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Aug 1799 – Dec 1840

Note:  This data appears to be double indexed, both with Groom first and Bride first.  I have not checked to see if that is consistent throughout. You will see some entries twice with slight variations; this is because all of this data is found in old journals & written in longhand (cursive) and is very difficult to read, so the transcriber made two entries because it could be interperted in either form.  I think the best way to search this data is to search using your various surnames, using the search feature of your browser or copy the data and create a Word document and use that search feature. 

JOHNSON, Judy - CROWE, Elijah 02-JAN-1814
JOHNSON, Julian - THOMAS, John 11-JAN-1835
JOHNSON, Katy - TRAFFORD, John 07-MAR-1811
JOHNSON, Marcus - BROWN, Susanna 06-MAY-1818
JOHNSON, Nancy - HORSEMAN, Jesse 07-OCT-1837
JOHNSON, Nathan - TABER, Mary 19-NOV-1831
JOHNSON, Philip - BARNETT, Rebecca 18-AUG-1820
JOHNSON, Polly - HOWARD, Samuel 19-APR-1838
JOHNSON, Polly - SHERMAN, Thomas 05-DEC-1836
JOHNSON, Susan - OWEN, John 20-OCT-1838
JOHNSTON, Cemlia - MORGAN, Charles 07-SEP-1812
JOHNSTON, James - TAYLOR, Lucinda 10-SEP-1829
JOHNSTON, Maley - TAYLOR, Henry 25-SEP-1804
JOHNSTON, Margaret - MORGAN, Arnold 27-AUG-1812
JOHNSTON, Nancy - MOORE, John 14-JUL-1825
JONES, Achiles - KING, America 01-MAR-1840
JONES, Elizabeth - GENTRY, Mopey 03-APR-1829
JONES, Fielding - MILTON, Harriet 21-SEP-1831
JONES, Francis - HENDRICKS, Patsy 23-MAR-1810
JONES, Gabriel - BELLANCE, Cynthia 03-MAY-1809
JONES, James - HOOVER, Elizabeth 20-DEC-1822
JONES, John - WOODS, Elizabeth 10-AUG-1810
JONES, Jos - ROGERS, Elizabeth 20-SEP-1822
JONES, Lawrence - WINKLER, Mary 09-OCT-1810
JONES, Nelly - PHIPS, James 31-DEC-1807
JONES, Nelly - PHILPS, James 31-DEC-1807
JONES, Polly - HOOVER, Jacob 15-JUN-1822
JONES, Rebecca - PATTON, Thornton 05-AUG-1833
JONES, Sarah - HAMILTON, Harrison 28-JUN-1835
JONES, Sarah - VITTITOE, Daniel 05-NOV-1810
JONES, William - BROWN, Theby 10-OCT-1804
JONES, William - HALE, Ama 23-MAR-1828
JORDAN, Adams - GALLOWAY, Mary 06-FEB-1804
JORDAN, Susan - WILLIAMS, William 03-NOV-1813
KEATH, Elizabeth Ann - BARRETT, Thomas 21-JUN-1837
KEELE, James - PUGH, Margaret 15-SEP-1801
KEELE, James - PEN, Peggy 14-SEP-1801
KEITH, Benjamin - MILLS, Elizabeth 23-JUL-1828
KELLEY, Salina - HOOVER, John 07-MAR-1833
KELLY, Amy - CALHOON, John 1800
KELLY, Amy - CARTER, John 11-MAR-1809
KELLY, Ann Eliza - ROACH, Cornelius 06-SEP-1834
KELLY, Belima - SHARP, Charles 08-NOV-1834
