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Jan 18, 1881 – Hartford Herald

Jan 18, 1881 – Hartford Herald

To Editor of The Herald:

  Would a few items from our "town on the hill" be objectionable?  We do not wish to supercede "Cully," yet we think Cromwell should be occasionally at least represented in its county paper.

  Our town has a very good trade from the adjacent territory, a first class steam grist mill and a distillery, which affords a medium for the disposal of all the surplus corn produced in the rich Green River bottoms.  Besides this, there will be, I suppose, three firms engaged in the tobacco business - Daniel Bros., W. G. Tilford and Thos. Gilstrap.  While these things are moving on, Mr. A. K. Leach will distribute letters and groceries, Newton & Taylor deal out drugs and medicines, Joe Kath, Charlie Montague and Thos. Gilstrap handle the yard-stick, and Mrs. Coleman and Burden repair plows, wagons and buggies.  So we all move along easily and gracefully on "the even tenor of our way."

  Prof. Harper, ably assisted by his wife, closes his school in a few weeks. We should, by all means, have a Spring term, and it is high time for the patrons to begin agitating the question, as they have to do that in at least a month. 

  Mr. I. Mendel, formerly of this place, but now of Russelville, has been in town a few days on business.  He has, I learn, disposed of his town property to Dr. Vega Berry, who will shortly take his residence among us. We bid you welcome, Doctor.

  Miss Lillie Paxton is visiting relatives near Rosine.  Mr. Field Leach is quite ill with pnuemonia, and Mr. Dick Wise, who was confined with the same disease, is convalescent. As there has been so much changeable weather, and much exposure of the people, a great amount of sickness is anticipated.

  Madame Rumor contemplates several weddings shortly. We hope to be remembered with a piece of cake. We wish something in that order would occur to destroy the monotony of things. ---Superb" ... 

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