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CHARLES W. MASSIE was born November 18, 1845, in Bedford County, Va., and is the eldest of twelve children born to John and Theodocia Frances (Wade) Massie, both still living. John Massie was born in Amherst County, and his wife in Bedford County, Va., and followed the carpenter's trade until 1847, when he came West and located in Ohio County, Ky., where he engaged in farming and worked at his trade eighteen years. He then moved to Daviess County, Ky., where he resided until recently, when he removed to Owensborough (sic), Ky., and engaged in the tobacco business. He has been successful in his business career. He is a member of the Baptist Church. Charles W. was reared and educated in Ohio County, save a short time when he attended the Whitesville Seminary in Daviess County. At the age of nineteen he began for himself by farming, which he followed until 1876; while farming he began the study of law, at home, and after five years' study was admitted to practice, which he conducted in connection with farming until 1876, when he moved to Hartford and gave his exclusive attention to law. In August, 1882, he was elected judge of the county court, his present position. He still carries on the practice of law in other courts, and has a high standing as a judge and lawyer. October 20, 1864, he married Miss Martha S. Ford, daughter of David and Emily Ford, of Ohio County. By this union they have nine children: Elisha S., Nora H., Nancy B., Everett L., Zenobia, Mary T., Joseph B., James C., and John C.  Judge Massie belongs to the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and his wife to the Baptist Church.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

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LIEUT. ROBERT J. MASON, Ohio County, is the son of Robert C. Mason, who
was born in Virginia in about 1812, and with his family removed to Oldham County, Ky., in 1837. He still lives at the latter place and is postmaster and Chapter Mason. He has a fine library, and is a scholarly gentleman. The mother of Lieut. Mason was born about 1802, in Culpeper County, Va., and died in January, 1881. Her maiden name was Frances Smith. Lieut. Mason was born in Madison, Va., April 12, 1829. He received his early training in the schools of Kentucky, which at that time afforded but meager advantages; he has acquired much by a later course of study and reading. At the age of twenty-one he commenced business for himself as farmer, carpenter and practical engineer. In 1864 he purchased a farm in McLean County, and improved it continuously until 1881, when he made an exchange and obtained a part of William Field's, consisting of 115 acres, all first class land, with good improvements and a superior quality of spring water. Lieut. Mason was married October 4, 1866, to Mary E. Hall, eldest daughter of Isaac S. and Julia H. Hall, of Oldham County. The former died in 1871, leaving a widow and ten children; the latter still lives on the old place at Oldham. This union was blessed with one child — Isaac, born April 28, 1868. He is a student and teacher. Lieut. Mason is a member of the Blue Lodge of Masons and is one of the leading members of the community; takes a deep interest in temperance, education and all progressive movements.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note: Robert Johnson Mason died at age 92 of pneumonia 31 Oct 1921 in Buford, Ohio County. He is buried in the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Buford.

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Rough River Report - 1930 - Part III

Source: House Documents, 71st Congress, 3rd Session (Dec 1,1930 – March 4, 1931); Examinations of Rivers and Harbors, Vol. 1

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GEORGE M. MARTIN, Ohio County, is the son of Nimrod Martin, of Shelby County, Ky., who was born in 1805, and removed to Indiana when he was but twelve years of age, and there remained until he reached the years of manhood.  He then went into Ohio County, and was there married to Deborah Dobson, who was also a native of Shelby County, born in 1817, and married when but thirteen years of age. She died May 31, 1881, leaving eight children to mourn her loss: Matilda, wife of William Paris; Eli, married to Cassandra Taylor, subsequently to Sarah Dawson; Mildred, wife of Marion Jewell; George M.; Mrs. Chloe Taylor; and Mrs. Debbie Dodson. Our subject was married February 22, 1863, to Mary P. Taylor, daughter of Thomas L. and Sally (McCracken) Taylor. She is the seventh of a family of eleven children; was born in Ohio County, Ky., in May, 1839, where she received a common school education. They have three children: Kinch Hay, Homer, and Charlie. They are members of the Bell Run Missionary Baptist Church; and he is a stanch Democrat. His farm consists of 122 acres of meadow, plough land and timber. He has good buildings and many other improvements, and has a coal-bank on his farm.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note:  George Madison Martin, born 18 April 1938, died  in Ohio County 8 March 1925.

WADE N. MARTIN, Ohio County, was born in Butler County, Ky., June 26, 1827. His father, John Martin, was a native of Philadelphia, Penn., born in 1801; came to Kentucky with his parents in 1815; settled at Shakertown in Logan County, and in 1817 removed to Butler County, where he married Malinda Neal, in 1824. Seventeen children are the result of this union, of which number our subject is the third. John Martin died in Texas, in 1867. Subject's grandfather, John Martin, was a native of Ireland, born in 1765; was a sailor by occupation; he died in 1835, aged seventy years; he married Mary Graham, who died in Butler County, aged ninety-four. The maternal grandparents of our subject, George and Margaret (Tyler) Neal, were natives of North Carolina, and died in Kentucky at the advanced age of seventy-six and seventy-three years, respectively. Wade N. Martin remained with his parents until the age of fifteen, when he began to learn the trade of tanner, and worked three years with James Helm, of Morgantown. When he arrived at the age of eighteen, his father gave him his time. Wages were not over $7 per month, but for eight years he continued tanning when he could get work; in the meantime he made several trips in flat-boats on the river. April 11, 1850, he married Martha T. Harris, and three years later settled in Wayne County, Ill., where his wife, Martha, died, leaving one child — Corrinna, who died in the same year. In 1855 he removed to Ohio County, Ky., where he purchased a tannery and worked at his trade. His second marriage was celebrated December 30, 1855, with Jemima N. S. E. Hodges. This union has been blessed with eight children, seven of whom are living: George W., John W., Ransom B., Mary T., Martha P., Sina N., and Luella E. In 1874 Mr. Martin discontinued the tanning business, which he had followed successfully for twenty years, and gave his attention to trading in land and stock and tobacco, which he followed for some years. He owns about 1,500 acres of land in Ohio and adjoining counties. The home farm is well improved with good barns, orchard and dwelling. Mr. Martin began life without assistance, and has arrived at his present state of comfortable independence by his own energy. Mr. and Mrs. Martin and their children are members of the Baptist Church, in which Mr. M. holds the office of deacon; he takes a strong stand in favor of temperance, and voted with the old Whig party until 1854, since which time he has been a Republican.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note: Wade Neel Martin died 21 Feb 1900 in Ohio County and is buried in Green River Cemetery, Ohio County.

Photo courtesy of Frances Wilson Burgess, great-great granddaughter of Wade Martin.

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J. M. Porter Co.

I recently found this token for sale on eBay.

Thanks to several friends, especially Judith Wilson, it appears that this token was used by a grocery store in Beaver Dam that was owned by James McHenry Porter, who was born 1 Oct 1862 and died 3 March 1935. Mr. Porter is buried in Sunnyside Cemetery in Beaver Dam.

The 1930 census shows his occupation as merchant/grocer in Beaver Dam.

Mr. Porter's parents were Martin Van Buren Porter and Sarah Angeline Porter and his spouse was Nancy Mary (Arnold) Porter. They had six children: Roxie Josephine, Clytie Hayden, Edith Ada, Altha, Marie and Henrye Arnold.

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AZARIAH PECK MADDOX, Ohio County, was born December 27, 1824, near Rockport, Ohio Co., Ky. , where he was reared to manhood and has always resided (for ancestry, see sketch of Elder Maddox). Mr. Maddox has been twice married; first May 6, 1846, to Berenice, daughter of Ellis and Nancy (Southard) Chapman, of Ohio County; she was born November 23, 1826, and died November 4, 1863. To their union were born the following named children: Robert W., Elijah C., Ephraim E. (deceased), Byram N., Joshua L., Amanda E. (deceased), JudsonT. (deceased), John D., Ellis J., and James P.  May 15, 1864, Mr. Maddox married Mrs. Elizabeth J., widow of William B. Chapman, and daughter of James M. and Seeanna (Borah) Rogers, of Butler county. Mrs. Maddox was born November 6, 1834, and has borne her husband the following children: Seeanna B. (Maddox), Mary E., Nannie J., Azariah L., and Otis P.  By her first husband were born Ora E. (Maddox) and Martha C. (Loney). Mr. Maddox is a farmer, owning 279 acres of fine land in good condition. He is a member of the Baptist Church, and a Democrat.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note:  Azariah (Azzie) P. Maddox died 1 Nov 1901 in Ohio County and is buried in West Providence Baptist Cemetery, Ohio County.

ELDER DAVID J. K. MADDOX, Ohio county, was born May 10, 1836, on the place where he now resides near Rockport. His father, John Maddox, Sr., was born December 23, 1796, in Woodford County, Ky. He was a licentiate and great revivalist in the Baptist Church, extensively known, and died at this place June 10, 1876; he lost six slaves by the emancipation; he was the son of John Maddox, Sr., of Culpeper County, Va.; who removed to Kentucky when a young man; he was a soldier in the Revolution. He married Eleanor Aston; was an active Baptist, and died in Hamilton, Ky., in 1845, aged about eighty years. John Maddox, Jr., married Amelia B., daughter of Robert and Charlotte (Barnes) Render, of Ohio County; she died in 1875, at the age of seventy-five years. Their union was blessed by the birth of Mary B. (Rowe), Eleanor A. (Taylor), Azariah P., Elizabeth R. (Casebier), Susanna H. (Stroud), Paulina F. (Baker), Joseph L. R., David J. K., Charlotte J. (Tichenor), and Sarah C. (Brown). All were married and all were Baptists. In youth Elder Maddox had only such educational advantages as the schools of the country afforded, but by close application, laboring in the daytime, studying at night, preaching on Sabbath, he has acquired a large fund of information on ecclesiastical and literary subjects. March 9, 1856, he married Sallie A., daughter of Collier and Ann Tichenor, of Ohio County, born November 3, 1834. To their union have been born James E., John B., Anna B., Collier T., David L., Edgar D., Jared M. (deceased), William N., Albert L., Caperton C, Susan A. C., and Martha E. At the age of ten years Elder M. joined the Missionary Baptist Church; was licensed to preach in 1859; ordained to the full work of the ministry in 1860, and has served as pastor of Rochester, West Providence (sixteen years), Pond Run, Paradise, Mt. Carmel, Beaver Dam, Central City, Woodward's Valley, and West Point. He was moderator of the Gasper River Association for seven years, and during the time of his ministry has baptized about 800 and married 300 couples. Elder Maddox owns and cultivates the old family manor, consisting of about 300 acres of productive and well-improved land. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, also of the G. T.; was chaplain of the State Grange, and politically a Democrat.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note:  David Jarrell Kelly Maddox died 21 Feb 1904 in Ohio County and was buried in his home cemetery in Rockport.

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Aug 1799 – Dec 1840

Note:  This data appears to be double indexed, both with Groom first and Bride first.  I have not checked to see if that is consistent throughout. You will see some entries twice with slight variations; this is because all of this data is found in old journals & written in longhand (cursive) and is very difficult to read, so the transcriber made two entries because it could be interperted in either form.  I think the best way to search this data is to search using your various surnames, using the search feature of your browser or copy the data and create a Word document and use that search feature. 

