Saturday, December 28, 2013

Passport Application - Mrs. Winona Stevens Jones - 1924

Mrs. Winona Chloris Stevens Jones, daughter of Septimus T. Stevens and wife, Laura Ann Taylor, was born in Ohio County 14 May 1890. She married to James Wiley Jones in 1913 and they lived in Lexington. Mrs. Jones was a teacher. Her application for passport stated that she was traveling to Great Britain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium.  Mrs. Jones died 8 June 1989 at St. Simons Island, Georgia, at the age of 99.

Name:  Mrs. Winona Stevens Jones
Birth Date: 14 May 1890
Birth Place:  Ohio Co, KY
Age: 33
Passport Issue Date: 12 May 1924
Passport Includes a Photo: Yes
Residence: Lexington, Kentucky
Father Name: James Wiley Jones
Father's Birth Location: Murray, KY
Father's Residence: Lexington, Kentucky

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Dr. Winona Steven Jones is the person on the left in the photo below. The photo was made in 1965:

Mrs. Jones wrote an autobiography that is available for sale on Amazon; the title is Remembrance of the Past and it appears to have been published in 1972. The first chapter is titled Early Ohio County and she tells about her Ohio County ancestors, the Stevens family and the Taylor family.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Passport Application - William Jardine - 1906

This person is a mystery to me. I do not find any Jardine family in the 1880 or 1900 census (1890 unavailable) living in Ohio County. Birth certificates are not available for 1882. There is nothing on the Joe Taylor web site to help find this person.  This passport application from 1906 did not identify any other family member, and I did not find a WWI Draft Registration for William Jardine. Further, I did not find this person in the 1910 census in Illinois, although he stated he was residing in Illinois in 1906. One clue is that the application includes a verification of identify that is signed by Frank Jardine, and this is probably a relative. The other clue from the application is that William Jardine's occupation is coal miner. Also, he states that mail should be sent to him in care of Jesse M. Ott also of Petersburg, Illinois, but, although Jesse M. Ott is in the census records, I could not find any connection between William Jardine and Jesse M. Ott. So, I'm hoping that one of you can help me find more information this person.  One possibility is that he died while out of the country or decided to not return to the USA. The fact that he didn't register for WWI leads me to believe that he was deceased by 1917.

Name: William Jardine
Birth Date: 27 Nov 1882
Birth Place: McHenry, Ohio County, Kentucky
Age:  23
Passport Issue Date: 2 Feb 1906
Passport Includes a Photo: No
Residence: Petersburg, Illinois

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Passport Application - Otis Howard - 1922

Otis Howard, the son of Charles Basil Howard and wife, Sophia Massie, was born at Hartford 28 October 1896. Otis lived in Cleveland, Ohio at the time of his application. He and his wife, Clarice Bellou, applied for a passport to travel to Chile on business.  Otis was a mechanical engineer. He died in Alameda, California, 20 December 1959.  He served in the Navy during WWII.

Name: Otis Howard
Birth Date: 28 Oct 1896
Birth Place: Hartford, KY
Age: 25
Passport Issue Date: 11 Sep 1922
Passport Includes a Photo: Yes
Residence: Cleveland, Ohio
Father Name: C. B. Howard
Father's Birth Location: Whitesville, KY
Father's Residence: Hartford, KY

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Passport Application - Dr. John C. Hoover - 1925

Dr. John Crittenden Hoover, son of Leonard G. Hoover and wife, Julia A. Westerfield Hoover, was born at Buford 29 March 1861. He and his wife, Imogene "Gene" Moseley, applied for a passport to travel to England, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and Ireland. Dr. Hoover was a resident of Owensboro at the time of his application. Dr. Hoover died in Owensboro on 30 October 1942 and is buried in Rosehill-Elmwood Cemetery.

