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Aug 1799 – Dec 1840

Note:  This data appears to be double indexed, both with Groom first and Bride first.  I have not checked to see if that is consistent throughout. You will see some entries twice with slight variations; this is because all of this data is found in old journals & written in longhand (cursive) and is very difficult to read, so the transcriber made two entries because it could be interperted in either form.  I think the best way to search this data is to search using your various surnames, using the search feature of your browser or copy the data and create a Word document and use that search feature. 

MCDONALD, Charles - THOMPSON, Nancy 22-OCT-1834
MCFABES, Betsy - DOZIER, James 29-DEC-1813
MCFARLAND, Leah - GLEN, William 16-DEC-1809
MCFARLAND, Robert - GLOVER, Phebe 18-SEP-1812
MCFARLAND, Walter - NALL, Sarah Elizabeth 02-JAN-1837
MCFARLAND, William - GLOVER, Betsy 10-FEB-1812
MCFERRIN, John - WILSON, Sabina 05-MAY-1838
MCGEE, Polly - EASTLAND, Robert 10-APR-1810
MCGILL, Ann - PRUDEN, Daniel 08-NOV-1813
MCGILL, Ann - RITCHEY, John 01-SEP-1817
MCGILL, Letty - MILLER, Nelson 06-OCT-1828
MCGILL, Sally - LINDLEY, Daniel 08-AUG-1809
MCGURY, G H - MCCREERY, Slutina 26-NOV-1829
MCILWAIN, Jane - SMITH, Hugh 13-MAR-1823
MCINTIRE, William - BURCH, Mary 03-JAN-1830
MCKAY, Allen - DAVIS, Malinda 17-APR-1822
MCKENDLY, Benjamin - GILLESPIE, Lucy 15-MAY-1840
MCKENZIE, William - WEBB, Eliza 08-JAN-1822
MCKINDLEY, William - LANHAM, Copinder 06-APR-1825
MCKINLEY, William - MIDKIFF, Betsy 04-JAN-1830
MCKINNEY, Fanny - HEET, Samuel 21-MAY-1827
MCNEELY, Ezekiel - ASHBY, Polly 30-SEP-1819
MCSHERRY, Henry - BAIRD, Martha Isabel 22-SEP-1840
MCSHERRY, Hiram - BAIRD, Martha Jane 14-JAN-1840
MCWAIN, Lewis - MORTON, Ann 31-MAY-1823
MEADOWS, Emeline - MAXWELL, Hamilton 03-SEP-1838
MEDCALF, John - WINKLER, Fanny 18-SEP-1813
MEDLEY, Samuel - GREAVER, Patsy 21-JAN-1813
MEEKS, Hardin - ADLE, Nancy 05-OCT-1829
MEMVAIN, Lewis - MARTIN, Anne 27-JUL-1800
MENVAIN, Lewis - MARTIN, Anne 27-JUL-1800
MEYERS, Edward - NALL, Lucy 18-OCT-1836
MEYERS, Elijah - BARNETT, Hannah 24-JUN-1801
MEYERS, Ellen - DAVENPORT, William 21-FEB-1838
MEYRS, Edward - NALL, Lucy 18-OCT-1836
MIDKIFF, Benjamin - WARD, Elizabeth 15-MAR-1834
MIDKIFF, Betsy - MCKINLEY, William 04-JAN-1830
MIDKIFF, James - TAYLOR, Elizabeth 15-DEC-1825
MIDKIFF, John - SMITH, Charlotte 29-MAR-1827
MIDKIFF, Joseph - TAYLOR, Ann 10-NOV-1823
MIDKIFF, Peggy - LEWELL, Jobish 10-AUG-1817
MIDKIFF, Polly - BARNETT, Joseph 30-NOV-1817
MIDKIFF, Rebecca - PATE, William 23-NOV-1826