KELLY, Benjamin - THORP, Rebecca 11-NOV-1816
KELLY, Carter - HAYNES, Paulina 07-JAN-1832
KELLY, David - CARTER, Fanny 16-FEB-1810
KELLY, John - WHITTINGHILL, Sarah 05-JUL-1814
KELLY, John B - ROGERS, Polly 21-MAY-1814
KELLY, Lendon C - CARTER, Delilah 05-OCT-1825
KELLY, Moses - PAXTON, Eliza Ann 03-MAR-1838
KELLY, Patsy - KELLY, William 24-FEB-1823
KELLY, Sarah - WHITTINGHILL, William 18-APR-1814
KELLY, William - KELLY, Patsy 24-FEB-1823
KEOWN, Elizabeth - EZEL, Jeremiah 25-MAR-1834
KEOWN, Elizabeth - ELMS, Thomas 12-SEP-1833
KEOWN, Martha - FORD, John 12-OCT-1840
KEOWN, Nathan - ILER, Mary Ann 25-SEP-1836
KEOWN, William - THOMAS, Mary Ann 14-DEC-1839
KERFOLD, Ann - BISHOP, Erasmus 12-FEB-1812
KIGEL, Solomon - SPENCE, Susan 21-MAY-1839
KIMBALL, William Allen - HAYNES, Hannah 25-AUG-1825
KIMBLE, John - HUNTER, Mary 06-AUG-1832
KING, America - JONES, Achiles 01-MAR-1840
KING, Deborah - DODSON, George 13-NOV-1828
KING, Libela - PURCELL, Lewis 16-DEC-1828
KING, Mary Ellen - MILLS, Anderson 25-JAN-1836
KING, Nancy - STEWART, John 28-JAN-1834
KING, Penelope - DOWNS, William 05-JAN-1836
KUYKENDOLL, Louise - DEWEESE, Dan 12-OCT-1840
LAMB, Charlotte - PRAY, Elijah 09-FEB-1824
LAMB, John P - ATTERBERRY, Rebecca 03-JAN-1831
LAMB, Sally - CRABTREE, Isaac 05-MAR-1814
LAMB, Sally Ann - COBB, Jesse 30-SEP-1831
LAMB, Sarah - CALHOON, John 25-DEC-1806
LAMB, Sarah - CALHOUN, John 25-DEC-1806
LAND, Polly - DUPOSTER, William 17-JUL-1827
LANDRUM, Emily - OCONNOR, William 10-MAR-1836
LANDRUM, Nancy - BLACKLOCK, Edmond 30-AUG-1814
LANDRUM, Ruby - SCOTT, Daniel 12-JAN-1814
LANDRUM, Sally - JACKSON, Cesna 14-MAR-1819
LANDRUM, William Tom - FIELD, Elizabeth M 24-APR-1837
LANGLEY, Bartholemew - BURDEN, Jane 07-JAN-1837
LANGLEY, Clement - SUTTON, Jane 13-AUG-1835
LANGLEY, Susan - CLARK, Wilford 09-JAN-1839
LANHAM, Copinder - MCKINDLEY, William 06-APR-1825
LANHAM, Easter - DRAGOO, John 09-JAN-1809
LANHAM, Elias - WHITE, Anna 20-APR-1805
LANHAM, Henrietta - AUSTIN, William 29-MAR-1826
LANHAM, Hester - PEARSON, Thomas 20-APR-1825
LANHAM, John - HUGHES, Sally 12-JAN-1826
LANHAM, Lewis - PLUMER, Ann 25-DEC-1819
LANHAM, Polly - CAMPBELL, Andrew 08-SEP-1804
LANHAM, Rachel - NICHOLAS, Valentine 26-MAR-1812
LANSON, John - DAVIS, Betsy 29-JUN-1820
LAPP, John - TURNBAUGH, Nanny 24-DEC-1806
LARRELS, William - SPAGNER, Peggy 07-AUG-1817
LARRELS, William - SPRAGNER, Peggy 07-AUG-1817
LASHBROOK, John - BURTON, Rebecca 06-OCT-1826
LAWTON, Amanda M - MOSELEY, Robert 21-OCT-1840
LAWTON, Ann - DAVIS, Willis 09-AUG-1839
LAWTON, Caroline - MOSELEY, Daniel 12-DEC-1836
