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Aug 1799 – Dec 1840

Note:  This data appears to be double indexed, both with Groom first and Bride first.  I have not checked to see if that is consistent throughout. You will see some entries twice with slight variations; this is because all of this data is found in old journals & written in longhand (cursive) and is very difficult to read, so the transcriber made two entries because it could be interperted in either form.  I think the best way to search this data is to search using your various surnames, using the search feature of your browser or copy the data and create a Word document and use that search feature. 

PIGMAN, Amy - WORK, Samuel 13-JAN-1801
PIGMAN, Levi - TAYLOR, Jane 01-AUG-1801
PIGMAN, Phelena - TAYLOR, Harrison 06-OCT-1813
PIGMAN, Sally - MORRISON, Daniel 12-JUN-1805
PIGMAN, Sidney - RICE, John 29-JUN-1809
PINKSTON, John - TILLY, Polly 08-MAY-1832
PINKSTON, Nancy - MCCLURE, Thomas 26-APR-1813
PINKSTON, Pattie - GENTRY, Nancy 02-JUL-1838
PLAIN, John - ROSS, Tanner 22-SEP-1823
PLUMER, Ann - LANHAM, Lewis 25-DEC-1819
PLUMER, Caleb - DANIEL, Mary Ann 03-JUN-1819
POOL, Allen P - COX, Elizabeth 29-NOV-1836
POOL, William - BROWN, Jane 25-DEC-1826
PORTER, Sally - CHAPMAN, Robert 12-JAN-1836
PORTER, Thompson - HARDESTE, Rebecca 13-JUL-1804
POTECT, Job - WHITEACRE, Molly 16-MAY-1812
POTTS, Isabel - ROGERS, John 13-JUN-1808
POTTS, Johanna - CRABTREE, Abraham 13-DEC-1810
POTTS, Martha - BRISTOE, Lovey 22-APR-1809
POTTS, Rachel - CONNER, William 07-MAR-1807
POTTS, Rachel - TANNER, William 02-DEC-1804
POWERS, Alexander - SUTTON, Matilda 12-AUG-1831
POWERS, Eliza - MATTHEWS, Alfred 05-MAR-1832
POWERS, Hannah - BRESHORO, John 24-MAY-1813
POWERS, John - HUNTER, Nancy 29-JUN-1801
POWERS, John - TABER, Matilda 18-FEB-1839
POWERS, Judith - BRASHIERS, Thomas 16-NOV-1814
PRAY, Elijah - LAMB, Charlotte 09-FEB-1824
PRESTON, Sanford - ROGERS, Mary Ann 01-NOV-1837
PRESTON, William - SHROETER, Mary Ann 13-JAN-1840
PRUDDEN, James - BARNETT, Rachel 04-NOV-1839
PRUDEN, Ann - WOODWARD, Thomas 12-JAN-1820
PRUDEN, Daniel - MCGILL, Ann 08-NOV-1813
PUGH, Margaret - KEELE, James 15-SEP-1801
PURCELL, Lewis - KING, Libela 16-DEC-1828
RAILEY, Benjamin - CAMPBELL, Rebecca 19-DEC-1825
RAILEY, Elizabeth - WARD, Jesse 08-SEP-1836
RAILEY, John - WILSON, Nancy 14-JUL-1828
RAILEY, Polly - WILSON, James 25-APR-1827
RAINS, Jane - HAYNES, James 11-FEB-1839
RALEY, James - WILSON, Sally 30-JUL-1838
RALEY, William - HARLIN, Polly 16-JUN-1839
RALPH, Catherine - SUTTON, William 26-OCT-1835