Name: Dr. John C. Hoover
Birth Date: 29 Mar 1861
Birth Place: Buford, Ohio Co, Kentucky
Age: 63
Passport Issue Date: 24 Mar 1925
Passport Includes a Photo: Yes
Residence: Owensboro, Kentucky
Father Name: Leonard G. Hoover
Father's Birth Location: Kentucky
Father's Residence: Deceased

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Passport Application - Mary Smith Holbrook - 1918

Mary Smith Holbrook was the wife of McHenry Holbrook, the previous person featured. She was born at Fordsville 1 November 1893.  Mary Carroll Smith was the daughter of John T. Smith and Ann Elizabeth Ford. The reason for her passport was to reside in Japan with her husband. Following her husband's death she returned to the United States in September 1923. She died in Volusia County, Florida 7 April 1981.

Name: Mary Smith Holbrook
Birth Date: 1 Nov 1893
Birth Place: Fordsville, Kentucky
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Passport Issue Date: 8 Nov 1918
Passport Includes a Photo:  Yes
Residence: Fordsville

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Passport Applications - McHenry Holbrook - 1916 and 1920

McHenry Holbrook, son of Rowan Holbrook and Bettie Lee Taylor, applied for two passports in 1916 and one passport in 1920. McHenry's travels were related to his career in banking and his original passport was for travel to London. His second trip was to the Philippine Islands, China, and Japan. His third passport included China, Japan, Hongkong, India, Port Said, Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium. Holland, and England. McHenry died in Kobe, Japan 1 September 1923 at noon in a building collapse during an earthquake.

Name: McHenry Holbrook
Birth Date: 25 Jul 1893
Birth Place: Hartford, Kentucky
Age: 22
Passport Issue Date: 11 Jan 1916
Passport Includes a Photo: Yes
Residence: Hartford, Kentucky

Name: McHenry Holbrook
Birth Date: 25 Jul 1893
Birth Place: Hartford, Kentucky
Age: 22
Passport Issue Date: 8 May 1916
Passport Includes a Photo: Yes
Residence: Hartford, Kentucky

Name: McHenry Holbrook
Birth Date: 25 Jul 1893
Birth Place: Hartford, Kentucky
Age: 27
Passport Issue Date: 13 Dec 1920
Passport Includes a Photo: Yes
Residence: Hartford, Kentucky
Father Name: Rowan Holbrook
Father's Birth Location: Hoflin, Kentucky
Father's Residence: Hartford, Kentucky

 The left side of the following image is not related.

 The left side of the following image is not related.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Passport Application - Calvin Hocker - 1921

Calvin Hocker, son of William (Willie) D. and wife Mary E. Hocker, was born at Beaver Dam on 19 December 1886. He was living in El Paso, Texas when he applied for a passport. He planned to travel to Mexico to work as an electrician.

From census records it appears that his full name was George Calvin Hocker and he had two brothers, William Fred and Carl. His WWI Draft Registration states that he was single in 1917.  The 1930 census shows a Calvin Hocker living in Lonestar, Graham County, Arizona; born in KY about 1887; married to Annie M. with two young children.

Calvin died in Mexico 17 January 1948. See the Mexican "Report of Death of an American Citizen" below.

Name:  Calvin Hocker
Birth Date: 19 Dec 1886
Birth Place: Beaver Dam, Ohio, Kentucky
Age: 34
Passport Issue Date:  20 Jan 1921
Passport Includes a Photo:  Yes
Residence:  El Paso, Texas

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Passport Application - Clyde Vernon Hocker - 1918

Clyde Vernon Hocker, the son of Elijah F. "Dack" Hocker and Sarah E. Faught, was born in Ohio County 5 March 1882. He was one of seven children. His application for passport states that he lived in Leitchfield, Grayson County, KY and that his father lived in Louisville. He states that he intends to travel to France, Italy, and Switzerland for the purpose of "War Work YMCA." The application includes a letter from the War Department that states it has no objection to the applicant being issued a passport. Clyde Vernon Hocker died in Louisville 12 Dec 1948. He was married (Martha) and had one child (Charles). The 1930 census shows his occupation as "Druggist."

Name: Clyde Vernon Hocker
Birth Date: 5 Mar 1882
Birth Place: Ohio County, Kentucky
Age: 36
Passport Issue Date: 26 Aug 1918
Passport Includes a Photo: Yes
Residence: Leitchfield, Kentucky
Father Name:  E. F. Hocker
Father's Birth Location: Ohio County, KY
Father's Residence: Louisville, Kentucky

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