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Aug 1799 – Dec 1840

Note:  This data appears to be double indexed, both with Groom first and Bride first.  I have not checked to see if that is consistent throughout. You will see some entries twice with slight variations; this is because all of this data is found in old journals & written in longhand (cursive) and is very difficult to read, so the transcriber made two entries because it could be interperted in either form.  I think the best way to search this data is to search using your various surnames, using the search feature of your browser or copy the data and create a Word document and use that search feature. 

DOUGLAS, John - BENNETT, Amanda 14-NOV-1837
DOUGLAS, Jonathan - WILSON, Martha 11-NOV-1809
DOVER, Abraham - STONE, Celia 20-AUG-1805
DOWNEY, Alex - TAYLOR, Ann 14-APR-1826
DOWNS, William - KING, Penelope 05-JAN-1836
DOZIER, James - MCFABES, Betsy 29-DEC-1813
DRAGOO, John - LANHAM, Easter 09-JAN-1809
DRAKE, Rice - TICHENOR, Elizabeth 27-OCT-1840
DUBOIS, Stephen - WILLIAMS, Rebecca 23-MAY-1819
DUKE, Dolly - STEVENS, John 17-SEP-1819
DUKE, John - MASON, Elvira 04-JUN-1831
DUKE, Lydia - BOSWELL, Caleb 22-NOV-1825
DUKE, Mary - CONDIT, Jonathan 14-JUN-1834
DUKE, Polly - AMBROSE, Samuel 28-JUN-1832
DUKE, Richard - STATLER, Sally 24-FEB-1823
DUKE, Susannah - SULLENGER, Francis 19-FEB-1840
DUKE, Thomas - ADDINGTON, Dorcas A 28-MAR-1837
DUKE, Thomas - TAYLOR, Elizabeth 06-SEP-1832
DUKE, Washington - TINSLEY, Martha 21-MAR-1840
DUKE, William - NEELY, Julian 28-FEB-1836
DUKE, William - STATLER, Matty 1818
DUNCAN, Samuel - THOMPSON, Catherine 15-DEC-1810
DUNN, Lebina Mrs - FLOYD, Jasper 28-MAY-1800
DUPOSTER, William - LAND, Polly 17-JUL-1827
DUPOY, James - TAYLOR, Rebecca 19-DEC-1801
DURBIN, William - DICKEY, Sarah 16-JUL-1814
DURLAP, Henry - COLEMAN, Elizabeth 07-SEP-1811
DUVALL, Benjamin - ALIN, Elizabeth 19-FEB-1820
DUVALL, Nicholas - CAMPBELL, Ann 13-DEC-1819
DUVALL, Nicholas - CAMPBELL, Ann 23-DEC-1819
DUVALL, Nicholas - MITCHELL, Sally 03-APR-1824
EARP, James - CLARK, Anthony Ann 05-OCT-1840
EARP, Josiah - STORM, Elizabeth 17-APR-1837
EARP, Nicholas - STORM, Abigail 19-DEC-1836
EARP, Nicholas P - COOKSEY, Victoria Ann 27-JUL-1840
EASTLAND, Robert - MCGEE, Polly 10-APR-1810
EATHERINGTON, Aaron - HOOVER, Millie 24-MAR-1819
EATHERNTON, Jonathan - BROWN, Elizabeth 01-NOV-1802
EDISON, Lucy - WEBB, William 23-JAN-1839
EDMUNDS, Isaac - COMPTON, Susanna 01-OCT-1804
EDMUNDS, Jane - HARRIS, James 17-NOV-1825
EDWARDS, William - NASH, Peggy 25-MAR-1800
EIDSON, Lucy - WEBB, William 23-JAN-1839
EIDSON, Molly - MORGAN, John 10-FEB-1834