RALPH, Nancy Jane - BURKS, Davis 18-MAY-1839
RAYMOND, Betty - LEGGIT, William 03-DEC-1812
REDDECOOD, Mary - BROWN, Isaac C 20-MAR-1840
REDDING, Amanda Elvina - WALLACE, Wm G 09-DEC-1839
REDMAN, Polly - AUSTIN, John 09-OCT-1832
REDMOND, Ann - AUSTIN, John 25-OCT-1837
REDMOND, Felix - HOCKER, Polly 26-JUN-1812
REDMOND, Robert - DAVIS, Harriet 02-MAR-1811
REED, George - BREAMER, Mary 25-JUN-1807
REED, James - CLUTTER, Delilah 18-JUL-1804
REED, Margaret - SHULL, David 25-AUG-1830
REED, Sarah - HOUSE, Jacob 03-AUG-1836
REEDS, Jacob - ROGERS, Martha B 12-SEP-1833
REEDS, Moses - RENDER, Elenor 01-JUL-1833
REEVES, Polly Ann - GREENWOOD, Walcott 22-DEC-1840
RENDER, Amelia - MADDOX, John 01-JUL-1819
RENDER, Amelia - RENDER, Robert 23-JAN-1836
RENDER, Catherine - BORAH, Lee 18-JUN-1831
RENDER, Christopher - PHIPPS, Lucinda 22-DEC-1840
RENDER, Elenor - REEDS, Moses 01-JUL-1833
RENDER, Eliza - MASON, Augustus 12-AUG-1839
RENDER, Hester - HOCKER, Nicholas 14-AUG-1813
RENDER, John - TICHENOR, Jane 16-JAN-1839
RENDER, Joshua - JACKSON, Polly 23-DEC-1812
RENDER, Mary - AUSTIN, Robert 17-MAR-1829
RENDER, Nancy - CHAPMAN, Willis 13-DEC-1805
RENDER, Polly - AUSTIN, Branch 10-AUG-1818
RENDER, Robert - BROWN, Charlotte 09-DEC-1801
RENDER, Robert - RENDER, Amelia 23-JAN-1836
RENDER, Sarah - CHAPMAN, Solomon 04-JUN-1824
RENDER, Sarah - WARD, Edward 28-MAY-1814
RENDER, Tally - ROWE, George 13-JUL-1840
RENDER, Thomas - PHIPPS, Ann 27-JAN-1820
RENFROW, Alfred - PEARCE, Nancy 14-OCT-1832
RENFROW, Kellion - THOMAS, Emily 04-SEP-1836
RHODES, Henry - MORTON, Elizabeth 14-NOV-1831
RHODES, Presley - ROSS, Sally 31-DEC-1838
RICE, John - PIGMAN, Sidney 29-JUN-1809
RICE, Nelly - CLIFFORD, Michael 06-JAN-1820
RICHARD, Elizabeth - CROWE, Henry 24-FEB-1820
RICHARD, William - BEARDON, Nancy 15-JUL-1826
RICHARDS, Catherine - MILLS, Harvey 01-MAR-1827
RICHARDS, Matilda - HUFF, Gallsburry 01-SEP-1818
RICHARDS, Thomas - HUFF, Elizabeth 17-OCT-1829
RIGGS, Isaac - ATHERTON, Delilah 29-DEC-1823
RILEY, Elijah - ROGERS, Nancy 22-APR-1805
RILEY, Higginson - BARNARD, Sarah 30-MAR-1840
RINNEY, John - RUNNEY, Maria 09-OCT-1823
RITCHEY, John - MCGILL, Ann 01-SEP-1817
ROACH, Cornelius - KELLY, Ann Eliza 06-SEP-1834
ROACH, Cornelius - WESTERFIELD, Mary 03-OCT-1831
ROACH, Eliza - BURKES, John 17-NOV-1836
ROACH, Mahala Ann - HOOVER, Jonathan 08-JUL-1828
ROBEL, Logustain P - COX, Elizabeth 05-APR-1828
ROBERS, Margaret Ann - JAMES, Fleming 24-NOV-1839
ROBERTS, Techarih - HATCHER, Lindsey 11-APR-1819
ROBERTS, Willis - ADLE, Margaret 28-JUN-1814
ROBERTSON, Amanda - DEAN, Summers  30-APR -1826
