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Aug 1799 – Dec 1840

Note:  This data appears to be double indexed, both with Groom first and Bride first.  I have not checked to see if that is consistent throughout. You will see some entries twice with slight variations; this is because all of this data is found in old journals & written in longhand (cursive) and is very difficult to read, so the transcriber made two entries because it could be interperted in either form.  I think the best way to search this data is to search using your various surnames, using the search feature of your browser or copy the data and create a Word document and use that search feature. 

BEAN, Polly – CRAWFORD, Granite 30-JAN-1830
BEAN, Wm R - TAYLOR, Sarah Ann 29-AUG-1833
BEARDEN, Thomas - BELL, Catherine 01-AUG-1814
BEARDON, Nancy - RICHARD, William 15-JUL-1826
BEASLEY, Malinda - ANDERSON, Henry 07-JAN-1838
BEASLEY, Robert - ALBIN, Malinda 28-SEP-1828
BECK, Becky - CULBERSON, Joseph 21-MAR-1805
BECK, Polly - STOCUMBAND, Samuel 20-MAR-1804
BELL, Abigail - TUMBAUGH, William 14-OCT-1817
BELL, Catherine - BEARDEN, Thomas 01-AUG-1814
BELL, David - INGLEHEART, Polly 12-FEB-1824
BELL, Elenor M - SULLENGER, Birch 27-SEP-1836
BELL, Elizabeth - SMEATHERS, James 04-APR-1805
BELL, Jane Eliza - BERRYMAN, Thomas 10-DEC-1829
BELL, Mary - WALKER, William 14-SEP-1804
BELL, Mary R - ASHBY, Sanford 02-APR-1839
BELLANCE, Cynthia - JONES, Gabriel 03-MAY-1809
BELT, Henry - CROWE, Mary Ann 15-APR-1838
BELT, Higginson - STEVENS, Charlotte 10-JAN-1805
BENG, Eliza - BROWN, David 22-NOV-1808
BENNETT, Alexander - BENTON, Frances 01-OCT-1838
BENNETT, Amanda - DOUGLAS, John 14-NOV-1837
BENNETT, Amelia Ann - IGLEHEART, Henry D 10-DEC-1834
BENNETT, Ann - BRIAN, Samuel 25-JAN-1827
BENNETT, Asa - WOODWARD, Delilah 09-FEB-1817
BENNETT, Chas - LINDLEY, Margaret 23-DEC-1835
BENNETT, Elenor - BRIAN, Asa on 09-NOV 1830
BENNETT, Elizabeth - BARNETT, Robert 28-OCT-1834
BENNETT, Elizabeth - SHOWN, Peter 30-AUG-1820
BENNETT, Elizabeth - SANDEFUR, Wm 09-SEP-1825
BENNETT, George Plummer - BENTON, Lydia 14-DEC-1826
BENNETT, James - MOORE, Rebecca 13-JAN-1838
BENNETT, Jesse - HENMAN, Maria 02-NOV-1804
BENNETT, John - UNDERWOOD, Elizabeth 14-AUG-1823
BENNETT, Lewis - FUQUA, Eliza 03-SEP-1831
BENNETT, Lucretia - BRYAN, William 18-DEC-1832
BENNETT, Margaret - TICHENOR, James 28-MAR-1814
BENNETT, Maria - STEVENS, Richard 03-AUG-1805
BENNETT, Mary - SANDEFUR, Francis 07-NOV-1822
BENNETT, Mary Jane - STEVENS, Nathaniel 25-MAR-1833
BENNETT, Matilda - WALLACE, Franklin 25-JAN-1836
BENNETT, Minerva - WARD, John 17-JUN-1835
BENNETT, Nathan - WARD, Martha 05-JAN-1831
BENNETT, Nelson - FUQUA, Lucretia 29-SEP-1831
BENNETT, Polly - WOODWARD, Benjamin 23-MAY-1820
BENNETT, Rachel - CLARK, William 26-APR-1838
BENNETT, Sally Mary Ann - BARNETT, Alex 29-JAN-1838