EIDSON, Morning - ROSEDALE, Tucker 20-JUL-1823
ELIN, Mary Ann - DAVIS, Garret 14-SEP-1829
ELIN, Mary Ann - DAVIS, Garrett 14-SEP-1829
ELLIOTT, John - CONDIT, Ann 18-JUL-1812
ELLIS, Joseph - TAYLOR, Jane 15-SEP-1835
ELLIS, William - NICHOLS, Polly 18-JUN-1838
ELM, Rebecca H - EMBRY, John 27-SEP-1833
ELMS, Jane - SHULTZ, John 10-JUN-1829
ELMS, Thomas - KEOWN, Elizabeth 12-SEP-1833
EMBRY, Isaac - COOPER, Elizabeth 11-FEB-1833
EMBRY, John - ELM, Rebecca H 27-SEP-1833
EMBRY, William - COOPER, Jane 12-APR-1834
ENGLISH, Betsy - WATSON, John 01-MAY-1806
ERVIN, Jane - HEET, Nicholas 02-JUN-1813
ERVIN, Polly - DICKEY, Elijah 01-JAN-1810
ERVIN, William - WHITTCHILL, Elizabeth 01-DEC-1815
ERVIN, William - WHITEHILL, Elizabeth 01-DEC-1815
ERWIN, Elizabeth - MYERS, Benjamin 26-DEC-1816
ERWIN, Mary Mrs - WADE, Ballanger 20-OCT-1833
ESKRIDGE, Robinson - WEEKS, Elizabeth 07-OCT-1818
EVANS, Allen - BAKER, Elizabeth 02-AUG-1838
EVANS, Hatfield - LEATHERMON, Polly 26-MAR-1821
EVANS, Jefferson - WILEY, Mahala 04-JAN-1830
EVANS, Sarah - DAUGHERTY, Andrew 03-JUN-1837
EVANS, Susannah - SUTTON, John 09-SEP-1814
EVANS, Thomas - NEEL, Rebecca 08-JAN-1821
EVENS, Francis - AXTON, Nancy 31-AUG-1818
EVENS, Henry - MILLER, Mary 07-MAR-1816
EVENS, Thomas - NEEL, Lalrinah 10-FEB-1820
EZEL, Greenberry - SHARP, Eliza 22-NOV-1832
EZEL, Jeremiah - KEOWN, Elizabeth 25-MAR-1834
EZEL, Thomas - AUTORY, Elizabeth 11-JAN-1822
EZELL, Levice - DOUGHERTY, Chesterfield 07-JAN-1835
FAR, Sarah - ATHERTON, Benjamin 15-JAN-1806
FARLEY, Wm - WAKELAND, Sarah 09-SEP-1819
FAUGHT, Thomas - ILER, Eliza Ann 02-DEC-1840
FELIX, Elizabeth - CARTER, Abraham 07-FEB-1828
FELIX, Phillip - HAYNES, Judith 11-APR-1824
FERGUSON, Julia - HALE, Armstrong 08-JAN-1829
FERGUSON, Samuel - OWEN, Leccice 19-APR-1834
FIELD, Almenda - BARNARD, Milton E 20-SEP-1836
FIELD, Aquilla - TICHENOR, Sarah 11-MAR-1820
FIELD, Aquilla - TICHENOR, Sarah 25-MAR-1800
FIELD, Elizabeth - GIBSON, John 18-MAY-1802
FIELD, Elizabeth - LANDRUM, William Tom 24-APR-1837
FIELD, Elizabeth M - LANDRUM, William Tom 24-APR-1837
FIELD, Hannah - ASHBY, Horiteo 28-MAR-1804
FIELD, Henry - BALL, Tucky 23-JUN-1805
FIELD, Lucy - DAVIS, James 20-FEB-1810
FIELD, Nancy - ODUM, William 28-AUG-1809
FIELD, Thomas - NEWCOME, Eliza 17-SEP-1835
FIELD, William - HORREN, Jane Henry 27-SEP-1832
FIELD, Willis - MOORE, Polly Ann Sophia 16-AUG-1838
FIELD, Zachariah - FORD, Sebrina 28-FEB-1814
FILES, Polly - MOODY, John 13-APR-1812
FINLEY, Sam - BIGGER, Sarah 06-JUL-1805
FINLEY, Sam - BIGGER, Widow Sarah 06-JUL-1805
FIRNEMAN, William - MATHERSON, Nancy 06-FEB-1810