MILAY, Thomas - MARTIN, Sally 22-AUG-1814
MILLER, Amanda - ARNOLD, William 12-JAN-1835
MILLER, Ara Ann - MITCHELL, Thompson 25-JUL-1836
MILLER, Atha - LEACH, Joseph 04-MAY-1819
MILLER, Betsy - BARNES, Weaver 06-APR-1809
MILLER, Charlotte - PATE, Mason C 11-MAY-1837
MILLER, Christopher - HAYNES, Elizabeth 05-FEB-1809
MILLER, David - BOSWELL, Polly 10-OCT-1825
MILLER, David - COOPER, Jane 25-JAN-1810
MILLER, David - HAYNES, Sarah 03-DEC-1839
MILLER, David - WILLIAMS, Maria 04-AUG-1824
MILLER, Dorcas - GENTRY, Samuel 21-SEP-1829
MILLER, Dorcas Jane - BARNES, Joseph H 20-APR-1840
MILLER, Eliza - MYERS, Francis 15-MAR-1827
MILLER, Eliza Ann - WILCOX, Jacob 13-AUG-1832
MILLER, Elizabeth - THOMAS, James 02-APR-1809
MILLER, Elizabeth Ann - ASHBY, Tanner 30-JUN-1836
MILLER, Hiram - IGLEHEART, Matilda 30-AUG-1828
MILLER, Joe - SMITH, Lucy 26-SEP-1808
MILLER, Joseph - AUSTIN, Helen 10-NOV-1818
MILLER, Mahala - ROWAN, William 09-MAY-1835
MILLER, Mary - EVENS, Henry 07-MAR-1816
MILLER, Mary Ann - BURTON, Horace 25-NOV-1837
MILLER, Mary Catty - BOROUGH, John 11-APR-1809
MILLER, Nelson - MCGILL, Letty 06-OCT-1828
MILLER, Polly - ILER, Jacob 28-JAN-1818
MILLER, Reuben - FORD, Martha 14-FEB-1835
MILLER, Sally - COOPER, Alexander 07-JUN-1814
MILLER, Sally - CHAMBERS, Abrin 02-JUL-1828
MILLER, Siticia - AUTORY, Giles 28-MAR-1822
MILLER, William - MITCHELL, Polly 24-MAR-1828
MILLS, Anderson - KING, Mary Ellen 25-JAN-1836
MILLS, Elizabeth - KEITH, Benjamin 23-JUL-1828
MILLS, Harvey - RICHARDS, Catherine 01-MAR-1827
MILLS, Mehila - CALLOWAY, James 23-MAR-1823
MILLS, Virginia - HUDSON, Joshua 28-MAR-1831
MILMAY, Thomas - MARTIN, Sally 22-AUG-1810
MILTON, Frances - HART, William 06-FEB-1834
MILTON, Harriet - JONES, Fielding 21-SEP-1831
MILTON, Nancy - LUE, John 18-APR-1822
MILTON, Sally - TAYLOR, John A 15-OCT-1823
MITALDA, Jarlong - ALLEN, Alfred 31-JAN-1840
MITCHELL, John - SMITH, Sarah Ann 15-AUG-1831
MITCHELL, Jonathan - SMITH, Jenny A 05-SEP-1840
MITCHELL, Julian - WHITE, Walker 21-OCT-1839
MITCHELL, Mary H - HOCKER, Henry 19-FEB-1829
MITCHELL, Polly - MILLER, William 24-MAR-1828
MITCHELL, Rhoda - SIX, Isaac 11-APR-1822
MITCHELL, Sally - COX, Anderson 27-APR-1820
MITCHELL, Sally - DUVALL, Nicholas 03-APR-1824
MITCHELL, Thompson - MILLER, Ara Ann 25-JUL-1836
MOBBERLY, John - BAYNES, Mary 21-MAR-1832
MOBERLY, Mary Ann - HAYNES, Francis 22-DEC-1834
MONROE, Martin Andrew - HARRIS, Culsey 30-OCT-1828
MONTGOMERY, Margaret - BROWN, William 22-JAN-1828
MONTGOMERY, Nancy - HOWARD, Samuel 11-DEC-1822
MOODY, John - FILES, Polly 13-APR-1812
MOORE, David - IGLEHEART, Rebecca 22-MAY-1833
MOORE, David - INGLEHEART, Rebecca 22-MAY-1833
