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February 24, 1838 - September 30, 1931

June 1, 1844 – February 7, 1903

James William Cox, the son of Thomas Jefferson Cox and Susannah Leach, grew up in Ohio County, Kentucky, as his father had done before him. His parents named their first son for his paternal and maternal grandfathers, James Cox and William Leach.  Family and friends mostly called James by the familiar nickname of “Jim.”  His paternal grandparents were James Cox and Elizabeth Leach; his maternal grandparents are believed to be William and Aley Leach, all of whom were among the first newcomers to Ohio County.  Tax records prove they arrived in the county in 1801, having migrated with other settlers from Maryland and Virginia to Kentucky, about three years after the county was first established, December 17, 1798.  Deed records provide additional proof of their entrance into the county. 

Kentucky became the fifteenth state to join the Union on June 1, 1792.  By the time James William Cox was born in 1838 at his parent’s home near Cromwell, Ohio County, the original thirteen states had been expanded to twenty-eight.  The U. S. population had grown from 3.9 million in 1792 to approximately 17.0 million.  Martin Van Buren was serving as the eighth President of the United States (1837-1841).   James Clark, a Whig, former lawyer and judge, was governor of Kentucky (1836-1839), known for creating the State Board of Education, and establishing a public school system in every county.


James Cox had an older sister and two younger brothers: Elizabeth Mary, born about 1832; Leonard Thomas, born May 3, 1843; and John T. B., born in 1848, died at age five of fever, November 4, 1853.  Little John Cox is buried at East Providence Cemetery, near the graves of his parents, Thomas Jefferson Cox and Susannah Miranda (Leach) Cox.

Elizabeth Mary Cox, the only sister of James Cox, married Allen W. P. Pool on January 27, 1851. Allen appears to be the son of Augustus P. and Susan Pool, found in the 1850 Breckenridge County, Kentucky census, where Allen was listed as thirty-four, born North Carolina.  Records are sparse for this man, other than a mortgage from Allen P. Pool to J. F. Paxton on two cows and ten head of hogs and furniture in the sum of $150.   This document is recorded in Deed Book M, page 6, in Ohio County court records. 

Elizabeth Mary and her husband had at least two known children, a daughter, Elvenure I. Pool, born in July 1853, and a son, L. S. Pool, born 1856, who, according to the death records of Ohio County, died August 12, 1857, of typhoid fever.  Because this family was not found in the 1860 census lends speculation that someone in the family may have been ill - perhaps with typhoid fever, since this seemed to be a commonly reported illness in Ohio County.  New cases were reported nearly every month in the Ohio County newspapers on a regular basis.  Deaths were reported frequently, especially among young children and older people.  Perhaps the census taker didn’t want to stop by to get a census report if he had heard there was illness in the home.  Possibly they were just skipped.  All spellings were investigated. 

No further record of Allen W. P. Pool, born 1816 in North Carolina, husband of Elizabeth Mary, has been discovered.  He is not to be confused with the older Allen P. Pool born in 1812 in Kentucky, who married Elizabeth Cox, daughter of James and Elizabeth (Leach) Cox on November 29, 1836.  Both men are shown in the 1850 census; the younger one in Breckenridge County, and the older man in Ohio County.

In the 1870 census, Eliza Pool, thirty-six, widow, and her daughter, Elvenure, age fifteen, were living at Pincheco, where Elizabeth Mary was shown with real estate valued at $150, probably the lot given to her by her father, Thomas Jefferson Cox. 

Elizabeth Mary, at age forty-seven, was last found in the 1880 census, living with her daughter, Elvenure, and son-in-law at Pincheco near Cromwell.   Her land boundaries were mentioned in several deeds after 1885, so she probably died sometime between 1885 and 1894 when her daughter moved to Indiana.  

As far as is presently known, only her daughter, Elvenure Pool lived to maturity.  She married James H. Maddox and over a period of twenty-nine years, they had eleven children, eight of whom lived to adulthood.  The Maddox family left Ohio County in 1894 and moved to Greene County, Indiana, where their last child was born in 1895.   It is believed they lived out their lives there.