BENNETT, Samuel - BARNETT, Lucretia 31-MAY-1810
BENNETT, Sarah - SANDEFUR, John 21-SEP-1832
BENNETT, Susan - TAYLOR, Joseph 18-JUL-1809
BENNETT, Theodicia - BENTON, Allen 07-JAN-1838
BENNETT, Theodocia - BENTON, Allen 07-JAN-1838
BENNETT, Thomas - COX, Minerva 14-JUL-1838
BENNETT, Thomas - TICHENOR, Polly 1820
BENNETT, Thomas - TICHENOR, Polly 24-JUL-1819
BENNETT, Titus - DAVIS, Mirinda 22-AUG-1820
BENNETT, William J - OWEN, Sarah J 17-JAN-1840
BENTON, Allen - BENNETT, Theodicia 07-JAN-1838
BENTON, Allen - BENNETT, Theodocia 07-JAN-1838
BENTON, Allen - WARD, Rebecca 16-MAR-1820
BENTON, Bassett - CARTER, Polly 05-MAR-1808
BENTON, Edward - CARTER, Dorcas 16-DEC-1835
BENTON, Elizabeth - GREER, George 17-SEP-1811
BENTON, Erasmus - HOWARD, Elizabeth 27-MAR-1830
BENTON, Frances - BENNETT, Alexander 01-OCT-1838
BENTON, James - FULKERSON, Nancy 25-JUL-1829
BENTON, James - WARD, Susan 09-JAN-1827
BENTON, Joseph - WOODWARD, Matilda 24-FEB-1835
BENTON, Lydia - BENNETT, George Plummer 14-DEC-1826
BENTON, Miranda - WHITAKER, Lee 08-DEC-1817
BENTON, Miranda - WHITTAKER, Lee 08-DEC-1817
BENTON, Nathan - JOHNSON, Elizabeth Ann 05-JAN-1826
BENTON, Nicholas - WALLACE, Elizabeth 08-NOV-1830
BERRY, William - WALKER, Sarah Ann Martha 20-JUL-1838
BERRYMAN, Elvina - TAYLOR, John 04-JUL-1833
BERRYMAN, Frances - NALL, Gatewood 02-SEP-1828
BERRYMAN, Isabelle - FRAZE, Robert 15-JUL-1837
BERRYMAN, Lucinda - BERRYMAN, Weeks 29-OCT-1828
BERRYMAN, Thomas - BELL, Jane Eliza 10-DEC-1829
BERRYMAN, Thomas - THOMPSON, Margaret 08-AUG-1831
BERRYMAN, Weeks - BERRYMAN, Lucinda 29-OCT-1828
BIGGER, Sarah - FINLEY, Sam 06-JUL-1805
BIGGER, Widow Sarah - FINLEY, Sam 06-JUL-1805
BIGGERSTAFF, Wm - ATHERTON, Elizabeth 14-NOV-1811
BIGGERSTALL, John - WILKINS, Elizabeth 10-OCT-1807
BISHOP, Ann - ROWE, Broxton 02-JUN-1831
BISHOP, Annie Marie - WALLACE, John Benton 29-JUL-1828
BISHOP, Erasmus - KERFOLD, Ann 12-FEB-1812
BLACK, Henry - CARTER, Catherine 29-OCT-1833
BLACK, Lucinda - GROVES, William 29-NOV-1822
BLACK, Willis - PHILLIPS, Polly 05-JUN-1828
BLACKLOCK, Adeline - STEVENS, John 04-MAR-1839
BLACKLOCK, Clarissa - TAYLOR, Mason 18-OCT-1830
BLACKLOCK, Edmond - LANDRUM, Nancy 30-AUG-1814
BLAND, Slaughter E - NALL, Margaret P 09-OCT-1834
BLEVINS, Betsy - CLANNAH, John 08-OCT-1816
BLEVINS, Charlotte - GRIGSBY, Nathaniel 17-JAN-1825
BLEVINS, Irene - WISE, William 10-MAR-1831
BLEVINS, John - GRAY, Nelly 28-DEC-1819
BLEVINS, John - GREY, Nancy 06-JAN- 182
BLEVINS, Keturah - ROSS, Willis 24-JUN-1821
BLEVINS, Linsey - WARDEN, Even 22-AUG-1820
BLEVINS, Patsy - ROBINSON, Philip 26-DEC-1822
BLEVINS, Sally - TICHENOR, John 15-OCT-1823
BLEVINS, William - COLEMAN, Mary 01-OCT-1838
BLEVINS, William - VICKORY, Rosa 05-JAN-1819
BLIVENS, Betsy - CLOUCH, John 10-NOV-1816
BOAS, Sally - WILKINS, James 29-SEP-1825
BORAH, Jacob E - TAYLOR, Susan 30-SEP-1833
BORAH, Lee - RENDER, Catherine 18-JUN-1831
