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A memorial plaque was dedicated October 11, 1981 to honor the 200th anniversary of this pioneer church. The plaque reads as follows:

One mile south, site of the first Cedar Creek Baptist Church, second Baptist church constituted in Kentucky, July 4, 1781, fifth anniversary of Declaration of Independence.  Pioneer settlers of nearby Rogers Station, 1780, Col. James Rogers, first judge of Nelson County, Atkinson Hill, Judge James Slaughter and Matthew, William, Jonathan Rogers among founders of the church.

Organized July 4, 1781 as Cedar Creek Baptist Society constituted by Joseph Barnett, first pastor, assisted by John Gerrard and John Whitaker, early members and trustees included Col. James Rogers, Atkinson Hill, Evan Williams, Anthony Foster and others from nearby Rogers Fort.

Land for first log church deeded by William and Nelly Abell, located on Beech Fork River at the mouth of Cedar Creek.

Hosted the Salem Asssociation in 1786.

1827, second log church built opposite present church under direction of trustees William Abell, James Rogers and Daniel Brown.

Present church built 1854 by Matthew Jupin and James M Brown using brick made on second church lot across the road, supervised by John Troutman, B Summers and building committee, Samuel Ross, Peter Abell, Reason Barnes, Robert Wortham and Gideon Barnes. 

Excerpt from the Cedar Creek History Booklet:

            Several of the first members at Cedar Creek were important in the community as well as in the church.  James Rogers, was born to Irish parents in 1742, probably in Virginia, and was one of the pioneer settlers in Nelson County, Kentucky.

He was married May 21, 1766, in West Augusta County, Virginia, to Martha Blackburn.  Eight children were born to this marriage:  William, Matthew, James, Polly, Evan, Jonathan, Nancy and John.  After his marriage, he lived for a time in Hampshire County, then Virginia, now West Virginia.

James Rogers had a distinguished record of military service being a member of Captain Daniel Smith’s company of Fincastle Militia, during the Revolution.  He was appointed a Lieutenant Colonel of Nelson County, Kentucky, Militia, by Governor Patrick Henry of Virginia.
Rogers came to Kentucky about 1780, acquiring 1000 acres of land lying on Cedar Creek.  He and some of his brothers built Rogers Fort, about four miles west of today’s Bardstown.  Rogers became a justice of the peace in 1785.  At the same time he was also appointed “to direct the place” where stocks, pillory and whipping post were to be erected for the use of the court.

Rogers practiced the gift of preaching from time to time.  In this role he was not eloquent, but he was sound in doctrine.  He was also an author.  He wrote several pamphlets that varied in themes from topics on the Holy Spirit to Closed Communion.

Evidently Rogers was strong willed with regard to his convictions.  Rogers and Atkinson Hill, another Cedar Creek Church member disagreed over religion.  As a result Hill moved from Rogers Fort to Goodin’s fort.  He did not leave the church; eventually Rogers did.  Rogers strongly opposed slavery, and apparently left the church for that reason.  Since there were church members who were slaves with the last name of Hill, it is assumed that Atkinson Hill was a slave owner.

When Rogers left Cedar Creek in 1787, he started the Lick Creek Baptist Church.  He was not able to escape the problem over slavery however, for the Lick Creek Church was greatly tormented by this issue.  Consequently, the church dissolved in 1812, and once again Rogers became a member of Cedar Creek.

On March 11, 1794, Rogers was granted “on his own motion’ a license to perform marriages within Nelson County.  He performed a good many marriages including that of his son, Evan, and his daughter, Mary.

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These are “delayed birth records” and it is not a complete list. The recording of births was not required until 1911.

Kentucky started keeping birth and death records in 1852, stopped in 1862, started again in 1874, but didn't get serious about it until 1 January 1911.  Before that date, births and deaths were recorded at the county level and copies were forwarded to the state once a year. People lacking official certificates could file delayed birth certificates with the state.  This became common starting around 1940 due to the requirements of Social Security and military service. In Kentucky, the Department of Vital Statistics has most of the delayed birth certificates.

The source for this data is: 