VANNADA, Margaret - WINIFREE, Charles 30-DEC-1807
VICKORY, Rosa - BLEVINS, William 05-JAN-1819
VICTORIES, Jacob - HOLEMAN, Polly 03-MAY-1828
VITTITOE, Daniel - JONES, Sarah 05-NOV-1810
WADE, Ballanger - ERWIN, Mary Mrs 20-OCT-1833
WADE, Purmeley - ROYAL, Samuel 17-JUL-1836
WADE, William - WARDEN, Garden 12-SEP-1835
WAFFORD, Wm - ATHERTON, Peggy 16-AUG-1810
WAKELAND, Allen - MOSELEY, Mary 25-JAN-1840
WAKELAND, George - WISE, Milly 25-NOV-1833
WAKELAND, Harriet - MADDOX, Samuel 03-SEP-1823
WAKELAND, John - GREY, Sally 25-NOV-1819
WAKELAND, John - HUNTER, Nancy 30-DEC-1828
WAKELAND, Nancy - GIBSON, Jordan 13-JAN-1810
WAKELAND, Nancy - HUNTER, Anderson 16-MAR-1835
WAKELAND, Plemelia - CARTER, Wren 09-DEC-1831
WAKELAND, Polly - BROWN, James 05-OCT-1820
WAKELAND, Sarah - FARLEY, Wm 09-SEP-1819
WALKER, Sarah Ann Martha - BERRY, William 20-JUL-1838
WALKER, William - BELL, Mary 14-SEP-1804
WALKER, William - TURPIN, Sarah 16-FEB-1804
WALL, Robert - GIBSON, Mary 13-OCT-1809
WALLACE, Arthur - TAYLOR, Ann Marie 05-AUG-1831
WALLACE, Benjamin - FORD, Nancy 19-JUN-1823
WALLACE, Chas Franklin - WOOLEY, Dicey 05-NOV-1828
WALLACE, Elizabeth - BENTON, Nicholas 08-NOV-1830
WALLACE, Elizabeth - LYNN, William 25-DEC-1826
WALLACE, Franklin - BENNETT, Matilda 25-JAN-1836
WALLACE, Hugh William - SHOWN, Sarah 08-DEC-1823
WALLACE, Hugh Wm - SHOWN, Sarah 08-DEC-1823
WALLACE, James S - WARD, Matilda L 24-MAY-1840
WALLACE, John - TAYLOR, Jane 10-AUG-1818
WALLACE, John Benton - BISHOP, Annie Marie 29-JUL-1828
WALLACE, Joseph - HAYNES, Polly 11-OCT-1817
WALLACE, Mary Ann - THOMAS, David E 11-MAY-1840
WALLACE, Nancy - BAIRD, Wm L 22-OCT-1837
WALLACE, Nancy - BRYANT, Horatis 22-AUG-1829
WALLACE, Polly - STEVENS, Charles W 29-MAY-1830
WALLACE, Talbert - STEVENS, Sarah Ann 09-MAY-1830
WALLACE, Washington - COX, Lucinda 29-AUG-1833
WALLACE, William - COOPER, Elenor 08-JUN-1803
WALLACE, Wm G - REDDING, Amanda Elvina 09-DEC-1839
WALLY, Levy - TRUMBOO, Peggy 06-OCT-1807
WARD, Delilah - AMBROSE, Michael 18-MAR-1840
WARD, Edward - RENDER, Sarah 28-MAY-1814
WARD, Elizabeth - MIDKIFF, Benjamin 15-MAR-1834
WARD, Hezekiah - OWEN, Elenor 01-NOV-1827
WARD, Jacob - HOLMAN, Patsy 22-DEC-1827
WARD, Jesse - FORD, Mahala 02-JUN-1825
WARD, Jesse - RAILEY, Elizabeth 08-SEP-1836
WARD, John - BENNETT, Minerva 17-JUN-1835
WARD, Martha - BENNETT, Nathan 05-JAN-1831
WARD, Matilda L - WALLACE, James S 24-MAY-1840
WARD, Rebecca - BENTON, Allen 16-MAR-1820
WARD, Reuben - HARDING, Polly 28-JUN-1814
WARD, Susan - BENTON, James 09-JAN-1827
WARDEN, Betsy - DEXTER, Benj 29-JAN-1827
WARDEN, Ella - CALVERT, Payton 14-FEB-1835
WARDEN, Even - BLEVINS, Linsey 22-AUG-1820
WARDEN, Garden - WADE, William 12-SEP-1835
WARDEN, Nancy - IGLEHART, Thomas 17-FEB-1835
WARNELL, Richard - COCHRAN, Polly 19-FEB-1818
WARREN, Moses - BRANT, Hannah 15-OCT-1807
WATSON, Cynthia - BOSWELL, Caleb 29-APR-1840
WATSON, Elizabeth - ABNER, Edward 31-DEC-1806
WATSON, John - ENGLISH, Betsy 01-MAY-1806
WATSON, William - STOVALL, Elizabeth 01-JUN-1805
WEBB, Eliza - MCKENZIE, William 08-JAN-1822
WEBB, Titha - ALLEN, Nathan 03-MAY-1829
WEBB, William - EDISON, Lucy 23-JAN-1839
WEDDING, Leo - WRIGHT, Mary 10-FEB-1840
WEDDING, Mary - BARRETT, Richard 01-MAY-1820
WEEKS, Angeline - SWEARINGEN, Elimilech 21-JUL-1827
WEEKS, Catherine - ATTERBERRY, Reuben 01-JAN-1814
WEEKS, Catherine - ATTERBERRY, Reuben 22-DEC-1823
WEEKS, Elizabeth - ESKRIDGE, Robinson 07-OCT-1818
WEEKS, Polly - THEALKIL, Paten 10-MAY-1804
WEEKS, Polly - YOUNG, John 09-FEB-1807
WELCH, Thomas - NEWCOMB, Sally Mrs 26-JAN-1837
WELCHER, Malinda - CHRISTIAN, William 07-AUG-1821
WELCHER, William - DAVIS, Dorcas 05-SEP-1810
WELLS, William - NEWTON, Mildred 05-MAR-1840
WELSHER, Elizabeth - TAYLOR, Arnold 26-JUN-1802
WELSHER, Mary - TAYLOR, Philip 17-AUG-1799
WEST, Littleton - LEE, Sarah 24-SEP-1801
WESTERFIELD, Betsy - NELSON, William 25-SEP-1836
WESTERFIELD, George - OLDHAM, Orpha 20-JUN-1840
WESTERFIELD, Hayden - SMITH, Nancy 07-JAN-1832
WESTERFIELD, James - FRENCH, Sarah 09-JUN-1824
WESTERFIELD, Mary - ROACH, Cornelius 03-OCT-1831
WESTERFIELD, Nancy - MOSELEY, John 28-MAR-1834
WESTERFIELD, Phebe Jane - MOSELEY, Elijah 19-OCT-1834
WHITAKER, Elizabeth - STREETS, Samuel 28-OCT-1799
WHITAKER, Lee - BENTON, Miranda 08-DEC-1817
WHITE, Abagile - DOUGHERTY, William 17-MAR-1836
WHITE, Alfred - CLARK, Sarah Ann 11-JUL-1839
WHITE, Anna - LANHAM, Elias 20-APR-1805
WHITE, Davey - PHELPS, Lucinda 08-FEB-1839
WHITE, Dorcas - PEARCE, Jacharah 29-JUL-1840
WHITE, Elizabeth - HUFF, Aquilla 25-MAR-1805
WHITE, Elizabeth - LEWALLEN, Samuel 15-AUG-1805
WHITE, John - JACKSON, Hannah 22-AUG-1822
WHITE, Lewis - ANDSEY, Emilie 19-AUG-1831
WHITE, Mary Ann - BURTON, James 18-OCT-1838
WHITE, Rachel - TABER, Pardon 24-MAR-1800
WHITE, Ruth - PEARCE, Aborn 08-OCT-1838
WHITE, Sarah - DEWEESE, Martin 25-JAN-1830
WHITE, Temperance - WILSON, Henry 30-JAN-1835
WHITE, Walker - MITCHELL, Julian 21-OCT-1839
WHITEACRE, Molly - POTECT, Job 16-MAY-1812
WHITEHILL, Elizabeth - ERVIN, William 01-DEC-1815
WHITLER, Polly - HUFF, Charles 12-MAR-1835
WHITMAN, John - JACKSON, Hannah 22-AUG-1822
WHITMORE, Nancy - GRIGSBY, Nathaniel 1811
WHITTAKER, Lee - BENTON, Miranda 08-DEC-1817
WHITTCHILL, Elizabeth - ERVIN, William 01-DEC-1815
WHITTIER, Elizabeth - CROWE, Hyram 25-JUL-1827
WHITTINGHILL, Polly - HOWARD, James 06-JAN-1838
WHITTINGHILL, Rebecca - HEDDEN, Jesse 02-MAR-1829
WHITTINGHILL, Sarah - KELLY, John 05-JUL-1814
WHITTINGHILL, William - KELLY, Sarah 18-APR-1814
WICKLIFFE, Isaac - HOUSTON, Sally 04-NOV-1824
WILCHER, Nancy - BROWN, Joshua 14-SEP-1812
WILCHER, Nancy - CHRISTIAN, James 18-SEP-1813
WILCOX, Jacob - MILLER, Eliza Ann 13-AUG-1832
WILEY, Lucinda - AUTRY, Burrel 10-MAR-1834
WILEY, Mahala - EVANS, Jefferson 04-JAN-1830
WILKINS, Elizabeth - BIGGERSTALL, John 10-OCT-1807
WILKINS, James - BOAS, Sally 29-SEP-1825
WILKINS, Samuel - ROBINSON, Margaret 09-APR-1807
WILLIAMS, Aggie - HALL, Bazlip 15-AUG-1839
WILLIAMS, Aggie Jane - HALL, Bazlip 15-AUG-1839
WILLIAMS, Amos - COLEMAN, Christine 22-FEB-1825
WILLIAMS, Edwin - NEAL, Peggy 14-APR-1810
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth - LINDSEY, Samuel 25-OCT-1820
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth - PAXTON, Samuel 04-MAR-1817
WILLIAMS, Erezine - COLEMAN, Ann 07-NOV-1831
WILLIAMS, Evan - ASHBY, Fronie 14-MAR-1807
WILLIAMS, Evan - CAIN, Rebecca 08-AUG-1808
WILLIAMS, Harriet - COLEMAN, Martin 07-NOV-1831
WILLIAMS, Isaac - COLEMAN, Sally 10-FEB-1824
WILLIAMS, Jeremiah - MORTON, Cynthia Ann 16-FEB-1835
WILLIAMS, Levinica - OVERTON, James 05-AUG-1806
WILLIAMS, Maria - MILLER, David 04-AUG-1824
WILLIAMS, Mary - BARNETT, Isaac 30-JUL-1814
WILLIAMS, Philip - WISE, Rachel 05-AUG-1816
WILLIAMS, Polly - CUMMINS, Jacob 11-MAR-1824
WILLIAMS, Rebecca - CALLOWAY, William 02-JUN-1836
WILLIAMS, Rebecca - DUBOIS, Stephen 23-MAY-1819
WILLIAMS, Samuel - MALIN, Mariah 06-MAR-1821
WILLIAMS, Taylor - BROWN, Ann L 1825
WILLIAMS, Viney - ROUNDTREE, James 31-JUL-1806
WILLIAMS, Warden - ASHBY, Rebecca 25-SEP-1839
WILLIAMS, William - JORDAN, Susan 03-NOV-1813
WILLIAMS, William B - HARRINGTON, Ellen 24-SEP-1840
WILLIS, Elizabeth - TALLY, Perry 17-OCT-1807
WILLIS, James K - HAYNES, Edy 03-FEB-1834
WILSON, Betsy - AUBREY, William 13-MAY-1828
WILSON, Elizabeth - MAXWELL, William 08-AUG-1831
WILSON, George - CLARK, Elenor 26-AUG-1808
WILSON, Henry - WHITE, Temperance 30-JAN-1835
WILSON, James - HOWARD, Susan 05-APR-1835
WILSON, James - RAILEY, Polly 25-APR-1827
WILSON, John - ALBIN, Polly 05-APR-1823
WILSON, Joseph Jr - HALL, Polly 20-OCT-1824
WILSON, Martha - DOUGLAS, Jonathan 11-NOV-1809
WILSON, Mary Jane - ADAMS, John 09-DEC-1839
WILSON, Nancy - RAILEY, John 14-JUL-1828
WILSON, Rhoda - ALLEN, William 04-JUL-1831
WILSON, Sabina - MCFERRIN, John 05-MAY-1838
WILSON, Sally - LAYMONDS, Jacob 04-MAY-1835
WILSON, Sally - RALEY, James 30-JUL-1838
WILSON, Sarah - MATTHEWS, David 28-JUN-1809
WILSON, Simon - ROGERS, Cindrella 09-OCT-1837
WILSON, Thomas - FULKERSON, Rachel 21-MAR-1814
WILSON, Warren - COBB, Elizabeth 06-NOV-1832
WINIFREE, Charles - VANNADA, Margaret 30-DEC-1807
WINKLER, Fanny - MEDCALF, John 18-SEP-1813
WINKLER, Mary - JONES, Lawrence 09-OCT-1810
WINKLER, Polly - HALE, John 15-JAN-1814
WISE, Daniel - BROWN, Milly 26-JUL-1840
WISE, Delilah - TAYLOR, Richard 19-MAR-1819
WISE, James - COLEMAN, Sarah 05-JAN-1828
WISE, Katie - DAVENPORT, Robert 13-NOV-1817
WISE, Levi - FULKERSON, Milly 25-DEC-1823
WISE, Levi - FULKERSON, Molly 25-DEC-1823
WISE, Levi - SMITH, Elizabeth 05-SEP-1840
WISE, Milly - WAKELAND, George 25-NOV-1833
WISE, Rachel - WILLIAMS, Philip 05-AUG-1816
WISE, William - BLEVINS, Irene 10-MAR-1831
WOODS, Elizabeth - JONES, John 10-AUG-1810
WOODWARD, Ann - DEXTER, Silas 04-JUL-1825
WOODWARD, Ashford - MCCROCLIN, Dolly 12-FEB-1821
WOODWARD, Benjamin - BENNETT, Polly 23-MAY-1820
WOODWARD, Delilah - BENNETT, Asa 09-FEB-1817
WOODWARD, Eliza - FORD, Francis 20-NOV-1838
WOODWARD, James H - CROWE, Elizabeth 08-APR-1833
WOODWARD, John M - SIMMONS, Charlotte 29-SEP-1827
WOODWARD, Matilda - BENTON, Joseph 24-FEB-1835
WOODWARD, Stephen - CROWE, Sarah Ann 24-OCT-1838
WOODWARD, Thomas - PRUDEN, Ann 12-JAN-1820
WOODWARD, William - LUCAS, Elizabeth 23-FEB-1836
WOOLEY, Dicey - WALLACE, Chas Franklin 05-NOV-1828
WOOLEY, Jacob - MCCORMICK, Sally Young 05-NOV-1832
WOOLEY, Levi - CRAWFORD, Jossie 01-AUG-1814
WOOLEY, Richard - LEACH, Sarah 03-OCT-1832
WORK, Samuel - PIGMAN, Amy 13-JAN-1801
WORTHINGTON, Thomas - BARNES, Elenor 18-NOV-1806
WRIGHT, Aaron - BAIZE, Margaret 07-JAN-1830
WRIGHT, Mary - WEDDING, Leo 10-FEB-1840
WYLEE, Dolly - CHRISTIAN, Charles 23-DEC-1816
WYLES, Polly - LEWELL, James 05-FEB-1817
YONTZ, Lemuel - FULKERSON, Rachel 18-SEP-1839
YOUNG, John - WEEKS, Polly 09-FEB-1807
YOUNG, Mary - ROTHROCK, Henry 12-MAY-1838
YOUNG, Nancy - HOLEMAN, Anthony 29-OCT-1835
YOUNG, Polly - FUNKHAUSER, Isaac 08-AUG-1807
YOUNG, William - CUMPTON, Molly 13-MAR-1806
YOUNG, William - HUNTER, Abigail 23-JAN-1822
YOUNTZ, Lemuel - FULKERSON, Rachel 18-SEP-1839

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Sue Barnett Gaumer

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Aug 1799 – Dec 1840

Note:  This data appears to be double indexed, both with Groom first and Bride first.  I have not checked to see if that is consistent throughout. You will see some entries twice with slight variations; this is because all of this data is found in old journals & written in longhand (cursive) and is very difficult to read, so the transcriber made two entries because it could be interperted in either form.  I think the best way to search this data is to search using your various surnames, using the search feature of your browser or copy the data and create a Word document and use that search feature. 

