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Aug 1799 – Dec 1840

Note:  This data appears to be double indexed, both with Groom first and Bride first.  I have not checked to see if that is consistent throughout. You will see some entries twice with slight variations; this is because all of this data is found in old journals & written in longhand (cursive) and is very difficult to read, so the transcriber made two entries because it could be interperted in either form.  I think the best way to search this data is to search using your various surnames, using the search feature of your browser or copy the data and create a Word document and use that search feature. 

BEAN, Polly – CRAWFORD, Granite 30-JAN-1830
BEAN, Wm R - TAYLOR, Sarah Ann 29-AUG-1833
BEARDEN, Thomas - BELL, Catherine 01-AUG-1814
BEARDON, Nancy - RICHARD, William 15-JUL-1826
BEASLEY, Malinda - ANDERSON, Henry 07-JAN-1838
BEASLEY, Robert - ALBIN, Malinda 28-SEP-1828
BECK, Becky - CULBERSON, Joseph 21-MAR-1805
BECK, Polly - STOCUMBAND, Samuel 20-MAR-1804
BELL, Abigail - TUMBAUGH, William 14-OCT-1817
BELL, Catherine - BEARDEN, Thomas 01-AUG-1814
BELL, David - INGLEHEART, Polly 12-FEB-1824
BELL, Elenor M - SULLENGER, Birch 27-SEP-1836
BELL, Elizabeth - SMEATHERS, James 04-APR-1805
BELL, Jane Eliza - BERRYMAN, Thomas 10-DEC-1829
BELL, Mary - WALKER, William 14-SEP-1804
BELL, Mary R - ASHBY, Sanford 02-APR-1839
BELLANCE, Cynthia - JONES, Gabriel 03-MAY-1809
BELT, Henry - CROWE, Mary Ann 15-APR-1838
BELT, Higginson - STEVENS, Charlotte 10-JAN-1805
BENG, Eliza - BROWN, David 22-NOV-1808
BENNETT, Alexander - BENTON, Frances 01-OCT-1838
BENNETT, Amanda - DOUGLAS, John 14-NOV-1837
BENNETT, Amelia Ann - IGLEHEART, Henry D 10-DEC-1834
BENNETT, Ann - BRIAN, Samuel 25-JAN-1827
BENNETT, Asa - WOODWARD, Delilah 09-FEB-1817
BENNETT, Chas - LINDLEY, Margaret 23-DEC-1835
BENNETT, Elenor - BRIAN, Asa on 09-NOV 1830
BENNETT, Elizabeth - BARNETT, Robert 28-OCT-1834
BENNETT, Elizabeth - SHOWN, Peter 30-AUG-1820
BENNETT, Elizabeth - SANDEFUR, Wm 09-SEP-1825
BENNETT, George Plummer - BENTON, Lydia 14-DEC-1826
BENNETT, James - MOORE, Rebecca 13-JAN-1838
BENNETT, Jesse - HENMAN, Maria 02-NOV-1804
BENNETT, John - UNDERWOOD, Elizabeth 14-AUG-1823
BENNETT, Lewis - FUQUA, Eliza 03-SEP-1831
BENNETT, Lucretia - BRYAN, William 18-DEC-1832
BENNETT, Margaret - TICHENOR, James 28-MAR-1814
BENNETT, Maria - STEVENS, Richard 03-AUG-1805
BENNETT, Mary - SANDEFUR, Francis 07-NOV-1822
BENNETT, Mary Jane - STEVENS, Nathaniel 25-MAR-1833
BENNETT, Matilda - WALLACE, Franklin 25-JAN-1836
BENNETT, Minerva - WARD, John 17-JUN-1835
BENNETT, Nathan - WARD, Martha 05-JAN-1831
BENNETT, Nelson - FUQUA, Lucretia 29-SEP-1831
BENNETT, Polly - WOODWARD, Benjamin 23-MAY-1820
BENNETT, Rachel - CLARK, William 26-APR-1838
BENNETT, Sally Mary Ann - BARNETT, Alex 29-JAN-1838
BENNETT, Samuel - BARNETT, Lucretia 31-MAY-1810
BENNETT, Sarah - SANDEFUR, John 21-SEP-1832
BENNETT, Susan - TAYLOR, Joseph 18-JUL-1809
BENNETT, Theodicia - BENTON, Allen 07-JAN-1838
BENNETT, Theodocia - BENTON, Allen 07-JAN-1838
BENNETT, Thomas - COX, Minerva 14-JUL-1838
BENNETT, Thomas - TICHENOR, Polly 1820
BENNETT, Thomas - TICHENOR, Polly 24-JUL-1819
BENNETT, Titus - DAVIS, Mirinda 22-AUG-1820
BENNETT, William J - OWEN, Sarah J 17-JAN-1840
BENTON, Allen - BENNETT, Theodicia 07-JAN-1838
BENTON, Allen - BENNETT, Theodocia 07-JAN-1838
BENTON, Allen - WARD, Rebecca 16-MAR-1820
BENTON, Bassett - CARTER, Polly 05-MAR-1808
BENTON, Edward - CARTER, Dorcas 16-DEC-1835
BENTON, Elizabeth - GREER, George 17-SEP-1811
BENTON, Erasmus - HOWARD, Elizabeth 27-MAR-1830
BENTON, Frances - BENNETT, Alexander 01-OCT-1838
BENTON, James - FULKERSON, Nancy 25-JUL-1829
BENTON, James - WARD, Susan 09-JAN-1827
BENTON, Joseph - WOODWARD, Matilda 24-FEB-1835
BENTON, Lydia - BENNETT, George Plummer 14-DEC-1826
BENTON, Miranda - WHITAKER, Lee 08-DEC-1817
BENTON, Miranda - WHITTAKER, Lee 08-DEC-1817
BENTON, Nathan - JOHNSON, Elizabeth Ann 05-JAN-1826
BENTON, Nicholas - WALLACE, Elizabeth 08-NOV-1830
BERRY, William - WALKER, Sarah Ann Martha 20-JUL-1838
BERRYMAN, Elvina - TAYLOR, John 04-JUL-1833
BERRYMAN, Frances - NALL, Gatewood 02-SEP-1828
BERRYMAN, Isabelle - FRAZE, Robert 15-JUL-1837
BERRYMAN, Lucinda - BERRYMAN, Weeks 29-OCT-1828
BERRYMAN, Thomas - BELL, Jane Eliza 10-DEC-1829