Last                 First - Middle             Date                County                       Mother's Name
ADDINGTON John M        August 27, 1909          Ohio              Esther Meyerhofe
AKIN             Greek             February 16, 1902      Ohio              Elizabeth Oglesb
ALFORD       Chester L       December 7, 1902      Ohio              Nora Jones
ALFORD       Emily M          18 Aug 1899               Ohio              Phebe Wright
ALFORD       Kelly               July 22, 1901              Ohio              Martha Farris
ALLEN          Attie                March 4, 1901             Ohio             Jennie Woods
ALLEN          Audist             December 10, 1910    Ohio              Florence Renfrow
ALLEN          Ernest             September 18, 1902   Ohio              Elizabeth Hoagla
ALLEN          Gladys M       July 28, 1908              Ohio              Lillie Williams
ALLEN          Ida M              February 21, 1910     Ohio              Corine Thomas
ALLEN          Ida S               May 5, 1902               Ohio              Martha Smith
ALLEN          John                8 Sep 1899                  Ohio              Elizabeth Hoagla
ALLEN          Lee A              October 10, 1903       Ohio              Ora Medcalf
ALLEN          Lydia M         January 23, 1905         Ohio              Jennie Woods
ALLEN          Mersede          March 11, 1907          Ohio              Martha Peters
ALLEN          Oscar S           December 25, 1908    Ohio              Mary Stewart
ALTHEIDE   George J         November 2, 1903     Ohio              Beatrice Radford
AMBROSE    Claude            May 29, 1904             Ohio              Mitelda Henton
ANDERSON Helen M          August 9, 1906           Ohio              Lou Morton
ANNIS           Opal                March 28, 1908          Ohio              Lizzie Shields
ARBUCKLE Glenn R          June 24, 1908             Ohio              Nannie Hattler
ARMENDT   Margrte A      August 31, 1908         Ohio              Myrtle Jones
ASHBY          Mattie B         October 22, 1910       Ohio              Etta Ashby
ASHBY          Oswald L        February 5, 1909       Ohio              Jessie Southard
ASHBY          William M      July 22, 1903              Ohio              Nancy Shown
ASHLEY       Gretchen Dorn April 17, 1909           Ohio              Pearlie Mitchell
AUER            Mary E           November 18, 1903   Ohio              Mary Kallin
AUSTIN         Evelyn            February 28, 1908     Ohio              Nannie Myers
AUSTIN         John T            December 12, 1903    Ohio              Fannie Kinkade
AUSTIN         Luemma F     March 31, 1905          Ohio              Millisa Kinkade
AUSTIN         Odie L            January 24, 1907       Ohio              Fannie Kinkade
AUSTIN         Ottie                February 17, 1907     Ohio              Amanda Clark
BAILEY        Leona P          November 16, 1908     Ohio              Fannie Trogland
BAIZE            Alma               March 17, 1907          Ohio              Zilphy Raymer
BAIZE            Alva                August 22, 1907         Ohio              Julia Baize
BAIZE            Emma F         January 29, 1910        Ohio              Birtie Hoskin
BAIZE            Glennie L       December 16, 1908    Ohio              Fannie James
BAIZE            Helen M          February 24, 1906     Ohio              Rosa Wilson
BAIZE            Maudra L      May 28, 1909             Ohio              Ola Willoughby
BAIZE            Nona F           January 17, 1909       Ohio              Nancy Davis
BAKER         Wilson R        November 4, 1907     Ohio              Catherine Dietel
BALDWIN    Beulah M       January 14, 1908       Ohio              Amanda Liles
BALLARD    Mary Irene     September 25, 1907   Ohio              Cora Elizabeth Cox
BARNARD   Laura I           September 6, 1909     Ohio              Bertie Chinn
BAXTER       Gracie E         January 2, 1907         Ohio              Jennie Combs
BEAN             Bernyce M     October 6, 1902         Ohio              Alice Davis
BEARD          Mary P           January 17, 1907       Ohio              Abbie Smith
BECK             Joe M            September 16, 1908   Ohio              Fannie Mercer
BELLAMY   Clara E           October 4, 1905         Ohio              Georgia Malone
BENNETT    Elizabeth Anne March 31, 1907      Ohio              Mary Shull
BENNETT    Ida Marie       May 23, 1906             Ohio              Maggie Ashby
BENNETT    Lottie B          December 16, 1909    Ohio              Jennie Barnes
BISHOP         Cecil D            November 9, 1909     Ohio              Ida Addington
BLACK         Anna I            February 20, 1906      Ohio              Oma Beane
BLACK         Lola G            November 21, 1909   Ohio              Lola Stevens
BLACKBURN Adrain C    August 18, 1908          Ohio              Iva Watson
BLACKBURN Evelyn M    December 19, 1910    Ohio              Iva Watson
BLAIR           Grace M         July 26, 1905              Ohio              Myrtle Rowley
BOARD         Dillmon            23 Oct 1888               Ohio              Lou Lanum
BOLING        Daisy M          March 22, 1907          Ohio              Pearl Weller
BOLTON       Raymond E    March 31, 1907          Ohio              Lula Nichols
BOLTON       William C       November 27, 1907   Ohio              Provia Pate
BOZARTH    Neville B         September 15, 1902   Ohio              Lillian Cool
BRATCHER Lola L             September 26, 1901   Ohio              Laura Whithworth
BRATCHER Murdest M     March 13, 1905          Ohio              Flora Maddox