SMITH, William - CHAPMAN, Sally 19-DEC-1832
SOUTHARD, Nancy - CHAPMAN, Ellis 14-SEP-1820
SOUTHARD, Robert - IGLEHEART, Ann 16-OCT-1839
SOUTHARD, Robert - MADDOX, Sally 06-DEC-1827
SOUTHARD, Thomas - BROWN, Eliza 26-MAR-1838
SPAGNER, Peggy - LARRELS, William 07-AUG-1817
SPENCE, Sarah - BAILEY, Martin 08-SEP-1834
SPENCE, Susan - KIGEL, Solomon 21-MAY-1839
SPRAGNER, Peggy - LARRELS, William 07-AUG-1817
SPRAY, George - STANLEY, Polly 02-MAR-1813
SPRIGG, Thomas - BARNETT, Rachel 20-JAN-1803
SPRIGG, Thomas - BARNETT, Rachel 30-JAN-1801
SPRINGTON, Moses - HATFIELD, Ann 21-JAN-1804
SPURRIER, Elijah - ROCK, Elizabeth 21-MAR-1804
STANLEY, Polly - SPRAY, George 02-MAR-1813
STAPLES, James - FUQUA, Emeline 28-SEP-1839
STAPLES, William - GOSSET, Eliza Ann 05-OCT-1840
STATLER, Eliza - TAYLOR, Nicholas C 13-MAR-1817
STATLER, George - SMEATHERS, Eliza 08-AUG-1808
STATLER, Ignatius Pigman - STEVENS, Siney 19-DEC-1825
STATLER, Matty - DUKE, William 1818
STATLER, Sally - DUKE, Richard 24-FEB-1823
STATLER, Susanna L - STEVENS, Henry 21-NOV-1831
STEDAM, Isaac - SMITH, Lucinda 20-DEC-1836
STEPHENS, Ann - BOSWELL, Alex H 11-OCT-1819
STEPHENS, Joseph - SMITH, Nancy 28-AUG-1816
STEVENS, Charles W - WALLACE, Polly 29-MAY-1830
STEVENS, Charlotte - BELT, Higginson 10-JAN-1805
STEVENS, Charlotte - BARNETT, Joseph 28-OCT-1821
STEVENS, Charlotte - TAYLOR, Benjamin 17-NOV-1836
STEVENS, David - TAYLOR, Henrietta 04-NOV-1818
STEVENS, Elizabeth - CARSON, Lindsey 24-OCT-1826
STEVENS, Elvira - TAYLOR, John 27-MAR-1837
STEVENS, Henry - STATLER, Susanna L 21-NOV-1831
STEVENS, James - AUSTIN, Sarah Emily 14-OCT-1839
STEVENS, John - BLACKLOCK, Adeline 04-MAR-1839
STEVENS, John - BAIRD, Jane 10-MAR-1830
STEVENS, John - DUKE, Dolly 17-SEP-1819
STEVENS, John - STEVENS, Susan 03-SEP-1838
STEVENS, Joshua - ALLEN, Mahala 13-JAN-1838
STEVENS, Lydia - HUSTON, Samuel 18-APR-1831
STEVENS, Mahala - STEVENS, Taylor 04-MAR-1839
STEVENS, Minerva - AUSTIN, Wisas 06-NOV-1838
STEVENS, Nathaniel - BENNETT, Mary Jane 25-MAR-1833
STEVENS, Richard - BENNETT, Maria 03-AUG-1805
STEVENS, Richard - OWEN, Elizabeth 10-NOV-1830
STEVENS, Sally - TAYLOR, Richard 10-JAN-1822
STEVENS, Sarah Ann - WALLACE, Talbert 09-MAY-1830
STEVENS, Siney - STATLER, Ignatius Pigman 19-DEC-1825
STEVENS, Susan - STEVENS, John 03-SEP-1838
STEVENS, Taylor - STEVENS, Mahala 04-MAR-1839
STEVENS, William M - BAIRD, Mary 25-FEB-1833
STEWART, Ann - MARLIN, Bazil B 17-SEP-1821
STEWART, Carter - MALIN, Lydia 04-APR-1828
STEWART, Cornelius - CROWDER, Ann 24-JAN-1835
STEWART, Elizabeth - BOZARTH, William 14-NOV-1817
STEWART, Elizabeth - HOWARD, Nathaniel 16-OCT-1822
STEWART, Elizabeth - MADDOX, James 12-OCT-1833
STEWART, Elizabeth - SMITH, John 20-MAY-1820
STEWART, Henry - COOPER, Martha 22-MAR-1837
STEWART, James - CAMPBELL, Maria 22-JAN-1827
STEWART, James - CAMPBELL, Maria Jane 22-JAN-1827
STEWART, James - ROWE, Judith 15-APR-1835
STEWART, John - CAMPBELL, Elizabeth 18-MAR-1839
STEWART, John - KING, Nancy 28-JAN-1834
STEWART, Levinia - ROSS, Thomas 11-MAY-1824
STEWART, Mary - LUCAS, Samuel 26-OCT-1815
STEWART, Nancy - HIMMON, George 22-FEB-1813
STEWART, Rebecca - HUDSON, Joseph 26-OCT-1813
STEWART, Richard - CAMPBELL, Mary 14-JAN-1837
STEWART, William - MALIN, Sarah 17-SEP-1822
UMBAND, Samuel - BECK, Polly 20- MAR-1804
STONE, Celia - DOVER, Abraham 20-AUG-1805
STONE, Daniel W - MARTIN, Cela 21-NOV-1824
STORM, Abigail - EARP, Nicholas 19-DEC-1836
STORM, Elizabeth - EARP, Josiah 17-APR-1837
STORM, Peter - LEMON, Amy 18-MAR-1804
STOVALL, Elizabeth - WATSON, William 01-JUN-1805
STREETS, Samuel - WHITAKER, Elizabeth 28-OCT-1799
SULLENGER, Birch - BELL, Elenor M 27-SEP-1836
SULLENGER, Francis - DUKE, Susannah 19-FEB-1840
SUTHERLAND, Susanne - BRYANT, William 12-SEP-1804
SUTTON, Ishmael - SMITH, Caroline 14-MAR-1839
SUTTON, Jane - LANGLEY, Clement 13-AUG-1835
SUTTON, John - EVANS, Susannah 09-SEP-1814
SUTTON, John - OLDHAM, Martha 06-JUN-1831
SUTTON, Matilda - POWERS, Alexander 12-AUG-1831
SUTTON, William - RALPH, Catherine 26-OCT-1835
SWAIN, James - TERRENCE, Nancy 05-JUL-1833
SWEARINGEN, Elimilech - WEEKS, Angeline 21-JUL-1827
TABER, Ambers - JOHNSON, Jane 09-MAY-1833
TABER, Deborah - JOHNSON, James 16-JUL-1833
TABER, Eliza - JOHNSON, Cyrus 04-JUN-1838
TABER, Mary - JOHNSON, Nathan 19-NOV-1831
TABER, Matilda - POWERS, John 18-FEB-1839
TABER, Pardon - WHITE, Rachel 24-MAR-1800
TABER, Philip - HAYDEN, Nancy 19-JAN-1829
TABER, Rebecca - GOLDSMITH, John 14-JUL-1824
TALBERT, Benjamin - DAVIS, Amelia 07-DEC-1838
TALLY, Perry - WILLIS, Elizabeth 17-OCT-1807
TALMON, Sally Ann - CORTLAND, John 22-OCT-1824
TANNER, Eliza - ATHERTON, Moses 21-DEC-1830
TANNER, James - MAGAN, Polly 15-MAY-1835
TANNER, Jane - HEDGES, James 19-AUG-1826
TANNER, Jane - HEDGES, William 21-SEP-1805
TANNER, Salkins - GIBSON, Elizabeth 18-OCT-1809
TANNER, Samuel - IGLEHART, Sarah 09-DEC-1824
TANNER, William - POTTS, Rachel 02-DEC-1804
TANSON, Elizabeth - COX, Joseph 17-JAN-1825
TARLTON, Charles - TAYLOR, Margaret 15-JAN-1801
TARLTON, Rebecca - CRAVENS, Jesse 17-SEP-1802
TARLTON, Robert - CALLOWAY, Sarah 10-FEB-1810
TARLTON, Townstead - HUDSON, Susan 29-OCT-1812
TAYLOR, Absalom - BURTON, Polly 08-NOV-1826
TAYLOR, Ada Priscilla - JACKSON, Samuel 24-FEB-1828
TAYLOR, Amy - SMITH, Hardy 08-JUN-1801
TAYLOR, Ann - DOWNEY, Alex 14-APR-1826
TAYLOR, Ann - MIDKIFF, Joseph 10-NOV-1823
TAYLOR, Ann Marie - WALLACE, Arthur 05-AUG-1831
TAYLOR, Archibald - BROWN, Mary Ann 23-OCT-1826
TAYLOR, Arnold - WELSHER, Elizabeth 26-JUN-1802
TAYLOR, Benjamin - STEVENS, Charlotte 17-NOV-1836
TAYLOR, Blackstone - AUSTIN, Elizabeth 10-JAN-1828
TAYLOR, Catherine - COLEMAN, Martin 02-OCT-1799
TAYLOR, Clarice - BARRETT, Ignatius 17-MAY-1826
TAYLOR, Dolly - SMEATHERS, Archibald 29-SEP-1828
TAYLOR, Eliza Jane - TAYLOR, H C 09-JUL-1838
TAYLOR, Elizabeth - DUKE, Thomas 06-SEP-1832
TAYLOR, Elizabeth - MIDKIFF, James 15-DEC-1825
TAYLOR, H C - TAYLOR, Eliza Jane 09-JUL-1838
TAYLOR, Hannah - FULKERSON, Alfred 25-APR-1835
TAYLOR, Hannah - LEE, Jesse 28-AUG-1808
TAYLOR, Harrison - PIGMAN, Phelena 06-OCT-1813
TAYLOR, Harrison D - DAVIS, Mary 11-NOV-1828
TAYLOR, Henrietta - STEVENS, David 04-NOV-1818
TAYLOR, Henry - HEDGES, Ruth 27-SEP-1809
TAYLOR, Henry - JOHNSTON, Maley 25-SEP-1804
TAYLOR, Hester Ann - DAVIS, Thomas Y 23-DEC-1840
TAYLOR, Hilly Caroline-  TAYLOR, Levi 26-DEC-1831
TAYLOR, Ignatius Pigman - LEACH, Nancy 13-OCT-1825
TAYLOR, James - ROSS, Louisa 10-JAN-1838
TAYLOR, James - ROSS, Louisa Ann 10-JAN-1838
TAYLOR, Jane - BROWN, Samuel 22-NOV-1831
TAYLOR, Jane - ELLIS, Joseph 15-SEP-1835
TAYLOR, Jane - LEACH, William 31-JAN-1804
TAYLOR, Jane - PIGMAN, Levi 01-AUG-1801
TAYLOR, Jane - WALLACE, John 10-AUG-1818
TAYLOR, John - BERRYMAN, Elvina 04-JUL-1833
TAYLOR, John - CLIFFORD, Nancy 22-JUN-1813
TAYLOR, John - MILTON, Sally 15-OCT-1823
TAYLOR, John - ROWE, Emila 1830
TAYLOR, John - STEVENS, Elvira 27-MAR-1837
TAYLOR, John A - MILTON, Sally 15-OCT-1823
TAYLOR, John T - ROWE, Emila 1830
TAYLOR, Johnson - HOUSELEY, Dosby 02-FEB-1833
TAYLOR, Joseph - BENNETT, Susan 18-JUL-1809
TAYLOR, Leanah - HALL, Samuel 08-JAN-1822
TAYLOR, Levi - TAYLOR, Hilly Caroline 26-DEC-1831
TAYLOR, Lucinda - JOHNSTON, James 10-SEP-1829
TAYLOR, Lucinda - SHANKS, Quintus 30-AUG-1838
TAYLOR, Lucy - HAYNES, William 06-DEC-1830
TAYLOR, Margaret - JAMES, John 29-AUG-1803
TAYLOR, Margaret - SMEATHERS, Archibald 16-NOV-1840
TAYLOR, Margaret - TARLTON, Charles 15-JAN-1801
TAYLOR, Margarie - CHAPMAN, James 04-FEB-1819
TAYLOR, Martha - ALPHINE, Sutton 23-AUG-1810
TAYLOR, Martha - LEACH, John 30-MAR-1835
TAYLOR, Mason - BLACKLOCK, Clarissa 18-OCT-1830
TAYLOR, Nicholas - CRADDOCK, Margaret 08-OCT-1833
TAYLOR, Nicholas C - STATLER, Eliza 13-MAR-1817
TAYLOR, Philip - HEARING, Nancy 15-MAY-1831
TAYLOR, Philip - WELSHER, Mary 17-AUG-1799
TAYLOR, Rebecca - DUPOY, James 19-DEC-1801
TAYLOR, Rebecca - LEACH, James 23-DEC-1823
TAYLOR, Richard - LEACH, Susannah 08-APR-1834
TAYLOR, Richard - STEVENS, Sally 10-JAN-1822
TAYLOR, Richard - WISE, Delilah 19-MAR-1819
TAYLOR, Sally - LEWELLAN, Jobish 22-OCT-1826
TAYLOR, Sarah - CHAMBERLIN, Liles 10-FEB-1824
TAYLOR, Sarah Ann - AUSTIN, William 31-OCT-1836
TAYLOR, Sarah Ann - BEAN, Wm R 29-AUG-1833
TAYLOR, Septimus - LEACH, Altha 18-DEC-1828
TAYLOR, Silas - BROWN, Eliza 15-APR-1832
TAYLOR, Simon - NORTH, Elizabeth 31-DEC-1801
TAYLOR, Simon - SIX, Nancy 1821
TAYLOR, Sullen - HEARING, Elizabeth 15-MAY-1831
TAYLOR, Susan - BORAH, Jacob E 30-SEP-1833
TAYLOR, Thomas - JAMES, Susannah 17-JAN-1814
TAYLOR, Thomas - MCCROCKLIN, Sally 12-OCT-1826
TAYLOR, William - BROWN, Ann 20-JAN-1825
TERRENCE, Nancy - SWAIN, James 05-JUL-1833
THEALKIL, Paten - WEEKS, Polly 10-MAY-1804
THECKLES, Kitty - NICHOLAS, John 28-APR-1808
THECKLES, Kitty - NICHOLS, John 28-APR-1808
THOMAS, David E - WALLACE, Mary Ann 11-MAY-1840
THOMAS, Emily - RENFROW, Kellion 04-SEP-1836
THOMAS, James - MILLER, Elizabeth 02-APR-1809
THOMAS, Jane - LEWELLAN, Josiah 23-OCT-1819
THOMAS, John - HALE, Jane 08-MAR-1813
THOMAS, John - JOHNSON, Julian 11-JAN-1835
THOMAS, Mary Ann - KEOWN, William 14-DEC-1839
THOMAS, Mary Ann - LEACH, William 15-JUN-1840
THOMAS, Nathan - UNDERWOOD, Sally 05-AUG-1819
THOMAS, Nathaniel - DANIEL, Martha 18-APR-1833
THOMAS, Peter - PAYTON, Frances 22-DEC-1840
THOMAS, Rhoda - GENTRY, Joseph 08-JAN-1801
THOMAS, William - JACKSON, Sally 16-NOV-1824
THOMPSON, Catherine - DUNCAN, Samuel 15-DEC-1810
THOMPSON, Henry - HARRIS, Mahala 23-JUL-1832
THOMPSON, Margaret - BERRYMAN, Thomas 08-AUG-1831
THOMPSON, Nancy - MCDONALD, Charles 22-OCT-1834
THOMSON, John - IGLEHEART, Sarah 01-FEB-1820
THORNBACK, Phoebe - BROWN, John 21-FEB-1814
THORP, Ann - CARTER, Moses 23-DEC-1817
THORP, Rebecca - KELLY, Benjamin 11-NOV-1816
THORP, Sally - CLEMENT, William 03-APR-1812
THRASHER, Auretta - PATE, Samuel 11-MAR-1824
THRASHER, Eli - CRAWFORD, Mary Elizabeth 03-NOV-1822
TICHENOR, Alney - ROWE, Amelia 06-OCT-1834
TICHENOR, Ann - IGLEHEART, Jacob 17-SEP-1829
TICHENOR, Ann - TICHENOR, Collier 19-AUG-1826
TICHENOR, Benj - MALIN, Elizabeth 23-DEC-1838
TICHENOR, Bennett - CONDIT, Angelina 30-AUG-1831
TICHENOR, Collier - TICHENOR, Ann 19-AUG-1826
TICHENOR, Elizabeth - DRAKE, Rice 27-OCT-1840
TICHENOR, Haron - LINDLEY, Elizabeth Jane 05-SEP-1838
TICHENOR, James - BENNETT, Margaret 28-MAR-1814
TICHENOR, Jane - RENDER, John 16-JAN-1839
TICHENOR, John - BLEVINS, Sally 15-OCT-1823
TICHENOR, Lydia - TICHENOR, Warren 05-SEP-1836
TICHENOR, Peggy - IMLEBER, David 20-MAR-1830
TICHENOR, Polly - BENNETT, Thomas 1820
TICHENOR, Polly - BENNETT, Thomas 24-JUL-1819
TICHENOR, Sally - BROWN, Isaac 23-DEC-1833
TICHENOR, Sally - HEDGES, Peter 25-AUG-1826
TICHENOR, Sarah - FIELD, Aquilla 11-MAR-1820
TICHENOR, Sarah - FIELD, Aquilla 25-MAR-1800
TICHENOR, Warren - TICHENOR, Lydia 05-SEP-1836
TILFORD, Eliza Jane - SMITH, Lewis 04-FEB-1832
TILFORD, Elizabeth Mrs - PARKER, Bazell 17-OCT-1833
TILFORD, Louisa Ann - GARTHER, John 17-OCT-1840
TILFORD, Lucy - HAYNES, Charles 01-JAN-1836
TILFORD, Mary - COMBS, Eden 08-MAY-1839
TILFORD, Nancy - DANIEL, George 18-MAR-1827
TILLY, Polly - PINKSTON, John 08-MAY-1832
TINSLEY, Martha - DUKE, Washington 21-MAR-1840
TONG, Rebecca - HOLMAN, James 14-APR-1809
TONGON, Priscilla - BARRETT, Joshua 01-APR-1819
TOPSLEY, Elenor - CLEVER, Stephen 22-APR-1810
TOWELS, Comfort - SHULTZ, John 23-OCT-1821
TOWNS, John - UTTERBACK, Margaret 04-DEC-1838
TRAFFORD, John - JOHNSON, Katy 07-MAR-1811
TRAVEL, John - BROWN, Sally 13-SEP-1809
TROXAL, Frederic - COX, Jane 13-APR-1818
TROXAL, Frederick - COX, Jane 13-APR-1818
TRUMBOO, Peggy - WALLY, Levy 06-OCT-1807
TUELL, Matilda - CAMPBELL, James 01-MAY-1838
TUMBAUGH, William - BELL, Abigail 14-OCT-1817
TUMNONDY, William - CONDIT, Jemima 28-JUL-1818
TURNBAUGH, Nanny - LAPP, John 24-DEC-1806
TURNER, Jemima - GILBERT, John 18-FEB-1802
TURNER, Nancy - DAVENPORT, S A 18-SEP-1840
TURPIN, Mary - SHAYN, John 08-DEC-1800
TURPIN, Phillip - SHANE, Mary 01-FEB-1800
TURPIN, Sarah - WALKER, William 16-FEB-1804
TUTTLE, William - BUNCH, Margaret 23-DEC-1831
UNDERWOOD, Eliza - PAYTON, Elisha 12-JAN-1808
UNDERWOOD, Elizabeth - BENNETT, John 14-AUG-1823
UNDERWOOD, Elizabeth - BARRY, Abraham 10-MAY-1813
UNDERWOOD, Elizabeth - JOHNSON, John 12-JAN-1809
UNDERWOOD, James - LEDDINGTON, Polly 20-APR-1826
UNDERWOOD, John - CAMPBELL, Lucinda 20-AUG-1827
UNDERWOOD, Matilda - ROWE, Robert 10-JUL-1820
UNDERWOOD, Sally - THOMAS, Nathan 05-AUG-1819
UPTON, Edvina - CURD, Daniel 11-NOV-1830
UTTERBACK, Margaret - TOWNS, John 04-DEC-1838 

