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EUGENE P. JAMES was born in Ohio County, Ky., May 27, 1844, and is a son of Samuel L. and Martha P. (Wand) James, the former of whom was a native of Ohio, and the latter of Butler County, Ky. Both were of English descent. Samuel L. James was educated and married in his native county, where in early life he learned the carpenter's trade, which he still continues to follow. In 1856 he removed to Muhlenburgh County, where he now resides. He and wife are members of the Christian Church. He is also a member of the Masonic fraternity. The ancestors of the James family in America, were among the first settlers near Jamestown, Va. When a young man, the grandfather of Samuel L. became attached to a young lady named Mosby, whom he married against his parents' wishes; immediately after marriage they immigrated to the wilds of Kentucky, and from them a large family have descended. Eugene P. James received a good education in youth. At the age of ten years he was employed a salesman in the general store of his grandfather, Wand, of Paradise, where he remained for six years. In September, 1861, he enlisted in Company I, Eleventh Kentucky Volunteer Infantry (Federal service), and served with that regiment in all its marches and engagements until December, 1864, when he was discharged by reason of the expiration of his term of service. He participated in the battle of Stones River and the siege of Knoxville, all the battles of the Atlanta campaign and many lesser engagements. After his return from the army he engaged in mining and was soon advanced to the position of general superintendent of Gen. Buell's works at Airdrie, Ky., where he remained for several years. He has also held the position of superintendent of various other mines. In 1878 he engaged in general merchandising at Airdrie, and in 1880, he removed the stock to Rockport, Ky., where he continued the business in company with his brother, P. W. James, until the 1st of January, 1885. They engaged in the tobacco manufacturing business in 1884, in connection with merchandising, but are now exclusively engaged in the former business. Mr. James was married, November 28, 1867 to Sarah P. Kimmel, a native of Muhlenburgh County, Ky. Two sons and one daughter have blessed their union. Mr. James belongs to no church, but was formerly a member of the I. 0. G. T., and is an earnest advocate of the temperance cause. In politics he is a Republican.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note:  It appears that Mr. James died 22 Dec 1913 in St. Margaret's Hospital, Montgomery, Alabama at age 70. He was referred to as Judge James.  His middle name is Powel or Powell. His wife, Sarah, died 26 Feb 1926 in Bowling Green, Kentucky at age 88.  It is thought that they are both buried in Morgantown.

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