When he was eighteen, Leonard Thomas Cox, younger brother of James, became a member of the Cromwell Home Guard, later mustered into the United States service as Company H, 17th Kentucky Infantry, on January 4, 1862, at Calhoun, Kentucky.  The Seventeenth was immediately placed on active service and took part in six major battles.  Leonard remained in service until his regiment was mustered out at Louisville three years and four months later on January 23, 1865. 

That same year Leonard T. Cox married Emma E. Iler on December 21, 1865.  They had three daughters, Ola T., who married L. C. Leach, Mary “Mollie,” who married Musker L. Heavrin, and Ada, who married Cicero Maxwell Heavrin.  L. T. Cox became a pharmacist and lived at Rosine for many years.  After Emma’s death in 1871, he married his second wife, Frances E. London on March 12, 1872, and they had five children, Arthur L., Elmer Oscar and Bertie (all three died young) and Carrie E. and Emmett.  Emmett died at eighteen.  “Fannie” died September 8, 1885, in Ohio County.  On July 3, 1887, Leonard Cox married Mattie B. Layton. 

            While still a pharmacist, Leonard began the study of medicine and after attending lectures at the Medical University of Louisville during 1883 and 1884, he became a physician.  He and Mattie moved to Daviess County where he practiced medicine until his death, June 21, 1906, at age sixty-three.  He and Mattie were buried in Elmwood Cemetery at Owensboro.


 Seasons and Working on the Farm

In 1838 when Jim Cox was born, it was an agrarian society.  Farming was the occupation of seventy percent of the families in America.  Jim Cox grew up working on his father’s farm and when he could, he attended school at Cromwell in between crops. No matter how early the chores started, whether dark clouds prevailed or a blazing sun shone down, there was always plenty to do around the Cox family homestead.  The family, like many others of that day, found a certain satisfaction in working the fertile soil and reaping its harvest.  

Usually, in February, Ohio County farmers were making use of any fair weather that came their way and were starting to farm again.  They were busy plowing for corn, sowing oats, buying their seeds, and getting ready for another year of farming with big preparations for a large crop.  Farmers who grew tobacco were hard at work burning plant beds and getting the burn beds ready for the new tobacco seeds.

How much tobacco Thomas Jefferson Cox produced on his farm, if any, is unknown, but he probably cultivated at least four or five acres, maybe more, to be sold for cash.  For some farmers, tobacco was a mainstay. 

The rewards of living and working on the farm were many – the taste of sweet cider, a herd of healthy cows, and reaping good crops. Of course, throughout the coming years, the Cox family experienced good times, hard times, and everything in between.

NOTE: This article is Part I of several.  It was written by Janice Cox Brown, an expert genealogy researcher whose ancestry is from Ohio County. Janice now lives in Texas. We thank her for her work and her desire to share her family research.

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JOHN H. JEWEL (sic) was born in Ohio County, Ky., near his present homestead. He is the son of David and Nancy (Freeman) Jewel, who were from Spencer County, and who were the parents of ten children. John H. began for himself at the age of twenty-one, farming; soon after he bought 105 acres unimproved, which he has increased until he now owns 211 acres, half under cultivation, and all fairly improved. February 8, 1866, Mr. Jewel was united in marriage with Louisa Nelson, which union has been blessed with four children: Willis B., Alice D., J. E., and Clemmie.  Mrs. Jewel is a member of the Baptist Church. Mr. Jewel is a Democrat and opposed to prohibitory liquor legislation.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

John Harrison Jewell was born 15 March 1843 and died 3 April 1925 at age 82 in Bells Run, Ohio County, and he is buried in Bell's Run Cemetery, which is located at the Bell's Run Baptist Church.