BERRYMAN, Thomas - THOMPSON, Margaret 08-AUG-1831
BERRYMAN, Weeks - BERRYMAN, Lucinda 29-OCT-1828
BIGGER, Sarah - FINLEY, Sam 06-JUL-1805
BIGGER, Widow Sarah - FINLEY, Sam 06-JUL-1805
BIGGERSTAFF, Wm - ATHERTON, Elizabeth 14-NOV-1811
BIGGERSTALL, John - WILKINS, Elizabeth 10-OCT-1807
BISHOP, Ann - ROWE, Broxton 02-JUN-1831
BISHOP, Annie Marie - WALLACE, John Benton 29-JUL-1828
BISHOP, Erasmus - KERFOLD, Ann 12-FEB-1812
BLACK, Henry - CARTER, Catherine 29-OCT-1833
BLACK, Lucinda - GROVES, William 29-NOV-1822
BLACK, Willis - PHILLIPS, Polly 05-JUN-1828
BLACKLOCK, Adeline - STEVENS, John 04-MAR-1839
BLACKLOCK, Clarissa - TAYLOR, Mason 18-OCT-1830
BLACKLOCK, Edmond - LANDRUM, Nancy 30-AUG-1814
BLAND, Slaughter E - NALL, Margaret P 09-OCT-1834
BLEVINS, Betsy - CLANNAH, John 08-OCT-1816
BLEVINS, Charlotte - GRIGSBY, Nathaniel 17-JAN-1825
BLEVINS, Irene - WISE, William 10-MAR-1831
BLEVINS, John - GRAY, Nelly 28-DEC-1819
BLEVINS, John - GREY, Nancy 06-JAN- 182
BLEVINS, Keturah - ROSS, Willis 24-JUN-1821
BLEVINS, Linsey - WARDEN, Even 22-AUG-1820
BLEVINS, Patsy - ROBINSON, Philip 26-DEC-1822
BLEVINS, Sally - TICHENOR, John 15-OCT-1823
BLEVINS, William - COLEMAN, Mary 01-OCT-1838
BLEVINS, William - VICKORY, Rosa 05-JAN-1819
BLIVENS, Betsy - CLOUCH, John 10-NOV-1816
BOAS, Sally - WILKINS, James 29-SEP-1825
BORAH, Jacob E - TAYLOR, Susan 30-SEP-1833
BORAH, Lee - RENDER, Catherine 18-JUN-1831
BORAH, Noah - ROSS, Lucinda 31-OCT-1835
BORAH, Willis - AUSTIN, Margaret 15-FEB-1830
BORER, Valentine - GRANT, Elizabeth 02-DEC-1824
BOROUGH, John - MILLER, Mary Catty 11-APR-1809
BOSWELL, Alex H - STEPHENS, Ann 11-OCT-1819
BOSWELL, Caleb - DUKE, Lydia 22-NOV-1825
BOSWELL, Caleb - WATSON, Cynthia 29-APR-1840
BOSWELL, Polly - MILLER, David 10-OCT-1825
BOSWELL, Trycy - CROWE, John 27-APR-1812
BOYLE, Alexander - HOPKINS, Ruth 13-JUL-1820
BOYLE, Alford - CONDIT, Elena 15-NOV-1823
BOYS, John - SHULCH, Nancy 07-OCT-1801
BOZARTH, Jeremiah - GLEVER, Sally 28-FEB-1814
BOZARTH, Mary - BROWN, Reuben 28-JUL-1806
BOZARTH, O H Perry - BROOKS, Elizabeth 20-JUL-1840
BOZARTH, O H Perry - BROOKS, Elizabeth J 20-JUL-1840
BOZARTH, Rebecca - ROWE, Randolph 24-SEP-1808
BOZARTH, Washington - PEDDICORD, Eliza 12-DEC-1838
BOZARTH, William - STEWART, Elizabeth 14-NOV-1817
BRACHER, Thomas - ANDERSON, Peggy 22-APR-1810
BRANDON, Polly - MARTIN, Reuben 07-FEB-1828
BRANDON, Robert - LOYAL, Leticia 23-SEP-1827
BRANT, Hannah - WARREN, Moses 15-OCT-1807
BRANT, John - HARRIS, Betsy 10-FEB-1811
BRASHERS, Emanuel - HUMPHREY, Margaret 09-JAN-1830
BRASHIERS, Thomas - POWERS, Judith 16-NOV-1814
BREAMER, Mary - REED, George 25-JUN-1807
BRESHORO, John - POWERS, Hannah 24-MAY-1813
BREVINS, Polly - MCCLAIN, Matthew 27-APR-1809
BRIAN, Asa - BENNETT, Elenor 09-NOV-1830
BRIAN, Samuel - BENNETT, Ann 25-JAN-1827
BRIAN, Sarah - NEWCOME, Samuel 04-FEB-1825
BRIGHT, William - PHIPPS, Rebecca 05-JAN-1805
BRISTOE, Lovey - POTTS, Martha 22-APR-1809
BROOKS, Elizabeth - BOZARTH, O H Perry 20-JUL-1840
BROOKS, Elizabeth - BROWN, Albert 24-JAN-1835
BROOKS, Elizabeth J - BOZARTH, O H Perry 20-JUL-1840
BROOKS, John - CAMPBELL, Polly 25-APR-1814
BROOKS, Leah - HALL, Mingo 18-JAN-1806
BROWN, Albert - BROOKS, Elizabeth 24-JAN-1835
BROWN, Alexander - COOLMAN, Elizabeth 08-DEC-1819
BROWN, Ann - HEDGES, Josiah 11-MAR-1818
BROWN, Ann - LONEY, James 29-MAY-1821
BROWN, Ann - TAYLOR, William 20-JAN-1825
BROWN, Ann L - WILLIAMS, Taylor 1825
BROWN, Charlotte - RENDER, Robert 09-DEC-1801
BROWN, David - BENG, Eliza 22-NOV-1808
BROWN, Eliza - SOUTHARD, Thomas 26-MAR-1838
BROWN, Eliza - TAYLOR, Silas 15-APR-1832
BROWN, Elizabeth - EATHERNTON, Jonathan 01-NOV-1802
BROWN, Henry - ANDERSON, Hannah 19-JAN-1803
BROWN, Horace - BROWN, Nancy 04-AUG-1836
BROWN, Isaac - TICHENOR, Sally 23-DEC-1833
BROWN, Isaac C - REDDECOOD, Mary 20-MAR-1840
BROWN, James - BARNARD, Mema 05-FEB-1803
BROWN, James - BARNARD, Nina 09-DEC-1813
BROWN, James - LUCAS, Polly 30-MAR-1837
BROWN, James - WAKELAND, Polly 05-OCT-1820
BROWN, Jane - CONDIT, William 05-AUG-1833
BROWN, Jane - LEE, Talbert 29-SEP-1835
BROWN, Jane - POOL, William 25-DEC-1826
BROWN, Janet - MATTHEWS, William 22-AUG-1827
BROWN, John - MORGAN, Jane 10-OCT-1835
BROWN, John - THORNBACK, Phoebe 21-FEB-1814
BROWN, Jonathan - ANDERSON, Elizabeth 18??
BROWN, Joshua - WILCHER, Nancy 14-SEP-1812
BROWN, Judy - LONEY, John 18-AUG-1821