ROBERTSON, Ann - MCDANIEL, Jesse 18-NOV-1824
ROBERTSON, Daniel - MYERS, Margaret 06-DEC-1828
ROBERTSON, Harriet - PHIPPS, Elijah 15-DEC-1827
ROBERTSON, Henry - AXTON, Margaret 25-AUG-1825
ROBERTSON, John - MORTON, Delia 03-SEP-1838
ROBERTSON, Joseph - MYERS, Nancy 19-NOV-1828
ROBERTSON, Kitty - PAINE, John 01-OCT-1819
ROBERTSON, Powhatan - HENDERSON, Linetta 25-JUN-1834
ROBINSON, John - GRAVES, Mary 01-AUG-1836
ROBINSON, Margaret - WILKINS, Samuel 09-APR-1807
ROBINSON, Philip - BLEVINS, Patsy 26-DEC-1822
ROBTREE, Polly - ROGERS, Asa 02-DEC-1810
ROCK, Elizabeth - SPURRIER, Elijah 21-MAR-1804
ROCKERBY, Eliza - LEWELLAN, Jacob 21-MAY-1816
ROGERS, Asa - ROBTREE, Polly 02-DEC-1810
ROGERS, Cindrella - WILSON, Simon 09-OCT-1837
ROGERS, Edward - CHAPMAN, Nancy 22-JAN-1818
ROGERS, Elizabeth - JAMES, Moseley 08-NOV-1813
ROGERS, Elizabeth - JONES, Jos 20-SEP-1822
ROGERS, John - POTTS, Isabel 13-JUN-1808
ROGERS, Margaret - HENDERSON, Charles 02-FEB-1811
ROGERS, Margaret Ann - JAMES, Fleming 24-NOV-1839
ROGERS, Martha B - REEDS, Jacob 12-SEP-1833
ROGERS, Mary Ann - PRESTON, Sanford 01-NOV-1837
ROGERS, Nancy - HOBBY, James 19-FEB-1824
ROGERS, Nancy - RILEY, Elijah 22-APR-1805
ROGERS, Nancy Ray - BUTLER, John 16-JUN-1839
ROGERS, Patsy - JAMES, Samuel 19-OCT-1818
ROGERS, Polly - KELLY, John B 21-MAY-1814
ROGERS, Sarah - LEMON, John 01-OCT-1807
ROGERS, Sarah - LEMON, John 09-NOV-1807
ROGERS, William Cass - JAMES, Lucy 22-APR-1822
ROSDALE, Tucker - SHOWN, Elizabeth 31-MAR-1822
ROSEDALE, Tucker - EIDSON, Morning 20-JUL-1823
ROSS, Aaron - DAVIS, Jeremiah 23-DEC-1819
ROSS, Ervin - ASHBY, Katy 05-SEP-1804
ROSS, Jemima - DAVIS, Solomon 29-NOV-1829
ROSS, John - DANIEL, Doranda 30-MAR-1840
ROSS, Joseph - MORTON, Margaret 18-JUL-1812
ROSS, Joseph - ROSS, Martha Ann 06-MAR-1836
ROSS, Louisa - TAYLOR, James 10-JAN-1838
ROSS, Louisa Ann - TAYLOR, James 10-JAN-1838
ROSS, Lucinda - BORAH, Noah 31-OCT-1835
ROSS, Martha Ann - ROSS, Joseph 06-MAR-1836
ROSS, Nancy - ROWE, Robert 26-JAN-1830
ROSS, Sally - RHODES, Presley 31-DEC-1838
ROSS, Sarah - PARK, David 16-APR-1839
ROSS, Tanner - PLAIN, John 22-SEP-1823
ROSS, Thomas - STEWART, Levinia 11-MAY-1824
ROSS, Willis - BLEVINS, Keturah 24-JUN-1821
ROTHROCK, Henry - YOUNG, Mary 12-MAY-1838
ROUNDTREE, James - WILLIAMS, Viney 31-JUL-1806
ROWAN, Alexander - SIMMONS, Marcia 23-DEC-1828
ROWAN, William - MILLER, Mahala 09-MAY-1835
ROWAN, William C - BARNETT, Abigail 24-DEC-1829
ROWE, Amelia - TICHENOR, Alney 06-OCT-1834
ROWE, Broxton - BISHOP, Ann 02-JUN-1831
ROWE, Cynthia - HOCKER, Charles 28-FEB-1835
ROWE, Edmund - PHELPS, Polly 30-JAN-1811