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THADDEUS S. JETT was born June 24, 1837, in Daviess County, Ky., and is a son of Richard C. Jett, a native of Statford County, Va.  Richard C. was twice married; his first wife, Lucy McCoy, a native of Virginia, bore him five children: William, John, Elizabeth (wife of James L. Estes), Harriet (wife of John P. Miller), and Jane (deceased wife of Richard Vaughan). His second wife was Susan Miller, born in Caroline County, daughter of William Miller, a Virginian also; her parents came to Kentucky, locating in Daviess County, when she was nine years old, where she was reared; there were twelve children by this second marriage, eight of whom lived to be grown and married, as follows: Thomas, married Miss Beavin; John, married Louisa Blincoe (Daviess); Richard, married Margaret C. Carter; Mary A., wife of L. M. Burnett; David W., married Miss M. E. Pate; Sallie, wife of William E. Haynes; Thaddeus S., married Mary E. Willis; and Joe married Rill Mosely. Subject's father first located in Daviess County; then in Hancock County, where he resided and farmed until his death, March 19, 1862. He and second wife were members of the Baptist Church, in which he held the office of deacon and moderator. For eight years he was sheriff of Daviess County, and also served as constable. His father, William Jett, was an officer in the Revolutionary war. He was twice married; subject's father was a son by his second wife, whose maiden name was Cole. Thaddeus was reared until fourteen years, of age in Daviess County, when his father moved to Hancock County where he stayed on the farm until nearly twenty years old, when he began for himself by working at the blacksmith trade twelve months. Then farmed, and continued to farm in Hancock County until 1873, when he moved to Ohio County, and located at Haynesville, and now lives in the house built by his wife's grandfather, John Haynes (better known as "Jack"), the first one in the town. He now owns forty acres where he now lives. February 29, 1872 he married Miss Mary E. Willis, sister of F. G. Willis, whose sketch is given elsewhere. They are the parents of three children: Mary H. (deceased), Emma, and David W.  Mr. Jett is a Baptist and his wife a Cumberland Presbyterian. He has served as constable. In politics he has been a life long Democrat, but lately a Prohibitionist, and works for the advancement of prohibition.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note:  Mr. Jett died in 1918 and is buried in the Haynesville Cemetery, Ohio County.  This cemetry is located near the Ohio County & Daviess County line, a little NW of Fordsville.

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A Connection with the Titantic

James H. Bracken and wife, Addie Greathouse

            James H. Bracken, Ohio County, has a unique story as he was one of the over 1500 people who perished in the sinking of the famous RMS Titanic in April of 1912. His body was lost at sea, so he has no place of burial and I don’t believe that there was ever a death certificate issued for him. James had a wife and a 160 acre land claim in Lake Arthur, New Mexico. There are various stories as to why he was in London, but the ships records stating that he had been residing in Southampton for about a month and that he was a stock man. Given his livelihood, I believe that meant live stock. His wife stated that he would have had about $3000-$4000 cash in his possession on his return home.

James H. Bracken
  • Born: 08 Sep 1882 in Beaver Dam, Ohio County, Kentucky
  • Married: Addie Greathouse about 1907 in Texas
  • Died: 15 Apr 1912
  • Age: 29 years, 7 months, 7 days
  • Buried: Lost at sea
  • Cause of Death: Ship wreck
  • Parents: William B. Bracken and Sarah A. Morris

Addie Greathouse

  • Born: 09 Jun 1881 in San Saba County, Texas
  • Married: James H. Bracken about 1907 in Texas
  • Died: 31 May 1969 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas
  • Age: 87 years, 11 months, 22 days
  • Buried: Rose Hill Cemetery in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas
  • Cause of Death: A Sudden Myocardial Infarction due to ASHD
  • Parents: Archibald Donahue Greathouse and Sarah Ann Jackson
I’m not sure what happened to Addie, but at the time of James’ death she was invalid with no hope of ever recovering. It seems as though her mother was tending to her needs while her husband was overseas. It is very sad to me that the informant on Addie’s death certificate was the Red Cross. It appears she died alone in a nursing home without family or friends. Most likely she was put there after her mother passed away or could no longer care for her as she needed.


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  9. Find A Grave Memorial# 64026190 – Addie C. Greathouse Bracken

