Monday, December 18, 2017

Last Public Hanging in the United States

I previously mentioned this item of interest in a post dated 25 March 2017 but today I obtained a photograph that I did not have previously, so I'm adding the photo.

This is not about Ohio County, but nearby Daviess County. On 14 August 1936 the last (public) hanging in the United States occurred. See a newspaper article at this link:

Here is the new photo I found:

I could not find a source for this photo.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Drs. George F. and John J. Mitchell

DRS. G. F. and J. J. MITCHELL, physicians and surgeons of Beaver Dam, Ohio Co., Ky., are the sons of Dr. James A. and Jane Mitchell. The father was born in Maryland about 1792, and immigrated to Kentucky in 1817. He was a remarkable man in many ways. He was educated for the Roman Catholic priesthood, and a graduate of St. Mary's College, Georgetown, Ky., but at the age of thirty-three he renounced the faith of that church, and became a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and subsequently a local minister of the same body. He followed the profession of teaching for thirty years, and was eminently successful. He also practiced medicine for some years previous to his death, which occurred September 7, 1875; his wife died in June, 1873. They were the parents of sixteen children, of whom eleven are now living: William C, a farmer residing in Breckenridge County, Ky.; B. A., a tobacco merchant in Hancock County; A. G. and T. G., farmers in Hancock County; George P. and J. J., the subjects of this sketch; Rev. F. A., a clergyman of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Louisville, Ky.; Mrs. N. E. Williams; Mrs. Phelon, of Terre Haute, Ind.; Mrs. Eliza Peterson; and Mrs. Lucretia Elliott. The parents first settled in Breckenridge County, Ky., and in 1840 removed with their family to Hancock County, where Dr. G. F. Mitchell was born September 27, 1843, and Dr. J. J. Mitchell, April, 1847. Both received a liberal education in their father's school, and both graduated at the Louisville Medical University. Dr. George F. was first married to Susan D. Fisher, a daughter of Stephen Fisher; she died in 1869, leaving one son. The Doctor was next married to Amelia Josephine Duke, daughter of William and Julia Duke, of Ohio County. This union is blessed with a son also. Dr. J. J. Mitchell was married, in 1868, to Edna D. Jarnette, of Hancock County. They have had four children, three of whom died in September, 1884. Dr. G. F. Mitchell and family are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, while Dr. J. J. and family belong to the Baptist Church. These brothers were among the first to settle at Beaver Dam, on the completion of the Chesapeake, Ohio & Southwestern Railroad through the town in 1871. They have a fine practice throughout the county, and have achieved an enviable reputation for their skill in the practice of medicine as well as for their attainments in the knowledge of medical science. 

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Burial for Dr. George F. Mitchell and Dr. John J. Mitchell at Beaver Dam Baptist Church Cemetery.

Dr John James Mitchell

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Eliza Lee and Isham (Isom) Lee

Mrs. Eliza Cox Lee, who lived "near Olaton, Ohio County," (possibly Sulpher Springs) applied for a pension based on her husband's service in the Confederate Army - her husband was named Isham (Isom) Lee, who died 24 Apr 1912.  Mr. & Lee was born in South Carolina 14 Nov 1848 and Mrs. Lee was born in South Carolina 1 Oct 1850.  Mrs. Lee lived until 23 Sep 1926 and they are buried in the Mount Vernon Cemetery, Ohio County.

Saturday, December 2, 2017


JAMES P. MILLER, Ohio County, was born October 6, 1850, and is the son of William and Elizabeth (Leach) Miller, and grandson of Andrew B. Miller, who came from Larue County, Ky. His parents died when he was quite young. His father had three brothers, who were ministers of the gospel: Richard H., Allen B., and Andrew J. Miller. The first died in Ohio County, June, 1879, and the last in Henderson County, Ky., in 1883. Allen B. is now pastor of the Second Baptist Church at Evansville, Ind. Mr. Miller has two sisters in Ohio County, near Rosine; one brother in McLean County, and one in Brown County, Tex. Mr. Miller was married January 1, 1877, to Sally A. Paxton, daughter of John H. and Margaret (Ross) Paxton, born March 28, 1854. They have three children: Norma, Cleburn, and Bernice. Mr. Miller is a successful farmer. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity and is at present master of Cromwell Lodge No. 420; has been a Mason thirteen years. In polities is a Republican and Prohibitionist.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note:  Judge James Pendleton Miller died 12 Oct 1915 in Ohio County and is buried in the Paxton Cemetery, Ohio County.  The Paxton Cemetery is located off Burge Lane, which is a few miles south of Beaver Dam.