BRIGGS        Henry B          March 9, 1907            Ohio             Tobiatha Rhoades
BROWN        Artie V           October 30, 1901        Ohio              Ann Chinn
BROWN        Bernice           September 8, 1903     Ohio              Ann Chinn
BROWN        Caroll S           28 Jun 1898               Ohio              Martha Cummins
BROWN        Cova C           November 12, 1907   Ohio              Ella Bishop
BROWN        Edna H           February 19, 1905     Ohio              Nora Moore
BROWN        Eula M           May 8, 1909               Ohio              Bessie Lewis
BROWN        Louis B           November 26, 1904   Ohio              Martha Brown
BROWN        Mary J            November 1, 1909     Ohio              Effie Cox
BROWN        Myrtle             November 15, 1909   Ohio              Harriet Wilson
BRUNER       Edna M          September 20, 1905   Ohio              Julia Bozarth
BUNGER      Minnie            March 11, 1909          Ohio              Mary Lewis
BURDEN       Dora A           January 3, 1910         Ohio              Rosa Dockery
BURGESS     Ruby P           November 24, 1903   Ohio              Almeda Frizzell
BURTON       Ira M              June 30, 1904             Ohio              Eva Acton
BUTLER       Flora               December 29, 1910    Ohio              Dona Romans
BYERS          Cora B            November 15, 1908   Ohio              Minnie Craig
CALHOUN   Owen G          May 9, 1901               Ohio               Clemantene Hoove
CALLAWAY Robert W       January 21, 1909       Ohio              Victoria Ezell
CANTRELL Theodre J       August 10, 1909         Ohio              Geneva Newton
CARDIN        Virgle C          August 9, 1906           Ohio              Hazie Cardin
CARSON       Mary A            18 Aug 1897              Ohio              Anna Bean
CARTER       Icy A               November 13, 1908   Ohio              Leah Byers
CARTER       Iva B               October 19, 1903       Ohio              Musa Miller
CARTER       Randall M      March 23, 1904          Ohio              Laura Carter
CHAMBERLIN Maymee B September 10, 1906  Ohio              Sovilla Chamberl
CHAPMAN   Aaron E         March 17, 1905          Ohio              Oma Collins
CHAPMAN   Algia O           August 16, 1908         Ohio              Edna Tichenor
CHAPMAN   Alnie L           March 3, 1904             Ohio             Oma Wade
CHAPMAN   Farrel L          January 27, 1906       Ohio              Lillie Brown
CHAPMAN   Flossie B         August 8, 1907           Ohio              Lillie Brown
CHAPMAN   Ruby F           June 30, 1910             Ohio              Lillie Brown
CHAPMAN   Verona           June 9, 1905               Ohio               Leoma Rhodes
CHARLET    James E          December 25, 1908    Ohio              Sallie Hoover
CHINN           Grace B          November 29, 1910   Ohio              Lillie Givens
CHINN           Hettie              March 26, 1906          Ohio              Lenola Higgs
COFFMAN   Decosta Q       October 3, 1907         Ohio              Florence Hardin
COLEMAN   Eula M           July 14, 1903              Ohio              Laura Isebeth
COLLINS      Flora A           May 16, 1906             Ohio              Hester Maddox
COLLINS      Mary W          July 4, 1901                Ohio              Ella Cox
COMBS         John H            March 17, 1905          Ohio              Sarah Huskisson
CONDER      Edward H      October 7, 1900           Ohio              Minerva Livers
CONDIT        Martha L       January 28, 1903       Ohio              Ono Carson
CONDOR      Mary A           May 27, 1904             Ohio              Minerva Livers
COOK            Bessie              September 11, 1909   Ohio              Elizabeth Wilson
COOPER       Rachel E         May 29, 1902             Ohio              Margarite Johnso
COOPER       Waneta           July 23, 1902              Ohio              Lida Swain
COX               Uva E              July 24, 1909              Ohio              Nannie Tout
CRAWFORD  Bertha E         August 5, 1908           Ohio              Emma Condor
CROWDER  Francis M       June 21, 1909             Ohio              Bertha Autry
CROWDER  William E       September 7, 1906     Ohio              Mary Haynes
CROWE        Iola M             November 8, 1904     Ohio              Alpha May
CROWE        Joseph A        August 8, 1908           Ohio              Cora Ferguson
CROWE        Joseph E         April 28, 1910            Ohio              Alpha May
CROWE        Thomas W     January 28, 1907       Ohio              Alpha Maye
CURTIS         Ercie M          August 14, 1908         Ohio              Dorcie Heflin
CURTIS         Hallie D          May 19, 1907             Ohio              Cordie Martin
DABNEY       James E          March 21, 1903          Ohio              Mary Watkins
DANIEL        Charles Estill December 1, 1902      Ohio              Eliza Jane Spradley
DANIEL        Lucille             May 14, 1908             Ohio              Ruth Shultz
DANIELS      Elgin H           June 9, 1904               Ohio              Janey Payton
DANIELS      Rachel            November 5, 1907     Ohio              Purney Young
DAUGHERTY Airy              January 31, 1908       Ohio              Lennie Wallace
DAUGHERTY Bertha         October 28, 1906       Ohio              Florence Smith
DAUGHERTY Celeste        June 2, 1909               Ohio              Lula Evans
DAUGHERTY Lillie            August 20, 1908         Ohio              Rachel Baize
DAUGHERTY Offie            October 26, 1910       Ohio              Lillie Daugherty
DAUGHERTY Ruby           October 14, 1910       Ohio              Eva Coy
