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Aug 1799 – Dec 1840

Note:  This data appears to be double indexed, both with Groom first and Bride first.  I have not checked to see if that is consistent throughout. You will see some entries twice with slight variations; this is because all of this data is found in old journals & written in longhand (cursive) and is very difficult to read, so the transcriber made two entries because it could be interperted in either form.  I think the best way to search this data is to search using your various surnames, using the search feature of your browser or copy the data and create a Word document and use that search feature. 

SMITH, William - CHAPMAN, Sally 19-DEC-1832
SOUTHARD, Nancy - CHAPMAN, Ellis 14-SEP-1820
SOUTHARD, Robert - IGLEHEART, Ann 16-OCT-1839
SOUTHARD, Robert - MADDOX, Sally 06-DEC-1827
SOUTHARD, Thomas - BROWN, Eliza 26-MAR-1838
SPAGNER, Peggy - LARRELS, William 07-AUG-1817
SPENCE, Sarah - BAILEY, Martin 08-SEP-1834
SPENCE, Susan - KIGEL, Solomon 21-MAY-1839
SPRAGNER, Peggy - LARRELS, William 07-AUG-1817
SPRAY, George - STANLEY, Polly 02-MAR-1813
SPRIGG, Thomas - BARNETT, Rachel 20-JAN-1803
SPRIGG, Thomas - BARNETT, Rachel 30-JAN-1801
SPRINGTON, Moses - HATFIELD, Ann 21-JAN-1804
SPURRIER, Elijah - ROCK, Elizabeth 21-MAR-1804
STANLEY, Polly - SPRAY, George 02-MAR-1813
STAPLES, James - FUQUA, Emeline 28-SEP-1839
STAPLES, William - GOSSET, Eliza Ann 05-OCT-1840
STATLER, Eliza - TAYLOR, Nicholas C 13-MAR-1817
STATLER, George - SMEATHERS, Eliza 08-AUG-1808
STATLER, Ignatius Pigman - STEVENS, Siney 19-DEC-1825
STATLER, Matty - DUKE, William 1818
STATLER, Sally - DUKE, Richard 24-FEB-1823
STATLER, Susanna L - STEVENS, Henry 21-NOV-1831
STEDAM, Isaac - SMITH, Lucinda 20-DEC-1836
STEPHENS, Ann - BOSWELL, Alex H 11-OCT-1819
STEPHENS, Joseph - SMITH, Nancy 28-AUG-1816
STEVENS, Charles W - WALLACE, Polly 29-MAY-1830
STEVENS, Charlotte - BELT, Higginson 10-JAN-1805
STEVENS, Charlotte - BARNETT, Joseph 28-OCT-1821
STEVENS, Charlotte - TAYLOR, Benjamin 17-NOV-1836
STEVENS, David - TAYLOR, Henrietta 04-NOV-1818
STEVENS, Elizabeth - CARSON, Lindsey 24-OCT-1826
STEVENS, Elvira - TAYLOR, John 27-MAR-1837
STEVENS, Henry - STATLER, Susanna L 21-NOV-1831
STEVENS, James - AUSTIN, Sarah Emily 14-OCT-1839
STEVENS, John - BLACKLOCK, Adeline 04-MAR-1839
STEVENS, John - BAIRD, Jane 10-MAR-1830
STEVENS, John - DUKE, Dolly 17-SEP-1819
STEVENS, John - STEVENS, Susan 03-SEP-1838
STEVENS, Joshua - ALLEN, Mahala 13-JAN-1838
STEVENS, Lydia - HUSTON, Samuel 18-APR-1831
STEVENS, Mahala - STEVENS, Taylor 04-MAR-1839
STEVENS, Minerva - AUSTIN, Wisas 06-NOV-1838