LAYMONDS, Jacob - WILSON, Sally 04-MAY-1835
LAYTON, Christine - MYERS, Thomas 10-MAY-1811
LEACH, Altha - TAYLOR, Septimus 18-DEC-1828
LEACH, Elizabeth - COX, James 13-MAY-1806
LEACH, Elizabeth - ILER, Jacob 28-SEP-1813
LEACH, Ellen - HOCKER, John B 26-NOV-1834
LEACH, James - TAYLOR, Rebecca 23-DEC-1823
LEACH, John - TAYLOR, Martha 30-MAR-1835
LEACH, Joseph - MILLER, Atha 04-MAY-1819
LEACH, Leonard - COLE, Mary 04-FEB-1824
LEACH, Martha Ann - COLEMAN, Martin 25-FEB-1840
LEACH, Miranda - COX, Thomas 24-DEC-1829
LEACH, Nancy - LEACH, William 21-DEC-1813
LEACH, Nancy - TAYLOR, Ignatius Pigman 13-OCT-1825
LEACH, Polly - PEAK, Hezekiah 13-AUG-1816
LEACH, Sally - GENTRY, James 02-FEB-1835
LEACH, Sarah - GALLOWAY, Adam 20-NOV-1811
LEACH, Sarah - ILER, John 22-SEP-1818
LEACH, Sarah - WOOLEY, Richard 03-OCT-1832
LEACH, Susannah - TAYLOR, Richard 08-APR-1834
LEACH, Talbert - AUSTIN, Margaret 25-MAR-1839
LEACH, William - ISLER, Polly 11-NOV-1811
LEACH, William - LEACH, Nancy 21-DEC-1813
LEACH, William - TAYLOR, Jane 31-JAN-1804
LEACH, William - THOMAS, Mary Ann 15-JUN-1840
LEAF, Jane - NEWTON, Isaac 29-DEC-1836
LEAH, Sarah - ILER, John 22-SEP-1818
LEATHERMAN, Jane - ALLEN, Henry 28-FEB-1821
LEATHERMON, Polly - EVANS, Hatfield 26-MAR-1821
LEDDINGTON, Nancy - GREENWOOD, Walcott 21-JUL-1816
LEDDINGTON, Nancy - HOCKER, Philip 04-MAR-1816
LEDDINGTON, Polly - UNDERWOOD, James 20-APR-1826
LEE, Abner - ADAMS, Sally 19-MAY-1807
LEE, Abner - BARNETT, Margaret 22-FEB-1810
LEE, Ann - SHULTZ, Charles 25-MAY-1820
LEE, Jesse - TAYLOR, Hannah 28-AUG-1808
LEE, Polly - SANDS, James 18-APR-1820
LEE, Sally Mrs - NARCARRON, John 20-JUL-1805
LEE, Samuel - GOLDSMITH, Elizabeth 21-OCT-1824
LEE, Samuel - MORAND, Nancy 10-JUL-1830
LEE, Sarah - WEST, Littleton 24-SEP-1801
LEE, Talbert - BROWN, Jane 29-SEP-1835
LEGGIT, William - RAYMOND, Betty 03-DEC-1812
LEMON, Amy - STORM, Peter 18-MAR-1804
LEMON, John - ROGERS, Sarah 01-OCT-1807
LEMON, John - ROGERS, Sarah 09-NOV-1807
LENHAM, Elizabeth - LEWELLAN, John 1820
LEWALLEN, Hannah - HENDRICKS, Harrison 27-FEB-1814
LEWALLEN, Samuel - WHITE, Elizabeth 15-AUG-1805
LEWELL, James - WYLES, Polly 05-FEB-1817
LEWELL, Jobish - MIDKIFF, Peggy 10-AUG-1817
LEWELL, Samuel - ILER, Sally 20-FEB-1812
LEWELLAN, Jacob - ROCKERBY, Eliza 21-MAY-1816
LEWELLAN, Jobish - TAYLOR, Sally 22-OCT-1826
LEWELLAN, John - CAMPBELL, Martha 17-SEP-1810
LEWELLAN, John - LENHAM, Elizabeth 1820
LEWELLAN, Josiah - THOMAS, Jane 23-OCT-1819
LEWELLEN, Martha - BARNETT, Jacob 27-AUG-1812
LIGHTFOOT, Pendleton - CROWE, Caroline 21-FEB-1832
