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Passport Application - Mrs. Winona Stevens Jones - 1924

Mrs. Winona Chloris Stevens Jones, daughter of Septimus T. Stevens and wife, Laura Ann Taylor, was born in Ohio County 14 May 1890. She married to James Wiley Jones in 1913 and they lived in Lexington. Mrs. Jones was a teacher. Her application for passport stated that she was traveling to Great Britain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium.  Mrs. Jones died 8 June 1989 at St. Simons Island, Georgia, at the age of 99.

Name:  Mrs. Winona Stevens Jones
Birth Date: 14 May 1890
Birth Place:  Ohio Co, KY
Age: 33
Passport Issue Date: 12 May 1924
Passport Includes a Photo: Yes
Residence: Lexington, Kentucky
Father Name: James Wiley Jones
Father's Birth Location: Murray, KY
Father's Residence: Lexington, Kentucky

The left part of this image is not related:

Dr. Winona Steven Jones is the person on the left in the photo below. The photo was made in 1965:

Mrs. Jones wrote an autobiography that is available for sale on Amazon; the title is Remembrance of the Past and it appears to have been published in 1972. The first chapter is titled Early Ohio County and she tells about her Ohio County ancestors, the Stevens family and the Taylor family.

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