DAVIS           Anna L           May 9, 1906               Ohio              Susan Felix
DAVISON     John E            March 24, 1903          Ohio              Maggie Payne
DAY               Nellie               October 18, 1910       Ohio              Virginia Hines
DENTON       Larkin D        April 20, 1910            Ohio              Verta Wright
DUNCAN      David             January 6, 1909         Ohio              Nellie Duncan
DUNCAN      Leva R            October 27, 1907       Ohio              Ida Williams
DUNCAN      Roscoe D        April 27, 1908             Ohio             Inez Fulkerson
DUNN            Ann R              4 Nov 1898                Ohio              Martha Cooper
EDISON         Genevie          January 24, 1909       Ohio              Avie Chinn
ELDER          Eugene           July 27, 1908              Ohio              Ada Lagrand
ELDER          William           October 1, 1908         Ohio              Nora Southard
EMBRY         Barney            October 14, 1906       Ohio              Louisa Embry
EMBRY         Euna E           February 19, 1906     Ohio              Bertha Keown
EMBRY         Eva M             January 9, 1910         Ohio              Hattie Raymer
EUDALEY    Margie E        August 17, 1907         Ohio              Birtie Boone
EVANS          Bertha            January 2, 1903         Ohio              Mahala Pharies
EVANS          Clema             October 17, 1906       Ohio               Mary E Rhoades
EVANS          Hershel           April 2, 1907              Ohio              Sarah Leach
EVANS          Lelia O            March 24, 1900          Ohio              America Daugherty
EVERLEY    Hazel D            15 Jan 1898               Ohio              Almeda Park
FELTY          Dewey W        January 18, 1910       Ohio              Nora Felty
FERGUSON Dora M           July 31, 1907              Ohio               Kate Hudnall
FIELDS         Jewel F           November 26, 1901   Ohio              Katie Sheffield
FLENER       Emma L         October 31, 1905        Ohio              Stella Faught
FLENER       Noka V           August 19, 1902         Ohio              Stella Faught
FORD             Bethel L          November 3, 1910     Ohio              Nancy Ford
FORD             Clarnce D       September 30, 1907   Ohio              Priss Wilson
FORD             Monnie           April 29, 1905            Ohio              Betty Ford
FOSTER        Edward Y      February 1, 1908        Ohio              Minnie Brown
FRAZE          Elmer C          December 15, 1903    Ohio              Amelia Clark
FULKERSON Effie E         September 19, 1902   Ohio              Esther Milner
FULKERSON Mallie           February 25, 1905     Ohio              Francis Decker
FULKERSON Wanda E     April 17, 1910            Ohio              Nora Pendley
FULKERSON Wanda E     April 17, 1910            Ohio               Nora Pendley
FULTON       Lula                March 17, 1909          Ohio              Lou Kinkade
FULTON       Piccola            April 12, 1905            Ohio              Lackie Brown
FUQUA          Loyce B          April 11, 1908            Ohio              Viola Hoover
GAITHER     Harry I           November 23, 1906   Ohio              Clora Probus
GAITHER     Thomas E       September 16, 1903   Ohio              Anna Gallagher
GENTRY      Desda M         May 27, 1906             Ohio              Charlotte Baker
GIBSON        Eugene F        July 5, 1906                Ohio              Nannie Hulsey
GILLIM         Ollie C            September 18, 1901   Ohio              Melenda Gillim
GILSTRAP   Dewey G        July 14, 1904              Ohio              Isbelle Lindsey
GLENN         James S           29 Jul 1898                Ohio              Sara Barnes
GRAFF          Roy Lee          July 29, 1905              Ohio              Ida Mae Crume
GRAHAM     Fannie C        December 17, 1908    Ohio              Rena White
GRAHAM     Muriel S         January 6, 1906         Ohio              May Graham
GRANT         Stanley H        December 6, 1905      Ohio              Mina Carden
GRAVES       John S            January 18, 1906       Ohio              Minnie Campfill
GRAY            Ruby E           November 1, 1906     Ohio              Ebbie Mason
GREER         Geneva           April 6, 1902              Ohio              Stella Midkiff
HALL             Bryson R        May 29, 1908             Ohio              Frances Lanham
HALL             Byron N         September 11, 1905   Ohio              Frances Lanham
HARDER      Edna               April 28, 1907            Ohio              Lillie Grant
HARPER       John G           February 17, 1907     Ohio              Elzy Addington
HARPER       Mary N          August 20, 1903         Ohio              Mary Ludington
HARREL       Viola               September 13, 1909   Ohio              Vela Iglehart
HARRISON  Robert L        June 12, 1909             Ohio              Francis Marlow
HATLER       Cleora             August 23, 1907         Ohio              Mary Hutry
HAVEN         Audrey E       November 17, 1908   Ohio               Sarah Haven
HAVEN         Cecil P            June 24, 1909             Ohio               Ella Pirtle
HAZELIP      Walter P         June 29, 1908             Ohio              Florence McFadde
HEDDEN       Lorena            September 3, 1908     Ohio              Darah Payton
HEFLIN         Pauline           December 21, 1908    Ohio              Lavina Ford
HENRY         Nora A           December 10, 1906    Ohio              Mahala Bunger
HICKS           Gladys L        August 6, 1909           Ohio              Ethel McCrady
HILL              Lora D            May 7, 1908               Ohio              Ivena Bratcher