MOORE, Eliza Jane - LUCAS, Ingram 19-OCT-1840
MOORE, Elizabeth - MATTHEWS, George 04-JUN-1805
MOORE, John - JOHNSTON, Nancy 14-JUL-1825
MOORE, Patsy - ATTERBERRY, Richard 19-APR-1807
MOORE, Polly Ann Sophia - FIELD, Willis 16-AUG-1838
MOORE, Rebecca - BENNETT, James 13-JAN-1838
MOORE, Sally - ATTERBERRY, David 06-APR-1809
MOOREMAN, James L - MORRIS, Eliza 05-MAR-1832
MOOREMAN, James V - BUREMAN, Nancy 30-SEP-1823
MOOREMAN, Jesse - JACKSON, Rebecca 29-DEC-1828
MORAND, Nancy - LEE, Samuel 10-JUL-1830
MORGAN, Arnold - JOHNSTON, Margaret 27-AUG-1812
MORGAN, Charles - JOHNSTON, Cemlia 07-SEP-1812
MORGAN, Elizabeth - ATHERTON, John 04-MAR-1837
MORGAN, Jane - BROWN, John 10-OCT-1835
MORGAN, John - EIDSON, Molly 10-FEB-1834
MORGAN, Susan - HALL, David 19-OCT-1812
MORRIS, Amos - CRABTREE, Isabel Elizabeth 13-AUG-1827
MORRIS, Amos - CRABTREE, Isabell Elizabeth 13-AUG-1827
MORRIS, Eliza - MOOREMAN, James L 05-MAR-1832
MORRIS, Nancy - BARNETT, Martin 01-APR-1826
MORRISON, Daniel - PIGMAN, Sally 12-JUN-1805
MORTON, Ann - BARNARD, Jared 27-NOV-1833
MORTON, Ann - MCWAIN, Lewis 31-MAY-1823
MORTON, Cynthia Ann - WILLIAMS, Jeremiah 16-FEB-1835
MORTON, Delia - ROBERTSON, John 03-SEP-1838
MORTON, Elizabeth - RHODES, Henry 14-NOV-1831
MORTON, Isaac - SHANKS, Sally H 27-MAY-1823
MORTON, Jesse - PAXTON, Sally Walker 13-APR-1835
MORTON, Margaret - ROSS, Joseph 18-JUL-1812
ON, Polly - CALHOUN, John on 25-DEC- 19
MORTON, Sally - HATCHER, William 10-APR-1821
MOSELEY, Daniel - LAWTON, Caroline 12-DEC-1836
MOSELEY, Elijah - BARNES, Mary 24-JAN-1811
MOSELEY, Elijah - WESTERFIELD, Phebe Jane 19-OCT-1834
MOSELEY, James - HOBOY, Betsy Coffee 25-DEC-1832
MOSELEY, Jesse - CURD, Mary 12-AUG-1824
MOSELEY, John - WESTERFIELD, Nancy 28-MAR-1834
MOSELEY, Mary - WAKELAND, Allen 25-JAN-1840
MOSELEY, Presby - MALIN, Susannah 17-FEB-1816
MOSELEY, Robert - ALLEN, Mary 16-SEP-1823
MOSELEY, Robert - ARCHIBALD, Nancy 10-JAN-1837
MOSELEY, Robert - CURLET, Margaret 22-JAN-1829
MOSELEY, Robert - LAWTON, Amanda M 21-OCT-1840
MOSELEY, Robert C - ARCHIBALD, Nancy 10-JAN-1837
MULLER, Jesse - IGLEHEART, Janet 17-MAR-1825
MULLER, Jesse - INGLEHEART, Janet 17-MAR-1825
MYERS, Benjamin - ERWIN, Elizabeth 26-DEC-1816
MYERS, Francis - MILLER, Eliza 15-MAR-1827
MYERS, Margaret - ROBERTSON, Daniel 06-DEC-1828
MYERS, Nancy - ROBERTSON, Joseph 19-NOV-1828
MYERS, Thomas - LAYTON, Christine 10-MAY-1811
NALL, Gatewood - BERRYMAN, Frances 02-SEP-1828
NALL, John Gatewood - HENDERSON, Emily 27-MAR-1831
NALL, Lucy - MEYERS, Edward 18-OCT-1836
NALL, Margaret P - BLAND, Slaughter E 09-OCT-1834
NALL, Martha Jane - DEERING, S S 22-SEP-1840