Source:  Beth’s Blog

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REV. BENJAMIN P. JENKINS, pastor of Cane Run, Mt. Pleasant, Zion, and Pleasant Grove Churches, Ohio County, is the youngest child of B. S. Jenkins and Miss Elizabeth T. Humphrey, and grandson of John S. Jenkins, who immigrated to Glasgow, Ky., about 1790, where he remained but a short time when he removed to Daviess County; and from thence to Meade County, where he reared a large family — nine children, of whom B. S. Jenkins, the father of Rev. B. F. Jenkins, was the sixth. He had four children: Mrs. Kitty A. Williams; John H., now in Washington, Ark.; Mrs. Sally Dowell; and Rev. Mr. Jenkins, who was born in Meade County. He received a good common school education, to which, later in life, he added a knowledge of many of the higher branches, including sufficient Latin and Greek to enable him to read and translate the New Testament in the original. He began the work of the ministry under the direction of the Gasper River Association of the United Baptist Church in 1865. Although not a regular graduate of the schools, yet, by diligent reading and study, together with a strong physical development, and a well balanced mind, he has become an accurate and logical reasoner, a clear and forcible speaker and an eminently successful pastor. At the breaking out of the war he enlisted in Company D, Seventeenth Kentucky Volunteer Infantry (Federal), and followed the fortunes of the Army of the Cumberland through all its important campaigns in Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia, including the famous battles of Missionary Ridge, Chickamauga and Atlanta, doing his duty bravely for three years and four months. July 5, 1868, he was united in marriage with Elizabeth I. Arnold, second child of John H. and Altha Jane Arnold, the former of whom died August 15, 1874, leaving the widow and nine children. To Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins have been born six children: Susa E., born May 26, 1869; John A., September 4, 1871; Altha C., December 4, 1873; Laura D., August 7, 1876; Benjamin F., October 24, 1878; Broadus S., October 16, 1882. Mrs. Jenkins died October 17, 1882, and Mr. Jenkins married December 24, 1884, Miss Emma Miller, eldest daughter of J. C. and Frances Miller. She was born in Ohio County, March 14, 1857, and was educated in the common schools, and the seminary at Owensboro, Daviess County, to which place her parents removed in January, 1871. She has three sisters and two brothers, living with their parents. Besides Mr. Jenkins' labors in the ministry, he owns and manages a fine farm of 113 acres of land, well watered and timbered, three and one-half miles north of Cromwell.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note:  Benjamin Fulton Kenkins was born 22 May 1842 in Meade County, Kentucky and died 2 May 1932 in Springfield, Missouri, a few weeks short of age 90.  Note that the Perrin & Kniffin bio has his middle initial incorrect.

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EUGENE P. JAMES was born in Ohio County, Ky., May 27, 1844, and is a son of Samuel L. and Martha P. (Wand) James, the former of whom was a native of Ohio, and the latter of Butler County, Ky. Both were of English descent. Samuel L. James was educated and married in his native county, where in early life he learned the carpenter's trade, which he still continues to follow. In 1856 he removed to Muhlenburgh County, where he now resides. He and wife are members of the Christian Church. He is also a member of the Masonic fraternity. The ancestors of the James family in America, were among the first settlers near Jamestown, Va. When a young man, the grandfather of Samuel L. became attached to a young lady named Mosby, whom he married against his parents' wishes; immediately after marriage they immigrated to the wilds of Kentucky, and from them a large family have descended. Eugene P. James received a good education in youth. At the age of ten years he was employed a salesman in the general store of his grandfather, Wand, of Paradise, where he remained for six years. In September, 1861, he enlisted in Company I, Eleventh Kentucky Volunteer Infantry (Federal service), and served with that regiment in all its marches and engagements until December, 1864, when he was discharged by reason of the expiration of his term of service. He participated in the battle of Stones River and the siege of Knoxville, all the battles of the Atlanta campaign and many lesser engagements. After his return from the army he engaged in mining and was soon advanced to the position of general superintendent of Gen. Buell's works at Airdrie, Ky., where he remained for several years. He has also held the position of superintendent of various other mines. In 1878 he engaged in general merchandising at Airdrie, and in 1880, he removed the stock to Rockport, Ky., where he continued the business in company with his brother, P. W. James, until the 1st of January, 1885. They engaged in the tobacco manufacturing business in 1884, in connection with merchandising, but are now exclusively engaged in the former business. Mr. James was married, November 28, 1867 to Sarah P. Kimmel, a native of Muhlenburgh County, Ky. Two sons and one daughter have blessed their union. Mr. James belongs to no church, but was formerly a member of the I. 0. G. T., and is an earnest advocate of the temperance cause. In politics he is a Republican.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note:  It appears that Mr. James died 22 Dec 1913 in St. Margaret's Hospital, Montgomery, Alabama at age 70. He was referred to as Judge James.  His middle name is Powel or Powell. His wife, Sarah, died 26 Feb 1926 in Bowling Green, Kentucky at age 88.  It is thought that they are both buried in Morgantown.