HILLARD     Clyde L          December 15, 1908    Ohio              Crena Jenkins
HINES            Ethel               May 21, 1903             Ohio              Nannie Coy
HINES            Rose C            October 7, 1902         Ohio              Sarah Peed
HINES            Sarah P          May 5, 1908               Ohio              Sarah Rucker
HOCKER      Esther L         December 3, 1909      Ohio              Ineze Duke
HOCKER      Lydia B          October 17, 1903       Ohio              Mattie Reid
HOCKER      Myrle             August 30, 1908         Ohio              Lizzie Cope
HOCKER      Prosha M       November 15, 1909   Ohio              Sarah Cox
HODGE         Addie M         May 8, 1902               Ohio              Mirah Garrison
HODGE         Eddie C          March 15, 1905          Ohio              Elizabeth Garris
HOHEIMER Bernice L       September 28, 1906   Ohio              Minnie Keown
HOOVER      Ernest R         September 2, 1903     Ohio              Mary Shown
HOOVER      William H       October 16, 1904       Ohio              Cora Westerfield
HOUSE          William W      December 11, 1905    Ohio              Betty Ashby
HOUSE          William W      December 11, 1905    Ohio              Betty Ashby
HOWELL      Lillian M        May 3, 1908               Ohio               Ethel France
HUBBARD    Beckham N    October 25, 1903       Ohio               Florence Liesure
HUDSON       Dora T            July 28, 1907              Ohio              Josie Stevens
HUDSON       Mary Etta      November 25, 1909   Ohio              Frankie Thompson
HUFF             Elsie M           May 29, 1904             Ohio              Lida Hazelwood
HUFF             Estill                August 31, 1905         Ohio              Zettie Huff
HUFF             Ruth               September 28, 1909   Ohio              Betty Foreman
HUMPHREY Jessie D           July 6, 1910                Ohio              Anna Engler
HUNTER       Rose L            October 20, 1909       Ohio              Rena Geary
HURT            Eva                 23 Sep 1899                Ohio              Martha Holloway
HURT           Margaret May January 1, 1908       Ohio              Lou Anna White
ILER              Bessie             September 15, 1901   Ohio              Eldo Leach
JACKSON     Leontine         May 8, 1907               Ohio              Bethel Jackson
JACKSON     Nina M           September 27, 1904   Ohio              Georgia Milner
JACKSON     Stonwll           January 27, 1909       Ohio              Sallie Jackson
JACKSON     William C       July 3, 1904                Ohio              Arailda Mannis
JAMES          Ruth E            September 27, 1908   Ohio              Ora Millard
JAMISON      Mabel            October 18, 1910       Ohio              Eulah Tilford
JOHNSON     Albert R         September 17, 1908   Ohio              Leora Johnson
JOHNSON     Alma               November 16, 1904   Ohio              Leora Johnson
JOHNSON     Beulah            February 21, 1910     Ohio              Carrie Reid
JOHNSON     Charles S        April 23, 1910            Ohio              Sophia Howley
JOHNSON     Elsie M           March 19, 1904          Ohio              Beulah Rush
JOHNSON     Ivan E             June 17, 1901             Ohio              Mary Lacier
JOHNSON     Nellie M          August 5, 1908           Ohio              Carrie Reid
JONES           Ava Katherine November 8, 1908   Ohio              Sarah E. Eskridge
JONES           Callie             April 4, 1910              Ohio              Lennie Watt
JONES           Grace             April 20, 1910            Ohio              Bettie Eskridge
JONES           Grayce B        September 2, 1902     Ohio              Althea Allen
JONES           Mary E           February 4, 1905       Ohio              Sarah Eskridge
JONES           Pauline           October 28, 1909       Ohio              Mollie Hunter
JONES           Tracy U          December 31, 1908    Ohio              Mary Powell
JONES           Viola C           April 21, 1907            Ohio              Charlotte Tichen
KEITH           Laura M         February 9, 1908       Ohio              Mary Hultz
KELLEY       Emma L         December 22, 1907    Ohio              Ada Howard
KELLEY       Joseph A        November 18, 1910   Ohio              Martha Hardin
KEOWN        Aaron S          April 12, 1907            Ohio              Eliza Wells
KEOWN        Henry L          June 12, 1905             Ohio              Rosie Rusher
KEOWN        Homer F         September 11, 1904   Ohio              Eliza Wells
KEOWN        Pearl A           August 18, 1902         Ohio              Nancy Leach
KIMMEL      Walter C        10 Jan 1883                Ohio              Laura Kimbley
KING             Annabel          June 24, 1906             Ohio              Margaret Melvin
KING             Golda M         April 29, 1908            Ohio              Malinda Danials
KITCHENS   Alice L            March 17, 1909          Ohio              Fannie Greenwell
KITTINGER  Anna K          August 11, 1910         Ohio              Lelia Drake
KUYKENDOLL John P     November 14, 1905   Ohio              Martha Tabor
LAMB            Eliza E            September 23, 1910   Ohio              Myrtie Clark
LANDRUM   Eula M           October 4, 1910         Ohio              Daisy Nickels
LANGFORD Flossie             July 11, 1904              Ohio              Ada Langford
LAYTON       Charles W      July 26, 1910              Ohio              Anna Russell
LEACH          Gracie M        December 5, 1909      Ohio              Eliza Grant