NALL, Sarah Elizabeth - MCFARLAND, Walter 02-JAN-1837
NAMNY, Ann - CRAVENS, Jesse 23-AUG-1832
NANNY, James - HOWELL, Frankie 29-SEP-1829
NAPIER, Mary - COX, Finis 17-FEB-1807
NARCARRON, John - LEE, Sally Mrs 20-JUL-1805
NASH, Peggy - EDWARDS, William 25-MAR-1800
NEAL, Delilah - COOPER, Robert 28-MAR-1809
NEAL, Diana - HANDY, William 08-JAN-1824
NEAL, Elizabeth - DAVIS, Richard 04-NOV-1824
NEAL, Lytle - SHULTZ, Diana 20-AUG-1817
NEAL, Peggy - WILLIAMS, Edwin 14-APR-1810
NEEL, Lalrinah - EVENS, Thomas 10-FEB-1820
NEEL, Rebecca - EVANS, Thomas 08-JAN-1821
NEELY, Julian - DUKE, William 28-FEB-1836
NEELY, Math S - HUMPHREY, Matilda 16-NOV-1833
NEIGHBORS, Elizabeth - SHEPHERD, William 01-AUG-1811
NEIGHBORS, John C - GENTRY, Cicey 13-OCT-1829
NEIGHBORS, Thomas - HOOVER, Polly 04-MAY-1821
NELSON, William - SHOWN, Rhea 07-JAN-1811
NELSON, William - WESTERFIELD, Betsy 25-SEP-1836
NEVILLE, Emeline - CARTER, George 03-MAY-1839
NEW, James - AUSTIN, Nancy 19-JAN-1818
NEW, Nancy - MARTIN, Elias 04-JUN-1822
NEWBERRY, Parks - HAYNES, Lucy 26-AUG-1837
NEWCOMB, Sally Mrs - WELCH, Thomas 26-JAN-1837
NEWCOME, Eliza - FIELD, Thomas 17-SEP-1835
NEWCOME, Samuel - BRIAN, Sarah 04-FEB-1825
NEWTON, Isaac - LEAF, Jane 29-DEC-1836
NEWTON, Mildred - WELLS, William 05-MAR-1840
NICHOLAS, Ellen - CHAPMAN, Wilson 31-JAN-1838
NICHOLAS, John - THECKLES, Kitty 28-APR-1808
NICHOLAS, Valentine - LANHAM, Rachel 26-MAR-1812
NICHOLAS, William - HAYNES, Nancy 11-OCT-1817
NICHOLS, John - THECKLES, Kitty 28-APR-1808
NICHOLS, Polly - ELLIS, William 18-JUN-1838
NIFFICE, Isabel - PERIGO, Jonathan 04-NOV-1817
NORRIS, Meriah - BURDEN, Eli D 08-JUL-1830
NORTH, Elizabeth - TAYLOR, Simon 31-DEC-1801
OCONNOR, William - LANDRUM, Emily 10-MAR-1836
ODUM, William - FIELD, Nancy 28-AUG-1809
OLDHAM, George - CHAMBERS, Elizabeth 14-FEB-1818
OLDHAM, Martha - SUTTON, John 06-JUN-1831
OLDHAM, Orpha - WESTERFIELD, George 20-JUN-1840
OLDHAM, Susannah - SHARP, Isaac 18-OCT-1839
OVERLIN, Lebiba - BAKER, Wm 04-NOV-1826
OVERTIN, Delilah - CLARK, William 08-JUL-1806
OVERTON, James - WILLIAMS, Levinica 05-AUG-1806
OVERTON, Jonathan - MATTHEWS, Mary 28-FEB-1814
OWEN, Elenor - WARD, Hezekiah 01-NOV-1827
OWEN, Elizabeth - STEVENS, Richard 10-NOV-1830
OWEN, Frances - DAVIS, Baxter 12-JUL-1830
OWEN, John - JOHNSON, Susan 20-OCT-1838
OWEN, Leccice - FERGUSON, Samuel 19-APR-1834
OWEN, Patsy L - HOWARD, Allen 05-OCT-1829
OWEN, Sarah J - BENNETT, William J 17-JAN-1840
PAGET, Eliza - HAMILTON, William 25-OCT-1830
PAINE, John - ROBERTSON, Kitty 01-OCT-1819
PARK, David - ROSS, Sarah 16-APR-1839
PARKER, Bazell - TILFORD, Elizabeth Mrs 17-OCT-1833