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Sue Barnett Gaumer 

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Aug 1799 – Dec 1840

Note:  This data appears to be double indexed, both with Groom first and Bride first.  I have not checked to see if that is consistent throughout. You will see some entries twice with slight variations; this is because all of this data is found in old journals & written in longhand (cursive) and is very difficult to read, so the transcriber made two entries because it could be interperted in either form.  I think the best way to search this data is to search using your various surnames, using the search feature of your browser or copy the data and create a Word document and use that search feature. 

PIGMAN, Amy - WORK, Samuel 13-JAN-1801
PIGMAN, Levi - TAYLOR, Jane 01-AUG-1801
PIGMAN, Phelena - TAYLOR, Harrison 06-OCT-1813
PIGMAN, Sally - MORRISON, Daniel 12-JUN-1805
PIGMAN, Sidney - RICE, John 29-JUN-1809
PINKSTON, John - TILLY, Polly 08-MAY-1832
PINKSTON, Nancy - MCCLURE, Thomas 26-APR-1813
PINKSTON, Pattie - GENTRY, Nancy 02-JUL-1838
PLAIN, John - ROSS, Tanner 22-SEP-1823
PLUMER, Ann - LANHAM, Lewis 25-DEC-1819
PLUMER, Caleb - DANIEL, Mary Ann 03-JUN-1819
POOL, Allen P - COX, Elizabeth 29-NOV-1836
POOL, William - BROWN, Jane 25-DEC-1826
PORTER, Sally - CHAPMAN, Robert 12-JAN-1836
PORTER, Thompson - HARDESTE, Rebecca 13-JUL-1804
POTECT, Job - WHITEACRE, Molly 16-MAY-1812
POTTS, Isabel - ROGERS, John 13-JUN-1808
POTTS, Johanna - CRABTREE, Abraham 13-DEC-1810
POTTS, Martha - BRISTOE, Lovey 22-APR-1809
POTTS, Rachel - CONNER, William 07-MAR-1807
POTTS, Rachel - TANNER, William 02-DEC-1804
POWERS, Alexander - SUTTON, Matilda 12-AUG-1831
POWERS, Eliza - MATTHEWS, Alfred 05-MAR-1832
POWERS, Hannah - BRESHORO, John 24-MAY-1813
POWERS, John - HUNTER, Nancy 29-JUN-1801
POWERS, John - TABER, Matilda 18-FEB-1839
POWERS, Judith - BRASHIERS, Thomas 16-NOV-1814
PRAY, Elijah - LAMB, Charlotte 09-FEB-1824
PRESTON, Sanford - ROGERS, Mary Ann 01-NOV-1837
PRESTON, William - SHROETER, Mary Ann 13-JAN-1840
PRUDDEN, James - BARNETT, Rachel 04-NOV-1839
PRUDEN, Ann - WOODWARD, Thomas 12-JAN-1820
PRUDEN, Daniel - MCGILL, Ann 08-NOV-1813
PUGH, Margaret - KEELE, James 15-SEP-1801
PURCELL, Lewis - KING, Libela 16-DEC-1828
RAILEY, Benjamin - CAMPBELL, Rebecca 19-DEC-1825
RAILEY, Elizabeth - WARD, Jesse 08-SEP-1836
RAILEY, John - WILSON, Nancy 14-JUL-1828
RAILEY, Polly - WILSON, James 25-APR-1827
RAINS, Jane - HAYNES, James 11-FEB-1839
RALEY, James - WILSON, Sally 30-JUL-1838
RALEY, William - HARLIN, Polly 16-JUN-1839
RALPH, Catherine - SUTTON, William 26-OCT-1835
RALPH, Nancy Jane - BURKS, Davis 18-MAY-1839
RAYMOND, Betty - LEGGIT, William 03-DEC-1812
REDDECOOD, Mary - BROWN, Isaac C 20-MAR-1840
REDDING, Amanda Elvina - WALLACE, Wm G 09-DEC-1839
REDMAN, Polly - AUSTIN, John 09-OCT-1832
REDMOND, Ann - AUSTIN, John 25-OCT-1837
REDMOND, Felix - HOCKER, Polly 26-JUN-1812
REDMOND, Robert - DAVIS, Harriet 02-MAR-1811
REED, George - BREAMER, Mary 25-JUN-1807
REED, James - CLUTTER, Delilah 18-JUL-1804
REED, Margaret - SHULL, David 25-AUG-1830
REED, Sarah - HOUSE, Jacob 03-AUG-1836
REEDS, Jacob - ROGERS, Martha B 12-SEP-1833
REEDS, Moses - RENDER, Elenor 01-JUL-1833
REEVES, Polly Ann - GREENWOOD, Walcott 22-DEC-1840
RENDER, Amelia - MADDOX, John 01-JUL-1819
RENDER, Amelia - RENDER, Robert 23-JAN-1836
RENDER, Catherine - BORAH, Lee 18-JUN-1831
RENDER, Christopher - PHIPPS, Lucinda 22-DEC-1840
RENDER, Elenor - REEDS, Moses 01-JUL-1833
RENDER, Eliza - MASON, Augustus 12-AUG-1839
RENDER, Hester - HOCKER, Nicholas 14-AUG-1813
RENDER, John - TICHENOR, Jane 16-JAN-1839
RENDER, Joshua - JACKSON, Polly 23-DEC-1812
RENDER, Mary - AUSTIN, Robert 17-MAR-1829
RENDER, Nancy - CHAPMAN, Willis 13-DEC-1805
RENDER, Polly - AUSTIN, Branch 10-AUG-1818
RENDER, Robert - BROWN, Charlotte 09-DEC-1801
RENDER, Robert - RENDER, Amelia 23-JAN-1836
RENDER, Sarah - CHAPMAN, Solomon 04-JUN-1824
RENDER, Sarah - WARD, Edward 28-MAY-1814
RENDER, Tally - ROWE, George 13-JUL-1840
RENDER, Thomas - PHIPPS, Ann 27-JAN-1820
RENFROW, Alfred - PEARCE, Nancy 14-OCT-1832
RENFROW, Kellion - THOMAS, Emily 04-SEP-1836
RHODES, Henry - MORTON, Elizabeth 14-NOV-1831
RHODES, Presley - ROSS, Sally 31-DEC-1838
RICE, John - PIGMAN, Sidney 29-JUN-1809
RICE, Nelly - CLIFFORD, Michael 06-JAN-1820
RICHARD, Elizabeth - CROWE, Henry 24-FEB-1820
RICHARD, William - BEARDON, Nancy 15-JUL-1826
RICHARDS, Catherine - MILLS, Harvey 01-MAR-1827
RICHARDS, Matilda - HUFF, Gallsburry 01-SEP-1818
RICHARDS, Thomas - HUFF, Elizabeth 17-OCT-1829
RIGGS, Isaac - ATHERTON, Delilah 29-DEC-1823
RILEY, Elijah - ROGERS, Nancy 22-APR-1805
RILEY, Higginson - BARNARD, Sarah 30-MAR-1840
RINNEY, John - RUNNEY, Maria 09-OCT-1823
RITCHEY, John - MCGILL, Ann 01-SEP-1817
ROACH, Cornelius - KELLY, Ann Eliza 06-SEP-1834
ROACH, Cornelius - WESTERFIELD, Mary 03-OCT-1831
ROACH, Eliza - BURKES, John 17-NOV-1836
ROACH, Mahala Ann - HOOVER, Jonathan 08-JUL-1828
ROBEL, Logustain P - COX, Elizabeth 05-APR-1828
ROBERS, Margaret Ann - JAMES, Fleming 24-NOV-1839
ROBERTS, Techarih - HATCHER, Lindsey 11-APR-1819
ROBERTS, Willis - ADLE, Margaret 28-JUN-1814
ROBERTSON, Amanda - DEAN, Summers  30-APR -1826
ROBERTSON, Ann - MCDANIEL, Jesse 18-NOV-1824
ROBERTSON, Daniel - MYERS, Margaret 06-DEC-1828
ROBERTSON, Harriet - PHIPPS, Elijah 15-DEC-1827
ROBERTSON, Henry - AXTON, Margaret 25-AUG-1825
ROBERTSON, John - MORTON, Delia 03-SEP-1838
ROBERTSON, Joseph - MYERS, Nancy 19-NOV-1828
ROBERTSON, Kitty - PAINE, John 01-OCT-1819
ROBERTSON, Powhatan - HENDERSON, Linetta 25-JUN-1834
ROBINSON, John - GRAVES, Mary 01-AUG-1836
ROBINSON, Margaret - WILKINS, Samuel 09-APR-1807
ROBINSON, Philip - BLEVINS, Patsy 26-DEC-1822
ROBTREE, Polly - ROGERS, Asa 02-DEC-1810
ROCK, Elizabeth - SPURRIER, Elijah 21-MAR-1804
ROCKERBY, Eliza - LEWELLAN, Jacob 21-MAY-1816
ROGERS, Asa - ROBTREE, Polly 02-DEC-1810
ROGERS, Cindrella - WILSON, Simon 09-OCT-1837
ROGERS, Edward - CHAPMAN, Nancy 22-JAN-1818
ROGERS, Elizabeth - JAMES, Moseley 08-NOV-1813
ROGERS, Elizabeth - JONES, Jos 20-SEP-1822
ROGERS, John - POTTS, Isabel 13-JUN-1808
ROGERS, Margaret - HENDERSON, Charles 02-FEB-1811
ROGERS, Margaret Ann - JAMES, Fleming 24-NOV-1839
ROGERS, Martha B - REEDS, Jacob 12-SEP-1833
ROGERS, Mary Ann - PRESTON, Sanford 01-NOV-1837
ROGERS, Nancy - HOBBY, James 19-FEB-1824
ROGERS, Nancy - RILEY, Elijah 22-APR-1805
ROGERS, Nancy Ray - BUTLER, John 16-JUN-1839
ROGERS, Patsy - JAMES, Samuel 19-OCT-1818
ROGERS, Polly - KELLY, John B 21-MAY-1814
ROGERS, Sarah - LEMON, John 01-OCT-1807
ROGERS, Sarah - LEMON, John 09-NOV-1807
ROGERS, William Cass - JAMES, Lucy 22-APR-1822
ROSDALE, Tucker - SHOWN, Elizabeth 31-MAR-1822
ROSEDALE, Tucker - EIDSON, Morning 20-JUL-1823
ROSS, Aaron - DAVIS, Jeremiah 23-DEC-1819
ROSS, Ervin - ASHBY, Katy 05-SEP-1804
