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Aug 1799 – Dec 1840

Note:  This data appears to be double indexed, both with Groom first and Bride first.  I have not checked to see if that is consistent throughout. You will see some entries twice with slight variations; this is because all of this data is found in old journals & written in longhand (cursive) and is very difficult to read, so the transcriber made two entries because it could be interperted in either form.  I think the best way to search this data is to search using your various surnames, using the search feature of your browser or copy the data and create a Word document and use that search feature. 

ABNER, Edward - WATSON, Elizabeth 31-DEC-1806
ACKER, William - HARRIS, Sally 05-MAR-1813
ACTON, America - ARDELL, James 20-MAR-1828
ACTON, Francis - CASEY, Catherine 26-NOV-1840
ACTON, Francis - CASEY, Didamah 23-JAN-1839
ADAMS, John - WILSON, Mary Jane 09-DEC-1839
ADAMS, Sally - LEE, Abner 19-MAY-1807
ADDINGTON, Dorcas A - DUKE, Thomas 28-MAR-1837
ADDINGTON, Henry - BARNARD, Dorcas 01-DEC-1799
ADDINGTON, Jemima - COLEMAN, Henry 11-DEC-1835
ADDINGTON, Joshua - COOPER, Sally 28-JUL-1828
ADDINGTON, Joshua - INGLEHEART, Sally 07-OCT-1834
ADDINGTON, Sally - CAIN, John 05-MAR-1830
ADLE, Margaret - ROBERTS, Willis 28-JUN-1814
ADLE, Nancy - MEEKS, Hardin 05-OCT-1829
ALBIN, Joshua - COX, Polly 11-MAR-1835
ALBIN, Malinda - BEASLEY, Robert 28-SEP-1828
ALBIN, Polly - WILSON, John 05-APR-1823
ALBIN, Rebecca - MARLOW, Thomas 25-NOV-1837
ALBIN, Rebecca - MARLOWE, Thomas 25-NOV-1837
ALIN, Elizabeth - DUVALL, Benjamin 19-FEB-1820
ALLEN, Alfred - HARLONG, Matilda 31-JAN-1840
ALLEN, Alfred  - MITALDA, Jarlong 31-JAN-1840
ALLEN, Henry - LEATHERMAN, Jane 28-FEB-1821
ALLEN, Mahala - STEVENS, Joshua 13-JAN-1838
ALLEN, Mary - MOSELEY, Robert 16-SEP-1823
ALLEN, Milly - COOPER, Wesley 22-SEP-1831
ALLEN, Nathan - WEBB, Titha 03-MAY-1829
ALLEN, Usa - CAMPBELL, Abagaile 18-JUL-1822
ALLEN, William - HUSTON, Ann 08-FEB-1813
ALLEN, William - WILSON, Rhoda 04-JUL-1831
ALM, James - HODDEN, Rosey 21-MAY-1808
ALPHINE, Sutton - TAYLOR, Martha 23-AUG-1810
AMBROSE, Henry - CROWE, Eliza 30-AUG-1836
AMBROSE, Jacob - JAMES, Mariah 18-JUN-1823
AMBROSE, John - HOOVER, Sally 28-JUL-1828
AMBROSE, Lewis - CHAPMAN, Frances 18-APR-1833
AMBROSE, Michael - WARD, Delilah 18-MAR-1840
AMBROSE, Samuel - DUKE, Polly 28-JUN-1832
ANDERSON, Amos - HATCHER, Elizabeth 05-FEB-1820
ANDERSON, Anna - DEWEESE, Benjamin 25-JUN-1802
ANDERSON, Athel - BYERS, Margaret 08-JAN-1810
ANDERSON, Elizabeth - BROWN, Jonathan 18??