BROWN, Margaret - ROWE, Thomas 01-FEB-1817
BROWN, Mary - TAYLOR, Archibald 23-OCT-1826
BROWN, Mary Ann - TAYLOR, Archibald 23-OCT-1826
BROWN, Milly - BROWN, Robert 20-JUL-1840
BROWN, Milly - WISE, Daniel 26-JUL-1840
BROWN, Nancy - BROWN, Horace 04-AUG-1836
BROWN, Presley - HUMPHREY, Sarah 24-SEP-1829
BROWN, Pretius - PAYNER, Mitchell 19-DEC-1800
BROWN, Reuben - BOZARTH, Mary 28-JUL-1806
BROWN, Rhoda - CONDIT, Jacob 14-OCT-1826
BROWN, Robert - BROWN, Milly 20-JUL-1840
BROWN, Robert - PEMBERTON, Beny 09-MAR-1835
BROWN, Robert - ROWE, Judy 08-NOV-1816
BROWN, Sally - TRAVEL, John 13-SEP-1809
BROWN, Samuel - TAYLOR, Jane 22-NOV-1831
BROWN, Susanna - JOHNSON, Marcus 06-MAY-1818
BROWN, Theby - JONES, William 10-OCT-1804
BROWN, Thomas - HEDGES, Mary 11-JUN-1834
BROWN, William - CORLEY, Judith 01-JUL-1816
BROWN, William - JOHNSON, Elizabeth 09-JUN-1817
BROWN, William - MONTGOMERY, Margaret 22-JAN-1828
BROWN, Wm - MONTGOMERY, Margaret 22-JAN-1828
BRUCE, Polly - JOHNSON, James 13-MAR-1809
BRUNER, Peter - DAVIS, Hannah 08-JAN-1827
BRYAN, William - BENNETT, Lucretia 18-DEC-1832
BRYANT, Amelia - LOGSTON, Philip 29-APR-1840
BRYANT, Horatis - WALLACE, Nancy 22-AUG-1829
BRYANT, Margaret - GIVINS, John 02-DEC-1810
BRYANT, Mary - HUNTER, Reuben 02-APR-1810
BRYANT, Rebecca - DAVIS, Garret 22-OCT-1827
BRYANT, Rebecca - DAVIS, Jared 25-OCT-1827
BRYANT, William - SUTHERLAND, Susanne 12-SEP-1804
BUNCH, Margaret - TUTTLE, William 23-DEC-1831
BURCH, Elenor - MASON, Joseph 03-SEP-1825
BURCH, Henley - MATTHEWS, Nancy 09-NOV-1829
BURCH, Mary - MCINTIRE, William 03-JAN-1830
BURDEN, Cynthia Ann - PEARCE, William 18-JUN-1833
BURDEN, Delilah - COY, Allen 13-NOV-1829
BURDEN, Eli D - NORRIS, Meriah 08-JUL-1830
BURDEN, Jane - LANGLEY, Bartholemew 07-JAN-1837
BURDEN, Jemima - GREEN, John 12-SEP-1832
BURDEN, Ossah - PEARCE, Susan 02-OCT-1837
BUREMAN, Nancy - MOOREMAN, James V 30-SEP-1823
BURKES, John - ROACH, Eliza 17-NOV-1836
BURKS, Davis - RALPH, Nancy Jane 18-MAY-1839
BURTON, Horace - MILLER, Mary Ann 25-NOV-1837
BURTON, James - WHITE, Mary Ann 18-OCT-1838
BURTON, Polly - TAYLOR, Absalom 08-NOV-1826
BURTON, Rebecca - LASHBROOK, John 06-OCT-1826
BUTLER, John - ROGERS, Nancy Ray 16-JUN-1839
BUTTERWORTH, Eliza - CLIFFORD, William 04-AUG-1824
BYERS, Margaret - ANDERSON, Athel 08-JAN-1810
CAIN, Elizabeth - DAVIS, Amos 04-AUG-1823
CAIN, Jane - HUMPHREY, Raughley 15-FEB-1827
CAIN, John - ADDINGTON, Sally 05-MAR-1830
CAIN, Rebecca - WILLIAMS, Evan 08-AUG-1808
CALHOON, John - KELLY, Amy 1800
CALHOON, John - LAMB, Sarah 25-DEC-1806
CALHOUN, John - LAMB, Sarah 25-DEC-1806
CALHOUN, John - MORTON, Polly 25-DEC-1819
CALLOWAY, Chester - GILBERT, Elizabeth 24-OCT-1809
CALLOWAY, Frances - CROWE, Elijah 21-JAN-1811
CALLOWAY, James - MILLS, Mehila 23-MAR-1823
CALLOWAY, Sarah - TARLTON, Robert 10-FEB-1810
CALLOWAY, Tomzay - SIMMONS, William 18-FEB-1820
CALLOWAY, William - WILLIAMS, Rebecca 02-JUN-1836
CALLOWAY, Zacariah - CLEAVIR, Phebe 07-AUG-1805
CALLOWAY, Zachariah - CLEAVIR, Phebe 07-AUG-1805
CALVERT, Payton - WARDEN, Ella 14-FEB-1835
CAMPBELL, Abagaile - ALLEN, Usa 18-JUL-1822
CAMPBELL, Andrew - LANHAM, Polly 08-SEP-1804
CAMPBELL, Ann - DUVALL, Nicholas 13-DEC-1819
CAMPBELL, Ann - DUVALL, Nicholas 23-DEC-1819
CAMPBELL, Elizabeth - STEWART, John 18-MAR-1839
CAMPBELL, James - TUELL, Matilda 01-MAY-1838
CAMPBELL, John - COOPER, Polly 18-JUN-1810
CAMPBELL, Lucinda - UNDERWOOD, John 20-AUG-1827
CAMPBELL, Maria - STEWART, James 22-JAN-1827
CAMPBELL, Maria Jane - STEWART, James 22-JAN-1827
CAMPBELL, Martha - LEWELLAN, John 17-SEP-1810
CAMPBELL, Mary - STEWART, Richard 14-JAN-1837
CAMPBELL, Polly - BROOKS, John 25-APR-1814
CAMPBELL, Rebecca - RAILEY, Benjamin 19-DEC-1825
CANNON, John - ILER, Nancy 05-JAN-1826
CANNON, Nancy - AUBREY, John 20-SEP-1821
CANNON, Nancy - AUBRY, John 20-SEP-1821
CARSON, John - HYNES, Sally 21-OCT-1812
CARSON, Lindsey - STEVENS, Elizabeth 24-OCT-1826
CARSON, Sally - BARNETT, Joseph B 20-OCT-1829
CARTER, Abraham - FELIX, Elizabeth 07-FEB-1828
CARTER, Alford - PHILLIPS, Betsy 15-JUL-1835
CARTER, Amy - CROWE, Henry 04-NOV-1822
CARTER, Carolina - PHILLIPES, Philip 22-OCT-1827
CARTER, Catherine - BLACK, Henry 29-OCT-1833
CARTER, Delilah  - KELLY, Lendon C 5 OCT1825
CARTER, Dorcas - BENTON, Edward 16-DEC-1835
CARTER, Fanny - KELLY, David 16-FEB-1810
CARTER, George - NEVILLE, Emeline 03-MAY-1839 