FITZHUGH, James - BARRETT, Matilda 03-OCT-1825
FITZHUGH, James - BARRETT, Matilda 13-OCT-1825
FLOYD, Jasper - DUNN, Lebina Mrs 28-MAY-1800
FOGLE, Charles - PENDER, Elizabeth 22-SEP-1818
FORD, Ann - HOOVER, Leonard 19-DEC-1812
FORD, Cassandra - WARD, Bassett 01-APR-1822
FORD, Dolly - LIKENS, Thomas 10-DEC-1838
FORD, Francis - WOODWARD, Eliza 20-NOV-1838
FORD, Harriet - LYNN, Nathan 04-NOV-1822
FORD, John - KEOWN, Martha 12-OCT-1840
FORD, Mahala - WARD, Jesse 02-JUN-1825
FORD, Martha - MILLER, Reuben 14-FEB-1835
FORD, Nancy - WALLACE, Benjamin 19-JUN-1823
FORD, Sebrina - FIELD, Zachariah 28-FEB-1814
FORD, William - CHAPMAN, Sally 10-FEB-1813
FOSTER, Peter - HOCKER, Polly 18-MAY-1819
FOSTER, Polly - GIBSON, Moses 07-SEP-1805
FOWLER, Nancy - GARNER, Ephraim 28-JUN-1802
FOWLER, Nancy - GARNER, Ephriam 28-JUN-1802
FRAZE, Robert - BERRYMAN, Isabelle 15-JUL-1837
FRENCH, David - HUDSON, Ann 20-DEC-1820
FRENCH, George - HUDSON, Sally 03-DEC-1827
FRENCH, Margaret - HUDSON, William 20-AUG-1821
FRENCH, Samuel - HUDSON, Fanny 29-AUG-1821
FRENCH, Sarah - WESTERFIELD, James 09-JUN-1824
FULKERSON, Alfred - TAYLOR, Hannah 25-APR-1835
FULKERSON, Fulkerd - COLEMAN, Polly 30-MAR-1818
FULKERSON, Fulkivin - GROPSBY, Nancy 03-FEB-1808
FULKERSON, John - HOCKER, Nancy 03-FEB-1801
FULKERSON, Margaret - GRAVES, George 24-FEB-1834
FULKERSON, Margaret - SMITH, George 30-NOV-1829
FULKERSON, Mary Jane - FULKERSON, Philip 21-JAN-1839
FULKERSON, Milly - WISE, Levi 25-DEC-1823
FULKERSON, Molly - WISE, Levi 25-DEC-1823
FULKERSON, Nancy - BENTON, James 25-JUL-1829
FULKERSON, Philip - FULKERSON, Mary Jane 21-JAN-1839
FULKERSON, Rachel - WILSON, Thomas 21-MAR-1814
FULKERSON, Rachel - YONTZ, Lemuel 18-SEP-1839
FULKERSON, Rachel - YOUNTZ, Lemuel 18-SEP-1839
FULKERSON, Rebecca - COVINGTON, Edward 25-OCT-1836
FULKERSON, Susan - FULKERSON, Thomas 12-DEC-1836
FULKERSON, Thomas - FULKERSON, Susan 12-DEC-1836
FUNK, Nancy H - DAVENPORT, Sam A 18-SEP-1840
FUNKHAUSER, Isaac - YOUNG, Polly 08-AUG-1807
FUQUA, Eliza - BENNETT, Lewis 03-SEP-1831
FUQUA, Emeline - STAPLES, James 28-SEP-1839
FUQUA, Lucretia - BENNETT, Nelson 29-SEP-1831
FUQUA, William - SMITH, Polly 23-JAN-1834
GABBERT, William - HUNT, Delilah 15-APR-1814
GALLESPY, Nancy A - ROYAL, Richard 27-FEB-1836
GALLOWAY, Adam - LEACH, Sarah 20-NOV-1811
GALLOWAY, David - JOHNSON, Elizabeth 08-DEC-1809
GALLOWAY, John - MARTWICK, Elizabeth 07-FEB-1806
GALLOWAY, Mary - JORDAN, Adams 06-FEB-1804
GARDNER, Fanny - ANDERSON, John 07-MAR-1817
GARNER, Ephraim - FOWLER, Nancy 28-JUN-1802
GARNER, Ephriam - FOWLER, Nancy 28-JUN-1802
GARTHER, John - TILFORD, Louisa Ann 17-OCT-1840
GARY, Elijah - LIKENS, Rosanna 22-DEC-1834
