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Aug 1799 – Dec 1840

Note:  This data appears to be double indexed, both with Groom first and Bride first.  I have not checked to see if that is consistent throughout. You will see some entries twice with slight variations; this is because all of this data is found in old journals & written in longhand (cursive) and is very difficult to read, so the transcriber made two entries because it could be interperted in either form.  I think the best way to search this data is to search using your various surnames, using the search feature of your browser or copy the data and create a Word document and use that search feature. 

VANNADA, Margaret - WINIFREE, Charles 30-DEC-1807
VICKORY, Rosa - BLEVINS, William 05-JAN-1819
VICTORIES, Jacob - HOLEMAN, Polly 03-MAY-1828
VITTITOE, Daniel - JONES, Sarah 05-NOV-1810
WADE, Ballanger - ERWIN, Mary Mrs 20-OCT-1833
WADE, Purmeley - ROYAL, Samuel 17-JUL-1836
WADE, William - WARDEN, Garden 12-SEP-1835
WAFFORD, Wm - ATHERTON, Peggy 16-AUG-1810
WAKELAND, Allen - MOSELEY, Mary 25-JAN-1840
WAKELAND, George - WISE, Milly 25-NOV-1833
WAKELAND, Harriet - MADDOX, Samuel 03-SEP-1823
WAKELAND, John - GREY, Sally 25-NOV-1819
WAKELAND, John - HUNTER, Nancy 30-DEC-1828
WAKELAND, Nancy - GIBSON, Jordan 13-JAN-1810
WAKELAND, Nancy - HUNTER, Anderson 16-MAR-1835
WAKELAND, Plemelia - CARTER, Wren 09-DEC-1831
WAKELAND, Polly - BROWN, James 05-OCT-1820
WAKELAND, Sarah - FARLEY, Wm 09-SEP-1819
WALKER, Sarah Ann Martha - BERRY, William 20-JUL-1838
WALKER, William - BELL, Mary 14-SEP-1804
WALKER, William - TURPIN, Sarah 16-FEB-1804
WALL, Robert - GIBSON, Mary 13-OCT-1809
WALLACE, Arthur - TAYLOR, Ann Marie 05-AUG-1831
WALLACE, Benjamin - FORD, Nancy 19-JUN-1823
WALLACE, Chas Franklin - WOOLEY, Dicey 05-NOV-1828
WALLACE, Elizabeth - BENTON, Nicholas 08-NOV-1830
WALLACE, Elizabeth - LYNN, William 25-DEC-1826
WALLACE, Franklin - BENNETT, Matilda 25-JAN-1836
WALLACE, Hugh William - SHOWN, Sarah 08-DEC-1823
WALLACE, Hugh Wm - SHOWN, Sarah 08-DEC-1823
WALLACE, James S - WARD, Matilda L 24-MAY-1840
WALLACE, John - TAYLOR, Jane 10-AUG-1818
WALLACE, John Benton - BISHOP, Annie Marie 29-JUL-1828
WALLACE, Joseph - HAYNES, Polly 11-OCT-1817
WALLACE, Mary Ann - THOMAS, David E 11-MAY-1840
WALLACE, Nancy - BAIRD, Wm L 22-OCT-1837
WALLACE, Nancy - BRYANT, Horatis 22-AUG-1829
WALLACE, Polly - STEVENS, Charles W 29-MAY-1830
WALLACE, Talbert - STEVENS, Sarah Ann 09-MAY-1830
WALLACE, Washington - COX, Lucinda 29-AUG-1833
WALLACE, William - COOPER, Elenor 08-JUN-1803
WALLACE, Wm G - REDDING, Amanda Elvina 09-DEC-1839
WALLY, Levy - TRUMBOO, Peggy 06-OCT-1807
WARD, Delilah - AMBROSE, Michael 18-MAR-1840