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Sue Barnett Gaumer

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Aug 1799 – Dec 1840

Note:  This data appears to be double indexed, both with Groom first and Bride first.  I have not checked to see if that is consistent throughout. You will see some entries twice with slight variations; this is because all of this data is found in old journals & written in longhand (cursive) and is very difficult to read, so the transcriber made two entries because it could be interperted in either form.  I think the best way to search this data is to search using your various surnames, using the search feature of your browser or copy the data and create a Word document and use that search feature. 

ABNER, Edward - WATSON, Elizabeth 31-DEC-1806
ACKER, William - HARRIS, Sally 05-MAR-1813
ACTON, America - ARDELL, James 20-MAR-1828
ACTON, Francis - CASEY, Catherine 26-NOV-1840
ACTON, Francis - CASEY, Didamah 23-JAN-1839
ADAMS, John - WILSON, Mary Jane 09-DEC-1839
ADAMS, Sally - LEE, Abner 19-MAY-1807
ADDINGTON, Dorcas A - DUKE, Thomas 28-MAR-1837
ADDINGTON, Henry - BARNARD, Dorcas 01-DEC-1799
ADDINGTON, Jemima - COLEMAN, Henry 11-DEC-1835
ADDINGTON, Joshua - COOPER, Sally 28-JUL-1828
ADDINGTON, Joshua - INGLEHEART, Sally 07-OCT-1834
ADDINGTON, Sally - CAIN, John 05-MAR-1830
ADLE, Margaret - ROBERTS, Willis 28-JUN-1814
ADLE, Nancy - MEEKS, Hardin 05-OCT-1829
ALBIN, Joshua - COX, Polly 11-MAR-1835
ALBIN, Malinda - BEASLEY, Robert 28-SEP-1828
ALBIN, Polly - WILSON, John 05-APR-1823
ALBIN, Rebecca - MARLOW, Thomas 25-NOV-1837
ALBIN, Rebecca - MARLOWE, Thomas 25-NOV-1837
ALIN, Elizabeth - DUVALL, Benjamin 19-FEB-1820
ALLEN, Alfred - HARLONG, Matilda 31-JAN-1840
ALLEN, Alfred  - MITALDA, Jarlong 31-JAN-1840
ALLEN, Henry - LEATHERMAN, Jane 28-FEB-1821
ALLEN, Mahala - STEVENS, Joshua 13-JAN-1838
ALLEN, Mary - MOSELEY, Robert 16-SEP-1823
ALLEN, Milly - COOPER, Wesley 22-SEP-1831
ALLEN, Nathan - WEBB, Titha 03-MAY-1829
ALLEN, Usa - CAMPBELL, Abagaile 18-JUL-1822
ALLEN, William - HUSTON, Ann 08-FEB-1813
ALLEN, William - WILSON, Rhoda 04-JUL-1831
ALM, James - HODDEN, Rosey 21-MAY-1808
ALPHINE, Sutton - TAYLOR, Martha 23-AUG-1810
AMBROSE, Henry - CROWE, Eliza 30-AUG-1836
AMBROSE, Jacob - JAMES, Mariah 18-JUN-1823
AMBROSE, John - HOOVER, Sally 28-JUL-1828
AMBROSE, Lewis - CHAPMAN, Frances 18-APR-1833
AMBROSE, Michael - WARD, Delilah 18-MAR-1840
AMBROSE, Samuel - DUKE, Polly 28-JUN-1832
ANDERSON, Amos - HATCHER, Elizabeth 05-FEB-1820
ANDERSON, Anna - DEWEESE, Benjamin 25-JUN-1802
ANDERSON, Athel - BYERS, Margaret 08-JAN-1810
ANDERSON, Elizabeth - BROWN, Jonathan 18??
ANDERSON, Hannah - BROWN, Henry 19-JAN-1803
ANDERSON, Henry - BEASLEY, Malinda 07-JAN-1838
ANDERSON, Henry - MALINDA, Beasley 07-JAN-1838
ANDERSON, John - GARDNER, Fanny 07-MAR-1817
ANDERSON, Mary - CROWE, Jesse 01-OCT-1814
ANDERSON, Nelson - GLENN, Martha 17-DEC-1808
ANDERSON, Patsy - DEXTER, Joseph 20-DEC-1825
ANDERSON, Peggy - BRACHER, Thomas 22-APR-1810
ANDERSON, Sarah - SMITH, Joseph 19-APR-1813
ANDSEY, Emilie - WHITE, Lewis 19-AUG-1831
ARCHIBALD, Nancy - MOSELEY, Robert C 10-JAN-1837
ARDELL, James - ACTON, America 20-MAR-1828
ARMSTRONG, Polly - LINN, James 15-MAY-1810
ARMSTRONG, Thomas - HEAD, Polly 08-AUG-1832
ARNOLD, Amanda - DANIEL, Brockel 03-DEC-1832
ARNOLD, John - JACKSON, Catherine 02-DEC-1818
ARNOLD, William-  MILLER, Amanda 12-JAN-1835
ASHBY, Charlotte - HEDGES, James 23-OCT-1806
ASHBY, David - ROWE, Elizabeth 25-MAR-1812