STEVENS, Nathaniel - BENNETT, Mary Jane 25-MAR-1833
STEVENS, Richard - BENNETT, Maria 03-AUG-1805
STEVENS, Richard - OWEN, Elizabeth 10-NOV-1830
STEVENS, Sally - TAYLOR, Richard 10-JAN-1822
STEVENS, Sarah Ann - WALLACE, Talbert 09-MAY-1830
STEVENS, Siney - STATLER, Ignatius Pigman 19-DEC-1825
STEVENS, Susan - STEVENS, John 03-SEP-1838
STEVENS, Taylor - STEVENS, Mahala 04-MAR-1839
STEVENS, William M - BAIRD, Mary 25-FEB-1833
STEWART, Ann - MARLIN, Bazil B 17-SEP-1821
STEWART, Carter - MALIN, Lydia 04-APR-1828
STEWART, Cornelius - CROWDER, Ann 24-JAN-1835
STEWART, Elizabeth - BOZARTH, William 14-NOV-1817
STEWART, Elizabeth - HOWARD, Nathaniel 16-OCT-1822
STEWART, Elizabeth - MADDOX, James 12-OCT-1833
STEWART, Elizabeth - SMITH, John 20-MAY-1820
STEWART, Henry - COOPER, Martha 22-MAR-1837
STEWART, James - CAMPBELL, Maria 22-JAN-1827
STEWART, James - CAMPBELL, Maria Jane 22-JAN-1827
STEWART, James - ROWE, Judith 15-APR-1835
STEWART, John - CAMPBELL, Elizabeth 18-MAR-1839
STEWART, John - KING, Nancy 28-JAN-1834
STEWART, Levinia - ROSS, Thomas 11-MAY-1824
STEWART, Mary - LUCAS, Samuel 26-OCT-1815
STEWART, Nancy - HIMMON, George 22-FEB-1813
STEWART, Rebecca - HUDSON, Joseph 26-OCT-1813
STEWART, Richard - CAMPBELL, Mary 14-JAN-1837
STEWART, William - MALIN, Sarah 17-SEP-1822
UMBAND, Samuel - BECK, Polly 20- MAR-1804
STONE, Celia - DOVER, Abraham 20-AUG-1805
STONE, Daniel W - MARTIN, Cela 21-NOV-1824
STORM, Abigail - EARP, Nicholas 19-DEC-1836
STORM, Elizabeth - EARP, Josiah 17-APR-1837
STORM, Peter - LEMON, Amy 18-MAR-1804
STOVALL, Elizabeth - WATSON, William 01-JUN-1805
STREETS, Samuel - WHITAKER, Elizabeth 28-OCT-1799
SULLENGER, Birch - BELL, Elenor M 27-SEP-1836
SULLENGER, Francis - DUKE, Susannah 19-FEB-1840
SUTHERLAND, Susanne - BRYANT, William 12-SEP-1804
SUTTON, Ishmael - SMITH, Caroline 14-MAR-1839
SUTTON, Jane - LANGLEY, Clement 13-AUG-1835
SUTTON, John - EVANS, Susannah 09-SEP-1814
SUTTON, John - OLDHAM, Martha 06-JUN-1831
SUTTON, Matilda - POWERS, Alexander 12-AUG-1831
SUTTON, William - RALPH, Catherine 26-OCT-1835
SWAIN, James - TERRENCE, Nancy 05-JUL-1833
SWEARINGEN, Elimilech - WEEKS, Angeline 21-JUL-1827
TABER, Ambers - JOHNSON, Jane 09-MAY-1833
TABER, Deborah - JOHNSON, James 16-JUL-1833
TABER, Eliza - JOHNSON, Cyrus 04-JUN-1838
TABER, Mary - JOHNSON, Nathan 19-NOV-1831
TABER, Matilda - POWERS, John 18-FEB-1839
TABER, Pardon - WHITE, Rachel 24-MAR-1800
TABER, Philip - HAYDEN, Nancy 19-JAN-1829
TABER, Rebecca - GOLDSMITH, John 14-JUL-1824
TALBERT, Benjamin - DAVIS, Amelia 07-DEC-1838
TALLY, Perry - WILLIS, Elizabeth 17-OCT-1807
TALMON, Sally Ann - CORTLAND, John 22-OCT-1824
