress Jeanne L. Spaulding (stage name Louise Alexander) laid a big kiss on her oil-coated husband’s lips in an unabashed public display of affection. The two were celebrity gossip fodder. 

His wife, an actress known as Louise Alexander, performed as the Vampire in a musical production in New York, performing “a dreadfully shocking dance” according to the Washington Post. Born Jeanne L. Spaulding, she had promised not to go back to the stage again when they married in 1908. However, she returned to the stage in 1909, and they separated, Strang believing that she would tire of the stage and return to him. He was disabused of this notion in 1910 when she was named by Mrs. Bessie Clayton, another well-known dancer, in a divorce suit against her husband Julian Mitchell, who was Mrs. Strang’s partner in the Vampire dance.

From the Pittsburgh Gazette, July 21, 1911: Strang's name was known in Europe and America a year or two later when he became acquainted with Miss Jeanne Lou Spaulding of Hartford, Kentucky, who was then in "The Follies of 1908" under the name of Louise Alexander. 

Name:  Louise Spalding Pane
Birth Date: 29 Jun 1888
Birth Place: Hartford, Kentucky
Age: 32
Passport Issue Date: 13 Jun 1921
Passport Includes a Photo: Yes
Residence: 149 East 40th, NY
Father Name: Wm L. Spalding
Father's Birth Location: Louisville, Kentucky

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Image from application:

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Passport Application - William B. Morgan - 1912

William Berry Morgan, the son of Phocion and Elizabeth (Poyner) Morgan, was born in Hartford 16 April 1858. He married Lorena (Winna) Thomas in 1891 in Jefferson County, MO. At the time of his passport application he lived in Trinidad, Colorado and was an attorney. He died after 1924 in Colorado.

Here is his listing in the Bench and Bar of Colorado - 1917:

Born, Hartford, Kentucky, April 16, 1858; graduate Oakland (Kentucky) Preparatory School, Cape Girardeau Normal School (Cape Girardeau, Missouri), University of Missouri; married Winna Thomas, Jefferson City, Missouri, May, 1891; one son; admitted to Missouri and Colorado Bars, 1887; associate Judge of Court of Appeals, Colorado, 1912-15; member Colorado Bar Association; now practicing in Denver.

Name:  William B. Morgan
Birth Date: 16 Apr 1858
Birth Place: Hartford, Kentucky
Age: 53
Passport Issue Date: 10 Jan 1912
Passport Includes a Photo: No
Residence: Trinidad, Colorado

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Passport Application - William C. Montague - 1922

William Cartwright Montague, son of Archibald P. Montague and Nancy Ellen Leach, was born 31 January 1872 in Ohio County. The application is for William C. and his wife, Mary Emily Yewell (from Owensboro), to travel to France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria, and Gibraltar.  At the time of the application, Mr. Montague was living in Evansville, Indiana, and was a physician.  Dr. Montague died 26 November 1965 in Evansville, and was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Owensboro.


Name:  William C. Montague
Birth Date: 31 Jan 1872
Birth Place: Ohio County, Kentucky
Age: 50
Passport Issue Date: 12 May 1922
Passport Includes a Photo: Yes
Residence: Evansville, Indiana
Father Name:  Archibald P. Montague
Father's Birth Location: North Carolina
Father's Residence: Deceased

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Passport Application - Clarence Jasper Miller - 1918

Clarence Jasper Miller, son of Noah Jasper Miller and Almarinda (Amanda) Simpson, was born in Fordsville 22 November 1880. In 1918, when he registered for the WWI draft, Clarence lived in Owensboro with his wife, Elizabeth. Clarence was employed by United Fruit Company in Panama as a farmer.

Clarence died in Memphis, Shelby County, TN 25 March 1952. He was a widower when he died. He is buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Owensboro.

Name:  Clarence Jasper Miller
Birth Date: 22 Nov 1880
Birth Place: Fordsville
Age: 37
Gender:  Male
Passport Issue Date: 30 Jul 1918
Passport Includes a Photo:  Yes
Residence: Owensboro, Kentucky
Father Name: N. J. Miller
Father's Birth Location: Fordsville, Kentucky
Father's Residence: Fordsville Kentucky

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Passport Application - Otis Pendleton Maddox - 1921

Otis P. Maddox and family, wife Effie May Roe Maddox, and children Cathleen Roe, John R., Paul Judson, Otis P., Jr., Samuel Eaton, Azzie D., applied for a passport to visit Brazil for two months. Otis was born at Rockport, Ohio County, 11 April 1874, the son of Azzarih P. Maddox. Note that sometimes the surname was spelled Mattox. Otis states that his legal domicile is Rockport. His travels to Brazil are for the purpose of missionary work. He further states that he has been living in Brazil since 1906. Mr. Maddox died in Waco, Texas 17 July 1955 and was buried in New Mexico. His death certificate states that his mother was Elizabeth Jane Rogers.