ASHBY, Fronie - WILLIAMS, Evan 14-MAR-1807
ASHBY, George - ROWE, Elizabeth Crowe 13-SEP-1836
ASHBY, Horiteo - FIELD, Hannah 28-MAR-1804
ASHBY, Jesse - INGLEHEART, Elizabeth 22-MAR-1830
ASHBY, Katy - ROSS, Ervin 05-SEP-1804
ASHBY, Peter - ROWE, Sally 07-AUG-1817
ASHBY, Polly - LITTLE, David 15-JAN-1808
ASHBY, Polly - MCNEELY, Ezekiel 30-SEP-1819
ASHBY, Rebecca - LINDSEY, William 22-APR-1819
ASHBY, Rebecca - WILLIAMS, Warden 25-SEP-1839
ASHBY, Sanford - BELL, Mary R 02-APR-1839
ASHBY, Susannah - HOCKER, John B 10-DEC-1831
ASHBY, Tanna - HASKINS, Charles 09-DEC-1836
ASHBY, Tanner - MILLER, Elizabeth Ann 30-JUN-1836
ASHBY, Warren - HEDGES, Mary 18-FEB-1807
ASHBY, William - ROWE, Nancy 29-MAR-1816
ASHLEY, Elizabeth - COFFEE, Philip 29-DEC-1813
ASHLEY, Jesse - INGLEHEART, Eliza 27-JUN-1800
ASHLEY, Thomas - COLEMAN, Catherine 18-JUN-1806
ASKINS, Elizabeth - MALIN, John 29-AUG-1812
ATHERTON, Aaron - HOOVER, Millie 21-MAR-1819
ATHERTON, Amelia - HUGHES, Joel 06-OCT-1825
ATHERTON, Ann - PENDER, Thomas 14-OCT-1817
ATHERTON, Benjamin - FAR, Sarah 15-JAN-1806
ATHERTON, Delilah - RIGGS, Isaac 29-DEC-1823
ATHERTON, Elizabeth - BIGGERSTAFF, Wm 14-NOV-1811
ATHERTON, Hannah - DAVIS, Nelson 06-MAY-1822
ATHERTON, John - ATHERTON, Unis 09-FEB-1811
ATHERTON, John - MORGAN, Elizabeth 04-MAR-1837
ATHERTON, Joseph - DAVIS, Mary Ann 30-MAR-1830
ATHERTON, Moses - TANNER, Eliza 21-DEC-1830
ATHERTON, Peggy - WAFFORD, Wm 16-AUG-1810
ATHERTON, Unis - ATHERTON, John 09-FEB-1811
ATTERBERRY, David - MOORE, Sally 06-APR-1809
ATTERBERRY, Eliza - MAHEVRER, Frederic 18-SEP-1828
ATTERBERRY, Eliza - MAHEURER, Frederick 18-SEP-1828
ATTERBERRY, Rebecca - LAMB, John P 03-JAN-1831
ATTERBERRY, Reuben - WEEKS, Catherine 01-JAN-1814
ATTERBERRY, Reuben - WEEKS, Catherine 22-DEC-1823
ATTERBERRY, Richard - MOORE, Patsy 19-APR-1807
ATTERBERRY, Stout - CRASH, Fanny 08-DEC-1824
AUBREY, Benjamin - LIKENS, Sally 01-FEB-1836
AUBREY, Jacob - CRAWFORD, Fanny 28-SEP-1840
AUBREY, John - CANNON, Nancy 20-SEP-1821
AUBREY, William - WILSON, Betsy 13-MAY-1828
AUBRY, John - CANNON, Nancy 20-SEP-1821
AUBRY, William - WILSON, Betsy 13-MAY-1828
AUSTIN, Andrew - CHINN, Dorothy 31-AUG-1840
AUSTIN, Barnch - RENDER, Polly 10-AUG-1818
AUSTIN, Elizabeth - TAYLOR, Blackstone 10-JAN-1828
AUSTIN, Helen - MILLER, Joseph 10-NOV-1818
AUSTIN, John - REDMAN, Polly 09-OCT-1832
AUSTIN, John - REDMOND, Ann 25-OCT-1837
AUSTIN, Margaret - BORAH, Willis 15-FEB-1830
AUSTIN, Margaret - LEACH, Talbert 25-MAR-1839
AUSTIN, Nancy - NEW, James 19-JAN-1818
AUSTIN, Philner - MARLETTS, Mabel 27-APR-1837
AUSTIN, Robert - RENDER, Mary 17-MAR-1829
AUSTIN, S C - BAILEY, Theodicia 10-JAN-1840
AUSTIN, Sarah Emily - STEVENS, James 14-OCT-1839
AUSTIN, Thomas - BASFORD, Amelia 06-SEP-1830
AUSTIN, William - LANHAM, Henrietta 29-MAR-1826
AUSTIN, William - TAYLOR, Sarah Ann 31-OCT-1836
AUSTIN, Wisas - STEVENS, Minerva 06-NOV-1838
AUTORY, Elizabeth - EZEL, Thomas 11-JAN-1822
AUTORY, Giles - MILLER, Siticia 28-MAR-1822
AUTORY, Patsy - AUTORY, Simon 19-JAN-1822
AUTORY, Simon - AUTORY, Patsy 19-JAN-1822
AUTRY, Burrel - WILEY, Lucinda 10-MAR-1834
AUTRY, Emeline - SHIELDS, James 03-SEP-1839
AVERY, Milly - MCDANIEL, Collen 12-JUL-1808
AXTON, Margaret - ROBERTSON, Henry 25-AUG-1825
AXTON, Nancy - EVENS, Francis 31-AUG-1818
BAILEY, Martin - SPENCE, Sarah 08-SEP-1834
BAILEY, Theodicia - AUSTIN, S C 10-JAN-1840
BAIRD, James - BARNETT, Rebecca 24-OCT-1803
BAIRD, Jane - STEVENS, John 10-MAR-1830
BAIRD, Martha Isabel - MCSHERRY, Henry 22-SEP-1840
BAIRD, Martha Jane - MCSHERRY, Hiram 14-JAN-1840