BORAH, Noah - ROSS, Lucinda 31-OCT-1835
BORAH, Willis - AUSTIN, Margaret 15-FEB-1830
BORER, Valentine - GRANT, Elizabeth 02-DEC-1824
BOROUGH, John - MILLER, Mary Catty 11-APR-1809
BOSWELL, Alex H - STEPHENS, Ann 11-OCT-1819
BOSWELL, Caleb - DUKE, Lydia 22-NOV-1825
BOSWELL, Caleb - WATSON, Cynthia 29-APR-1840
BOSWELL, Polly - MILLER, David 10-OCT-1825
BOSWELL, Trycy - CROWE, John 27-APR-1812
BOYLE, Alexander - HOPKINS, Ruth 13-JUL-1820
BOYLE, Alford - CONDIT, Elena 15-NOV-1823
BOYS, John - SHULCH, Nancy 07-OCT-1801
BOZARTH, Jeremiah - GLEVER, Sally 28-FEB-1814
BOZARTH, Mary - BROWN, Reuben 28-JUL-1806
BOZARTH, O H Perry - BROOKS, Elizabeth 20-JUL-1840
BOZARTH, O H Perry - BROOKS, Elizabeth J 20-JUL-1840
BOZARTH, Rebecca - ROWE, Randolph 24-SEP-1808
BOZARTH, Washington - PEDDICORD, Eliza 12-DEC-1838
BOZARTH, William - STEWART, Elizabeth 14-NOV-1817
BRACHER, Thomas - ANDERSON, Peggy 22-APR-1810
BRANDON, Polly - MARTIN, Reuben 07-FEB-1828
BRANDON, Robert - LOYAL, Leticia 23-SEP-1827
BRANT, Hannah - WARREN, Moses 15-OCT-1807
BRANT, John - HARRIS, Betsy 10-FEB-1811
BRASHERS, Emanuel - HUMPHREY, Margaret 09-JAN-1830
BRASHIERS, Thomas - POWERS, Judith 16-NOV-1814
BREAMER, Mary - REED, George 25-JUN-1807
BRESHORO, John - POWERS, Hannah 24-MAY-1813
BREVINS, Polly - MCCLAIN, Matthew 27-APR-1809
BRIAN, Asa - BENNETT, Elenor 09-NOV-1830
BRIAN, Samuel - BENNETT, Ann 25-JAN-1827
BRIAN, Sarah - NEWCOME, Samuel 04-FEB-1825
BRIGHT, William - PHIPPS, Rebecca 05-JAN-1805
BRISTOE, Lovey - POTTS, Martha 22-APR-1809
BROOKS, Elizabeth - BOZARTH, O H Perry 20-JUL-1840
BROOKS, Elizabeth - BROWN, Albert 24-JAN-1835
BROOKS, Elizabeth J - BOZARTH, O H Perry 20-JUL-1840
BROOKS, John - CAMPBELL, Polly 25-APR-1814
BROOKS, Leah - HALL, Mingo 18-JAN-1806
BROWN, Albert - BROOKS, Elizabeth 24-JAN-1835
BROWN, Alexander - COOLMAN, Elizabeth 08-DEC-1819
BROWN, Ann - HEDGES, Josiah 11-MAR-1818
BROWN, Ann - LONEY, James 29-MAY-1821
BROWN, Ann - TAYLOR, William 20-JAN-1825
BROWN, Ann L - WILLIAMS, Taylor 1825
BROWN, Charlotte - RENDER, Robert 09-DEC-1801
BROWN, David - BENG, Eliza 22-NOV-1808
BROWN, Eliza - SOUTHARD, Thomas 26-MAR-1838
BROWN, Eliza - TAYLOR, Silas 15-APR-1832
BROWN, Elizabeth - EATHERNTON, Jonathan 01-NOV-1802
BROWN, Henry - ANDERSON, Hannah 19-JAN-1803
BROWN, Horace - BROWN, Nancy 04-AUG-1836
BROWN, Isaac - TICHENOR, Sally 23-DEC-1833
BROWN, Isaac C - REDDECOOD, Mary 20-MAR-1840
BROWN, James - BARNARD, Mema 05-FEB-1803
BROWN, James - BARNARD, Nina 09-DEC-1813
BROWN, James - LUCAS, Polly 30-MAR-1837
BROWN, James - WAKELAND, Polly 05-OCT-1820
BROWN, Jane - CONDIT, William 05-AUG-1833
BROWN, Jane - LEE, Talbert 29-SEP-1835
BROWN, Jane - POOL, William 25-DEC-1826
BROWN, Janet - MATTHEWS, William 22-AUG-1827
BROWN, John - MORGAN, Jane 10-OCT-1835
BROWN, John - THORNBACK, Phoebe 21-FEB-1814
BROWN, Jonathan - ANDERSON, Elizabeth 18??