WARD, Edward - RENDER, Sarah 28-MAY-1814
WARD, Elizabeth - MIDKIFF, Benjamin 15-MAR-1834
WARD, Hezekiah - OWEN, Elenor 01-NOV-1827
WARD, Jacob - HOLMAN, Patsy 22-DEC-1827
WARD, Jesse - FORD, Mahala 02-JUN-1825
WARD, Jesse - RAILEY, Elizabeth 08-SEP-1836
WARD, John - BENNETT, Minerva 17-JUN-1835
WARD, Martha - BENNETT, Nathan 05-JAN-1831
WARD, Matilda L - WALLACE, James S 24-MAY-1840
WARD, Rebecca - BENTON, Allen 16-MAR-1820
WARD, Reuben - HARDING, Polly 28-JUN-1814
WARD, Susan - BENTON, James 09-JAN-1827
WARDEN, Betsy - DEXTER, Benj 29-JAN-1827
WARDEN, Ella - CALVERT, Payton 14-FEB-1835
WARDEN, Even - BLEVINS, Linsey 22-AUG-1820
WARDEN, Garden - WADE, William 12-SEP-1835
WARDEN, Nancy - IGLEHART, Thomas 17-FEB-1835
WARNELL, Richard - COCHRAN, Polly 19-FEB-1818
WARREN, Moses - BRANT, Hannah 15-OCT-1807
WATSON, Cynthia - BOSWELL, Caleb 29-APR-1840
WATSON, Elizabeth - ABNER, Edward 31-DEC-1806
WATSON, John - ENGLISH, Betsy 01-MAY-1806
WATSON, William - STOVALL, Elizabeth 01-JUN-1805
WEBB, Eliza - MCKENZIE, William 08-JAN-1822
WEBB, Titha - ALLEN, Nathan 03-MAY-1829
WEBB, William - EDISON, Lucy 23-JAN-1839
WEDDING, Leo - WRIGHT, Mary 10-FEB-1840
WEDDING, Mary - BARRETT, Richard 01-MAY-1820
WEEKS, Angeline - SWEARINGEN, Elimilech 21-JUL-1827
WEEKS, Catherine - ATTERBERRY, Reuben 01-JAN-1814
WEEKS, Catherine - ATTERBERRY, Reuben 22-DEC-1823
WEEKS, Elizabeth - ESKRIDGE, Robinson 07-OCT-1818
WEEKS, Polly - THEALKIL, Paten 10-MAY-1804
WEEKS, Polly - YOUNG, John 09-FEB-1807
WELCH, Thomas - NEWCOMB, Sally Mrs 26-JAN-1837
WELCHER, Malinda - CHRISTIAN, William 07-AUG-1821
WELCHER, William - DAVIS, Dorcas 05-SEP-1810
WELLS, William - NEWTON, Mildred 05-MAR-1840
WELSHER, Elizabeth - TAYLOR, Arnold 26-JUN-1802
WELSHER, Mary - TAYLOR, Philip 17-AUG-1799
WEST, Littleton - LEE, Sarah 24-SEP-1801
WESTERFIELD, Betsy - NELSON, William 25-SEP-1836
WESTERFIELD, George - OLDHAM, Orpha 20-JUN-1840
WESTERFIELD, Hayden - SMITH, Nancy 07-JAN-1832
WESTERFIELD, James - FRENCH, Sarah 09-JUN-1824
WESTERFIELD, Mary - ROACH, Cornelius 03-OCT-1831
WESTERFIELD, Nancy - MOSELEY, John 28-MAR-1834
WESTERFIELD, Phebe Jane - MOSELEY, Elijah 19-OCT-1834
WHITAKER, Elizabeth - STREETS, Samuel 28-OCT-1799
WHITAKER, Lee - BENTON, Miranda 08-DEC-1817
WHITE, Abagile - DOUGHERTY, William 17-MAR-1836
WHITE, Alfred - CLARK, Sarah Ann 11-JUL-1839
WHITE, Anna - LANHAM, Elias 20-APR-1805
WHITE, Davey - PHELPS, Lucinda 08-FEB-1839
WHITE, Dorcas - PEARCE, Jacharah 29-JUL-1840
WHITE, Elizabeth - HUFF, Aquilla 25-MAR-1805
WHITE, Elizabeth - LEWALLEN, Samuel 15-AUG-1805
WHITE, John - JACKSON, Hannah 22-AUG-1822
WHITE, Lewis - ANDSEY, Emilie 19-AUG-1831
WHITE, Mary Ann - BURTON, James 18-OCT-1838