TANNER, Eliza - ATHERTON, Moses 21-DEC-1830
TANNER, James - MAGAN, Polly 15-MAY-1835
TANNER, Jane - HEDGES, James 19-AUG-1826
TANNER, Jane - HEDGES, William 21-SEP-1805
TANNER, Salkins - GIBSON, Elizabeth 18-OCT-1809
TANNER, Samuel - IGLEHART, Sarah 09-DEC-1824
TANNER, William - POTTS, Rachel 02-DEC-1804
TANSON, Elizabeth - COX, Joseph 17-JAN-1825
TARLTON, Charles - TAYLOR, Margaret 15-JAN-1801
TARLTON, Rebecca - CRAVENS, Jesse 17-SEP-1802
TARLTON, Robert - CALLOWAY, Sarah 10-FEB-1810
TARLTON, Townstead - HUDSON, Susan 29-OCT-1812
TAYLOR, Absalom - BURTON, Polly 08-NOV-1826
TAYLOR, Ada Priscilla - JACKSON, Samuel 24-FEB-1828
TAYLOR, Amy - SMITH, Hardy 08-JUN-1801
TAYLOR, Ann - DOWNEY, Alex 14-APR-1826
TAYLOR, Ann - MIDKIFF, Joseph 10-NOV-1823
TAYLOR, Ann Marie - WALLACE, Arthur 05-AUG-1831
TAYLOR, Archibald - BROWN, Mary Ann 23-OCT-1826
TAYLOR, Arnold - WELSHER, Elizabeth 26-JUN-1802
TAYLOR, Benjamin - STEVENS, Charlotte 17-NOV-1836
TAYLOR, Blackstone - AUSTIN, Elizabeth 10-JAN-1828
TAYLOR, Catherine - COLEMAN, Martin 02-OCT-1799
TAYLOR, Clarice - BARRETT, Ignatius 17-MAY-1826
TAYLOR, Dolly - SMEATHERS, Archibald 29-SEP-1828
TAYLOR, Eliza Jane - TAYLOR, H C 09-JUL-1838
TAYLOR, Elizabeth - DUKE, Thomas 06-SEP-1832
TAYLOR, Elizabeth - MIDKIFF, James 15-DEC-1825
TAYLOR, H C - TAYLOR, Eliza Jane 09-JUL-1838
TAYLOR, Hannah - FULKERSON, Alfred 25-APR-1835
TAYLOR, Hannah - LEE, Jesse 28-AUG-1808
TAYLOR, Harrison - PIGMAN, Phelena 06-OCT-1813
TAYLOR, Harrison D - DAVIS, Mary 11-NOV-1828
TAYLOR, Henrietta - STEVENS, David 04-NOV-1818
TAYLOR, Henry - HEDGES, Ruth 27-SEP-1809
TAYLOR, Henry - JOHNSTON, Maley 25-SEP-1804
TAYLOR, Hester Ann - DAVIS, Thomas Y 23-DEC-1840
TAYLOR, Hilly Caroline-  TAYLOR, Levi 26-DEC-1831
TAYLOR, Ignatius Pigman - LEACH, Nancy 13-OCT-1825
TAYLOR, James - ROSS, Louisa 10-JAN-1838
TAYLOR, James - ROSS, Louisa Ann 10-JAN-1838
TAYLOR, Jane - BROWN, Samuel 22-NOV-1831
TAYLOR, Jane - ELLIS, Joseph 15-SEP-1835
TAYLOR, Jane - LEACH, William 31-JAN-1804
TAYLOR, Jane - PIGMAN, Levi 01-AUG-1801
TAYLOR, Jane - WALLACE, John 10-AUG-1818
TAYLOR, John - BERRYMAN, Elvina 04-JUL-1833
TAYLOR, John - CLIFFORD, Nancy 22-JUN-1813
TAYLOR, John - MILTON, Sally 15-OCT-1823
TAYLOR, John - ROWE, Emila 1830
TAYLOR, John - STEVENS, Elvira 27-MAR-1837
TAYLOR, John A - MILTON, Sally 15-OCT-1823
TAYLOR, John T - ROWE, Emila 1830
TAYLOR, Johnson - HOUSELEY, Dosby 02-FEB-1833
TAYLOR, Joseph - BENNETT, Susan 18-JUL-1809
TAYLOR, Leanah - HALL, Samuel 08-JAN-1822
TAYLOR, Levi - TAYLOR, Hilly Caroline 26-DEC-1831
TAYLOR, Lucinda - JOHNSTON, James 10-SEP-1829
TAYLOR, Lucinda - SHANKS, Quintus 30-AUG-1838