LEE                Frances K      November 28, 1902   Ohio              Mary Tucker
LEWELLEN Kattie M         May 17, 1906             Ohio              Alpha Greer
LEWIS           Beatrce           July 4, 1906                Ohio              Minnie Dill
LIKENS         Arnold F        June 4, 1904               Ohio              Stella Acton
LYONS          J W                 September 29, 1909   Ohio              Pearl Humphrey
MADDOX     Mayrene          22 Dec 1896               Ohio              Judith Haynes
MAGAN        Robert A        August 12, 1909         Ohio              Hazel Cundiff
MAIN             Mary               August 21, 1900         Ohio              Margaret Baker
MAJORS       Peter D           January 3, 1900         Ohio              Vergie Blackmon
MARTIN       Letha J           August 5, 1903           Ohio              Emma Himes
MATTHEWS Leonard C    December 5, 1906      Ohio              Ida Matthews
MCKENNEY  Mary G          November 9, 1908     Ohio              Margaret Carter
MIDKIFF      Berndne         October 27, 1901       Ohio               Nora Daniel
MIDKIFF      Ernestn           November 27, 1904   Ohio               Nora Daniel
MIDKIFF      Floy C             February 4, 1903       Ohio              Mamie Miles
MILES           Gaylon W       August 2, 1909           Ohio              Emma Early
MILES           Laura E          April 22, 1906            Ohio              Sallie Weatherfo
MILES           Morris A        April 12, 1908            Ohio              Bertha Cheek
MILLER        Len B             May 2, 1904               Ohio              Mary Bryant
MILLER        Louis B           June 25, 1905             Ohio              Dollie Dempsey
MILLER        Maude            October 26, 1908       Ohio              Tilda Maiden
MILLER        Nettie             August 30, 1910         Ohio              Tilda Maiden
MILLER        Raleigh J        April 3, 1905              Ohio              Martina Greer
MILLER        Roy H             December 29, 1909    Ohio              Alice Jewel
MILLER        Ruby E           November 23, 1907   Ohio              Gertrude Lyons
MILLER        Verda A         March 14, 1903          Ohio              Eldore Dalton
MILLER        Willie J           November 23, 1907   Ohio              Pansey Rogers
MITCHELL  Clyde             March 6, 1906            Ohio              Hester Bolton
MITCHELL  Gladys M       October 26, 1906       Ohio              Aria Miller
MITCHELL  Pearl M          October 5, 1910         Ohio              Rosie Williams
MONROE      Mary L           June 23, 1903             Ohio              Elsie Wilson
MORRIS        Donna             April 16, 1908            Ohio              Cordella Phelps
MORRIS        Paul E             August 14, 1908         Ohio              Emma Dodd
MORTON      Samuel E        August 9, 1902           Ohio              Bertha Pendleton
MOSELEY    Phyllis              30 Oct 1897               Ohio              Della Stewart
MULLEN      Marjore F      August 25, 1900         Ohio              Nola Iler
MURRAY     Helen R           26 Aug 1891              Ohio               Lena Evers
MYERS         Iva M             March 6, 1904            Ohio              Vianna Jamison
MYERS         Mona L          January 17, 1908       Ohio              Vianna Myers
NABOURS    Dennis E         September 15, 1909   Ohio              Lee Daniel
NANNEY      Cleva A          February 29, 1908     Ohio              Nora Brown
NANTZ          Elbert L          April 3, 1905              Ohio              Audra Nance
NANTZ          Mary L           November 15, 1909   Ohio              Audra Nantz
NEEL             Harry H           11 Feb 1898               Ohio              Mary Westerfield
NEIGHBORS Ola M            March 21, 1910          Ohio               Anna Coppage
NEWCOMB  William C       October 15, 1906       Ohio              Arvena Crowe
ODELL          Edith E           December 30, 1907    Ohio              Josephine Gentry
ODELL          Irene               January 27, 1901       Ohio              Josephine Gentry
ODELL          James             August 7, 1907           Ohio              Frances Johnson
ORR               Nell                 July 20, 1910              Ohio              Dorcas Black
PATTON       Eva I               November 8, 1905     Ohio              Carrie Hoover
PAYTON       Morbrey B     June 21, 1910             Ohio              Estella Young
PERGUSON John L            March 5, 1909            Ohio              George Perguson
PERGUSON Thomas M      July 16, 1905              Ohio              George Thomas
PERRY          Goldie E         July 8, 1907                Ohio              Rener Lanham
PHEGLEY    Mabel                         January 5, 1909         Ohio              Lue Daugherty
PHELPS        Orville J          October 15, 1910       Ohio              Louvenia Kendall
PHELPS        William M      March 24, 1905          Ohio              Cordie Lacefield
POLLARD    Birdie D          November 8, 1904     Ohio               Lillie Stslair
POLLARD    Maggie            October 24, 1903       Ohio              Lillie Stclair
POLLOCK    Archbld C      June 13, 1910             Ohio              Mary Wilson
POLLOCK    Doretta           September 1, 1908     Ohio              Bessie Wilson
PORTER       Clyde L           4 Mar 1896                Ohio              Hattie Wiggins
PORTER       Connie            August 5, 1910           Ohio              Mary Cummings
PORTER       Herbert M      October 10, 1900       Ohio              Susan Leach
PORTER       Isabel             11 Jul 1893                 Ohio              Margaret R. Porter
PORTER       Scott D            August 22, 1906         Ohio              Sarah Sandefur