WHITE, Rachel - TABER, Pardon 24-MAR-1800
WHITE, Ruth - PEARCE, Aborn 08-OCT-1838
WHITE, Sarah - DEWEESE, Martin 25-JAN-1830
WHITE, Temperance - WILSON, Henry 30-JAN-1835
WHITE, Walker - MITCHELL, Julian 21-OCT-1839
WHITEACRE, Molly - POTECT, Job 16-MAY-1812
WHITEHILL, Elizabeth - ERVIN, William 01-DEC-1815
WHITLER, Polly - HUFF, Charles 12-MAR-1835
WHITMAN, John - JACKSON, Hannah 22-AUG-1822
WHITMORE, Nancy - GRIGSBY, Nathaniel 1811
WHITTAKER, Lee - BENTON, Miranda 08-DEC-1817
WHITTCHILL, Elizabeth - ERVIN, William 01-DEC-1815
WHITTIER, Elizabeth - CROWE, Hyram 25-JUL-1827
WHITTINGHILL, Polly - HOWARD, James 06-JAN-1838
WHITTINGHILL, Rebecca - HEDDEN, Jesse 02-MAR-1829
WHITTINGHILL, Sarah - KELLY, John 05-JUL-1814
WHITTINGHILL, William - KELLY, Sarah 18-APR-1814
WICKLIFFE, Isaac - HOUSTON, Sally 04-NOV-1824
WILCHER, Nancy - BROWN, Joshua 14-SEP-1812
WILCHER, Nancy - CHRISTIAN, James 18-SEP-1813
WILCOX, Jacob - MILLER, Eliza Ann 13-AUG-1832
WILEY, Lucinda - AUTRY, Burrel 10-MAR-1834
WILEY, Mahala - EVANS, Jefferson 04-JAN-1830
WILKINS, Elizabeth - BIGGERSTALL, John 10-OCT-1807
WILKINS, James - BOAS, Sally 29-SEP-1825
WILKINS, Samuel - ROBINSON, Margaret 09-APR-1807
WILLIAMS, Aggie - HALL, Bazlip 15-AUG-1839
WILLIAMS, Aggie Jane - HALL, Bazlip 15-AUG-1839
WILLIAMS, Amos - COLEMAN, Christine 22-FEB-1825
WILLIAMS, Edwin - NEAL, Peggy 14-APR-1810
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth - LINDSEY, Samuel 25-OCT-1820
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth - PAXTON, Samuel 04-MAR-1817
WILLIAMS, Erezine - COLEMAN, Ann 07-NOV-1831
WILLIAMS, Evan - ASHBY, Fronie 14-MAR-1807
WILLIAMS, Evan - CAIN, Rebecca 08-AUG-1808
WILLIAMS, Harriet - COLEMAN, Martin 07-NOV-1831
WILLIAMS, Isaac - COLEMAN, Sally 10-FEB-1824
WILLIAMS, Jeremiah - MORTON, Cynthia Ann 16-FEB-1835
WILLIAMS, Levinica - OVERTON, James 05-AUG-1806
WILLIAMS, Maria - MILLER, David 04-AUG-1824
WILLIAMS, Mary - BARNETT, Isaac 30-JUL-1814
WILLIAMS, Philip - WISE, Rachel 05-AUG-1816
WILLIAMS, Polly - CUMMINS, Jacob 11-MAR-1824
WILLIAMS, Rebecca - CALLOWAY, William 02-JUN-1836
WILLIAMS, Rebecca - DUBOIS, Stephen 23-MAY-1819
WILLIAMS, Samuel - MALIN, Mariah 06-MAR-1821
WILLIAMS, Taylor - BROWN, Ann L 1825
WILLIAMS, Viney - ROUNDTREE, James 31-JUL-1806
WILLIAMS, Warden - ASHBY, Rebecca 25-SEP-1839
WILLIAMS, William - JORDAN, Susan 03-NOV-1813
WILLIAMS, William B - HARRINGTON, Ellen 24-SEP-1840
WILLIS, Elizabeth - TALLY, Perry 17-OCT-1807
WILLIS, James K - HAYNES, Edy 03-FEB-1834
WILSON, Betsy - AUBREY, William 13-MAY-1828
WILSON, Elizabeth - MAXWELL, William 08-AUG-1831
WILSON, George - CLARK, Elenor 26-AUG-1808
WILSON, Henry - WHITE, Temperance 30-JAN-1835
