Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Passport Application - William Jardine - 1906

This person is a mystery to me. I do not find any Jardine family in the 1880 or 1900 census (1890 unavailable) living in Ohio County. Birth certificates are not available for 1882. There is nothing on the Joe Taylor web site to help find this person.  This passport application from 1906 did not identify any other family member, and I did not find a WWI Draft Registration for William Jardine. Further, I did not find this person in the 1910 census in Illinois, although he stated he was residing in Illinois in 1906. One clue is that the application includes a verification of identify that is signed by Frank Jardine, and this is probably a relative. The other clue from the application is that William Jardine's occupation is coal miner. Also, he states that mail should be sent to him in care of Jesse M. Ott also of Petersburg, Illinois, but, although Jesse M. Ott is in the census records, I could not find any connection between William Jardine and Jesse M. Ott. So, I'm hoping that one of you can help me find more information this person.  One possibility is that he died while out of the country or decided to not return to the USA. The fact that he didn't register for WWI leads me to believe that he was deceased by 1917.

Name: William Jardine
Birth Date: 27 Nov 1882
Birth Place: McHenry, Ohio County, Kentucky
Age:  23
Passport Issue Date: 2 Feb 1906
Passport Includes a Photo: No
Residence: Petersburg, Illinois

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