ANDERSON, Hannah - BROWN, Henry 19-JAN-1803
ANDERSON, Henry - BEASLEY, Malinda 07-JAN-1838
ANDERSON, Henry - MALINDA, Beasley 07-JAN-1838
ANDERSON, John - GARDNER, Fanny 07-MAR-1817
ANDERSON, Mary - CROWE, Jesse 01-OCT-1814
ANDERSON, Nelson - GLENN, Martha 17-DEC-1808
ANDERSON, Patsy - DEXTER, Joseph 20-DEC-1825
ANDERSON, Peggy - BRACHER, Thomas 22-APR-1810
ANDERSON, Sarah - SMITH, Joseph 19-APR-1813
ANDSEY, Emilie - WHITE, Lewis 19-AUG-1831
ARCHIBALD, Nancy - MOSELEY, Robert C 10-JAN-1837
ARDELL, James - ACTON, America 20-MAR-1828
ARMSTRONG, Polly - LINN, James 15-MAY-1810
ARMSTRONG, Thomas - HEAD, Polly 08-AUG-1832
ARNOLD, Amanda - DANIEL, Brockel 03-DEC-1832
ARNOLD, John - JACKSON, Catherine 02-DEC-1818
ARNOLD, William-  MILLER, Amanda 12-JAN-1835
ASHBY, Charlotte - HEDGES, James 23-OCT-1806
ASHBY, David - ROWE, Elizabeth 25-MAR-1812
ASHBY, Fronie - WILLIAMS, Evan 14-MAR-1807
ASHBY, George - ROWE, Elizabeth Crowe 13-SEP-1836
ASHBY, Horiteo - FIELD, Hannah 28-MAR-1804
ASHBY, Jesse - INGLEHEART, Elizabeth 22-MAR-1830
ASHBY, Katy - ROSS, Ervin 05-SEP-1804
ASHBY, Peter - ROWE, Sally 07-AUG-1817
ASHBY, Polly - LITTLE, David 15-JAN-1808
ASHBY, Polly - MCNEELY, Ezekiel 30-SEP-1819
ASHBY, Rebecca - LINDSEY, William 22-APR-1819
ASHBY, Rebecca - WILLIAMS, Warden 25-SEP-1839
ASHBY, Sanford - BELL, Mary R 02-APR-1839
ASHBY, Susannah - HOCKER, John B 10-DEC-1831
ASHBY, Tanna - HASKINS, Charles 09-DEC-1836
ASHBY, Tanner - MILLER, Elizabeth Ann 30-JUN-1836
ASHBY, Warren - HEDGES, Mary 18-FEB-1807
ASHBY, William - ROWE, Nancy 29-MAR-1816
ASHLEY, Elizabeth - COFFEE, Philip 29-DEC-1813
ASHLEY, Jesse - INGLEHEART, Eliza 27-JUN-1800
ASHLEY, Thomas - COLEMAN, Catherine 18-JUN-1806
ASKINS, Elizabeth - MALIN, John 29-AUG-1812
ATHERTON, Aaron - HOOVER, Millie 21-MAR-1819
ATHERTON, Amelia - HUGHES, Joel 06-OCT-1825
ATHERTON, Ann - PENDER, Thomas 14-OCT-1817
ATHERTON, Benjamin - FAR, Sarah 15-JAN-1806
ATHERTON, Delilah - RIGGS, Isaac 29-DEC-1823
ATHERTON, Elizabeth - BIGGERSTAFF, Wm 14-NOV-1811
ATHERTON, Hannah - DAVIS, Nelson 06-MAY-1822
ATHERTON, John - ATHERTON, Unis 09-FEB-1811
ATHERTON, John - MORGAN, Elizabeth 04-MAR-1837
ATHERTON, Joseph - DAVIS, Mary Ann 30-MAR-1830
ATHERTON, Moses - TANNER, Eliza 21-DEC-1830
ATHERTON, Peggy - WAFFORD, Wm 16-AUG-1810
ATHERTON, Unis - ATHERTON, John 09-FEB-1811
ATTERBERRY, David - MOORE, Sally 06-APR-1809
ATTERBERRY, Eliza - MAHEVRER, Frederic 18-SEP-1828
ATTERBERRY, Eliza - MAHEURER, Frederick 18-SEP-1828
ATTERBERRY, Rebecca - LAMB, John P 03-JAN-1831
ATTERBERRY, Reuben - WEEKS, Catherine 01-JAN-1814
ATTERBERRY, Reuben - WEEKS, Catherine 22-DEC-1823