WILSON, James - HOWARD, Susan 05-APR-1835
WILSON, James - RAILEY, Polly 25-APR-1827
WILSON, John - ALBIN, Polly 05-APR-1823
WILSON, Joseph Jr - HALL, Polly 20-OCT-1824
WILSON, Martha - DOUGLAS, Jonathan 11-NOV-1809
WILSON, Mary Jane - ADAMS, John 09-DEC-1839
WILSON, Nancy - RAILEY, John 14-JUL-1828
WILSON, Rhoda - ALLEN, William 04-JUL-1831
WILSON, Sabina - MCFERRIN, John 05-MAY-1838
WILSON, Sally - LAYMONDS, Jacob 04-MAY-1835
WILSON, Sally - RALEY, James 30-JUL-1838
WILSON, Sarah - MATTHEWS, David 28-JUN-1809
WILSON, Simon - ROGERS, Cindrella 09-OCT-1837
WILSON, Thomas - FULKERSON, Rachel 21-MAR-1814
WILSON, Warren - COBB, Elizabeth 06-NOV-1832
WINIFREE, Charles - VANNADA, Margaret 30-DEC-1807
WINKLER, Fanny - MEDCALF, John 18-SEP-1813
WINKLER, Mary - JONES, Lawrence 09-OCT-1810
WINKLER, Polly - HALE, John 15-JAN-1814
WISE, Daniel - BROWN, Milly 26-JUL-1840
WISE, Delilah - TAYLOR, Richard 19-MAR-1819
WISE, James - COLEMAN, Sarah 05-JAN-1828
WISE, Katie - DAVENPORT, Robert 13-NOV-1817
WISE, Levi - FULKERSON, Milly 25-DEC-1823
WISE, Levi - FULKERSON, Molly 25-DEC-1823
WISE, Levi - SMITH, Elizabeth 05-SEP-1840
WISE, Milly - WAKELAND, George 25-NOV-1833
WISE, Rachel - WILLIAMS, Philip 05-AUG-1816
WISE, William - BLEVINS, Irene 10-MAR-1831
WOODS, Elizabeth - JONES, John 10-AUG-1810
WOODWARD, Ann - DEXTER, Silas 04-JUL-1825
WOODWARD, Ashford - MCCROCLIN, Dolly 12-FEB-1821
WOODWARD, Benjamin - BENNETT, Polly 23-MAY-1820
WOODWARD, Delilah - BENNETT, Asa 09-FEB-1817
WOODWARD, Eliza - FORD, Francis 20-NOV-1838
WOODWARD, James H - CROWE, Elizabeth 08-APR-1833
WOODWARD, John M - SIMMONS, Charlotte 29-SEP-1827
WOODWARD, Matilda - BENTON, Joseph 24-FEB-1835
WOODWARD, Stephen - CROWE, Sarah Ann 24-OCT-1838
WOODWARD, Thomas - PRUDEN, Ann 12-JAN-1820
WOODWARD, William - LUCAS, Elizabeth 23-FEB-1836
WOOLEY, Dicey - WALLACE, Chas Franklin 05-NOV-1828
WOOLEY, Jacob - MCCORMICK, Sally Young 05-NOV-1832
WOOLEY, Levi - CRAWFORD, Jossie 01-AUG-1814
WOOLEY, Richard - LEACH, Sarah 03-OCT-1832
WORK, Samuel - PIGMAN, Amy 13-JAN-1801
WORTHINGTON, Thomas - BARNES, Elenor 18-NOV-1806
WRIGHT, Aaron - BAIZE, Margaret 07-JAN-1830
WRIGHT, Mary - WEDDING, Leo 10-FEB-1840
WYLEE, Dolly - CHRISTIAN, Charles 23-DEC-1816
WYLES, Polly - LEWELL, James 05-FEB-1817
YONTZ, Lemuel - FULKERSON, Rachel 18-SEP-1839
YOUNG, John - WEEKS, Polly 09-FEB-1807
YOUNG, Mary - ROTHROCK, Henry 12-MAY-1838
YOUNG, Nancy - HOLEMAN, Anthony 29-OCT-1835
YOUNG, Polly - FUNKHAUSER, Isaac 08-AUG-1807
YOUNG, William - CUMPTON, Molly 13-MAR-1806
YOUNG, William - HUNTER, Abigail 23-JAN-1822
YOUNTZ, Lemuel - FULKERSON, Rachel 18-SEP-1839

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