ROSS, Jemima - DAVIS, Solomon 29-NOV-1829
ROSS, John - DANIEL, Doranda 30-MAR-1840
ROSS, Joseph - MORTON, Margaret 18-JUL-1812
ROSS, Joseph - ROSS, Martha Ann 06-MAR-1836
ROSS, Louisa - TAYLOR, James 10-JAN-1838
ROSS, Louisa Ann - TAYLOR, James 10-JAN-1838
ROSS, Lucinda - BORAH, Noah 31-OCT-1835
ROSS, Martha Ann - ROSS, Joseph 06-MAR-1836
ROSS, Nancy - ROWE, Robert 26-JAN-1830
ROSS, Sally - RHODES, Presley 31-DEC-1838
ROSS, Sarah - PARK, David 16-APR-1839
ROSS, Tanner - PLAIN, John 22-SEP-1823
ROSS, Thomas - STEWART, Levinia 11-MAY-1824
ROSS, Willis - BLEVINS, Keturah 24-JUN-1821
ROTHROCK, Henry - YOUNG, Mary 12-MAY-1838
ROUNDTREE, James - WILLIAMS, Viney 31-JUL-1806
ROWAN, Alexander - SIMMONS, Marcia 23-DEC-1828
ROWAN, William - MILLER, Mahala 09-MAY-1835
ROWAN, William C - BARNETT, Abigail 24-DEC-1829
ROWE, Amelia - TICHENOR, Alney 06-OCT-1834
ROWE, Broxton - BISHOP, Ann 02-JUN-1831
ROWE, Cynthia - HOCKER, Charles 28-FEB-1835
ROWE, Edmund - PHELPS, Polly 30-JAN-1811
ROWE, Elizabeth - ASHBY, David 25-MAR-1812
ROWE, Elizabeth Crowe - ASHBY, George 13-SEP-1836
ROWE, Emila - TAYLOR, John T 1830
ROWE, George - RENDER, Tally 13-JUL-1840
ROWE, Judith - STEWART, James 15-APR-1835
ROWE, Judy - BROWN, Robert 08-NOV-1816
ROWE, Nancy - ASHBY, William 29-MAR-1816
ROWE, Randolph - BOZARTH, Rebecca 24-SEP-1808
ROWE, Robert - ROSS, Nancy 26-JAN-1830
ROWE, Robert - UNDERWOOD, Matilda 10-JUL-1820
ROWE, Sally - ASHBY, Peter 07-AUG-1817
ROWE, Thomas - BROWN, Margaret 01-FEB-1817
ROWE, Thomas - MADDOX, Mary Boyd 15-JUL-1836
ROYAL, James - CRAVENS, Jessie 04-AUG-1831
ROYAL, John - DAVIS, Isabella 14-JAN-1830
ROYAL, Richard - GALLESPY, Nancy A 27-FEB-1836
ROYAL, Samuel - WADE, Purmeley 17-JUL-1836
RUNNEY, Maria - RINNEY, John 09-OCT-1823
RUNNEY, Maria M - RINNEY, John 09-OCT-1823
RUSHER, Elizabeth - BARKER, Elisha 19-AUG-1839
RUSHER, Minor - MARLOW, Mary 19-JAN-1826
SALLEE, Thomas - HORNBECK, Mary 02-DEC-1809
SANDEFUR, Francis - BENNETT, Mary 07-NOV-1822
SANDEFUR, John - BENNETT, Sarah 21-SEP-1832
SANDEFUR, Wm - BENNETT, Elizabeth 09-SEP-1825
SANDS, James - LEE, Polly 18-APR-1820
SCOTT, Daniel - LANDRUM, Ruby 12-JAN-1814
SHANE, James - CUMPTON, Theodocia 09-JAN-1809
SHANE, Mary - TURPIN, Phillip 01-FEB-1800
SHANKS, Camilla - JACKSON, Chris E 18-DEC-1827
SHANKS, Quintus - TAYLOR, Lucinda 30-AUG-1838
SHANKS, Sally H - MORTON, Isaac 27-MAY-1823
SHARP, Charles - KELLY, Belima 08-NOV-1834
SHARP, Eliza - EZEL, Greenberry 22-NOV-1832
SHARP, Isaac - OLDHAM, Susannah 18-OCT-1839
SHARP, William T - SHOEMAKER, Nancy 23-JUN-1831
SHAYER, Frances - GILL, Thomas 13-DEC-1806
SHAYER, Thomas - GILL, Frances 13-DEC-1806
SHAYN, John - TURPIN, Mary 08-DEC-1800
SHEFFER, Anthony - PEYTON, Mary Ann 14-SEP-1837
SHEPHERD, Delilah - MADDOX, Thomas 25-MAY-1840
SHEPHERD, Nancy - DAVIS, Joseph 25-JAN-1840
SHEPHERD, Polly - SHULTZ, Nathan 09-SEP-1830
SHEPHERD, Sarah - BAIZE, Isaac 05-DEC-1840
SHEPHERD, William - DAVIS, Margaret 26-FEB-1840
SHEPHERD, William - NEIGHBORS, Elizabeth 01-AUG-1811
SHERMAN, Thomas - JOHNSON, Polly 05-DEC-1836
SHIELDS, James - AUTRY, Emeline 03-SEP-1839
SHIELDS, John - HOCKER, Advisa 31-MAR-1836
SHIRTLEY, Polly - GIBSON, William 28-MAR-18?0
SHIVELEY, John L - COOPER, Sarah 09-FEB-1830
SHOEMAKER, Mary - HUGHSTON, John 14-NOV-1809
SHOEMAKER, Nancy - SHARP, William T 23-JUN-1831
SHOW, Edith - CORN, William 31-DEC-1831
SHOWN, Elizabeth - ROSDALE, Tucker 31-MAR-1822
SHOWN, Margaret - PARKS, Quinton 20-AUG-1826
SHOWN, Peter - BENNETT, Elizabeth 30-AUG-1820
SHOWN, Rhea - NELSON, William 07-JAN-1811
SHOWN, Sarah - WALLACE, Hugh William 08-DEC-1823
SHROETER, Mary Ann - PRESTON, William 13-JAN-1840
SHULCH, Nancy - BOYS, John 07-OCT-1801
SHULL, David - REED, Margaret 25-AUG-1830
SHULTZ, Charles - LEE, Ann 25-MAY-1820
SHULTZ, Diana - NEAL, Lytle 20-AUG-1817
SHULTZ, Jacob - GIBSON, Polly 22-MAR-1800
SHULTZ, John - COX, Ann 18-SEP-1831
SHULTZ, John - ELMS, Jane 10-JUN-1829
SHULTZ, John - TOWELS, Comfort 23-OCT-1821
SHULTZ, Joseph - HOWARD, Nancy 31-AUG-1822
SHULTZ, Mary - MALIN, Isaac 12-SEP-1812
SHULTZ, Nancy - BAIZE, John 06-OCT-1807
SHULTZ, Nathan - SHEPHERD, Polly 09-SEP-1830
SHULTZ, Nicholas - DAVIS, Cynthia Ann 06-OCT-1832
SHUTTY, Mary - MALIN, Isaac 12-SEP-1812
SIMMONS, Albeun S - BARNARD, Miranda 16-DEC-1833
SIMMONS, Charles - HUDSON, Patsy 16-DEC-1833
SIMMONS, Charlotte - WOODWARD, John M 29-SEP-1827
SIMMONS, Marcia - ROWAN, Alexander 23-DEC-1828
SIMMONS, William - CALLOWAY, Tomzay 18-FEB-1820
SIX, Catherine - LINDSEY, Thomas 12-MAR-1821
SIX, David - COX, Elizabeth 23-DEC-1819
SIX, Elizabeth - PARKER, William 10-APR-1812
SIX, Isaac - MITCHELL, Rhoda 11-APR-1822
SIX, John - HARSHA, Jean 03-APR-1812
SIX, Nancy - TAYLOR, Simon 1821
SIX, William - CRABTREE, Jane 26-DEC-1821
SMEATHERS, Archibald - TAYLOR, Dolly 29-SEP-1828
SMEATHERS, Archibald - TAYLOR, Margaret 16-NOV-1840
SMEATHERS, Eliza - STATLER, George 08-AUG-1808
SMEATHERS, James - BELL, Elizabeth 04-APR-1805
SMEATHERS, Jane - GROSS, Daniel 01-FEB-1800
SMITH, Caroline - SUTTON, Ishmael 14-MAR-1839
SMITH, Charlotte - MIDKIFF, John 29-MAR-1827
SMITH, Eliza - CHRISTIAN, Walter 26-SEP-1833
SMITH, Elizabeth - WISE, Levi 05-SEP-1840
SMITH, George - FULKERSON, Margaret 30-NOV-1829
SMITH, Hardy - TAYLOR, Amy 08-JUN-1801
SMITH, Hugh - MCILWAIN, Jane 13-MAR-1823
SMITH, Jane - HAMILTON, George 25-OCT-1833
SMITH, Jenny A - MITCHELL, Jonathan 05-SEP-1840
SMITH, Jesse - HUNTER, Elizabeth 22-SEP-1830
SMITH, John - STEWART, Elizabeth 20-MAY-1820
SMITH, John C - GOSSET, Elmira 10-MAR-1840
SMITH, John J - CROWE, Nancy 22-FEB-1832
SMITH, Joseph - ANDERSON, Sarah 19-APR-1813
SMITH, Lewis - TILFORD, Eliza Jane 04-FEB-1832
SMITH, Lucinda - STEDAM, Isaac 20-DEC-1836
SMITH, Lucy - MILLER, Joe 26-SEP-1808
SMITH, Maryan - DANIEL, Walker 22-AUG-1825
SMITH, Nancy - STEPHENS, Joseph 28-AUG-1816
SMITH, Nancy - WESTERFIELD, Hayden 07-JAN-1832
SMITH, Polly - FUQUA, William 23-JAN-1834
SMITH, Sarah Ann - MITCHELL, John 15-AUG-1831
SMITH, Thomas - DANIEL, Ann 10-DEC-1831
SMITH, Thomas - GRANT, Eliza 14-NOV-1821
SMITH, Thomas - PATE, Jane 26-APR-1827 

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Thanks to Source:
Sue Barnett Gaumer 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Aug 1799 – Dec 1840

Note:  This data appears to be double indexed, both with Groom first and Bride first.  I have not checked to see if that is consistent throughout. You will see some entries twice with slight variations; this is because all of this data is found in old journals & written in longhand (cursive) and is very difficult to read, so the transcriber made two entries because it could be interperted in either form.  I think the best way to search this data is to search using your various surnames, using the search feature of your browser or copy the data and create a Word document and use that search feature. 