GENTRY, Benjamin - JOHNSON, Ann 14-DEC-1839
GENTRY, Cicey - NEIGHBORS, John C 13-OCT-1829
GENTRY, Eliza - LYNN, Nathan 17-OCT-1835
GENTRY, Elizabeth - PETTY, John 18-DEC-1835
GENTRY, James - HORNBECK, Elizabeth 21-JUL-1803
GENTRY, James - LEACH, Sally 02-FEB-1835
GENTRY, Joseph - THOMAS, Rhoda 08-JAN-1801
GENTRY, Mopey - JONES, Elizabeth 03-APR-1829
GENTRY, Nancy - PINKSTON, Pattie 02-JUL-1838
GENTRY, Polly - DAVIS, Owen 08-NOV-1834
GENTRY, Sally - HOOVER, Garrison 15-SEP-1829
GENTRY, Samuel - MILLER, Dorcas 21-SEP-1829
GENTRY, William - HODGES, Mary 18-MAR-1816
GIBBONS, Lydia - BARNETT, William 30-APR-1812
GIBSON, Daniel - CRAVENS, Dorcas 22-APR-1832
GIBSON, Elizabeth - TANNER, Salkins 18-OCT-1809
GIBSON, John - FIELD, Elizabeth 18-MAY-1802
GIBSON, Jordan - WAKELAND, Nancy 13-JAN-1810
GIBSON, Mary - WALL, Robert 13-OCT-1809
GIBSON, Moses - FOSTER, Polly 07-SEP-1805
GIBSON, Nancy - HUNTER, Reuben 29-SEP-1817
GIBSON, Polly - SHULTZ, Jacob 22-MAR-1800
GIBSON, William - SHIRTLEY, Polly 28-MAR-1890
GILBERT, Elizabeth - CALLOWAY, Chester 24-OCT-1809
GILBERT, John - TURNER, Jemima 18-FEB-1802
GILL, Frances - SHAYER, Thomas 13-DEC-1806
GILL, Thomas - SHAYER, Frances 13-DEC-1806
GILLESPIE, Lucy - MCKENDLY, Benjamin 15-MAY-1840
GILLESPY, Lucy - MCKENDLY, Benjamin 15-MAY-1840
GILLISPIE, James - GILLISPIE, Margaret 21-DEC-1831
GILLISPIE, Margaret - GILLISPIE, James 21-DEC-1831
GILMORE, Thomas - MARLOW, Mahala 31-JAN-1827
GIVINS, John - BRYANT, Margaret 02-DEC-1810
GLEN, William - MCFARLAND, Leah 16-DEC-1809
GLENN, Martha - ANDERSON, Nelson 17-DEC-1808
GLEVER, Sally - BOZARTH, Jeremiah 28-FEB-1814
GLOVER, Betsy - MCFARLAND, William 10-FEB-1812
GLOVER, Phebe - MCFARLAND, Robert 18-SEP-1812
GOFF, Betsy - DONALDSON, Patrick 06-AUG-1805
GOLD, Nancy - LITTLE, Thomas 25-DEC-1807
GOLDSMITH, Elizabeth - LEE, Samuel 21-OCT-1824
GOLDSMITH, John - TABER, Rebecca 14-JUL-1824
GOSSET, Eliza Ann - STAPLES, William 05-OCT-1840
GOSSET, Elmira - SMITH, John C 10-MAR-1840
GRANT, Eliza - SMITH, Thomas 14-NOV-1821
GRANT, Elizabeth - BORER, Valentine 02-DEC-1824
GRANT, Sally - HUDSON, David 01-FEB-1816
GRAVES, George - FULKERSON, Margaret 24-FEB-1834
GRAVES, Mary - ROBINSON, John 01-AUG-1836
GRAY, Nelly - BLEVINS, John 28-DEC-1819
GREAVER, Patsy - MEDLEY, Samuel 21-JAN-1813
GREEN, John - BURDEN, Jemima 12-SEP-1832
GREEN, William - COX, Sally 02-JAN-1836
GREENWOOD, Walcott - LEDDINGTON, Nancy 21-JUL-1816
GREENWOOD, Walcott - REEVES, Polly Ann 22-DEC-1840
GREER, George - BENTON, Elizabeth 17-SEP-1811
GREER, Mary - BARKIN, Sanders 05-NOV-1833
GRE??, Ellender  -FFITH, Edward 30 MAY 18??