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Misc. Bible Records

Bible record of George M. Allen family
G. M.  Allen was married to S. A.  Leach April 29 1865 (George Mathison Allen & Susan Ann 
G. M.  Allen was born Augsut 12, 1847
S. A.  Allen was born December 7, 1847 
Sibby Allen was born February 5, 1869
Lener Allen was born November 17, 1871 
Lizy Allen was born November 7, 1873
George Allen was born January 1, 1875
Mattie Allen was born March  7, 1876
Nelie Allen was born March 10, 1878
Luther Allen was born July 1, 1881
Odie Allen was born August 1, 1885
Vasti Allen was born October 5, 1887
Electa Mackeny died May 14, 1870
George Allen died January 12, 1881
Sibbie Allen died September 1894
Charles Minton died September 19, 1894
Mattie Minton died May 27, 1896
Albert Allen died August 7, 1870
Vasti Allen died July 20, 1888
Sibbie King died April 17, 1900
James M.  King died September 8, 1901
John Leach died May 14, 1906
Harrison Elder died December 21, 1909
G.  M.  Allen died July 7, 1913
Odie Ellis Allen died July 28, 1955

Bible record of BRATCHER, Monroe, Ohio Co.
This certifies that Monroe Bratcher and Angeline Flener were solemnly united by me in the 
bonds of holy matrimony at Flenerville on the 6 day of April in the year of our Lord One 
Thousand Eight Hundred and 78 conformably to the ordinance of God and the laws of the 
Roy Bratcher & Iva Barnes married December 24 1914
Monroe Bratcher born 15 March 1858
Angeline Bratcher born 19 September 1861
Eddie J. Bratcher born 2 April 1879
Salley M. Bratcher born 18 May 1881
Vioma Bratcher born 18 June 1883
Nettie B. Bratcher born 16 January 1885
Nevada Bratcher born 16 December 1886
Ivena Bratcher born 3 March 1888
Herbert B. Bratcher born 2 April 1890
Leona Bratcher born 15 October 1893
Rosey Bratcher born 5 May 1896
Roy Bratcher born May 5 1896
Iva Bratcher born July 15 1896
Rossie Bratcher born July 7 1919
Weldon Smith Bratcher born November 11 1923
Rosey Bratcher died 27 January 1897
Angeline Bratcher died 21 July 1901
Monroe Bratcher died 20 August 1901
Ivena Hill died 8 January 1909
Dead baby born/died November 16 1928
Salley Maddox died 2 November 1936
Roy Bratcher died 19 December 1941
Eddie J. Bratcher died 29 March 1945
Vioma Bratcher Williams died 3 December 1947
Nevada Bratcher Morris died 16 November 1957
Weldon Smith Bratcher died February 19 1958
Herbert B. Bratcher died 10 April 1965
Nettie Bratcher Ashby
Bible record of Barnard / Kimbley Family, Ohio Co., KY
Ezekiel V. Kimbley son of F. E. & E. B. Kimbley was borned in Muhlenberg Co., Ky.  On the 
4th of May 1817
Margaret Kimbley late daughter of J. S. & S. Graves was borned in Muhlenberg Co., Ky.  On 
the 6th July 1812
John Francis Kimbley first son of E. V. & M. Kimbley was borned April 11th 1841 in Ohio Co., 
Susan Easter Kimbley eldest daughter of E. V. & M. Kimbley was borned Feb 27th 1843 in 
Ohio Co., Ky.
William A. J. Kimbley second son of E. V. & M. Kimbley was borned the 31st March 1845 in 
Ohio Co., Ky.
Elizabeth Jane Kimbley second daughter of E. V. & M. Kimbley was borned the 21st March 
1848 in Ohio Co., Ky.
Jesse Kinchelo Kimbley third son of E. V. & M. Kimbley was borned on the 24th July 1850 
in Ohio Co., Ky.
Ezekiel Oliver Kimbley son of E. V. & M. Kimbley was born Nov 15th 1852
E. M. fifth son E. L. and K. Barnard was born Oct 9th 1899
W. D. Barnard 6th son of E. L. and K. Barnard was born Dec 12th 1902
Ezekeil Lonnie Barnard was born Jan 21st 1866
Ada Elizabeth Muir first daughter of B. and S. E. Muir was born July 7th 1866
Joseph Lee Muir first son of B. and S. E. Muir was born January 28th 1868
W. E. Muir second son of B. & S. E. Muir was born May 31st 1869
K. Barnard was born December 3rd 1864
Sallie Bertha third daughter of E. L. and K. Barnard was born Jan 12 1897
Susan Ann Barnard was born May 22nd 1870
W. R. Barnard first son of E. L. and K. Barnard was born April 17th 1884
B. A. Barnard first daughter of E. L. and K. Barnard was born March 23 1886
J. H. Barnard 2nd son of E. L. and K. Barnard was born Dec 20 1887
B. R. Barnard 3rd son of E. L. and K. Barnard was born April 3rd 1890
I. B. Barnard 2nd daughter of E. L. and K. Barnard was born March 20th 1892
R. A. Barnard 4th son of E. L. And K. Barnard was born March 22nd 1894