BROWN, Joshua - WILCHER, Nancy 14-SEP-1812
BROWN, Judy - LONEY, John 18-AUG-1821
BROWN, Margaret - ROWE, Thomas 01-FEB-1817
BROWN, Mary - TAYLOR, Archibald 23-OCT-1826
BROWN, Mary Ann - TAYLOR, Archibald 23-OCT-1826
BROWN, Milly - BROWN, Robert 20-JUL-1840
BROWN, Milly - WISE, Daniel 26-JUL-1840
BROWN, Nancy - BROWN, Horace 04-AUG-1836
BROWN, Presley - HUMPHREY, Sarah 24-SEP-1829
BROWN, Pretius - PAYNER, Mitchell 19-DEC-1800
BROWN, Reuben - BOZARTH, Mary 28-JUL-1806
BROWN, Rhoda - CONDIT, Jacob 14-OCT-1826
BROWN, Robert - BROWN, Milly 20-JUL-1840
BROWN, Robert - PEMBERTON, Beny 09-MAR-1835
BROWN, Robert - ROWE, Judy 08-NOV-1816
BROWN, Sally - TRAVEL, John 13-SEP-1809
BROWN, Samuel - TAYLOR, Jane 22-NOV-1831
BROWN, Susanna - JOHNSON, Marcus 06-MAY-1818
BROWN, Theby - JONES, William 10-OCT-1804
BROWN, Thomas - HEDGES, Mary 11-JUN-1834
BROWN, William - CORLEY, Judith 01-JUL-1816
BROWN, William - JOHNSON, Elizabeth 09-JUN-1817
BROWN, William - MONTGOMERY, Margaret 22-JAN-1828
BROWN, Wm - MONTGOMERY, Margaret 22-JAN-1828
BRUCE, Polly - JOHNSON, James 13-MAR-1809
BRUNER, Peter - DAVIS, Hannah 08-JAN-1827
BRYAN, William - BENNETT, Lucretia 18-DEC-1832
BRYANT, Amelia - LOGSTON, Philip 29-APR-1840
BRYANT, Horatis - WALLACE, Nancy 22-AUG-1829
BRYANT, Margaret - GIVINS, John 02-DEC-1810
BRYANT, Mary - HUNTER, Reuben 02-APR-1810
BRYANT, Rebecca - DAVIS, Garret 22-OCT-1827
BRYANT, Rebecca - DAVIS, Jared 25-OCT-1827
BRYANT, William - SUTHERLAND, Susanne 12-SEP-1804
BUNCH, Margaret - TUTTLE, William 23-DEC-1831
BURCH, Elenor - MASON, Joseph 03-SEP-1825
BURCH, Henley - MATTHEWS, Nancy 09-NOV-1829
BURCH, Mary - MCINTIRE, William 03-JAN-1830
BURDEN, Cynthia Ann - PEARCE, William 18-JUN-1833
BURDEN, Delilah - COY, Allen 13-NOV-1829
BURDEN, Eli D - NORRIS, Meriah 08-JUL-1830
BURDEN, Jane - LANGLEY, Bartholemew 07-JAN-1837
BURDEN, Jemima - GREEN, John 12-SEP-1832
BURDEN, Ossah - PEARCE, Susan 02-OCT-1837
BUREMAN, Nancy - MOOREMAN, James V 30-SEP-1823
BURKES, John - ROACH, Eliza 17-NOV-1836
BURKS, Davis - RALPH, Nancy Jane 18-MAY-1839
BURTON, Horace - MILLER, Mary Ann 25-NOV-1837
BURTON, James - WHITE, Mary Ann 18-OCT-1838
BURTON, Polly - TAYLOR, Absalom 08-NOV-1826
BURTON, Rebecca - LASHBROOK, John 06-OCT-1826