ATTERBERRY, Richard - MOORE, Patsy 19-APR-1807
ATTERBERRY, Stout - CRASH, Fanny 08-DEC-1824
AUBREY, Benjamin - LIKENS, Sally 01-FEB-1836
AUBREY, Jacob - CRAWFORD, Fanny 28-SEP-1840
AUBREY, John - CANNON, Nancy 20-SEP-1821
AUBREY, William - WILSON, Betsy 13-MAY-1828
AUBRY, John - CANNON, Nancy 20-SEP-1821
AUBRY, William - WILSON, Betsy 13-MAY-1828
AUSTIN, Andrew - CHINN, Dorothy 31-AUG-1840
AUSTIN, Barnch - RENDER, Polly 10-AUG-1818
AUSTIN, Elizabeth - TAYLOR, Blackstone 10-JAN-1828
AUSTIN, Helen - MILLER, Joseph 10-NOV-1818
AUSTIN, John - REDMAN, Polly 09-OCT-1832
AUSTIN, John - REDMOND, Ann 25-OCT-1837
AUSTIN, Margaret - BORAH, Willis 15-FEB-1830
AUSTIN, Margaret - LEACH, Talbert 25-MAR-1839
AUSTIN, Nancy - NEW, James 19-JAN-1818
AUSTIN, Philner - MARLETTS, Mabel 27-APR-1837
AUSTIN, Robert - RENDER, Mary 17-MAR-1829
AUSTIN, S C - BAILEY, Theodicia 10-JAN-1840
AUSTIN, Sarah Emily - STEVENS, James 14-OCT-1839
AUSTIN, Thomas - BASFORD, Amelia 06-SEP-1830
AUSTIN, William - LANHAM, Henrietta 29-MAR-1826
AUSTIN, William - TAYLOR, Sarah Ann 31-OCT-1836
AUSTIN, Wisas - STEVENS, Minerva 06-NOV-1838
AUTORY, Elizabeth - EZEL, Thomas 11-JAN-1822
AUTORY, Giles - MILLER, Siticia 28-MAR-1822
AUTORY, Patsy - AUTORY, Simon 19-JAN-1822
AUTORY, Simon - AUTORY, Patsy 19-JAN-1822
AUTRY, Burrel - WILEY, Lucinda 10-MAR-1834
AUTRY, Emeline - SHIELDS, James 03-SEP-1839
AVERY, Milly - MCDANIEL, Collen 12-JUL-1808
AXTON, Margaret - ROBERTSON, Henry 25-AUG-1825
AXTON, Nancy - EVENS, Francis 31-AUG-1818
BAILEY, Martin - SPENCE, Sarah 08-SEP-1834
BAILEY, Theodicia - AUSTIN, S C 10-JAN-1840
BAIRD, James - BARNETT, Rebecca 24-OCT-1803
BAIRD, Jane - STEVENS, John 10-MAR-1830
BAIRD, Martha Isabel - MCSHERRY, Henry 22-SEP-1840
BAIRD, Martha Jane - MCSHERRY, Hiram 14-JAN-1840
BAIRD, Mary - STEVENS, William M 25-FEB-1833
BAIRD, Polly - HOPKINS, James 17-DEC-1803
BAIRD, Rachel - BARNETT, Thomas 14-NOV-1825
BAIRD, Wm L - WALLACE, Nancy 22-OCT-1837
BAIZE, Isaac - SHEPHERD, Sarah 05-DEC-1840
BAIZE, John - SHULTZ, Nancy 06-OCT-1807
BAIZE, Margaret - WRIGHT, Aaron 07-JAN-1830
BAIZE, Nathan - HALL, Betsy 10-FEB-1825
BAIZE, Polly - HALL, James 13-SEP-1823
BAKER, Elizabeth - EVANS, Allen 02-AUG-1838
BAKER, Wm - OVERLIN, Lebiba 04-NOV-1826
BALL, Tucky - FIELD, Henry 23-JUN-1805
BALMAIN, Henry - PEYTON, Ellen 28-SEP-1833
BANKS, Nancy - HARDIN, David R 18-MAY-1839
BANNON, Sally - HALE, William 25-OCT-1825
BARKER, Elisha - RUSHER, Elizabeth 19-AUG-1839
BARKIN, Sanders - GREER, Mary 05-NOV-1833
BARNARD, Ann - PHIPPS, John 18-NOV-1819
BARNARD, Dorcas - ADDINGTON, Henry 01-DEC-1799
BARNARD, Dorcas - BARNARD, Ignatius 18-FEB-1812