MCDONALD, Charles - THOMPSON, Nancy 22-OCT-1834
MCFABES, Betsy - DOZIER, James 29-DEC-1813
MCFARLAND, Leah - GLEN, William 16-DEC-1809
MCFARLAND, Robert - GLOVER, Phebe 18-SEP-1812
MCFARLAND, Walter - NALL, Sarah Elizabeth 02-JAN-1837
MCFARLAND, William - GLOVER, Betsy 10-FEB-1812
MCFERRIN, John - WILSON, Sabina 05-MAY-1838
MCGEE, Polly - EASTLAND, Robert 10-APR-1810
MCGILL, Ann - PRUDEN, Daniel 08-NOV-1813
MCGILL, Ann - RITCHEY, John 01-SEP-1817
MCGILL, Letty - MILLER, Nelson 06-OCT-1828
MCGILL, Sally - LINDLEY, Daniel 08-AUG-1809
MCGURY, G H - MCCREERY, Slutina 26-NOV-1829
MCILWAIN, Jane - SMITH, Hugh 13-MAR-1823
MCINTIRE, William - BURCH, Mary 03-JAN-1830
MCKAY, Allen - DAVIS, Malinda 17-APR-1822
MCKENDLY, Benjamin - GILLESPIE, Lucy 15-MAY-1840
MCKENZIE, William - WEBB, Eliza 08-JAN-1822
MCKINDLEY, William - LANHAM, Copinder 06-APR-1825
MCKINLEY, William - MIDKIFF, Betsy 04-JAN-1830
MCKINNEY, Fanny - HEET, Samuel 21-MAY-1827
MCNEELY, Ezekiel - ASHBY, Polly 30-SEP-1819
MCSHERRY, Henry - BAIRD, Martha Isabel 22-SEP-1840
MCSHERRY, Hiram - BAIRD, Martha Jane 14-JAN-1840
MCWAIN, Lewis - MORTON, Ann 31-MAY-1823
MEADOWS, Emeline - MAXWELL, Hamilton 03-SEP-1838
MEDCALF, John - WINKLER, Fanny 18-SEP-1813
MEDLEY, Samuel - GREAVER, Patsy 21-JAN-1813
MEEKS, Hardin - ADLE, Nancy 05-OCT-1829
MEMVAIN, Lewis - MARTIN, Anne 27-JUL-1800
MENVAIN, Lewis - MARTIN, Anne 27-JUL-1800
MEYERS, Edward - NALL, Lucy 18-OCT-1836
MEYERS, Elijah - BARNETT, Hannah 24-JUN-1801
MEYERS, Ellen - DAVENPORT, William 21-FEB-1838
MEYRS, Edward - NALL, Lucy 18-OCT-1836
MIDKIFF, Benjamin - WARD, Elizabeth 15-MAR-1834
MIDKIFF, Betsy - MCKINLEY, William 04-JAN-1830
MIDKIFF, James - TAYLOR, Elizabeth 15-DEC-1825
MIDKIFF, John - SMITH, Charlotte 29-MAR-1827
MIDKIFF, Joseph - TAYLOR, Ann 10-NOV-1823
MIDKIFF, Peggy - LEWELL, Jobish 10-AUG-1817
MIDKIFF, Polly - BARNETT, Joseph 30-NOV-1817
MIDKIFF, Rebecca - PATE, William 23-NOV-1826
MILAY, Thomas - MARTIN, Sally 22-AUG-1814
MILLER, Amanda - ARNOLD, William 12-JAN-1835
MILLER, Ara Ann - MITCHELL, Thompson 25-JUL-1836
MILLER, Atha - LEACH, Joseph 04-MAY-1819
MILLER, Betsy - BARNES, Weaver 06-APR-1809
MILLER, Charlotte - PATE, Mason C 11-MAY-1837
MILLER, Christopher - HAYNES, Elizabeth 05-FEB-1809
MILLER, David - BOSWELL, Polly 10-OCT-1825
MILLER, David - COOPER, Jane 25-JAN-1810
MILLER, David - HAYNES, Sarah 03-DEC-1839
MILLER, David - WILLIAMS, Maria 04-AUG-1824
MILLER, Dorcas - GENTRY, Samuel 21-SEP-1829
MILLER, Dorcas Jane - BARNES, Joseph H 20-APR-1840
MILLER, Eliza - MYERS, Francis 15-MAR-1827
MILLER, Eliza Ann - WILCOX, Jacob 13-AUG-1832
MILLER, Elizabeth - THOMAS, James 02-APR-1809
MILLER, Elizabeth Ann - ASHBY, Tanner 30-JUN-1836
MILLER, Hiram - IGLEHEART, Matilda 30-AUG-1828
MILLER, Joe - SMITH, Lucy 26-SEP-1808
MILLER, Joseph - AUSTIN, Helen 10-NOV-1818
MILLER, Mahala - ROWAN, William 09-MAY-1835
MILLER, Mary - EVENS, Henry 07-MAR-1816
MILLER, Mary Ann - BURTON, Horace 25-NOV-1837
MILLER, Mary Catty - BOROUGH, John 11-APR-1809
MILLER, Nelson - MCGILL, Letty 06-OCT-1828
MILLER, Polly - ILER, Jacob 28-JAN-1818
MILLER, Reuben - FORD, Martha 14-FEB-1835
MILLER, Sally - COOPER, Alexander 07-JUN-1814
MILLER, Sally - CHAMBERS, Abrin 02-JUL-1828
MILLER, Siticia - AUTORY, Giles 28-MAR-1822
MILLER, William - MITCHELL, Polly 24-MAR-1828
MILLS, Anderson - KING, Mary Ellen 25-JAN-1836
MILLS, Elizabeth - KEITH, Benjamin 23-JUL-1828
MILLS, Harvey - RICHARDS, Catherine 01-MAR-1827
MILLS, Mehila - CALLOWAY, James 23-MAR-1823
MILLS, Virginia - HUDSON, Joshua 28-MAR-1831
MILMAY, Thomas - MARTIN, Sally 22-AUG-1810
MILTON, Frances - HART, William 06-FEB-1834
MILTON, Harriet - JONES, Fielding 21-SEP-1831
MILTON, Nancy - LUE, John 18-APR-1822
MILTON, Sally - TAYLOR, John A 15-OCT-1823
MITALDA, Jarlong - ALLEN, Alfred 31-JAN-1840
MITCHELL, John - SMITH, Sarah Ann 15-AUG-1831
MITCHELL, Jonathan - SMITH, Jenny A 05-SEP-1840
MITCHELL, Julian - WHITE, Walker 21-OCT-1839
MITCHELL, Mary H - HOCKER, Henry 19-FEB-1829
MITCHELL, Polly - MILLER, William 24-MAR-1828
MITCHELL, Rhoda - SIX, Isaac 11-APR-1822
MITCHELL, Sally - COX, Anderson 27-APR-1820
MITCHELL, Sally - DUVALL, Nicholas 03-APR-1824
MITCHELL, Thompson - MILLER, Ara Ann 25-JUL-1836
MOBBERLY, John - BAYNES, Mary 21-MAR-1832
MOBERLY, Mary Ann - HAYNES, Francis 22-DEC-1834
MONROE, Martin Andrew - HARRIS, Culsey 30-OCT-1828
MONTGOMERY, Margaret - BROWN, William 22-JAN-1828
MONTGOMERY, Nancy - HOWARD, Samuel 11-DEC-1822
MOODY, John - FILES, Polly 13-APR-1812
MOORE, David - IGLEHEART, Rebecca 22-MAY-1833
MOORE, David - INGLEHEART, Rebecca 22-MAY-1833
MOORE, Eliza Jane - LUCAS, Ingram 19-OCT-1840
MOORE, Elizabeth - MATTHEWS, George 04-JUN-1805
MOORE, John - JOHNSTON, Nancy 14-JUL-1825
MOORE, Patsy - ATTERBERRY, Richard 19-APR-1807
MOORE, Polly Ann Sophia - FIELD, Willis 16-AUG-1838
MOORE, Rebecca - BENNETT, James 13-JAN-1838
MOORE, Sally - ATTERBERRY, David 06-APR-1809
MOOREMAN, James L - MORRIS, Eliza 05-MAR-1832
MOOREMAN, James V - BUREMAN, Nancy 30-SEP-1823
MOOREMAN, Jesse - JACKSON, Rebecca 29-DEC-1828
MORAND, Nancy - LEE, Samuel 10-JUL-1830
MORGAN, Arnold - JOHNSTON, Margaret 27-AUG-1812
MORGAN, Charles - JOHNSTON, Cemlia 07-SEP-1812
MORGAN, Elizabeth - ATHERTON, John 04-MAR-1837
MORGAN, Jane - BROWN, John 10-OCT-1835
MORGAN, John - EIDSON, Molly 10-FEB-1834
MORGAN, Susan - HALL, David 19-OCT-1812
MORRIS, Amos - CRABTREE, Isabel Elizabeth 13-AUG-1827
MORRIS, Amos - CRABTREE, Isabell Elizabeth 13-AUG-1827
MORRIS, Eliza - MOOREMAN, James L 05-MAR-1832
MORRIS, Nancy - BARNETT, Martin 01-APR-1826
MORRISON, Daniel - PIGMAN, Sally 12-JUN-1805
MORTON, Ann - BARNARD, Jared 27-NOV-1833
MORTON, Ann - MCWAIN, Lewis 31-MAY-1823
MORTON, Cynthia Ann - WILLIAMS, Jeremiah 16-FEB-1835
MORTON, Delia - ROBERTSON, John 03-SEP-1838
MORTON, Elizabeth - RHODES, Henry 14-NOV-1831
MORTON, Isaac - SHANKS, Sally H 27-MAY-1823
MORTON, Jesse - PAXTON, Sally Walker 13-APR-1835
MORTON, Margaret - ROSS, Joseph 18-JUL-1812
ON, Polly - CALHOUN, John on 25-DEC- 19
MORTON, Sally - HATCHER, William 10-APR-1821
MOSELEY, Daniel - LAWTON, Caroline 12-DEC-1836
MOSELEY, Elijah - BARNES, Mary 24-JAN-1811
MOSELEY, Elijah - WESTERFIELD, Phebe Jane 19-OCT-1834
MOSELEY, James - HOBOY, Betsy Coffee 25-DEC-1832
MOSELEY, Jesse - CURD, Mary 12-AUG-1824
MOSELEY, John - WESTERFIELD, Nancy 28-MAR-1834
MOSELEY, Mary - WAKELAND, Allen 25-JAN-1840
MOSELEY, Presby - MALIN, Susannah 17-FEB-1816
MOSELEY, Robert - ALLEN, Mary 16-SEP-1823
MOSELEY, Robert - ARCHIBALD, Nancy 10-JAN-1837
MOSELEY, Robert - CURLET, Margaret 22-JAN-1829
MOSELEY, Robert - LAWTON, Amanda M 21-OCT-1840
MOSELEY, Robert C - ARCHIBALD, Nancy 10-JAN-1837
MULLER, Jesse - IGLEHEART, Janet 17-MAR-1825
MULLER, Jesse - INGLEHEART, Janet 17-MAR-1825
MYERS, Benjamin - ERWIN, Elizabeth 26-DEC-1816
MYERS, Francis - MILLER, Eliza 15-MAR-1827
MYERS, Margaret - ROBERTSON, Daniel 06-DEC-1828
MYERS, Nancy - ROBERTSON, Joseph 19-NOV-1828
MYERS, Thomas - LAYTON, Christine 10-MAY-1811
NALL, Gatewood - BERRYMAN, Frances 02-SEP-1828
NALL, John Gatewood - HENDERSON, Emily 27-MAR-1831
NALL, Lucy - MEYERS, Edward 18-OCT-1836
NALL, Margaret P - BLAND, Slaughter E 09-OCT-1834
NALL, Martha Jane - DEERING, S S 22-SEP-1840
NALL, Sarah Elizabeth - MCFARLAND, Walter 02-JAN-1837
NAMNY, Ann - CRAVENS, Jesse 23-AUG-1832
NANNY, James - HOWELL, Frankie 29-SEP-1829
NAPIER, Mary - COX, Finis 17-FEB-1807
NARCARRON, John - LEE, Sally Mrs 20-JUL-1805
NASH, Peggy - EDWARDS, William 25-MAR-1800
NEAL, Delilah - COOPER, Robert 28-MAR-1809
NEAL, Diana - HANDY, William 08-JAN-1824
NEAL, Elizabeth - DAVIS, Richard 04-NOV-1824
NEAL, Lytle - SHULTZ, Diana 20-AUG-1817
NEAL, Peggy - WILLIAMS, Edwin 14-APR-1810
NEEL, Lalrinah - EVENS, Thomas 10-FEB-1820
NEEL, Rebecca - EVANS, Thomas 08-JAN-1821
NEELY, Julian - DUKE, William 28-FEB-1836
NEELY, Math S - HUMPHREY, Matilda 16-NOV-1833
NEIGHBORS, Elizabeth - SHEPHERD, William 01-AUG-1811
NEIGHBORS, John C - GENTRY, Cicey 13-OCT-1829
NEIGHBORS, Thomas - HOOVER, Polly 04-MAY-1821
NELSON, William - SHOWN, Rhea 07-JAN-1811
NELSON, William - WESTERFIELD, Betsy 25-SEP-1836
NEVILLE, Emeline - CARTER, George 03-MAY-1839
NEW, James - AUSTIN, Nancy 19-JAN-1818
NEW, Nancy - MARTIN, Elias 04-JUN-1822
NEWBERRY, Parks - HAYNES, Lucy 26-AUG-1837
NEWCOMB, Sally Mrs - WELCH, Thomas 26-JAN-1837
NEWCOME, Eliza - FIELD, Thomas 17-SEP-1835
NEWCOME, Samuel - BRIAN, Sarah 04-FEB-1825
NEWTON, Isaac - LEAF, Jane 29-DEC-1836
NEWTON, Mildred - WELLS, William 05-MAR-1840
NICHOLAS, Ellen - CHAPMAN, Wilson 31-JAN-1838
NICHOLAS, John - THECKLES, Kitty 28-APR-1808
NICHOLAS, Valentine - LANHAM, Rachel 26-MAR-1812
NICHOLAS, William - HAYNES, Nancy 11-OCT-1817
NICHOLS, John - THECKLES, Kitty 28-APR-1808
NICHOLS, Polly - ELLIS, William 18-JUN-1838
NIFFICE, Isabel - PERIGO, Jonathan 04-NOV-1817
NORRIS, Meriah - BURDEN, Eli D 08-JUL-1830
NORTH, Elizabeth - TAYLOR, Simon 31-DEC-1801
OCONNOR, William - LANDRUM, Emily 10-MAR-1836
ODUM, William - FIELD, Nancy 28-AUG-1809
OLDHAM, George - CHAMBERS, Elizabeth 14-FEB-1818
OLDHAM, Martha - SUTTON, John 06-JUN-1831
OLDHAM, Orpha - WESTERFIELD, George 20-JUN-1840
OLDHAM, Susannah - SHARP, Isaac 18-OCT-1839
OVERLIN, Lebiba - BAKER, Wm 04-NOV-1826
OVERTIN, Delilah - CLARK, William 08-JUL-1806
OVERTON, James - WILLIAMS, Levinica 05-AUG-1806
OVERTON, Jonathan - MATTHEWS, Mary 28-FEB-1814
OWEN, Elenor - WARD, Hezekiah 01-NOV-1827
OWEN, Elizabeth - STEVENS, Richard 10-NOV-1830
OWEN, Frances - DAVIS, Baxter 12-JUL-1830
OWEN, John - JOHNSON, Susan 20-OCT-1838
OWEN, Leccice - FERGUSON, Samuel 19-APR-1834
OWEN, Patsy L - HOWARD, Allen 05-OCT-1829
OWEN, Sarah J - BENNETT, William J 17-JAN-1840
PAGET, Eliza - HAMILTON, William 25-OCT-1830
PAINE, John - ROBERTSON, Kitty 01-OCT-1819
PARK, David - ROSS, Sarah 16-APR-1839
PARKER, Bazell - TILFORD, Elizabeth Mrs 17-OCT-1833
PARKER, Catherine - JAMES, William 16-APR-1801
PARKER, Peggy - LINN, Jacob 12-FEB-1810
PARKER, William - SIX, Elizabeth 10-APR-1812
PARKS, Quinton - SHOWN, Margaret 20-AUG-1826
PATE, Jane - SMITH, Thomas 26-APR-1827
PATE, Mason C - MILLER, Charlotte 11-MAY-1837
PATE, Samuel - THRASHER, Auretta 11-MAR-1824
PATE, William - MIDKIFF, Rebecca 23-NOV-1826
PATRON, John - HUDSON, Nancy 29-AUG-1821
PATTON, John - HUDSON, Nancy 29-AUG-1821
PATTON, Thornton - JONES, Rebecca 05-AUG-1833
PAXTON, Eliza Ann - KELLY, Moses 03-MAR-1838
PAXTON, Sally Walker - MORTON, Jesse 13-APR-1835
PAXTON, Samuel - WILLIAMS, Elizabeth 04-MAR-1817
PAYNE, Emily Ann - COX, R E 28-SEP-1840
PAYNER, Mitchell - BROWN, Pretius 19-DEC-1800
PAYTON, Elisha - UNDERWOOD, Eliza 12-JAN-1808
PAYTON, Frances - THOMAS, Peter 22-DEC-1840
PEAK, Alexander - HUNTER, Elizabeth 07-DEC-1823
PEAK, Alexander - HUNTER, Jane 22-OCT-1832
PEAK, Hezekiah - LEACH, Polly 13-AUG-1816
PEARCE, Aborn - WHITE, Ruth 08-OCT-1838
PEARCE, Jacharah - WHITE, Dorcas 29-JUL-1840
PEARCE, Nancy - RENFROW, Alfred 14-OCT-1832
PEARCE, Solomon - ILER, Jane 19-OCT-1832
PEARCE, Susan - BURDEN, Osaah 02-OCT-1837
PEARCE, William - BURDEN, Cynthia Ann 18-JUN-1833
PEARSON, Thomas - LANHAM, Hester 20-APR-1825
PEDDICORD, Eliza - BOZARTH, Washington 12-DEC-1838
PEDDICORD, Jonathan - BARNARD, Minerva 24-AUG-1836
PEMBERTON, Beny - BROWN, Robert 09-MAR-1835
PEMBERTON, William - BARNETT, Sarah 02-APR-1839
PEN, Peggy - KEELE, James 14-SEP-1801
PEN, Pegy - KEELE, James 14-SEP-1801
PENDER, Elizabeth - FOGLE, Charles 22-SEP-1818
PENDER, Thomas - ATHERTON, Ann 14-OCT-1817
PERIGO, Jonathan - NIFFICE, Isabel 04-NOV-1817
PERIGO, Romey - HENMAN, Rhoda 01-OCT-1801
PERRY, Thomas - HUNT, Christine 12-OCT-1807
PETTY, John - GENTRY, Elizabeth 18-DEC-1835
PEYTON, Ellen - BALMAIN, Henry 28-SEP-1833
PEYTON, Mary Ann - SHEFFER, Anthony 14-SEP-1837
PHELPS, Lucinda - WHITE, Davey 08-FEB-1839
PHELPS, Polly - ROWE, Edmund 30-JAN-1811
PHILLIPES, Philip - CARTER, Carolina 22-OCT-1827
PHILLIPS, Betsy - CARTER, Alford 15-JUL-1835
PHILLIPS, Polly - BLACK, Willis 05-JUN-1828
PHILPS, James - JONES, Nelly 31-DEC-1807
PHIPPS, Ann - RENDER, Thomas 27-JAN-1820
PHIPPS, Elijah - ROBERTSON, Harriet 15-DEC-1827
PHIPPS, John - BARNARD, Ann 18-NOV-1819
PHIPPS, Lucinda - RENDER, Christopher 22-DEC-1840
PHIPPS, Martha - DENT, Peter 23-AUG-1838
PHIPPS, Nancy - COOPER, Henry 31-OCT-1803
PHIPPS, Rebecca - BRIGHT, William 05-JAN-1805
PHIPPS, Thomas - BARNARD, Sally 02-NOV-1829
PHIPS, James - JONES, Nelly 31-DEC-1807
PIERCE, Benjamin - ILER, Elizabeth 13-MAR-1826