TAYLOR, Lucy - HAYNES, William 06-DEC-1830
TAYLOR, Margaret - JAMES, John 29-AUG-1803
TAYLOR, Margaret - SMEATHERS, Archibald 16-NOV-1840
TAYLOR, Margaret - TARLTON, Charles 15-JAN-1801
TAYLOR, Margarie - CHAPMAN, James 04-FEB-1819
TAYLOR, Martha - ALPHINE, Sutton 23-AUG-1810
TAYLOR, Martha - LEACH, John 30-MAR-1835
TAYLOR, Mason - BLACKLOCK, Clarissa 18-OCT-1830
TAYLOR, Nicholas - CRADDOCK, Margaret 08-OCT-1833
TAYLOR, Nicholas C - STATLER, Eliza 13-MAR-1817
TAYLOR, Philip - HEARING, Nancy 15-MAY-1831
TAYLOR, Philip - WELSHER, Mary 17-AUG-1799
TAYLOR, Rebecca - DUPOY, James 19-DEC-1801
TAYLOR, Rebecca - LEACH, James 23-DEC-1823
TAYLOR, Richard - LEACH, Susannah 08-APR-1834
TAYLOR, Richard - STEVENS, Sally 10-JAN-1822
TAYLOR, Richard - WISE, Delilah 19-MAR-1819
TAYLOR, Sally - LEWELLAN, Jobish 22-OCT-1826
TAYLOR, Sarah - CHAMBERLIN, Liles 10-FEB-1824
TAYLOR, Sarah Ann - AUSTIN, William 31-OCT-1836
TAYLOR, Sarah Ann - BEAN, Wm R 29-AUG-1833
TAYLOR, Septimus - LEACH, Altha 18-DEC-1828
TAYLOR, Silas - BROWN, Eliza 15-APR-1832
TAYLOR, Simon - NORTH, Elizabeth 31-DEC-1801
TAYLOR, Simon - SIX, Nancy 1821
TAYLOR, Sullen - HEARING, Elizabeth 15-MAY-1831
TAYLOR, Susan - BORAH, Jacob E 30-SEP-1833
TAYLOR, Thomas - JAMES, Susannah 17-JAN-1814
TAYLOR, Thomas - MCCROCKLIN, Sally 12-OCT-1826
TAYLOR, William - BROWN, Ann 20-JAN-1825
TERRENCE, Nancy - SWAIN, James 05-JUL-1833
THEALKIL, Paten - WEEKS, Polly 10-MAY-1804
THECKLES, Kitty - NICHOLAS, John 28-APR-1808
THECKLES, Kitty - NICHOLS, John 28-APR-1808
THOMAS, David E - WALLACE, Mary Ann 11-MAY-1840
THOMAS, Emily - RENFROW, Kellion 04-SEP-1836
THOMAS, James - MILLER, Elizabeth 02-APR-1809
THOMAS, Jane - LEWELLAN, Josiah 23-OCT-1819
THOMAS, John - HALE, Jane 08-MAR-1813
THOMAS, John - JOHNSON, Julian 11-JAN-1835
THOMAS, Mary Ann - KEOWN, William 14-DEC-1839
THOMAS, Mary Ann - LEACH, William 15-JUN-1840
THOMAS, Nathan - UNDERWOOD, Sally 05-AUG-1819
THOMAS, Nathaniel - DANIEL, Martha 18-APR-1833
THOMAS, Peter - PAYTON, Frances 22-DEC-1840
THOMAS, Rhoda - GENTRY, Joseph 08-JAN-1801
THOMAS, William - JACKSON, Sally 16-NOV-1824
THOMPSON, Catherine - DUNCAN, Samuel 15-DEC-1810
THOMPSON, Henry - HARRIS, Mahala 23-JUL-1832
THOMPSON, Margaret - BERRYMAN, Thomas 08-AUG-1831
THOMPSON, Nancy - MCDONALD, Charles 22-OCT-1834
THOMSON, John - IGLEHEART, Sarah 01-FEB-1820
THORNBACK, Phoebe - BROWN, John 21-FEB-1814
THORP, Ann - CARTER, Moses 23-DEC-1817
THORP, Rebecca - KELLY, Benjamin 11-NOV-1816
THORP, Sally - CLEMENT, William 03-APR-1812
THRASHER, Auretta - PATE, Samuel 11-MAR-1824
THRASHER, Eli - CRAWFORD, Mary Elizabeth 03-NOV-1822
TICHENOR, Alney - ROWE, Amelia 06-OCT-1834