LIKENS, Rosanna - GARY, Elijah 22-DEC-1834
LIKENS, Sally - AUBREY, Benjamin 01-FEB-1836
LIKENS, Thomas - FORD, Dolly 10-DEC-1838
LIMER, Ally - HODGES, John 03-OCT-1818
LEY, Daniel - MCGILL, Sally on 08-AUG 809
LINDLEY, Elizabeth - BARRETT, Thomas 27-JUN-1840
LINDLEY, Elizabeth Jane - TICHENOR, Haron 05-SEP-1838
LINDLEY, Margaret - BENNETT, Chas 23-DEC-1835
LINDLEY, Mary - CONDIT, Uzal 01-NOV-1832
LINDSEY, Samuel - WILLIAMS, Elizabeth 25-OCT-1820
LINDSEY, Thomas - SIX, Catherine 12-MAR-1821
LINDSEY, William - ASHBY, Rebecca 22-APR-1819
LINER, Ally - HODGES, John 03-OCT-1818
LINN, Jacob - PARKER, Peggy 12-FEB-1810
LINN, James - ARMSTRONG, Polly 15-MAY-1810
LITTLE, David - ASHBY, Polly 15-JAN-1808
LITTLE, Thomas - GOLD, Nancy 25-DEC-1807
LOGAN, Sally - HENDERSON, Henry 01-JAN-1823
LOGSTON, Philip - BRYANT, Amelia 29-APR-1840
LONEY, James - BROWN, Ann 29-MAY-1821
LONEY, John - BROWN, Judy 18-AUG-1821
LOYAL, Leticia - BRANDON, Robert 23-SEP-1827
LUCAS, Elizabeth - WOODWARD, William 23-FEB-1836
LUCAS, Ingram - MOORE, Eliza Jane 19-OCT-1840
LUCAS, Polly - BROWN, James 30-MAR-1837
LUCAS, Sally - HENDRICKS, Samuel 16-MAY-1825
LUCAS, Samuel - STEWART, Mary 26-OCT-1815
LUE, John - MILTON, Nancy 18-APR-1822
LUGG, Joel - JAMES, Polly 28-FEB-1800
LYNN, Hannah - HOBBY, James 11-OCT-1811
LYNN, Hannah - HOBLY, James 11-OCT-1811
LYNN, Nancy - HANDLEY, John 03-FEB-1807
LYNN, Nathan - FORD, Harriet 04-NOV-1822
LYNN, Nathan - GENTRY, Eliza 17-OCT-1835
LYNN, William - WALLACE, Elizabeth 25-DEC-1826
MADDOX, Elizabeth - HIGGINS, Williams 01-DEC-1819
MADDOX, James - STEWART, Elizabeth 12-OCT-1833
MADDOX, John - RENDER, Amelia 01-JUL-1819
MADDOX, Joshua - COTTER, Nancy 05-SEP-1833
MADDOX, Mary Boyd - ROWE, Thomas 15-JUL-1836
MADDOX, Sally - SOUTHARD, Robert 06-DEC-1827
MADDOX, Samuel - WAKELAND, Harriet 03-SEP-1823
MADDOX, Thomas - SHEPHERD, Delilah 25-MAY-1840
MADDOX, William - HOOVER, Susan 12-NOV-1834
MADDOX, William - HOOVER, Susan 22-NOV-1834
MAGAN, Polly - TANNER, James 15-MAY-1835
MAHEURER, Frederick - ATTERBERRY, Eliza 18-SEP-1828
MAHEVRER, Frederic - ATTERBERRY, Eliza 18-SEP-1828
MAKIN, Isyphena - HUDSON, Edmund 12-OCT-1838
MALIN, Ann - JOHNSON, John 03-APR-1833
MALIN, Elizabeth - TICHENOR, Benj 23-DEC-1838
MALIN, Isaac - SHUTTY, Mary 12-SEP-1812
MALIN, Isaac - SHULTZ, Mary 12-SEP-1812
MALIN, John - ASKINS, Elizabeth 29-AUG-1812
MALIN, Lydia - STEWART, Carter 04-APR-1828
MALIN, Mariah - WILLIAMS, Samuel 06-MAR-1821
MALIN, Sarah - STEWART, William 17-SEP-1822
MALIN, Susannah - MOSELEY, Presby 17-FEB-1816
MALINDA, Beasley - ANDERSON, Henry 07-JAN-1838