BAIRD, Mary - STEVENS, William M 25-FEB-1833
BAIRD, Polly - HOPKINS, James 17-DEC-1803
BAIRD, Rachel - BARNETT, Thomas 14-NOV-1825
BAIRD, Wm L - WALLACE, Nancy 22-OCT-1837
BAIZE, Isaac - SHEPHERD, Sarah 05-DEC-1840
BAIZE, John - SHULTZ, Nancy 06-OCT-1807
BAIZE, Margaret - WRIGHT, Aaron 07-JAN-1830
BAIZE, Nathan - HALL, Betsy 10-FEB-1825
BAIZE, Polly - HALL, James 13-SEP-1823
BAKER, Elizabeth - EVANS, Allen 02-AUG-1838
BAKER, Wm - OVERLIN, Lebiba 04-NOV-1826
BALL, Tucky - FIELD, Henry 23-JUN-1805
BALMAIN, Henry - PEYTON, Ellen 28-SEP-1833
BANKS, Nancy - HARDIN, David R 18-MAY-1839
BANNON, Sally - HALE, William 25-OCT-1825
BARKER, Elisha - RUSHER, Elizabeth 19-AUG-1839
BARKIN, Sanders - GREER, Mary 05-NOV-1833
BARNARD, Ann - PHIPPS, John 18-NOV-1819
BARNARD, Dorcas - ADDINGTON, Henry 01-DEC-1799
BARNARD, Dorcas - BARNARD, Ignatius 18-FEB-1812
BARNARD, Helen - COX, Joseph 06-DEC-1811
BARNARD, Ignatius - BARNARD, Dorcas 18-FEB-1812
BARNARD, Jared - MORTON, Ann 27-NOV-1833
BARNARD, Josiah - HOCKER, Dorcas 24-DEC-1805
BARNARD, Lloyd - HOCKER, Nancy 30-JAN-1824
BARNARD, Matilda - COX, William 07-MAR-1822
BARNARD, Mema - BROWN, James 05-FEB-1803
BARNARD, Milton E - FIELD, Almenda 20-SEP-1836
BARNARD, Minerva - PEDDICORD, Jonathan 24-AUG-1836
BARNARD, Miranda - SIMMONS, Albeun S 16-DEC-1833
BARNARD, Nina - BROWN, James 09-DEC-1813
BARNARD, Sally - PHIPPS, Thomas 02-NOV-1829
BARNARD, Sarah - RILEY, Higginson 30-MAR-1840
BARNES, Elenor - WORTHINGTON, Thomas 18-NOV-1806
BARNES, John - HOCKER, Sally 05-JAN-1836
BARNES, Joseph - BARROW, Elizabeth 28-JUL-1821
BARNES, Joseph H - MILLER, Dorcas Jane 20-APR-1840
BARNES, Mary - MOSELEY, Elijah 24-JAN-1811
BARNES, Weaver - MILLER, Betsy 06-APR-1809
BARNETT, Abigail - ROWAN, William C 24-DEC-1829
BARNETT, Alex - BENNETT, Sally Mary Ann 29-JAN-1838
BARNETT, Hannah - MEYERS, Elijah 24-JUN-1801
BARNETT, Isaac - WILLIAMS, Mary 30-JUL-1814
BARNETT, Jacob - LEWELLEN, Martha 27-AUG-1812
BARNETT, James - INGLEHEART, Julian 14-SEP-1817
BARNETT, Jean - BARNETT, Joseph 20-JUL-1799
BARNETT, Joseph - BARNETT, Jean 20-JUL-1799
BARNETT, Joseph - MIDKIFF, Polly 30-NOV-1817
BARNETT, Joseph - STEVENS, Charlotte 28-OCT-1821
BARNETT, Joseph B - CARSON, Sally 20-OCT-1829
BARNETT, Lucretia - BENNETT, Samuel 31-MAY-1810
BARNETT, Margaret - LEE, Abner 22-FEB-1810
BARNETT, Martin - MORRIS, Nancy 01-APR-1826
BARNETT, Palcy - CHAPMAN, Moses 13-FEB-1817
BARNETT, Rachel - PRUDDEN, James 04-NOV-1839
BARNETT, Rachel - SPRIGG, Thomas 20-JAN-1803
BARNETT, Rachel - SPRIGG, Thomas 30-JAN-1801
BARNETT, Rebecca - BAIRD, James 24-OCT-1803
BARNETT, Rebecca - JOHNSON, Philip 18-AUG-1820
BARNETT, Robert - BENNETT, Elizabeth 28-OCT-1834
BARNETT, Robert - CONDIT, Betsy 23-MAR-1816
BARNETT, Sarah - PEMBERTON, William 02-APR-1839
BARNETT, Thomas - BAIRD, Rachel 14-NOV-1825
BARNETT, William - GIBBONS, Lydia 30-APR-1812
BARRETT, Ignatius - TAYLOR, Clarice 17-MAY-1826
BARRETT, Joshua - TONGON, Priscilla 01-APR-1819
BARRETT, Matilda - FITZHUGH, James 03-OCT-1825
BARRETT, Matilda - FITZHUGH, James 13-OCT-1825
BARRETT, Richard - WEDDING, Mary 01-MAY-1820
BARRETT, Thomas - KEATH, Elizabeth Ann 21-JUN-1837
BARRETT, Thomas - LINDLEY, Elizabeth 27-JUN-1840
BARROW, Elizabeth - BARNES, Joseph 28-JUL-1821
BARRY, Abraham - UNDERWOOD, Elizabeth 10-MAY-1813
BASFORD, Amelia - AUSTIN, Thomas 06-SEP-1830
BATES, Winifred - HOWELL, John 30-MAY-1813
BAYNES, Mary - MOBBERLY, John 21-MAR-1832
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Thanks to Source:

Sue Barnett Gaumer

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Grant Cemetery

Grant Cemetery
Fordsville, Ohio County, Kentucky

642 Shreve Road, Fordsville, Ky 42343
Lat: 37° 34' 12"N, Lon: 86° 38' 35"W
Contributed by Zola Stevens, Aug 27, 2004. Total records = 14.
To reach cemetery drive 7 miles east of Fordsville on Hwy 54, turn right or south 1/2 mile on Shreve Road. The cemetery will be seen on the right just as the road starts to turn west.
This cemetery is now on private land, owner not connected with any individuals buried in the cemetery. In the past 2-3 years the gravestones have all been removed via bulldozer or something like that, if the stones cannot be restored a memorial will be erected with the following names if the landowner will allow. He is adamant against any involvement.
This is a listing held by the Ohio County Library, documented on May 19, 1973. It does not include several children's graves which had only markers with no names.
- Zola Stevens

Basham, L. D., Co D 26th KY Inf
Dalton, Leo G., d. Jan 7, 1865, (may be Lea G.), dau M.C. & E.J., aged 11 months
Dymond, Mary A., b. Mar 7, 1805, d. Feb. 3, 1864
Dymond, Robert, b. England came to America Jul 4, 1800 d. Nov. 5, 1861
Grant, Elizabeth F., b. Jan 1, 1838, d. Apr 24, 1871, wife of W.W.
Grant, J. L., b. Dec 27, 1823, d. Sep 2, 1896
Grant, Lucie A., b. Feb 2, 1824, d. Oct 7, 1899, wife of JL
Keith, Charles M., b. Aug 6, 1850, d. Jun 16, 1852, son J.W. & M.E.
Matthews, Blain J., b. Dec 22, 1828, d. Dec 16, 1865 (Mason)
Matthews, James W., b. Sep 24, 1793, d. Apr 10, 1860
Porter, Aleda B., b. Aug 2, 1876, d. Jul 19, 1883, dau of T.M. & M. E.
Porter, James, b. Sep 30, 1798, d. ? 31, 1883
Withers, Abigail, b. May 17, 1828, d. Aug 24, 1909
Withers, Barnett P., d. Jun 22, 1888, aged 64 years

Note:  The above is from 2004, some 13 years ago. I do not know if there has been any changes since 2004. I do know there is an active group of volunteers restoring and cleaning up cemeteries in Ohio County.  

Thursday, April 20, 2017


HON. HENRY D. McHENRY, banker and lawyer, was born February 7, 1826, at
Hartford, Ohio Co., Ky. His father, the Hon. John Hardin McHenry, was born October 13, 1797, in Washington County, Ky., and died at his residence in Owensboro, November 1, 1871. His father was the Rev. Barnabus McHenry, who emigrated from Virginia, and was one of the pioneer preachers of the Methodist denomination in the West; and his mother was the daughter of Col. John Hardin, who was killed while on a mission to the Indians in the Northwest Territory. He received a good education, chiefly under the instruction of his father; studied law under his uncle, the distinguished Martin D. Hardin, at Frankfort; obtained license in 1819, and began his profession at Lietchfield in Grayson County. In 1821, Gov. Adair appointed him commonwealth attorney, and Col. Alnay McLean judge of the new Judicial District, consisting of the counties of Daviess, Henderson, Breckinridge, Ohio, and Muhlenburgh. He at once removed to Hartford, and entered upon the duties of his office, resigning in 1839; in the following year was elected to the legislature; in 1845 was elected to congress from the Second Congressional District of Kentucky, as a Whig; in 1849 was elected delegate from Ohio and Hancock Counties to the convention which framed the present constitution of Kentucky, and, in 1853, after a residence of thirty-two years in Hartford, removed to Owensboro, where he continued to reside until his death. He had the unbounded confidence of his fellow citizens, and was regarded as one of the most able and successful lawyers, and best men of the day in the State; and probably traveled over a larger circuit, and did a more laborious practice than any of his contemporaries. He was universally beloved. Mr. McHenry was married to Hannah Davis, and left seven children: Hon. Henry D.; Col. John H. (of Owensboro); William H. and W. E. of St. Louis; L. S. McHenry of Louisville; and Mrs. Dr. Hale and Mrs. Robert Craig, of Daviess County. The eldest son, Hon. Henry D. McHenry, the subject of this sketch, received every advantage in his early education, one of his teachers being the late Frank Griffin, a distinguished scholar in his time, and finished his literary training at Transylvania University, at Lexington. He chose the law for his profession; studied with his father; graduated in the law department of Transylvania University; in 1845, and was admitted to the practice in his native town. He soon took a prominent position in his profession, and in 1851 was elected to the lower house of the legislature; in 1861 he was elected to the State senate, serving until 1865, when he was again sent to the lower house, and was chairman of the judiciary committee in both branches of the legislature. In 1867 he was Democratic candidate in the legislature for United States senator, but was defeated, by two votes, by Hon. Garrett Davis, of Bourbon County. In 1870 he was elected to represent his district in the Forty Second Congress, served on the Pacific Railroad committee, and took a strong part in the discussion before the house; in 1872 strongly advocated the establishment of a natiotial educational fund, favoring the application of the proceeds of sales of public lands to the education of the people, and distinguished himself in his address on the famous civil rights question, taking the position that the bill was bad in its policy, untenable in its constitutional construction, and a clear infringement on the rights of States to local self government. In 1872 he was delegate from the State at large to the Baltimore Democratic Convention, and was elected member of the Democrat National Committee, and conducted the presidential confabs with such ability in Kentucky, as to bring about his reappointment on the national committee for the next four years at the convention in St. Louis in 1876, and was re-elected to the same position by the national conventions of 1880 and 1884, which position he still holds, and is now perhaps the oldest member of that committee. After the presidential election, of 1876, he was one of the Democrats appointed to proceed to New Orleans for the purpose of investigating the election returns in that State. He was also appointed to superintend the counting of the votes of Kentucky. He has gained wide-spread reputation as a land lawyer, and has taken a prominent position for his great ability in general practice and is one of the most able, active and influential lawyers of his State. He is a pungent and forcible speaker, has an easy, ready command of language, is a man of fine financial and executive ability, and has a great diversity of knowledge, which he brings to his service in every emergency. He is largely interested in the coal interests on the Chesapeake, Ohio & Southwestern Railroad, holding the position of president of the McHenry & Rockport Coal Companies, and is an active worker in every enterprise looking to the public welfare, contributing in every way to the best interests of the community, in which he is one of the most influential and widely known members. Among his many diversified business interests is that of banking — he holding the position of president of the bank of Hartford. In person he is of admirable appearance, being fully six feet in height and agreeable and attractive in manners. Mr. McHenry was married, January 27, 1856, to Miss Jennie (Martha Jane) Taylor, daughter of Rev. James Taylor, of Hardinsburg, Ky., a lady of marked talents and rare accomplishments. She has written some exquisite poetry, and a fine collection of her poems, published in book form, has been widely circulated over the country. They have five children living: Henry, now practicing law; Godfrey T., in the bank; John J., civil engineer, in employ of government; Isahelle; and Lemuel. Wife a member of Methodist Church.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note: Henry Davis McHenry died 17 Dec 1890 in Hartford and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Hartford.