ROWE, Elizabeth - ASHBY, David 25-MAR-1812
ROWE, Elizabeth Crowe - ASHBY, George 13-SEP-1836
ROWE, Emila - TAYLOR, John T 1830
ROWE, George - RENDER, Tally 13-JUL-1840
ROWE, Judith - STEWART, James 15-APR-1835
ROWE, Judy - BROWN, Robert 08-NOV-1816
ROWE, Nancy - ASHBY, William 29-MAR-1816
ROWE, Randolph - BOZARTH, Rebecca 24-SEP-1808
ROWE, Robert - ROSS, Nancy 26-JAN-1830
ROWE, Robert - UNDERWOOD, Matilda 10-JUL-1820
ROWE, Sally - ASHBY, Peter 07-AUG-1817
ROWE, Thomas - BROWN, Margaret 01-FEB-1817
ROWE, Thomas - MADDOX, Mary Boyd 15-JUL-1836
ROYAL, James - CRAVENS, Jessie 04-AUG-1831
ROYAL, John - DAVIS, Isabella 14-JAN-1830
ROYAL, Richard - GALLESPY, Nancy A 27-FEB-1836
ROYAL, Samuel - WADE, Purmeley 17-JUL-1836
RUNNEY, Maria - RINNEY, John 09-OCT-1823
RUNNEY, Maria M - RINNEY, John 09-OCT-1823
RUSHER, Elizabeth - BARKER, Elisha 19-AUG-1839
RUSHER, Minor - MARLOW, Mary 19-JAN-1826
SALLEE, Thomas - HORNBECK, Mary 02-DEC-1809
SANDEFUR, Francis - BENNETT, Mary 07-NOV-1822
SANDEFUR, John - BENNETT, Sarah 21-SEP-1832
SANDEFUR, Wm - BENNETT, Elizabeth 09-SEP-1825
SANDS, James - LEE, Polly 18-APR-1820
SCOTT, Daniel - LANDRUM, Ruby 12-JAN-1814
SHANE, James - CUMPTON, Theodocia 09-JAN-1809
SHANE, Mary - TURPIN, Phillip 01-FEB-1800
SHANKS, Camilla - JACKSON, Chris E 18-DEC-1827
SHANKS, Quintus - TAYLOR, Lucinda 30-AUG-1838
SHANKS, Sally H - MORTON, Isaac 27-MAY-1823
SHARP, Charles - KELLY, Belima 08-NOV-1834
SHARP, Eliza - EZEL, Greenberry 22-NOV-1832
SHARP, Isaac - OLDHAM, Susannah 18-OCT-1839
SHARP, William T - SHOEMAKER, Nancy 23-JUN-1831
SHAYER, Frances - GILL, Thomas 13-DEC-1806
SHAYER, Thomas - GILL, Frances 13-DEC-1806
SHAYN, John - TURPIN, Mary 08-DEC-1800
SHEFFER, Anthony - PEYTON, Mary Ann 14-SEP-1837
SHEPHERD, Delilah - MADDOX, Thomas 25-MAY-1840
SHEPHERD, Nancy - DAVIS, Joseph 25-JAN-1840
SHEPHERD, Polly - SHULTZ, Nathan 09-SEP-1830
SHEPHERD, Sarah - BAIZE, Isaac 05-DEC-1840
SHEPHERD, William - DAVIS, Margaret 26-FEB-1840
SHEPHERD, William - NEIGHBORS, Elizabeth 01-AUG-1811
SHERMAN, Thomas - JOHNSON, Polly 05-DEC-1836
SHIELDS, James - AUTRY, Emeline 03-SEP-1839
SHIELDS, John - HOCKER, Advisa 31-MAR-1836
SHIRTLEY, Polly - GIBSON, William 28-MAR-18?0
SHIVELEY, John L - COOPER, Sarah 09-FEB-1830
SHOEMAKER, Mary - HUGHSTON, John 14-NOV-1809
SHOEMAKER, Nancy - SHARP, William T 23-JUN-1831
SHOW, Edith - CORN, William 31-DEC-1831
SHOWN, Elizabeth - ROSDALE, Tucker 31-MAR-1822
SHOWN, Margaret - PARKS, Quinton 20-AUG-1826
SHOWN, Peter - BENNETT, Elizabeth 30-AUG-1820
SHOWN, Rhea - NELSON, William 07-JAN-1811