MARLETTS, Mabel - AUSTIN, Philner 27-APR-1837
MARLIN, Bazil B - STEWART, Ann 17-SEP-1821
MARLOW, Anson - MARLOW, Nancy 18-OCT-1821
MARLOW, Mahala - GILMORE, Thomas 31-JAN-1827
MARLOW, Mary - RUSHER, Minor 19-JAN-1826
MARLOW, Nancy - MARLOW, Anson 18-OCT-1821
MARLOW, Thomas - ALBIN, Rebecca 25-NOV-1837
MARLOW, Tobias - HALL, Patsy 10-MAY-1831
MARLOWE, Eliza - HUFF, William 12-NOV-1835
MARLOWE, Thomas - ALBIN, Rebecca 25-NOV-1837
MARTIN, Anne - MEMVAIN, Lewis 27-JUL-1800
MARTIN, Anne - MENVAIN, Lewis 27-JUL-1800
MARTIN, Cela - STONE, Daniel W 21-NOV-1824
MARTIN, Elias - NEW, Nancy 04-JUN-1822
MARTIN, Hannah - HANKS, Charles 07-MAR-1822
MARTIN, Monroe - DODSON, Dolly 04-JAN-1827
MARTIN, Reuben - BRANDON, Polly 07-FEB-1828
MARTIN, Sally - MILAY, Thomas 22-AUG-1814
MARTIN, Sally - MILMAY, Thomas 22-AUG-1810
MARTWICK, Elizabeth - GALLOWAY, John 07-FEB-1806
MASON, Augustus - RENDER, Eliza 12-AUG-1839
MASON, Catherine - CHAPMAN, Ezekiel 15-OCT-1840
MASON, Elvira - DUKE, John 04-JUN-1831
MASON, John - JACKSON, Eliza 26-SEP-1808
MASON, Joseph - BURCH, Elenor 03-SEP-1825
MATHERSON, Nancy - FIRNEMAN, William 06-FEB-1810
MATTHEWS, Alfred - HUNTER, Nancy 21-DEC-1826
MATTHEWS, Alfred - POWERS, Eliza 05-MAR-1832
MATTHEWS, David - WILSON, Sarah 28-JUN-1809
MATTHEWS, George - MOORE, Elizabeth 04-JUN-1805
MATTHEWS, James - CRASH, Phebe 22-AUG-1810
MATTHEWS, James - CRASH, Phebe 22-AUG-1818
MATTHEWS, Lawson - HALL, Betsy 23-FEB-1829
MATTHEWS, Lusanna - HURTON, Caleb 04-JUL-1803
MATTHEWS, Mary - OVERTON, Jonathan 28-FEB-1814
MATTHEWS, Nancy - BURCH, Henley 09-NOV-1829
MATTHEWS, Samuel - MAXWELL, Nelly 05-SEP-1822
MATTHEWS, William - BROWN, Janet 22-AUG-1827
MATTOX, Susan - COLEMAN, Elisha 1826
MAXWELL, Hamilton - MEADOWS, Emeline 03-SEP-1838
MAXWELL, Nelly - MATTHEWS, Samuel 05-SEP-1822
MAXWELL, William - WILSON, Elizabeth 08-AUG-1831
MAY, Isaac - HAYNES, Susanna 03-FEB-1835
MCCARY, Mary Polly - CRAWFORD, Mason 10-FEB-1805
MCCLAIN, Matthew - BREVINS, Polly 27-APR-1809
MCCLURE, Thomas - PINKSTON, Nancy 26-APR-1813
MCCORMICK, Sally Young - WOOLEY, Jacob 05-NOV-1832
MCCREERY, Charles - CROWE, Ann 28-OCT-1811
MCCREERY, Slutina - MCGURY, G H 26-NOV-1829
MCCREERY, Vitula - DANIEL, Vivian 25-SEP-1836
MCCREY, Alexander - HARREL, Ann 23-MAR-1813
MCCROCKLIN, Sally - TAYLOR, Thomas 12-OCT-1826
MCCROCLIN, Dolly - WOODWARD, Ashford 12-FEB-1821
MCDANIEL, Collen - AVERY, Milly 12-JUL-1808
MCDANIEL, Gobel M - CARTER, Martha 15-NOV-1832
MCDANIEL, Jesse - ROBERTSON, Ann 18-NOV-1824 

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