TICHENOR, Ann - IGLEHEART, Jacob 17-SEP-1829
TICHENOR, Ann - TICHENOR, Collier 19-AUG-1826
TICHENOR, Benj - MALIN, Elizabeth 23-DEC-1838
TICHENOR, Bennett - CONDIT, Angelina 30-AUG-1831
TICHENOR, Collier - TICHENOR, Ann 19-AUG-1826
TICHENOR, Elizabeth - DRAKE, Rice 27-OCT-1840
TICHENOR, Haron - LINDLEY, Elizabeth Jane 05-SEP-1838
TICHENOR, James - BENNETT, Margaret 28-MAR-1814
TICHENOR, Jane - RENDER, John 16-JAN-1839
TICHENOR, John - BLEVINS, Sally 15-OCT-1823
TICHENOR, Lydia - TICHENOR, Warren 05-SEP-1836
TICHENOR, Peggy - IMLEBER, David 20-MAR-1830
TICHENOR, Polly - BENNETT, Thomas 1820
TICHENOR, Polly - BENNETT, Thomas 24-JUL-1819
TICHENOR, Sally - BROWN, Isaac 23-DEC-1833
TICHENOR, Sally - HEDGES, Peter 25-AUG-1826
TICHENOR, Sarah - FIELD, Aquilla 11-MAR-1820
TICHENOR, Sarah - FIELD, Aquilla 25-MAR-1800
TICHENOR, Warren - TICHENOR, Lydia 05-SEP-1836
TILFORD, Eliza Jane - SMITH, Lewis 04-FEB-1832
TILFORD, Elizabeth Mrs - PARKER, Bazell 17-OCT-1833
TILFORD, Louisa Ann - GARTHER, John 17-OCT-1840
TILFORD, Lucy - HAYNES, Charles 01-JAN-1836
TILFORD, Mary - COMBS, Eden 08-MAY-1839
TILFORD, Nancy - DANIEL, George 18-MAR-1827
TILLY, Polly - PINKSTON, John 08-MAY-1832
TINSLEY, Martha - DUKE, Washington 21-MAR-1840
TONG, Rebecca - HOLMAN, James 14-APR-1809
TONGON, Priscilla - BARRETT, Joshua 01-APR-1819
TOPSLEY, Elenor - CLEVER, Stephen 22-APR-1810
TOWELS, Comfort - SHULTZ, John 23-OCT-1821
TOWNS, John - UTTERBACK, Margaret 04-DEC-1838
TRAFFORD, John - JOHNSON, Katy 07-MAR-1811
TRAVEL, John - BROWN, Sally 13-SEP-1809
TROXAL, Frederic - COX, Jane 13-APR-1818
TROXAL, Frederick - COX, Jane 13-APR-1818
TRUMBOO, Peggy - WALLY, Levy 06-OCT-1807
TUELL, Matilda - CAMPBELL, James 01-MAY-1838
TUMBAUGH, William - BELL, Abigail 14-OCT-1817
TUMNONDY, William - CONDIT, Jemima 28-JUL-1818
TURNBAUGH, Nanny - LAPP, John 24-DEC-1806
TURNER, Jemima - GILBERT, John 18-FEB-1802
TURNER, Nancy - DAVENPORT, S A 18-SEP-1840
TURPIN, Mary - SHAYN, John 08-DEC-1800
TURPIN, Phillip - SHANE, Mary 01-FEB-1800
TURPIN, Sarah - WALKER, William 16-FEB-1804
TUTTLE, William - BUNCH, Margaret 23-DEC-1831
UNDERWOOD, Eliza - PAYTON, Elisha 12-JAN-1808
UNDERWOOD, Elizabeth - BENNETT, John 14-AUG-1823
UNDERWOOD, Elizabeth - BARRY, Abraham 10-MAY-1813
UNDERWOOD, Elizabeth - JOHNSON, John 12-JAN-1809
UNDERWOOD, James - LEDDINGTON, Polly 20-APR-1826
UNDERWOOD, John - CAMPBELL, Lucinda 20-AUG-1827
UNDERWOOD, Matilda - ROWE, Robert 10-JUL-1820
UNDERWOOD, Sally - THOMAS, Nathan 05-AUG-1819
UPTON, Edvina - CURD, Daniel 11-NOV-1830
UTTERBACK, Margaret - TOWNS, John 04-DEC-1838 

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