Saturday, April 8, 2017


WILLIAM LYONS was born March 3, 1847, in Hancock County, Ky., and is a son of Elias and Catherine (Newton) Lyons. The father was also born in Hancock County. He (the father) moved several times, and was in Missouri at the breaking out of the war, and served three years in the Confederate service; was taken prisoner at Monnego Springs, Mo., and confined in McDowels' prisons; while in the latter he died in 1863. William Lyon accompanied his father in all his moves, prior to and after his location in Missouri, but returned to Kentucky with his two uncles, who had gone after him. In 1867 he returned to Kansas and remained until 1870. November 9, 1871, he married Eda Willis, a sister of F. G. Willis, whose sketch is also given. They are the parents of five children: Jimmie, Mamie, Ollie, Alma, and an infant. After marriage Mr. Lyons engaged in farming, milling and mercantile business. He is the owner of over 400 acres of land in good order, and principally made and improved by himself. He is a Democrat and a member of the Baptist Church. His wife is a Presbyterian.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note: W. H. Lyons died 27 Sep 1913 in Ohio County and is buried in the Haynesville Cemetery.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017



Source: Report of Chief of Engineers, U. S. Army, 1899

This was the first river lock constructed of monolithic concrete in the United States. Plans for the Rough River lock called for the use of common stone masonry in construction, but bids for furnishing cut-stone were excessive because of limited access to the project site, and Hall (Assistant Engineer William M. Hall) recommended the substitution of concrete of "imported Portland cement." The Chief of Engineers approved in 1895, and construction of the concrete lock, with chamber dimensions of 27 feet width, 123 feet length, and 9 feet lift, was completed in 1896, at a cost of about $85,000.  In 1899, three steamboats and a number of small vessels were plying the Rough River to Hartford; they transported 10,883 tons of freight in that year. But 1899 was just about the peak for traffic on the Rough River. The project, except for its precedent-setting construction method, was a signal failure.

Saturday, April 1, 2017


CAPT. ADAM LITER, Ohio County, was born in Bourbon County, Ky., July 14, 1822, and is the sixth of a family of seven children born to Henry and Mary (Ament) Liter, the former of Pennsylvania and the latter a native of Kentucky, and both of German descent. At a very early age, Henry Liter removed with his parents to Bourbon County, Ky., the whole country being at that time one vast, dense cane-brake. The family were among the earliest settlers of the county, and for protection against the Indians were obliged, with other families, to live in the fort at Bryant's Station some three years. Here his father, the grandfather of our subject, bought wild land some four miles from Bryant's Station, where he subsequently improved a farm, upon which he resided until his death, and reared a large family of children. Here Henry Liter received his education, and after attaining his majority he bought wild land near the old homestead, which he was obliged to pay for twice, in consequence of a defective title, as did also many of his neighbors; he afterward improved a farm upon which he resided until his death, which occurred in 1862 at the age of some eighty or ninety years. He was twice married, rearing a family of twelve children, eleven of whom attained manhood and womanhood. He was a life long member of the Presbyterian Church, in which he officiated as deacon for many years. Capt. Adam Liter received only a very limited education in youth, but has by his own effort since acquired a fair business education. He was employed on his father's farm until he was seventeen years of age, when he commenced to learn the stone-cutter's trade, but after a few months abandoned it and returned home. Soon after this he went to learn the confectioner's trade, serving an apprenticeship of three years, after which he followed the trade on his own account, at Madison, Ind., for five years, when he was compelled to abandon it on account of failing health, caused by inhaling the fumes of burning charcoal. He was then engaged in flat-boating for three years, running hoop-poles and staves down the rivers to New Orleans. This proving unprofitable, and becoming encumbered, he engaged in steam-boating on the Green River, at which he was eminently successful until the breaking out of the late civil war. He with his two boats was then pressed into the Government service. In 1862 he sold these boats, and in the following year, 1863, built two new ones, both of which were soon pressed into the Government service and transformed into war vessels in the tin-clad fleet. For these, however, he was handsomely remunerated. In 1864 he built another boat, which he sold soon after the war. The principal part of his steam- boating was on the Green River, from Bowling Green, Ky., to Evansville, Ind. He was, however, to some extent engaged in boating on the Wabash, Ohio, and Mississippi Rivers. Before and during the war, bought four farms on the Green River, in Ohio County, near South Carrollton, aggregating about 1,000 acres. He was also the owner of some eight slaves. Soon after the close of the war he leased a coal mine near Spottsville, on the Green River, which he operated for about two years. In 1871 he settled on his farm near South Carrollton, upon which he now resides and where he has since been extensively engaged in farming and stock raising. He is one of the most successful farmers in the county, taking and reading several agricultural journals, and keeping fully abreast with all modern improvements. He was married July 15, 1846 to Sarah C. Foster, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio; three children were born to them, two of whom — sons — are now living. Capt. Liter and wife are members of the United Baptist Church. He is a member of the I. O. O. F., having three times passed all the chairs and is now a member of the Grand Lodge of the State of Indiana. He took bis degrees in Morning Star Lodge No. 7, of Madison, Ind.; afterward helped to organize Madison Lodge No. 11, of same place, and still later helped to organize Crescent City Lodge No. 22, of Evansville, Ind., of which he is still a member. He is a Democrat. 

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note: Capt. Adam Liter died 13 May 1908 in Ohio County and is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery, South Carrollton, Muhlenberg County.  In the 1880 census he is shown living in Centertown, Ohio County, and in the 1900 census he is shown living with his son, Charles, in Cromwell, Ohio County.