Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Leaving for California for about a week.  Next post should be Sept 2.

Mary E. Ford

 Mary E. (Johnston) Ford applied for a pension based on her husband's service in the Confederate army. Her husband was Dudley Ford, born 27 Nov 1844 - died 14 March 1912, Ohio County.  Sgt. Dudley Ford is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Hartford.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


HENRY S. METCALF, Ohio County, was born in the Precinct at Hines' Mill, near Rough Creek, March 22, 1821. His father, John Metcalf, was a man of great energy, and was by occupation a farmer. He died January 28, 1884, at the age of eighty years. His mother, whose maiden name was Charlotte Smith, a lady of fine culture and very industrious, died in 1854. They had amassed some property, and before the war, had owned a large family of colored people. They had nine children — seven daughters and two sons — of whom Mr. Metcalf is the third. His education in school was somewhat limited, but he has learned from observation and experience, and is a fine business man. He has been married three times; first in 1853, to Martha Mitchell, who died in 1855; second to Cordelia Phipps, who died in 1861, and he was last married April 21, 1867, to his present wife, Amelia C. Miller, youngest daughter of Joseph Miller, of Ohio County. She was born July 29, 1843. They have six children: Eulia C, John H., Maggie M., Charlotte, Abbie, and Rose B.  Mr. Metcalf enlisted, in 1862, in Gano's Squadron of Texas Cavalry, and was captured in Morgan's raid and imprisoned at Louisville, at Pomeroy, and afterward at Camp Chase, Ohio, from which place he was sent to Camp Douglas, where he made his escape. He was first lieutenant under Gen. Lyons, and served until the close of the war. He was one of the most active and brave soldiers in the confederate army.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

I searched for this man and have not been able to find anything about him. I tried Medcalf with no success.  Looked on Findagrave & for military records, etc. with no success.  Bit of a mystery.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


I found two articles in the Hartford Herald about the eclipse of 1900.  One was written a few days before and one a few days after.  

23 May 1900

30 May 1900

Saturday, August 12, 2017

James S. Chinn

James S. Chinn applied for a pension in 1912 for his service with the Confederate Army.  Mr. Chinn died in 1914 in Beaver Dam and is buried in Sunnyside Cemetery.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Nancy Caroline (Nash) Reid

Nancy Caroline "Callie" (Nash) Reid was born 10 Feb 1851 in Salem, Livingston County, Kentucky. She married Lycurgus T. Reid in 1872 and they lived in Cromwell, Ohio County.  Following her husbands death she applied for a pension based on his service in the Confederate Army.  Nancy died in 1939 and is buried in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Leach Reunion 1936

Thanks to Linda Solger for furnishing this photo (taken in 1936) and doing so much work to identify many of the people in the photo.  There are a few unidentified people and we are hoping one of you can help us find the names of those Linda has been unable to identify.

In my opinion (my guess) this photo is of the extended family of Leonard Luther Leach (1878 - 1953) and wife, Dora G. Flener Leach (1883 - 1942) shown as # 34 and 35 below. They had three sons and no daughters: Corby Leach, who died an infant; Sherrill Leach (1912 - 1965) # 12 below; and Cosby D. Leach (1917 - 1996) # 2 below.  At the time of this photo, Leonard Luther and Dora had no grandchildren.

Leonard Luther Leach had four siblings: First - Lewis Herbert Leach, who died before this photo was made; Second - Suzanna Jane Leach, who married Herschel Thomas Porter, and they had five children: Mabel Charles Porter, Martin Leonard Porter, Martha (Mattie) Angeline Porter (md Cecil Wayne Leach) [# 24 and 38 in photo], Herbert McHenry Porter and Nancy Corrine Porter; Third -  James Henry Leach (1870 - 1945) who married Susan Mary Jones (1873 - 1917) [one child, Hinton Taylor Leach 1899 - 1988 who md Gladys T. Bennett # 25 below] and next married  Zella May Hall (1880 - 1970) # 29 below; and Fourth -  Charles Arthur Leach (1873 - 1934) who married Lula Bell Arnold (1877 - 1898) [one child, Arthur Lee Leach 1896 - 1943 and next married  Joanna Hughes (1884 - 1960) {eight children).

My guess is that the other people in the photo are cousins of Leonard Luther Leach. Perhaps some are more directly related to his wife, Dora Flener.

Below the photo are the names identified by Linda Solger.

BACK ROW, L to R:  1. unknown,  2. Cosby D. Leach (1917-1996),   3. unknown,   4. Lois Leach,  5.  Ruby Leach,  6. unknown,   7. unknown,   8. unknown,   9.  unknown,   10. unknown,   11. unknown,   12. Sherril Leach,  13. David Parks

3rd ROW, L to R:  14. unknown,   15. unknown,   16. Wendall Leach,   17. unknown,   18. unknown, 19. Nannie Jones, 20. Willie Parks,  21. Frances Jones,   22. unknown,   23. Herbert "Jack" Porter (1900 - 1977),   24. Cecil Wayne Leach (1893 - 1962)

2nd ROW, L to R:  25. Gladys Bennett Leach (1904 - 1991),  26. Sue Lois Leach (1936 - ),  27. Hinton Taylor Leach (1899 - 1988),  28. James Henry [Hinton?] Leach (1928 - 2012),  29. Zella Mae Nall (1880 - 1970),  30. James Henry Leach 1870 - 1945),  31. unknown,  32. unknown,  33.  unknown , 34. Leonard Luther Leach (1878 - 1953),   35. Dora Flener Leach (1883 - 1942),  36. Artie Porter, holding  37. Jackie Porter ,  38. Mattie Leach (Martha Angeline Porter Leach 1895 - 1978) holding 39. Agnes Patricia Leach (1930 - )

FRONT ROW, L to R:  40. unknown,  41. unknown,  42. unknown,  43. unknown,  44. Betty Leach,  45. Rae Leach,  46. Glenn Leach,  47. Bobby Leach , 48. unknown

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

John S. Jackson

John S. Jackson applied for a pension for his service in the Confederate Army; his application is dated April, 1912.  John died in Bartlett, Ohio County in January 1916.