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Thanks to Source:
Sue Barnett Gaumer 

Saturday, May 13, 2017


Aug 1799 – Dec 1840

Note:  This data appears to be double indexed, both with Groom first and Bride first.  I have not checked to see if that is consistent throughout. You will see some entries twice with slight variations; this is because all of this data is found in old journals & written in longhand (cursive) and is very difficult to read, so the transcriber made two entries because it could be interperted in either form.  I think the best way to search this data is to search using your various surnames, using the search feature of your browser or copy the data and create a Word document and use that search feature. 

JOHNSON, Judy - CROWE, Elijah 02-JAN-1814
JOHNSON, Julian - THOMAS, John 11-JAN-1835
JOHNSON, Katy - TRAFFORD, John 07-MAR-1811
JOHNSON, Marcus - BROWN, Susanna 06-MAY-1818
JOHNSON, Nancy - HORSEMAN, Jesse 07-OCT-1837
JOHNSON, Nathan - TABER, Mary 19-NOV-1831
JOHNSON, Philip - BARNETT, Rebecca 18-AUG-1820
JOHNSON, Polly - HOWARD, Samuel 19-APR-1838
JOHNSON, Polly - SHERMAN, Thomas 05-DEC-1836
JOHNSON, Susan - OWEN, John 20-OCT-1838
JOHNSTON, Cemlia - MORGAN, Charles 07-SEP-1812
JOHNSTON, James - TAYLOR, Lucinda 10-SEP-1829
JOHNSTON, Maley - TAYLOR, Henry 25-SEP-1804
JOHNSTON, Margaret - MORGAN, Arnold 27-AUG-1812
JOHNSTON, Nancy - MOORE, John 14-JUL-1825
JONES, Achiles - KING, America 01-MAR-1840
JONES, Elizabeth - GENTRY, Mopey 03-APR-1829
JONES, Fielding - MILTON, Harriet 21-SEP-1831
JONES, Francis - HENDRICKS, Patsy 23-MAR-1810
JONES, Gabriel - BELLANCE, Cynthia 03-MAY-1809
JONES, James - HOOVER, Elizabeth 20-DEC-1822
JONES, John - WOODS, Elizabeth 10-AUG-1810
JONES, Jos - ROGERS, Elizabeth 20-SEP-1822
JONES, Lawrence - WINKLER, Mary 09-OCT-1810
JONES, Nelly - PHIPS, James 31-DEC-1807
JONES, Nelly - PHILPS, James 31-DEC-1807
JONES, Polly - HOOVER, Jacob 15-JUN-1822
JONES, Rebecca - PATTON, Thornton 05-AUG-1833
JONES, Sarah - HAMILTON, Harrison 28-JUN-1835
JONES, Sarah - VITTITOE, Daniel 05-NOV-1810
JONES, William - BROWN, Theby 10-OCT-1804
JONES, William - HALE, Ama 23-MAR-1828
JORDAN, Adams - GALLOWAY, Mary 06-FEB-1804
JORDAN, Susan - WILLIAMS, William 03-NOV-1813
KEATH, Elizabeth Ann - BARRETT, Thomas 21-JUN-1837
KEELE, James - PUGH, Margaret 15-SEP-1801
KEELE, James - PEN, Peggy 14-SEP-1801
KEITH, Benjamin - MILLS, Elizabeth 23-JUL-1828
KELLEY, Salina - HOOVER, John 07-MAR-1833
KELLY, Amy - CALHOON, John 1800
KELLY, Amy - CARTER, John 11-MAR-1809
KELLY, Ann Eliza - ROACH, Cornelius 06-SEP-1834
KELLY, Belima - SHARP, Charles 08-NOV-1834
KELLY, Benjamin - THORP, Rebecca 11-NOV-1816
KELLY, Carter - HAYNES, Paulina 07-JAN-1832
KELLY, David - CARTER, Fanny 16-FEB-1810
KELLY, John - WHITTINGHILL, Sarah 05-JUL-1814
KELLY, John B - ROGERS, Polly 21-MAY-1814
KELLY, Lendon C - CARTER, Delilah 05-OCT-1825
KELLY, Moses - PAXTON, Eliza Ann 03-MAR-1838
KELLY, Patsy - KELLY, William 24-FEB-1823
KELLY, Sarah - WHITTINGHILL, William 18-APR-1814
KELLY, William - KELLY, Patsy 24-FEB-1823
KEOWN, Elizabeth - EZEL, Jeremiah 25-MAR-1834
KEOWN, Elizabeth - ELMS, Thomas 12-SEP-1833
KEOWN, Martha - FORD, John 12-OCT-1840
KEOWN, Nathan - ILER, Mary Ann 25-SEP-1836
KEOWN, William - THOMAS, Mary Ann 14-DEC-1839
KERFOLD, Ann - BISHOP, Erasmus 12-FEB-1812
KIGEL, Solomon - SPENCE, Susan 21-MAY-1839
KIMBALL, William Allen - HAYNES, Hannah 25-AUG-1825
KIMBLE, John - HUNTER, Mary 06-AUG-1832
KING, America - JONES, Achiles 01-MAR-1840
KING, Deborah - DODSON, George 13-NOV-1828
KING, Libela - PURCELL, Lewis 16-DEC-1828
KING, Mary Ellen - MILLS, Anderson 25-JAN-1836
KING, Nancy - STEWART, John 28-JAN-1834
KING, Penelope - DOWNS, William 05-JAN-1836
KUYKENDOLL, Louise - DEWEESE, Dan 12-OCT-1840
LAMB, Charlotte - PRAY, Elijah 09-FEB-1824
LAMB, John P - ATTERBERRY, Rebecca 03-JAN-1831
LAMB, Sally - CRABTREE, Isaac 05-MAR-1814
LAMB, Sally Ann - COBB, Jesse 30-SEP-1831
LAMB, Sarah - CALHOON, John 25-DEC-1806
LAMB, Sarah - CALHOUN, John 25-DEC-1806
LAND, Polly - DUPOSTER, William 17-JUL-1827
LANDRUM, Emily - OCONNOR, William 10-MAR-1836
LANDRUM, Nancy - BLACKLOCK, Edmond 30-AUG-1814
LANDRUM, Ruby - SCOTT, Daniel 12-JAN-1814
LANDRUM, Sally - JACKSON, Cesna 14-MAR-1819
LANDRUM, William Tom - FIELD, Elizabeth M 24-APR-1837
LANGLEY, Bartholemew - BURDEN, Jane 07-JAN-1837
LANGLEY, Clement - SUTTON, Jane 13-AUG-1835
LANGLEY, Susan - CLARK, Wilford 09-JAN-1839
LANHAM, Copinder - MCKINDLEY, William 06-APR-1825
LANHAM, Easter - DRAGOO, John 09-JAN-1809
LANHAM, Elias - WHITE, Anna 20-APR-1805
LANHAM, Henrietta - AUSTIN, William 29-MAR-1826
LANHAM, Hester - PEARSON, Thomas 20-APR-1825
LANHAM, John - HUGHES, Sally 12-JAN-1826
LANHAM, Lewis - PLUMER, Ann 25-DEC-1819
LANHAM, Polly - CAMPBELL, Andrew 08-SEP-1804
LANHAM, Rachel - NICHOLAS, Valentine 26-MAR-1812
LANSON, John - DAVIS, Betsy 29-JUN-1820
LAPP, John - TURNBAUGH, Nanny 24-DEC-1806
LARRELS, William - SPAGNER, Peggy 07-AUG-1817
LARRELS, William - SPRAGNER, Peggy 07-AUG-1817
LASHBROOK, John - BURTON, Rebecca 06-OCT-1826
LAWTON, Amanda M - MOSELEY, Robert 21-OCT-1840
LAWTON, Ann - DAVIS, Willis 09-AUG-1839
LAWTON, Caroline - MOSELEY, Daniel 12-DEC-1836
LAYMONDS, Jacob - WILSON, Sally 04-MAY-1835
LAYTON, Christine - MYERS, Thomas 10-MAY-1811
LEACH, Altha - TAYLOR, Septimus 18-DEC-1828
LEACH, Elizabeth - COX, James 13-MAY-1806
LEACH, Elizabeth - ILER, Jacob 28-SEP-1813
LEACH, Ellen - HOCKER, John B 26-NOV-1834
LEACH, James - TAYLOR, Rebecca 23-DEC-1823
LEACH, John - TAYLOR, Martha 30-MAR-1835
LEACH, Joseph - MILLER, Atha 04-MAY-1819
LEACH, Leonard - COLE, Mary 04-FEB-1824
LEACH, Martha Ann - COLEMAN, Martin 25-FEB-1840
LEACH, Miranda - COX, Thomas 24-DEC-1829
LEACH, Nancy - LEACH, William 21-DEC-1813
LEACH, Nancy - TAYLOR, Ignatius Pigman 13-OCT-1825
LEACH, Polly - PEAK, Hezekiah 13-AUG-1816
LEACH, Sally - GENTRY, James 02-FEB-1835
LEACH, Sarah - GALLOWAY, Adam 20-NOV-1811
LEACH, Sarah - ILER, John 22-SEP-1818
LEACH, Sarah - WOOLEY, Richard 03-OCT-1832
LEACH, Susannah - TAYLOR, Richard 08-APR-1834
LEACH, Talbert - AUSTIN, Margaret 25-MAR-1839
LEACH, William - ISLER, Polly 11-NOV-1811
LEACH, William - LEACH, Nancy 21-DEC-1813
LEACH, William - TAYLOR, Jane 31-JAN-1804
LEACH, William - THOMAS, Mary Ann 15-JUN-1840
LEAF, Jane - NEWTON, Isaac 29-DEC-1836
LEAH, Sarah - ILER, John 22-SEP-1818
LEATHERMAN, Jane - ALLEN, Henry 28-FEB-1821
LEATHERMON, Polly - EVANS, Hatfield 26-MAR-1821