BUTLER, John - ROGERS, Nancy Ray 16-JUN-1839
BUTTERWORTH, Eliza - CLIFFORD, William 04-AUG-1824
BYERS, Margaret - ANDERSON, Athel 08-JAN-1810
CAIN, Elizabeth - DAVIS, Amos 04-AUG-1823
CAIN, Jane - HUMPHREY, Raughley 15-FEB-1827
CAIN, John - ADDINGTON, Sally 05-MAR-1830
CAIN, Rebecca - WILLIAMS, Evan 08-AUG-1808
CALHOON, John - KELLY, Amy 1800
CALHOON, John - LAMB, Sarah 25-DEC-1806
CALHOUN, John - LAMB, Sarah 25-DEC-1806
CALHOUN, John - MORTON, Polly 25-DEC-1819
CALLOWAY, Chester - GILBERT, Elizabeth 24-OCT-1809
CALLOWAY, Frances - CROWE, Elijah 21-JAN-1811
CALLOWAY, James - MILLS, Mehila 23-MAR-1823
CALLOWAY, Sarah - TARLTON, Robert 10-FEB-1810
CALLOWAY, Tomzay - SIMMONS, William 18-FEB-1820
CALLOWAY, William - WILLIAMS, Rebecca 02-JUN-1836
CALLOWAY, Zacariah - CLEAVIR, Phebe 07-AUG-1805
CALLOWAY, Zachariah - CLEAVIR, Phebe 07-AUG-1805
CALVERT, Payton - WARDEN, Ella 14-FEB-1835
CAMPBELL, Abagaile - ALLEN, Usa 18-JUL-1822
CAMPBELL, Andrew - LANHAM, Polly 08-SEP-1804
CAMPBELL, Ann - DUVALL, Nicholas 13-DEC-1819
CAMPBELL, Ann - DUVALL, Nicholas 23-DEC-1819
CAMPBELL, Elizabeth - STEWART, John 18-MAR-1839
CAMPBELL, James - TUELL, Matilda 01-MAY-1838
CAMPBELL, John - COOPER, Polly 18-JUN-1810
CAMPBELL, Lucinda - UNDERWOOD, John 20-AUG-1827
CAMPBELL, Maria - STEWART, James 22-JAN-1827
CAMPBELL, Maria Jane - STEWART, James 22-JAN-1827
CAMPBELL, Martha - LEWELLAN, John 17-SEP-1810
CAMPBELL, Mary - STEWART, Richard 14-JAN-1837
CAMPBELL, Polly - BROOKS, John 25-APR-1814
CAMPBELL, Rebecca - RAILEY, Benjamin 19-DEC-1825
CANNON, John - ILER, Nancy 05-JAN-1826
CANNON, Nancy - AUBREY, John 20-SEP-1821
CANNON, Nancy - AUBRY, John 20-SEP-1821
CARSON, John - HYNES, Sally 21-OCT-1812
CARSON, Lindsey - STEVENS, Elizabeth 24-OCT-1826
CARSON, Sally - BARNETT, Joseph B 20-OCT-1829
CARTER, Abraham - FELIX, Elizabeth 07-FEB-1828
CARTER, Alford - PHILLIPS, Betsy 15-JUL-1835
CARTER, Amy - CROWE, Henry 04-NOV-1822
CARTER, Carolina - PHILLIPES, Philip 22-OCT-1827
CARTER, Catherine - BLACK, Henry 29-OCT-1833
CARTER, Delilah  - KELLY, Lendon C 5 OCT1825
CARTER, Dorcas - BENTON, Edward 16-DEC-1835
CARTER, Fanny - KELLY, David 16-FEB-1810
CARTER, George - NEVILLE, Emeline 03-MAY-1839 

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