PARKER, Catherine - JAMES, William 16-APR-1801
PARKER, Peggy - LINN, Jacob 12-FEB-1810
PARKER, William - SIX, Elizabeth 10-APR-1812
PARKS, Quinton - SHOWN, Margaret 20-AUG-1826
PATE, Jane - SMITH, Thomas 26-APR-1827
PATE, Mason C - MILLER, Charlotte 11-MAY-1837
PATE, Samuel - THRASHER, Auretta 11-MAR-1824
PATE, William - MIDKIFF, Rebecca 23-NOV-1826
PATRON, John - HUDSON, Nancy 29-AUG-1821
PATTON, John - HUDSON, Nancy 29-AUG-1821
PATTON, Thornton - JONES, Rebecca 05-AUG-1833
PAXTON, Eliza Ann - KELLY, Moses 03-MAR-1838
PAXTON, Sally Walker - MORTON, Jesse 13-APR-1835
PAXTON, Samuel - WILLIAMS, Elizabeth 04-MAR-1817
PAYNE, Emily Ann - COX, R E 28-SEP-1840
PAYNER, Mitchell - BROWN, Pretius 19-DEC-1800
PAYTON, Elisha - UNDERWOOD, Eliza 12-JAN-1808
PAYTON, Frances - THOMAS, Peter 22-DEC-1840
PEAK, Alexander - HUNTER, Elizabeth 07-DEC-1823
PEAK, Alexander - HUNTER, Jane 22-OCT-1832
PEAK, Hezekiah - LEACH, Polly 13-AUG-1816
PEARCE, Aborn - WHITE, Ruth 08-OCT-1838
PEARCE, Jacharah - WHITE, Dorcas 29-JUL-1840
PEARCE, Nancy - RENFROW, Alfred 14-OCT-1832
PEARCE, Solomon - ILER, Jane 19-OCT-1832
PEARCE, Susan - BURDEN, Osaah 02-OCT-1837
PEARCE, William - BURDEN, Cynthia Ann 18-JUN-1833
PEARSON, Thomas - LANHAM, Hester 20-APR-1825
PEDDICORD, Eliza - BOZARTH, Washington 12-DEC-1838
PEDDICORD, Jonathan - BARNARD, Minerva 24-AUG-1836
PEMBERTON, Beny - BROWN, Robert 09-MAR-1835
PEMBERTON, William - BARNETT, Sarah 02-APR-1839
PEN, Peggy - KEELE, James 14-SEP-1801
PEN, Pegy - KEELE, James 14-SEP-1801
PENDER, Elizabeth - FOGLE, Charles 22-SEP-1818
PENDER, Thomas - ATHERTON, Ann 14-OCT-1817
PERIGO, Jonathan - NIFFICE, Isabel 04-NOV-1817
PERIGO, Romey - HENMAN, Rhoda 01-OCT-1801
PERRY, Thomas - HUNT, Christine 12-OCT-1807
PETTY, John - GENTRY, Elizabeth 18-DEC-1835
PEYTON, Ellen - BALMAIN, Henry 28-SEP-1833
PEYTON, Mary Ann - SHEFFER, Anthony 14-SEP-1837
PHELPS, Lucinda - WHITE, Davey 08-FEB-1839
PHELPS, Polly - ROWE, Edmund 30-JAN-1811
PHILLIPES, Philip - CARTER, Carolina 22-OCT-1827
PHILLIPS, Betsy - CARTER, Alford 15-JUL-1835
PHILLIPS, Polly - BLACK, Willis 05-JUN-1828
PHILPS, James - JONES, Nelly 31-DEC-1807
PHIPPS, Ann - RENDER, Thomas 27-JAN-1820
PHIPPS, Elijah - ROBERTSON, Harriet 15-DEC-1827
PHIPPS, John - BARNARD, Ann 18-NOV-1819
PHIPPS, Lucinda - RENDER, Christopher 22-DEC-1840
PHIPPS, Martha - DENT, Peter 23-AUG-1838
PHIPPS, Nancy - COOPER, Henry 31-OCT-1803
PHIPPS, Rebecca - BRIGHT, William 05-JAN-1805
PHIPPS, Thomas - BARNARD, Sally 02-NOV-1829
PHIPS, James - JONES, Nelly 31-DEC-1807
PIERCE, Benjamin - ILER, Elizabeth 13-MAR-1826

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