GREY, Nancy - BLEVINS, John 06-JAN- 182
GREY, Sally - WAKELAND, John 25-NOV-1819
GRIDER, Henderson - IRELAND, Jane 11-NOV-1822
GRIFFITH, Edward - GREY, Ellender 30-MAY-1807
GRIFFITH, Remus - HANDLEY, Sally 09-MAR-1809
GRIFFITH, Ruth - CUMMINS, Moses 23-OCT-1810
GRIGSBY, Aaron - CHAPMAN, Levina 25-AUG-1813
GRIGSBY, Eliza - DAVIS, Nathan 1840
GRIGSBY, Nathaniel - BLEVINS, Charlotte 17-JAN-1825
GRIGSBY, Nathaniel - WHITMORE, Nancy 1811
GROPSBY, Nancy - FULKERSON, Fulkivin 03-FEB-1808
GROSS, Daniel - SMEATHERS, Jane 01-FEB-1800
GROVES, William - BLACK, Lucinda 29-NOV-1822
HALE, Ama - JONES, William 23-MAR-1828
HALE, Armstrong - FERGUSON, Julia 08-JAN-1829
HALE, Caleb - HUFF, Sally 11-MAR-1817
HALE, Jane - THOMAS, John 08-MAR-1813
HALE, John - WINKLER, Polly 15-JAN-1814
HALE, William - BANNON, Sally 25-OCT-1825
HALE, Zamira - JOHNSON, John 06-NOV-1835
HALL, Ancil - CHAPMAN, Rachel 07-FEB-1840
HALL, Bazlip - WILLIAMS, Aggie 15-AUG-1839
HALL, Bazlip - WILLIAMS, Aggie Jane 15-AUG-1839
HALL, Betsy - BAIZE, Nathan 10-FEB-1825
HALL, Betsy - MATTHEWS, Lawson 23-FEB-1829
HALL, David - MORGAN, Susan 19-OCT-1812
HALL, Dosha - DEHAVEN, Edward 15-MAY-1828
HALL, James - BAIZE, Polly 13-SEP-1823
HALL, John - COBBS, Forbetha 03-FEB-1835
HALL, Mingo - BROOKS, Leah 18-JAN-1806
HALL, Patsy - MARLOW, Tobias 10-MAY-1831
HALL, Peggy - CROCKIN, John 26-MAR-1820
HALL, Polly - WILSON, Joseph Jr 20-OCT-1824
HALL, Samuel - TAYLOR, Leanah 08-JAN-1822
HAMILTON, George - SMITH, Jane 25-OCT-1833
HAMILTON, Harrison - JONES, Sarah 28-JUN-1835
HAMILTON, Samuel - CROWE, Louise 17-APR-1834
HAMILTON, William - PAGET, Eliza 25-OCT-1830
HANDLEY, John - LYNN, Nancy 03-FEB-1807
HANDLEY, Sally - GRIFFITH, Remus 09-MAR-1809
HANDY, William - NEAL, Diana 08-JAN-1824
HANKS, Charles - MARTIN, Hannah 07-MAR-1822
HANSHAW, William - DAVIS, Lucy 12-OCT-1814
HARDESTE, Rebecca - PORTER, Thompson 13-JUL-1804
HARDIN, David R - BANKS, Nancy 18-MAY-1839
HARDING, Polly - WARD, Reuben 28-JUN-1814
HARLIN, Polly - RALEY, William 16-JUN-1839
HARLONG, Matilda - ALLEN, Alfred 31-JAN-1840
HARREL, Ann - MCCREY, Alexander 23-MAR-1813
HARRINGTON, Ellen - WILLIAMS, William B 24-SEP-1840
HARRIS, Betsy - BRANT, John 10-FEB-1811
HARRIS, Culsey - MONROE, Martin Andrew 30-OCT-1828
HARRIS, James - EDMUNDS, Jane 17-NOV-1825
HARRIS, Mahala - THOMPSON, Henry 23-JUL-1832
HARRIS, Sally - ACKER, William 05-MAR-1813
HARSHA, Jean - SIX, John 03-APR-1812

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