John Francis Kimbley first son of E. V. & M. Kimbley died Sept the 26th 1844 in Ohio Co., 
Ky. age 3 years 5 months a & 15 days
Jesse Kinchelo Kimbley third son of E. V. & M. Kimbley died August 17th 1858 in Ohio Co., 
Ky.  Age 8 years & 29 days
Susan E. Muir died Jan 21st 1870
Elizabeth J. Barnard died Jan 24th 1878
Ezekiel O. Kumbley fourth son of E. V. & M. Kimbley died December the 21 day the 1878
Ketrola Barnard wife of E. L. Barnard died Nov 8th 1908
J. H. Barnard 2nd son of E. L. & K. Barnard died 11 Feb 1911
Joseph Lee Muir first son of B. and S. E. Muir died February 21st 1868 
Wm. E. Muir second son of B. and S. E. Muir died September 17th 1870
Brentwood Muir died September the 15th the year 1879
Ada Elizabeth Muir first daughter of B. and S. E. Muir died June 28th 1880
Margaret Kimbley wife of E. V. Kimbley died July 12 the 1879
W. R. Barnard first son of E. L. and K. Barnard died May 5th 1887
W. D. Barnard 6th son of E. L. and K. Barnard died December 30th 1902
E. A. Barnard died July 25 1948
Ezekiel V. Kimbley and Margaret Graves his wife were married June 18th 1840
Wesley D. Barnard & Elizabeth J. Kimbley were married June 21st 1864
Brentwood Muir & Susan E. Kimbley were married July 23rd 1865
William A. J. Kimbley & Nancy J. Morehead were married Nov 26th 1865
E. V. Kimbley and Elisabeth Maddox was married May the 1 the 1883
E. L. Barnard and Kitrola Carter his wife were married May 9th 1883
E. A. Barnard and Lillian W. Parrish were married Sept 11, 1911
Davisson Family Bible, 1785-1873, Ohio Co., KY
Parents Record.
Father:  Stephen Davisson was Born January 15th A.D. 1785 and died June the 12, 1859 
age 74years 4 months 27 days
Mother Lucy Davisson was Born October 13th A.D. 1785 and died may the 8 1873 age 
87 years six months 21 days
Leroy Davisson was born June 27th 1809
Elizabeth J. Davisson was born May 30th 1812
Huldah Ann Davisson was born Jan 3rd 1815
Nathaniel N. Davisson was born March 25th 1817
Mary H. Davisson was born Nov 23 1819
Marthany Ann Davisson was born Feb 22nd 1822
Lucy C. Davisson was born Sept 24th 1824
George W. Davisson was born Jan 26 1827
Phana N. Davisson was born Nov 12 1829
Susan Y. Davisson was born April 30, 1832
Stephen Davisson Lucy Neighbours was married September 1st 1808
Leroy Davisson and Elizabeth H. Felts was married March 2nd 1835
Huldah Ann Davisson and Thornbery G. Anderson was married Sept 20th 1838
Mary H. Davisson and John T. Neighbours was married Mar 10th 1841
Marthany Ann Davisson and Mathew Gidcumb was married Nove  1844
Elizabeth J. Davisson and William Neighbours was married May 8th 1845
Phana N. Davisson and Humphrey Brooks was married Dec 6th 1849
George W. Davisson and Mariah Wedding was married Dec. 26 1849
Susan Davisson and Washington Wedding was married Sept 8 1853
Nathan N. Davisson Died Jan 11th 1845, Age 28 years 9 months 18 days
Elizabeth H. Davisson Died March the 4th 1847, Age 41 years 7 months 7 days
Elizabeth J. Neighbours Died Nov. 29 1848, Age 36 years 5 mo 29 days
Susan Y. Wedding Died April 23, 1895, Age 62 years 11 mo. 23 days
Marthany Ane Gidcumb died March the 26th 1863, Age 41 years 1 month 4 days
Lucy C. Davisson Died June 13, 1871 age 46 years, 8 mo 20 days
This family was from Buckingham Co., Va. and settled in Butler, Warren and finally Ohio 
Co., Kentucky
Wedding, Thomas; 1854-1960 – Fordsville, Ohio Co., KY
 Thos. S. Wedding was borned Oct 9 1860
 Sarah C. Lloyd was borned Oct 1st 1868
 T.H. Medcalf born March 4 1854     
  Edgar Ellis Wedding was borned July 12th 1891
  Olga Thomas Wedding was borned June 10th 1893
  Mary Cecil Wedding was borned Feb 4th 1896
  Ollie Young Wedding was borned June 19th 1897
  Margaret E. Medcalf born Jan 14 1919
  Olga Thomas Wedding died Aug 8th 1894
  Mary Cecil Wedding died Sept 1st 1896
  Thomas S. Wedding died Dec 14 1898
  Henry Lloyd died Aug. 11 1935
  Thomas Henry Medcalf died June 11 1938, Died at five thirty
  Ollie Young Wedding Died June 29 1954, 57 yrs. old
  Sarah Catherine Lloyd Wedding Medcalf died Mary 27, 1957, 3 AM 
    Mobile, Alabama, Little Sisters of the Poor - 88 yrs old
  Edgar Ellis Wedding, Sr. died Oct 29 1960 (Sat) 5 o'clock PM.
    Buried Mon. Oct 31st 1960 with Requiem Mass at 11 AM age 69
  Thos. S. Wedding & Sarah C. Lloyd was married June 10th 1888
  Thos. H. Medcalf & Sarah C. Wedding was married Mar 4 1909

