Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Centertown School - 1909

This photo was found in the Hartford Republican/Ohio County Times.  I sure wish we had the original photo so we could scan it and then post a clearer image.  If one of you knows the Lindley family from Livermore maybe they would allow you to scan the photo - then email to me and I will repost.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Special Edition of the Hartford Republican - Part 1

Hartford Republican  22 Sep 1911

[Note: Sorry about the formatting below - almost impossible to get it right using the Blogger tools.]

A 30 page special edition giving a brief history of Ohio County and covering the mines, oil wells, education system, government officials, and various business leaders of 1911.

Individuals mentioned in short sketches:

J. B. Tappan, James H. Williams, Capt. W. E. Mack Bennett, W. E. Pirtle, Heber Matthews, Jesse R. & Harry Hoover, A. C. Yeiser, T. H. Black, E. E. Birkhead, E. W. Ford, J. C. Iler, H. P. Taylor, M. L. Heavrin, W. M. Fair, Ben Johnson, G. B. Likens, Judge R. R. Wedding, Claude E. Smith, Judge T. F. Birkhead, John T. Moore, Ben D. Ringo, E. G. Barrass, W. P. Midkiff, W. S. Tinsley, Marvin Miller, A. B. Riley, M. D., T. R. Barnard, Berry L. Taylor, B. W. King, Judge C. M. Crowe

            H. C. Acton, A. B. Wedding, J. A. Duff, M. D.

Beaver Dam:
            E. P. Barnes, Rev. Birch Shields, Luther Chinn, Otho Dexter, W. T. McKenney, Oscar                Flener, M. D. Hudson

            G. Davis Royal, J. B. Westerfield, C. E. Ford, Wm. S. Gaines, T. W.  May, Ollie                            Wilson,William S. Gaines

            George W. Baseheart, T. W. Cates, Thomas Jones, Sinton Kiper, S. J. Tichenor, J. B.                Herndon, D. M. Duncan

            F. M. Allen, Lee Mason, J. A. Bilbro, S. W. Crowe, M. D., A. Brockschmidt,
            U. S. Faught, L. C. Morton

Beaver Dam:
            C. C. Donovan, C. Woodburn, Everett P. Taylor, A. D. Taylor, Z. Wilbur Mitchell, S.                  W. Leach

            M. T. Likens, A. C. Acton, W. H. Moore, Ike Y. Sanderfur, Ozna Shults, James S.                       Glenn, R. E. Lee Simmerman, W. E. Ellis, Albert Leach, J. D. Williams, Col. T. L.                    Smith, A. K. Miller, C. M. Taylor, Leslie B. Hoover, J. R. Pirtle, Fred Cooper, Luther         Chinn, Judge John B. Wilson, Alvis S. Bennett, S. A. Anderson, Emory G. Schroeter,                 Rev. James W. Bruner, J. H. B. Carson, Otto C. Martin, E. B. Pendleton, M. D., W. H.            Gillespie, J. F. Gillespie, J. W. Cooper, J. W. Taylor, M. D., S. J. Wedding, M. D., U. S.      Carson, J. W. Ford, L. B. Bean, J. P. Sanderfur, Otto Martin, S. P. McKenney, W. C.              Schlemmer, Col. C. M. Barnett, W. H. Barnes, T. W. Vinson, Ernest Woodward, J. E. & McDowell A. Fogle

            J. B. Renfrow, A. R. Renfrow, J. H. Thomas, William Park

            John T. Jackson, J. E. Maddox, Alledare Brown, R. M. Reid, L. F. Harrel, Z. Harrell,                James Browning, A. B. Kevil, Brad Hipsley, R. B. Martin, C. P. Keown
I wish someone would attempt to find the photographs from this special edition.  If we had the originals they could be reprinted, enlarged and displayed at the Library in Hartford.  Where are the archives from the Hartford Republican?  Could the Ohio County Times reprint this edition?

I will post all 30 pages of the newspaper but these images will be small.  Some of you might be able to enlarge them for better reading.  If you cannot do that and you want to read these pages, please click on US Newspapers in the “links” shown to the right of this post; that will take you to the Library of Congress.  Then click on the “Advanced Search” tab and scroll down in the “Select Newspaper” section until you can select The Hartford Republican; then on the right use the “Date Range” and insert 09/21/1911 to 09/23/1911 – this will lead you to the special edition. It will show 20 small images and the special edition starts with image 9 (the first 8 images are the regular newspaper from that date).  Down at the bottom you can click on the number “2” and that will take you to the next 18 images. I suggest you read them in order starting with image 9 - just click on that image and it will enlarge – then you can enlarge it more using your mouse or by using the plus sign on the upper left.  To go to the next page click on the arrow to the right of the word “Page.”