BARNARD, Helen - COX, Joseph 06-DEC-1811
BARNARD, Ignatius - BARNARD, Dorcas 18-FEB-1812
BARNARD, Jared - MORTON, Ann 27-NOV-1833
BARNARD, Josiah - HOCKER, Dorcas 24-DEC-1805
BARNARD, Lloyd - HOCKER, Nancy 30-JAN-1824
BARNARD, Matilda - COX, William 07-MAR-1822
BARNARD, Mema - BROWN, James 05-FEB-1803
BARNARD, Milton E - FIELD, Almenda 20-SEP-1836
BARNARD, Minerva - PEDDICORD, Jonathan 24-AUG-1836
BARNARD, Miranda - SIMMONS, Albeun S 16-DEC-1833
BARNARD, Nina - BROWN, James 09-DEC-1813
BARNARD, Sally - PHIPPS, Thomas 02-NOV-1829
BARNARD, Sarah - RILEY, Higginson 30-MAR-1840
BARNES, Elenor - WORTHINGTON, Thomas 18-NOV-1806
BARNES, John - HOCKER, Sally 05-JAN-1836
BARNES, Joseph - BARROW, Elizabeth 28-JUL-1821
BARNES, Joseph H - MILLER, Dorcas Jane 20-APR-1840
BARNES, Mary - MOSELEY, Elijah 24-JAN-1811
BARNES, Weaver - MILLER, Betsy 06-APR-1809
BARNETT, Abigail - ROWAN, William C 24-DEC-1829
BARNETT, Alex - BENNETT, Sally Mary Ann 29-JAN-1838
BARNETT, Hannah - MEYERS, Elijah 24-JUN-1801
BARNETT, Isaac - WILLIAMS, Mary 30-JUL-1814
BARNETT, Jacob - LEWELLEN, Martha 27-AUG-1812
BARNETT, James - INGLEHEART, Julian 14-SEP-1817
BARNETT, Jean - BARNETT, Joseph 20-JUL-1799
BARNETT, Joseph - BARNETT, Jean 20-JUL-1799
BARNETT, Joseph - MIDKIFF, Polly 30-NOV-1817
BARNETT, Joseph - STEVENS, Charlotte 28-OCT-1821
BARNETT, Joseph B - CARSON, Sally 20-OCT-1829
BARNETT, Lucretia - BENNETT, Samuel 31-MAY-1810
BARNETT, Margaret - LEE, Abner 22-FEB-1810
BARNETT, Martin - MORRIS, Nancy 01-APR-1826
BARNETT, Palcy - CHAPMAN, Moses 13-FEB-1817
BARNETT, Rachel - PRUDDEN, James 04-NOV-1839
BARNETT, Rachel - SPRIGG, Thomas 20-JAN-1803
BARNETT, Rachel - SPRIGG, Thomas 30-JAN-1801
BARNETT, Rebecca - BAIRD, James 24-OCT-1803
BARNETT, Rebecca - JOHNSON, Philip 18-AUG-1820
BARNETT, Robert - BENNETT, Elizabeth 28-OCT-1834
BARNETT, Robert - CONDIT, Betsy 23-MAR-1816
BARNETT, Sarah - PEMBERTON, William 02-APR-1839
BARNETT, Thomas - BAIRD, Rachel 14-NOV-1825
BARNETT, William - GIBBONS, Lydia 30-APR-1812
BARRETT, Ignatius - TAYLOR, Clarice 17-MAY-1826
BARRETT, Joshua - TONGON, Priscilla 01-APR-1819
BARRETT, Matilda - FITZHUGH, James 03-OCT-1825
BARRETT, Matilda - FITZHUGH, James 13-OCT-1825
BARRETT, Richard - WEDDING, Mary 01-MAY-1820
BARRETT, Thomas - KEATH, Elizabeth Ann 21-JUN-1837
BARRETT, Thomas - LINDLEY, Elizabeth 27-JUN-1840
BARROW, Elizabeth - BARNES, Joseph 28-JUL-1821
BARRY, Abraham - UNDERWOOD, Elizabeth 10-MAY-1813
BASFORD, Amelia - AUSTIN, Thomas 06-SEP-1830
BATES, Winifred - HOWELL, John 30-MAY-1813
BAYNES, Mary - MOBBERLY, John 21-MAR-1832
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