LEDDINGTON, Nancy - GREENWOOD, Walcott 21-JUL-1816
LEDDINGTON, Nancy - HOCKER, Philip 04-MAR-1816
LEDDINGTON, Polly - UNDERWOOD, James 20-APR-1826
LEE, Abner - ADAMS, Sally 19-MAY-1807
LEE, Abner - BARNETT, Margaret 22-FEB-1810
LEE, Ann - SHULTZ, Charles 25-MAY-1820
LEE, Jesse - TAYLOR, Hannah 28-AUG-1808
LEE, Polly - SANDS, James 18-APR-1820
LEE, Sally Mrs - NARCARRON, John 20-JUL-1805
LEE, Samuel - GOLDSMITH, Elizabeth 21-OCT-1824
LEE, Samuel - MORAND, Nancy 10-JUL-1830
LEE, Sarah - WEST, Littleton 24-SEP-1801
LEE, Talbert - BROWN, Jane 29-SEP-1835
LEGGIT, William - RAYMOND, Betty 03-DEC-1812
LEMON, Amy - STORM, Peter 18-MAR-1804
LEMON, John - ROGERS, Sarah 01-OCT-1807
LEMON, John - ROGERS, Sarah 09-NOV-1807
LENHAM, Elizabeth - LEWELLAN, John 1820
LEWALLEN, Hannah - HENDRICKS, Harrison 27-FEB-1814
LEWALLEN, Samuel - WHITE, Elizabeth 15-AUG-1805
LEWELL, James - WYLES, Polly 05-FEB-1817
LEWELL, Jobish - MIDKIFF, Peggy 10-AUG-1817
LEWELL, Samuel - ILER, Sally 20-FEB-1812
LEWELLAN, Jacob - ROCKERBY, Eliza 21-MAY-1816
LEWELLAN, Jobish - TAYLOR, Sally 22-OCT-1826
LEWELLAN, John - CAMPBELL, Martha 17-SEP-1810
LEWELLAN, John - LENHAM, Elizabeth 1820
LEWELLAN, Josiah - THOMAS, Jane 23-OCT-1819
LEWELLEN, Martha - BARNETT, Jacob 27-AUG-1812
LIGHTFOOT, Pendleton - CROWE, Caroline 21-FEB-1832
LIKENS, Rosanna - GARY, Elijah 22-DEC-1834
LIKENS, Sally - AUBREY, Benjamin 01-FEB-1836
LIKENS, Thomas - FORD, Dolly 10-DEC-1838
LIMER, Ally - HODGES, John 03-OCT-1818
LEY, Daniel - MCGILL, Sally on 08-AUG 809
LINDLEY, Elizabeth - BARRETT, Thomas 27-JUN-1840
LINDLEY, Elizabeth Jane - TICHENOR, Haron 05-SEP-1838
LINDLEY, Margaret - BENNETT, Chas 23-DEC-1835
LINDLEY, Mary - CONDIT, Uzal 01-NOV-1832
LINDSEY, Samuel - WILLIAMS, Elizabeth 25-OCT-1820
LINDSEY, Thomas - SIX, Catherine 12-MAR-1821
LINDSEY, William - ASHBY, Rebecca 22-APR-1819
LINER, Ally - HODGES, John 03-OCT-1818
LINN, Jacob - PARKER, Peggy 12-FEB-1810
LINN, James - ARMSTRONG, Polly 15-MAY-1810
LITTLE, David - ASHBY, Polly 15-JAN-1808
LITTLE, Thomas - GOLD, Nancy 25-DEC-1807
LOGAN, Sally - HENDERSON, Henry 01-JAN-1823
LOGSTON, Philip - BRYANT, Amelia 29-APR-1840
LONEY, James - BROWN, Ann 29-MAY-1821
LONEY, John - BROWN, Judy 18-AUG-1821
LOYAL, Leticia - BRANDON, Robert 23-SEP-1827
LUCAS, Elizabeth - WOODWARD, William 23-FEB-1836
LUCAS, Ingram - MOORE, Eliza Jane 19-OCT-1840
LUCAS, Polly - BROWN, James 30-MAR-1837
LUCAS, Sally - HENDRICKS, Samuel 16-MAY-1825
LUCAS, Samuel - STEWART, Mary 26-OCT-1815
LUE, John - MILTON, Nancy 18-APR-1822
LUGG, Joel - JAMES, Polly 28-FEB-1800
LYNN, Hannah - HOBBY, James 11-OCT-1811
LYNN, Hannah - HOBLY, James 11-OCT-1811
LYNN, Nancy - HANDLEY, John 03-FEB-1807
LYNN, Nathan - FORD, Harriet 04-NOV-1822
LYNN, Nathan - GENTRY, Eliza 17-OCT-1835
LYNN, William - WALLACE, Elizabeth 25-DEC-1826
MADDOX, Elizabeth - HIGGINS, Williams 01-DEC-1819
MADDOX, James - STEWART, Elizabeth 12-OCT-1833
MADDOX, John - RENDER, Amelia 01-JUL-1819
MADDOX, Joshua - COTTER, Nancy 05-SEP-1833
MADDOX, Mary Boyd - ROWE, Thomas 15-JUL-1836
MADDOX, Sally - SOUTHARD, Robert 06-DEC-1827
MADDOX, Samuel - WAKELAND, Harriet 03-SEP-1823
MADDOX, Thomas - SHEPHERD, Delilah 25-MAY-1840
MADDOX, William - HOOVER, Susan 12-NOV-1834
MADDOX, William - HOOVER, Susan 22-NOV-1834
MAGAN, Polly - TANNER, James 15-MAY-1835
MAHEURER, Frederick - ATTERBERRY, Eliza 18-SEP-1828
MAHEVRER, Frederic - ATTERBERRY, Eliza 18-SEP-1828
MAKIN, Isyphena - HUDSON, Edmund 12-OCT-1838
MALIN, Ann - JOHNSON, John 03-APR-1833
MALIN, Elizabeth - TICHENOR, Benj 23-DEC-1838
MALIN, Isaac - SHUTTY, Mary 12-SEP-1812
MALIN, Isaac - SHULTZ, Mary 12-SEP-1812
MALIN, John - ASKINS, Elizabeth 29-AUG-1812
MALIN, Lydia - STEWART, Carter 04-APR-1828
MALIN, Mariah - WILLIAMS, Samuel 06-MAR-1821
MALIN, Sarah - STEWART, William 17-SEP-1822
MALIN, Susannah - MOSELEY, Presby 17-FEB-1816
MALINDA, Beasley - ANDERSON, Henry 07-JAN-1838
MARLETTS, Mabel - AUSTIN, Philner 27-APR-1837
MARLIN, Bazil B - STEWART, Ann 17-SEP-1821
MARLOW, Anson - MARLOW, Nancy 18-OCT-1821
MARLOW, Mahala - GILMORE, Thomas 31-JAN-1827
MARLOW, Mary - RUSHER, Minor 19-JAN-1826
MARLOW, Nancy - MARLOW, Anson 18-OCT-1821
MARLOW, Thomas - ALBIN, Rebecca 25-NOV-1837
MARLOW, Tobias - HALL, Patsy 10-MAY-1831
MARLOWE, Eliza - HUFF, William 12-NOV-1835
MARLOWE, Thomas - ALBIN, Rebecca 25-NOV-1837
MARTIN, Anne - MEMVAIN, Lewis 27-JUL-1800
MARTIN, Anne - MENVAIN, Lewis 27-JUL-1800
MARTIN, Cela - STONE, Daniel W 21-NOV-1824
MARTIN, Elias - NEW, Nancy 04-JUN-1822
MARTIN, Hannah - HANKS, Charles 07-MAR-1822
MARTIN, Monroe - DODSON, Dolly 04-JAN-1827
MARTIN, Reuben - BRANDON, Polly 07-FEB-1828
MARTIN, Sally - MILAY, Thomas 22-AUG-1814
MARTIN, Sally - MILMAY, Thomas 22-AUG-1810
MARTWICK, Elizabeth - GALLOWAY, John 07-FEB-1806
MASON, Augustus - RENDER, Eliza 12-AUG-1839
MASON, Catherine - CHAPMAN, Ezekiel 15-OCT-1840
MASON, Elvira - DUKE, John 04-JUN-1831
MASON, John - JACKSON, Eliza 26-SEP-1808
MASON, Joseph - BURCH, Elenor 03-SEP-1825
MATHERSON, Nancy - FIRNEMAN, William 06-FEB-1810
MATTHEWS, Alfred - HUNTER, Nancy 21-DEC-1826
MATTHEWS, Alfred - POWERS, Eliza 05-MAR-1832
MATTHEWS, David - WILSON, Sarah 28-JUN-1809
MATTHEWS, George - MOORE, Elizabeth 04-JUN-1805
MATTHEWS, James - CRASH, Phebe 22-AUG-1810
MATTHEWS, James - CRASH, Phebe 22-AUG-1818
MATTHEWS, Lawson - HALL, Betsy 23-FEB-1829
MATTHEWS, Lusanna - HURTON, Caleb 04-JUL-1803
MATTHEWS, Mary - OVERTON, Jonathan 28-FEB-1814
MATTHEWS, Nancy - BURCH, Henley 09-NOV-1829
MATTHEWS, Samuel - MAXWELL, Nelly 05-SEP-1822
MATTHEWS, William - BROWN, Janet 22-AUG-1827
MATTOX, Susan - COLEMAN, Elisha 1826
MAXWELL, Hamilton - MEADOWS, Emeline 03-SEP-1838
MAXWELL, Nelly - MATTHEWS, Samuel 05-SEP-1822
MAXWELL, William - WILSON, Elizabeth 08-AUG-1831
MAY, Isaac - HAYNES, Susanna 03-FEB-1835
MCCARY, Mary Polly - CRAWFORD, Mason 10-FEB-1805
MCCLAIN, Matthew - BREVINS, Polly 27-APR-1809
MCCLURE, Thomas - PINKSTON, Nancy 26-APR-1813
MCCORMICK, Sally Young - WOOLEY, Jacob 05-NOV-1832
MCCREERY, Charles - CROWE, Ann 28-OCT-1811
MCCREERY, Slutina - MCGURY, G H 26-NOV-1829
MCCREERY, Vitula - DANIEL, Vivian 25-SEP-1836
MCCREY, Alexander - HARREL, Ann 23-MAR-1813
MCCROCKLIN, Sally - TAYLOR, Thomas 12-OCT-1826
MCCROCLIN, Dolly - WOODWARD, Ashford 12-FEB-1821
MCDANIEL, Collen - AVERY, Milly 12-JUL-1808
MCDANIEL, Gobel M - CARTER, Martha 15-NOV-1832
MCDANIEL, Jesse - ROBERTSON, Ann 18-NOV-1824 

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Thanks to Source:
Sue Barnett Gaumer