Source:  Helen Mckeown

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JAMES B. IGLEHART was born in Ohio County, September, 28, 1842, and is a son of Henry D. and Amelia A. (Bennett) Iglehart, both natives of Ohio County, and of German and English descent, respectively. Henry D. Iglehart was married in his native county soon after attaining his majority, and soon after that event he removed to Daviess County, Ky., where he bought a farm, and resided for some three years. He then returned to Ohio County, and bought a farm near Point Pleasant, upon which he still resides. He is, and has been from early life, a member of the United Baptist Church. Mrs. Amelia A. Iglehart departed this life about 1852. She had been from her girlhood days a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. James B. Iglehart received a fair common school education in youth, and was employed on his father's farm until nineteen years old. In October, 1861, he enlisted in Company G, Seventeenth Kentucky Volunteer Infantry (Federal service), and served with that regiment in all its marches and engagements until April, 1862, when he was discharged on account of disability. He participated in the battles of Fort Henry, Fort Donelson, Shiloh, as well as other lesser engagements. After his return from the army he bought a partially improved farm of 110 acres near Point Pleasant, upon which he is successfully engaged in agricultural pursuits, having until recently made the culture of tobacco a specialty. For the past three years he has also been engaged in buying tobacco for L. M. Patterson, of Point Pleasant. The farm is now one of the best improved places in the county. He was married, November 15, 1863, to Premlia J. Humphrey, also a native of Ohio County, Ky. Mr. Iglehart and wife are members of the General Baptist Church, in which he has been for several years a trustee. In politics he is a Democrat.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note: James B. Iglehart died 17 Dec 1926 in Point Pleasant, Ohio County and is buried in the Iglehart Cemetery, Ohio County.