PRICE           Thomas K      March 10, 1910          Ohio              Sarah Farley
PRYOR          Harry             July 5, 1908                Ohio              Ruth Pryor
RAGLAND   Harland          December 11, 1904    Ohio              Leona Russell
RALEY          Stanley            February 8, 1908       Ohio              Dellie Baize
RALPH          Handy E         March 16, 1909          Ohio              Sular Hoover
RALPH          Homer B         5/17/19??                    Ohio              Florence Helton
RANNEY      Mary M          July 17, 1906              Ohio               Mary Arbuckle
RENDER       Buster             July 10, 1908              Ohio              Mary Hines
RENDER       Myrtle E         May 29, 1908             Ohio               Lola Bennett
RENDER       Ollie                24 Dec 1898                Ohio              Eliza Chinn
RENFROW   Lily M             January 7, 1908         Ohio               Lula Bailey
RHOADS       Laura A         April 23, 1908             Ohio              Maggie Richeson
RIADON        Myrtle             March 3, 1904            Ohio              Prudie Foreman
RIADON        Nola B            June 30, 1905             Ohio               Lou Foreman
RICE              Alfred M        August 4, 1910           Ohio              Ida Howard
RICE              James A          July 10, 1906              Ohio              Caroline Bean
RICHARDS  Arnold A        July 23, 1905               Ohio               Ora Newton
ROARK         Nellie               December 26, 1900    Ohio              Emma Everly
ROGERS       Charlot M      March 4, 1903            Ohio              Ida Brown
ROGERS       Cyrus J           July 1, 1902                Ohio              Mary Shepherd
ROGERS       Lena M            7 Jul 1899                  Ohio              Ella Keown
ROGERS       Pansy E          March 22, 1902          Ohio              Bessie Austin
ROGERS       Yale                May 31, 1904             Ohio              Millie Taylor
ROWAN        Maud V          April 9, 1904              Ohio              Flora Carson
RYAN             Susie M           May 7, 1910               Ohio              Susan Jones
SALING        Grace             August 4, 1910           Ohio               Ruth Jones
SANDEFUR  Charles W      January 4, 1906         Ohio              Rosa King
SANDEFUR  Virgnia E       January 28, 1903       Ohio              Eliza Flener
SANDERFUR Maxwell G   August 3, 1910           Ohio              Stella Bennett
SAPP              Audrey           January 26, 1910        Ohio              Susie Tucker
SCHROADER Rosa M        June 1, 1908               Ohio              Rosa Gray
SCHULTZ     Ervin M          September 21, 1906   Ohio              Susan Day
SCHULTZ     Ivan                October 29, 1909       Ohio              Mary Hocker
SEIBERT      Eula                January 12, 1906       Ohio              Martha Grigsby
SHAFER        Chester L       January 5, 1908         Ohio              Alice Singleton
SHAFER        Goldie M        March 27, 1910          Ohio              Alice Singleton
SHARP          Eileen             December 16, 1909    Ohio              Verna Renfrow
SHEFFIELD Patrick H        February 25, 1910      Ohio              Naomi Hoover
SHELTON     Stella D           September 23, 1909   Ohio              Maude Sapp
SHEPHARD  Ollie L             June 26, 1905             Ohio              Christina Hoskin
SHOWN         Flossie M        September 25, 1906   Ohio              Eva Renfrow
SHRADER    Fred N            May 24, 1910             Ohio              Maude Grant
SHRADER    James L          June 17, 1908             Ohio              Maude Grant
SIMPSON      Leona             March 2, 1905            Ohio              Martha Embry
SMITH           Blanch            October 29, 1907       Ohio              Bertha Robinson
SMITH           Flora E           March 3, 1908            Ohio              Laura Shelton
SMITH           Grace L          October 12, 1910       Ohio              Mattie Wright
SMITH           John James    March 10, 1909          Ohio              Jessie Carden
SMITH           Lee C             23 Sep 1899                Ohio              Savilla Ward
SMITH           Ora E             December 10, 1905    Ohio              Emma Hamilton
SMITH           Reginld           February 8, 1904       Ohio              Valeria Myers
SORRELS     Belva L           December 7, 1907      Ohio              Frances Leisure
SORRELS     Johnie F         February 2, 1909       Ohio              Angline Herald
SOUTHARD Alma A           August 17, 1908         Ohio              Pearl Allen
STCLAIR      Emma M        November 27, 1908   Ohio              Martha Myers
STEVENS     Arthur L        June 12, 1903             Ohio              Olive Crabtree
STEVENS     Elsie L            July 18, 1910              Ohio              Ina Stevens
STEVENS     Frances A       June 19, 1909             Ohio              Lada Newton
STEVENS     Myrtle             June 19, 1905             Ohio              Nelia King
STEWART    Audry             April 1, 1907              Ohio              Katie Arnold
STEWART    Clemmer M    December 14, 1905    Ohio              Myrtie Stewart
STEWART    Estes T            July 22, 1902              Ohio              Sarah Davis
STEWART    Gusta H          September 18, 1907   Ohio              Myrtie Baker
STEWART    Louveni          July 7, 1910                Ohio              Artie Schroader
STEWART    Ray                 February 2, 1907       Ohio              Ida Arnold
STIDUMS      Myrtie             March 5, 1902            Ohio              Mattie Smith