From 1945 newspaper article: Missionary O. P. Maddox and Mrs. Maddox, who were appointed to Brazil forty years ago last June, returned to the United States a few days ago, arriving in Newport NewsAugust 12.  They are now on the emeritus list, but they hope to return to Brazil sometime next year.  They have a very remarkable family of children.  Three of their sons---Colonel Paul Maddox, Commander Otis P. Maddox, Jr., and Captain Samuel E Maddox, all served as chaplains in World War II, Colonel Maddox being Chief Chaplain of the Fifth Army in Italy and the other two sons as chaplains in the Pacific.  Another son, Captain Daniel Maddox, is a surgeon and has served two years with the Armed Forces in Greenland.  All four of these, with the exception of Colonel Maddox, who is now in Brazil on a brief mission in connection with the Brazilian Expedition to Europe, are now in this country.  A fifth son, David C. Maddox is training in the Navy.  Thus they have five sons in the military service.  A sixth son, Rev. John R. Maddox, who graduated from Southwestern Seminary, is pastor of the Azle Avenue Baptist Church, Ft. Worth, Texas.  A daughter, Kathleen (Mrs. Arthur Pinto), who has been serving as secretary to the American Consul in Belo Horizonte, and has also been teaching in our Baptist college in Belo Horizonte, came home with her father and mother, accompanied by her three little children.  She and her parents will be at Carthage, Missouri for a while and then will go to California for the winter. 
Contributed by Helen McKeown, Sept 2011.

Name:  Otis P. Maddox
Birth Date:  11 Apr 1874
Birth Place: Ohio County
Age:  47
Gender:  Male
Passport Issue Date: 23 Apr 1921
Passport Includes a Photo: Yes
Residence: Bello Horizonte, Brazil
Father Name:  Azzarih P. Maddox
Father's Birth Location: Kentucky
Spouse Name: Effie May Roe

This is the photo from the application:

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Passport Application - Charles Barnett Marks - 1913

Charles Barnett Marks, the son of John W. Marks and wife, Rebecca O. Barnett, was born in Ohio County 2 September 1873. He listed his occupation as "Lawyer" when he applied for a passport (1913). For the 1910 census he was shown living in San Francisco with his wife, Ruth G., and two children. When he registered for the draft for WWI, he was living in New York (1918). He died 6 March 1956 in San Antonio, Texas.

Name: Charles Barnett Marks
Birth Date: 2 Sep 1873
Birth Place: Ohio County, Kentucky
Age: 39
Passport Issue Date:  26 May 1913
Passport Includes a Photo: No
Residence: San Francisco, California

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Passport Application - Mary Taylor Logan - 1923

Mary Elizabeth (Taylor) Logan, born at Hartford on 20 July 1863, widow of Abram Winter Logan, applied for a passport to travel to Italy, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Egypt, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Greece, Constantinople, Japan, China, India, Ceylon, Manila, and Strait Settlement (now a part of Malaysia).

Mary's husband, Abram, was born in Canada 7 October 1835 and died in Ohio County 17 March 1922. They were married in 1913. Note the 28 year age difference between Abram and Mary. Abram had previously been married and had a daughter named Florence, born about 1879-1880.

Mary was the daughter of Dr. Henry Pirtle Taylor and Sarah "Sally" Mildred (May) Davis. She was the granddaughter of the famous Harrison Taylor, and it was she that was responsible for the wonderful book about Ohio County titled "Ohio County, Kentucky, in the Olden Days" that was first published in 1926. The introduction to that book notes that Mary's parents died when she was a small child and that she was raised by her grandfather. Mary died 2 July 1941. She is buried in Rosehill Elmwood Cemetery in Owensboro.

Mary wrote a research paper about the Taylor Family that can be found here:

Name:  Mary T. Logan
Birth Date: 20 Jul 1863
Birth Place: Hartford, Kentucky
Age: 59
Gender: Female
Passport Issue Date: 16 Sep 1922
Passport Includes a Photo:  Yes
Residence:  Hartford, Kentucky
Spouse Name: Abram
Spouse Birth Place: Toronto, Canada

Friday, January 3, 2014

Passport Application - Jerry B. Leach - 1923

Jerry Byron Leach, son of John Denham Leach and wife, Frances A. Tilford, was born 4 February 1888 in Rosine. The 1920 census shows him living with his brother, Ira, in Kern County, CA. He was still living in California with his brother when he applied for a passport in 1923. He identified himself as an oil worker and said he planned to travel to India, Burma, and the British Isles. He worked for Burma Oil Company in India in 1923 and 1924. In 1936 he married Rena Thomas, also from Rosine. The 1940 census shows them living in Morganfield, Union County, KY, but they later divorced. He died 8 July 1958 at the Grand Hotel, Johnson City, Washington County, located in eastern TN. He is buried in Rosine and his grave marker says CPL, Co. E, 25 Engineers, WWI.  He served in the Army from 18 September 1917 until 13 June 1919. His sister, Kate Mae Leach Napier, applied for his grave marker.

Name:  Jerry B. Leach
Birth Date:  4 Feb 1888
Birth Place: Ohio County, KY
Age: 35
Passport Issue Date: 5 Apr 1923
Passport Includes a Photo: Yes
Residence:  Rosine, KY
Father Name: John Leach
Father's Birth Location: Kentucky
Father's Residence: Rosine, KY

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