SHOWN, Sarah - WALLACE, Hugh William 08-DEC-1823
SHROETER, Mary Ann - PRESTON, William 13-JAN-1840
SHULCH, Nancy - BOYS, John 07-OCT-1801
SHULL, David - REED, Margaret 25-AUG-1830
SHULTZ, Charles - LEE, Ann 25-MAY-1820
SHULTZ, Diana - NEAL, Lytle 20-AUG-1817
SHULTZ, Jacob - GIBSON, Polly 22-MAR-1800
SHULTZ, John - COX, Ann 18-SEP-1831
SHULTZ, John - ELMS, Jane 10-JUN-1829
SHULTZ, John - TOWELS, Comfort 23-OCT-1821
SHULTZ, Joseph - HOWARD, Nancy 31-AUG-1822
SHULTZ, Mary - MALIN, Isaac 12-SEP-1812
SHULTZ, Nancy - BAIZE, John 06-OCT-1807
SHULTZ, Nathan - SHEPHERD, Polly 09-SEP-1830
SHULTZ, Nicholas - DAVIS, Cynthia Ann 06-OCT-1832
SHUTTY, Mary - MALIN, Isaac 12-SEP-1812
SIMMONS, Albeun S - BARNARD, Miranda 16-DEC-1833
SIMMONS, Charles - HUDSON, Patsy 16-DEC-1833
SIMMONS, Charlotte - WOODWARD, John M 29-SEP-1827
SIMMONS, Marcia - ROWAN, Alexander 23-DEC-1828
SIMMONS, William - CALLOWAY, Tomzay 18-FEB-1820
SIX, Catherine - LINDSEY, Thomas 12-MAR-1821
SIX, David - COX, Elizabeth 23-DEC-1819
SIX, Elizabeth - PARKER, William 10-APR-1812
SIX, Isaac - MITCHELL, Rhoda 11-APR-1822
SIX, John - HARSHA, Jean 03-APR-1812
SIX, Nancy - TAYLOR, Simon 1821
SIX, William - CRABTREE, Jane 26-DEC-1821
SMEATHERS, Archibald - TAYLOR, Dolly 29-SEP-1828
SMEATHERS, Archibald - TAYLOR, Margaret 16-NOV-1840
SMEATHERS, Eliza - STATLER, George 08-AUG-1808
SMEATHERS, James - BELL, Elizabeth 04-APR-1805
SMEATHERS, Jane - GROSS, Daniel 01-FEB-1800
SMITH, Caroline - SUTTON, Ishmael 14-MAR-1839
SMITH, Charlotte - MIDKIFF, John 29-MAR-1827
SMITH, Eliza - CHRISTIAN, Walter 26-SEP-1833
SMITH, Elizabeth - WISE, Levi 05-SEP-1840
SMITH, George - FULKERSON, Margaret 30-NOV-1829
SMITH, Hardy - TAYLOR, Amy 08-JUN-1801
SMITH, Hugh - MCILWAIN, Jane 13-MAR-1823
SMITH, Jane - HAMILTON, George 25-OCT-1833
SMITH, Jenny A - MITCHELL, Jonathan 05-SEP-1840
SMITH, Jesse - HUNTER, Elizabeth 22-SEP-1830
SMITH, John - STEWART, Elizabeth 20-MAY-1820
SMITH, John C - GOSSET, Elmira 10-MAR-1840
SMITH, John J - CROWE, Nancy 22-FEB-1832
SMITH, Joseph - ANDERSON, Sarah 19-APR-1813
SMITH, Lewis - TILFORD, Eliza Jane 04-FEB-1832
SMITH, Lucinda - STEDAM, Isaac 20-DEC-1836
SMITH, Lucy - MILLER, Joe 26-SEP-1808
SMITH, Maryan - DANIEL, Walker 22-AUG-1825
SMITH, Nancy - STEPHENS, Joseph 28-AUG-1816
SMITH, Nancy - WESTERFIELD, Hayden 07-JAN-1832
SMITH, Polly - FUQUA, William 23-JAN-1834
SMITH, Sarah Ann - MITCHELL, John 15-AUG-1831
SMITH, Thomas - DANIEL, Ann 10-DEC-1831
SMITH, Thomas - GRANT, Eliza 14-NOV-1821
SMITH, Thomas - PATE, Jane 26-APR-1827 

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