STITES          Mable C         September 9, 1904     Ohio              Rosa Canary
STONE          Ernest             September 27, 1907   Ohio              Sirena White
STRATTON  Gilford           November 10, 1903   Ohio              Pearl Goff
SWANAY      Basil C            October 27, 1908       Ohio              Lena Donahue
TARRENCE William C       August 16, 1910         Ohio              Margaret Wallace
TATE             Ruth L            January 7, 1909         Ohio              Ada Combest
TAUL             Cordis W        August 31, 1904         Ohio              Nell Wells
TAYLOR       Clara E           October 28, 1903       Ohio              Daisy Hoover
TAYLOR       Clite E            December 23, 1907    Ohio              Amy Berryman
TAYLOR       Ethel L           December 29, 1909    Ohio              Ada Mitchell
TAYLOR       Geneva T       October 4, 1902         Ohio              Dona Westefield
TAYLOR       Hettie D          December 27, 1905    Ohio              Mary Albin
TAYLOR       Jessie               February 16, 1910     Ohio              Annie Rice
THOMAS      Esther B         January 15, 1902       Ohio              Susan Haynes
THOMAS      James E          April 14, 1904            Ohio              Odie Butler
TICHENOR  Mabel Ellen     1 Jan 1898                 Ohio              Nola B Faught
TILFORD      Helen L           May 13, 1910             Ohio              Eva Baynes
TOWNSLEY Roy L               June 24, 1909             Ohio              Alma Smith
TROGDEN   Edward Ford    June 26, 1910             Ohio              Lelah Shown
UNDERWOOD Olive           January 3, 1904         Ohio              Ada Harris
VAUGHT      Carrie M        September 20, 1900   Ohio              Alamedia Grant
VOGEL         William H       July 24, 1903              Ohio              Elizabeth Miller
WADE           Chester           October 29, 1901       Ohio              Ida McReynolds
WADE           Margret L      September 28, 1910   Ohio              Sesney Ross
WADE           Valeria M       March 20, 1907          Ohio              Sesney Ross
WAKELAND Leota M        January 6, 1910         Ohio              Maude Hurt
WALLACE    Lena               November 6, 1904     Ohio              Claudie Pirtle
WARD           Lloyd Eldy     October 30, 1910       Ohio              Rosa Ann Bennett
WARD           Violet L          July 20, 1910              Ohio              Lucy Ellis
WARD           Zylpha M       October 22, 1910       Ohio              Katherine Kirken
WATKINS    Edna M          March 19, 1910          Ohio              Floy Coffman
WATSON      Gladys L        October 25, 1904       Ohio              Amanda Wagner
WEDDING    Annabel          September 10, 1902   Ohio              Cynthia Purgeaso
WEDDING    Ethel               November 2, 1905     Ohio              Nancy Hamilton
WELLER      Jesse E            June 5, 1902               Ohio              Nova Midkiff
WELLS          Derothr          January 2, 1909         Ohio              Francis Evans
WELLS          Sarah C          August 28, 1907         Ohio              Mary McKinley
WELLS          Victora            19 Sep 1899               Ohio              Mary Smith
WHALIN       Eva I               August 29, 1907         Ohio              Martha Jarnogin
WHALIN       Gusta             August 22, 1909         Ohio              Martha Jarnogin
WHALIN       Mollie F          September 19, 1905   Ohio              Mattie Garnagin
WHITAKER Inis M             July 7, 1908                Ohio              Martha McClure
WHITE          Harland H      August 19, 1904         Ohio              Mamie E. Beninger
WHITE          Marvin W      June 29, 1909             Ohio              Esther Johnston
WHITLER    Clara E           February 27, 1901     Ohio              Abbie Willet
WHITLER    Grace J           June 26, 1909             Ohio              Annie Johnson
WHITTEN    Ollie M            September 15, 1905   Ohio              Mattie Newton
WIGGINTON Gertie L       December 19, 1902    Ohio              Sophia Jolly
WILKERSON Charles R    January 19, 1906       Ohio              Alice Hamilton
WILKEY       Nola F             July 28, 1910              Ohio              Ida Petty
WILLIAMS   Dola L            July 30, 1909              Ohio              Ada Heath
WILLIAMS   Lillian J          July 7, 1908                Ohio              Sallie Tinsley
WILLIAMS   Mary L           December 9, 1908      Ohio              Mary Harvey
WILLITT      Lula M           October 6, 1908          Ohio              Mary Whitler
WILSON        Belmer            July 22, 1902              Ohio              Sallie Ford
WILSON        Foy                  December 14, 1902    Ohio              Cora Morris
WILSON        Frankey          December 30, 1910    Ohio              Sally Ford
WILSON        Gladys B        December 24, 1908    Ohio              Oma Iler
WILSON        Lela                 March 20, 1902          Ohio              Delilh Blanton
WILSON        Vonnie            July 24, 1905              Ohio              Cora Marris
WILSON        Vonnie            July 24, 1905              Ohio              Cora Morris
WOODWARD Amos           January 3, 1909          Ohio              Maranda Williams
WOOLEN      Vernie L         April 23, 1909            Ohio              Nora Simpson
WRIGHT       Ida J               March 9, 1906            Ohio              Rhodie Mingus
WYDICK      Harry B          April 15, 1908             Ohio              Dee Williams
YONTS          Mary B           July 11, 1908              Ohio              Brenis Coleman
YOUNG         Myrtle E         October 22, 1907       Ohio              Rosa Bratcher