REV. BENJAMIN T. IGLEHEART was born in Ohio County, Ky., February 17, 1835, and is a son of Jacob H. and Anna (Tichenor) Igleheart, the former of whom was a native of Baltimore, Md., and the latter of Ohio County, Ky. At about the age of twelve, Jacob H. came with his parents to Ohio County, Ky., where his father, Jacob Igleheart, Sr., bought wild land in the southwest part of the county on the Green River, and subsequently improved a farm, upon which he resided until his death. Jacob H. received such an education in youth as could be obtained at the schools of the Kentucky frontier. After attaining his majority he bought wild land near the old home place, and improved a farm, upon which he resided for some time — ten or twelve years. He then bought the farm of his father-in law on Walton's Creek, same county, and took care of his father and mother-in-law until their deaths. There he resided until his death, which occurred in 1876. He and wife were from early youth, devoted and consistent members of the General Baptist Church, in which church he was a regularly ordained minister for more than twenty-five years; he was also a member of the Masonic fraternity. Rev. Benjamin T. Igleheart received a fair common school education in youth, and was employed on his father's farm until he attained his majority, after which he was engaged in buying tobacco for some four or five years. He then bought wild land on the Green River, where he improved the farm upon which he now resides, and where he has since been extensively and successfully engaged in agricultural pursuits. He was first married in 1860, to Miss Matilda C. Patterson, a native of Bullock County, Ky. To this union were born five children — four of whom are yet living. Mrs. Matilda C. departed this life in 1874. She was a devoted member of the General Baptist Church. Mr. Igleheart was again married, in 1876, to Mrs. Lucy A. (Tichenor) Tichenor, a native of Ohio County, Ky. One daughter, Eunice, has blessed their union. Mr. Igleheart and wife are devoted members of the General Baptist Church, in which church he has been a regularly ordained preacher for the past five years. In politics he is a Democrat, and is one of the enterprising and successful farmers and citizens of the county.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note:  Benjamin Tolbert Iglehart died 5 Dec 1912 in Ohio County and is buried in Equality Cemetery, Ohio County.

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CHARLES W. HUSSEY was born in Princeton, Ind., May 18, 1826. At the age of seventeen he removed to Louisville, Ky., where he completed his education, and learned his trade — blacksmithing. His parents were Richard and Effie (Mills) Hussey; the former was born in 1790, and the latter in 1791. His great-grandfather was English and lived until his one hundred and twenty-seventh year, and his paternal grandmother died at the age of one hundred and five. Our subject is the ninth of a family of thirteen children, whose names are as follows: Elbridge M., died in California; Julia Ann, residing at Winslow, Ind. (wife of James MeConnell); Zachariah (deceased); James (deceased); George Buell (deceased); Alexander Hamilton (a mill owner at Caney, Grayson County); John Hubbard; Clara (wife of Samuel Beasley); Charles W. (our subject); Elizabeth Ann; Richard Perry; Eifie Louisa (wife of James Mannon). Richard Hussey was intelligent and industrious and died April 13, 1851. His mother died in 1842. Charles W. Hussey was married December 31, 1850, to Miss Frances J. Mahoney, daughter of Benjamin and Jane Frances (White) Mahoney. She is the youngest of seven children — three of whom are now living. Mrs. Hussey was born in the county of Knox, Ind., April 4, 1830. Her parents were natives of Kentucky, and only resided in Indiana three years, where her father died in 1832. Her mother died in Kentucky in 1876. Mr. and Mrs. Hussey are the parents of five children: Alpha Lee, born April 22, 1864 and the wife of R. R. Condiff; James Austin, born January 16, 1866; Stonewall Jackson, born March 16, 1868; John C. Breckinridge, born June 14, 1869; and Keziah H., born November 16, 1871. Mr. Hussey has met with marked success in all his life work, both financially and otherwise. Besides a large, beautiful and commodious home in the town of Buford, he is the owner of a fine tract of 280 acres of land in two farms. In addition to this, he has a large amount of other valuable property. He and his family are members of the Baptist Church. He takes a deep interest in temperance and in the education of his children. Is a Democrat in politics and a useful member of society.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note:  Charles Wellington Hussey died 30 Aug 1909 in Ohio County and is buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery, Buford, Ohio County.