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Aug 1799 – Dec 1840

Note:  This data appears to be double indexed, both with Groom first and Bride first.  I have not checked to see if that is consistent throughout. You will see some entries twice with slight variations; this is because all of this data is found in old journals & written in longhand (cursive) and is very difficult to read, so the transcriber made two entries because it could be interperted in either form.  I think the best way to search this data is to search using your various surnames, using the search feature of your browser or copy the data and create a Word document and use that search feature. 

HART, William - MILTON, Frances 06-FEB-1834
HASKINS, Charles - ASHBY, Tanna 09-DEC-1836
HATCHER, Elenor - DAVIS, Hezekiah 21-JUL-1813
HATCHER, Elizabeth - ANDERSON, Amos 05-FEB-1820
HATCHER, Lindsey - ROBERTS, Techarih 11-APR-1819
HATCHER, William - MORTON, Sally 10-APR-1821
HATFIELD, Ann - SPRINGTON, Moses 21-JAN-1804
HAYDEN, Moorman - JACKSON, Providence 29-DEC-1828
HAYDEN, Nancy - TABER, Philip 19-JAN-1829
HAYNES, Belinda - HAYNES, Mason 16-AUG-1838
HAYNES, Charles - TILFORD, Lucy 01-JAN-1836
HAYNES, Edy - WILLIS, James K 03-FEB-1834
HAYNES, Elizabeth - DAVIS, William 11-JAN-1832
HAYNES, Elizabeth - MILLER, Christopher 05-FEB-1809
HAYNES, Francis - MOBERLY, Mary Ann 22-DEC-1834
HAYNES, Hannah - CARTER, William 02-MAY-1824
HAYNES, Hannah - KIMBALL, William Allen 25-AUG-1825
HAYNES, Hardin - HAYNES, Polly 17-FEB-1822
HAYNES, James - RAINS, Jane 11-FEB-1839
HAYNES, Judith - FELIX, Phillip 11-APR-1824
HAYNES, Lucy - NEWBERRY, Parks 26-AUG-1837
HAYNES, Mason - HAYNES, Belinda 16-AUG-1838
HAYNES, Nancy - DEWEESE, Farmer 25-FEB-1837
HAYNES, Nancy - NICHOLAS, William 11-OCT-1817
HAYNES, Paulina - KELLY, Carter 07-JAN-1832
HAYNES, Polly - HUFF, Lewis 17-FEB-1829
HAYNES, Polly - HAYNES, Hardin 17-FEB-1822
HAYNES, Polly - WALLACE, Joseph 11-OCT-1817
HAYNES, Sarah - MILLER, David 03-DEC-1839
HAYNES, Susanna - MAY, Isaac 03-FEB-1835
HAYNES, William - TAYLOR, Lucy 06-DEC-1830
HEAD, Polly - ARMSTRONG, Thomas 08-AUG-1832
HEARING, Elizabeth - TAYLOR, Sullen 15-MAY-1831
HEARING, Nancy - TAYLOR, Philip 15-MAY-1831
HEARREL, Ann - MCCREY, Alexander 23-MAR-1813
HEARST, Isaac - HOCKER, Nancy 15-JUN-1802
HECK, Randall - CHAPMAN, Eliza 22-AUG-1839
HEDDEN, Jesse - WHITTINGHILL, Rebecca 02-MAR-1829
HEDGES, James - ASHBY, Charlotte 23-OCT-1806
HEDGES, James - DEXTER, Rebecca 08-NOV-1809
HEDGES, James - TANNER, Jane 19-AUG-1826
HEDGES, Josiah - BROWN, Ann 11-MAR-1818
HEDGES, Mary - ASHBY, Warren 18-FEB-1807
HEDGES, Mary - BROWN, Thomas 11-JUN-1834
HEDGES, Peter - TICHENOR, Sally 25-AUG-1826
HEDGES, Ruth - TAYLOR, Henry 27-SEP-1809
HEDGES, William - TANNER, Jane 21-SEP-1805
HEET, Nicholas - ERVIN, Jane 02-JUN-1813
HEET, Samuel - MCKINNEY, Fanny 21-MAY-1827
HENDERSON, Charles - ROGERS, Margaret 02-FEB-1811
HENDERSON, Emily - NALL, John Gatewood 27-MAR-1831
HENDERSON, Henry - LOGAN, Sally 01-JAN-1823
HENDERSON, Linetta - ROBERTSON, Powhatan 25-JUN-1834
HENDRICKS, Harrison - LEWALLEN, Hannah 27-FEB-1814
HENDRICKS, Patsy - JONES, Francis 23-MAR-1810
HENDRICKS, Samuel - LUCAS, Sally 16-MAY-1825
HENMAN, Maria - BENNETT, Jesse 02-NOV-1804
HENMAN, Rhoda - PERIGO, Romey 01-OCT-1801
HERRALD, Richard - COMPTON, Winney 25-JUL-1800
HIGGINS, Williams - MADDOX, Elizabeth 01-DEC-1819
HILLMAN, Benj - DAVIS, Elizabeth 19-SEP-1809
HILLMAN, Benjm - DAVIS, Elizabeth 19-SEP-1809
HILT, Elizabeth - JACOB, Elisha 27-FEB-1813
HILT, Elizabeth - JACOB, Eliza 27-FEB-1813
HIMMON, George - STEWART, Nancy 22-FEB-1813
HIPSHEY, Amos - HUDSON, Providence 05-DEC-1808
HIPSLEY, Elizabeth - HUDSON, John 08-MAR-1821
HOBBY, James - LYNN, Hannah 11-OCT-1811
HOBBY, James - ROGERS, Nancy 19-FEB-1824
HOBLY, James - LYNN, Hannah 11-OCT-1811
HOBOY, Betsy Coffee - MOSELEY, James 25-DEC-1832
HOCKER, Advisa - SHIELDS, John 31-MAR-1836
HOCKER, Charles - ROWE, Cynthia 28-FEB-1835
HOCKER, Dorcas - BARNARD, Josiah 24-DEC-1805
HOCKER, Henry - MITCHELL, Mary H 19-FEB-1829
HOCKER, John B - ASHBY, Susannah 10-DEC-1831
HOCKER, John B - LEACH, Ellen 26-NOV-1834
HOCKER, Martin - DAVIS, Nelly 12-APR-1829
HOCKER, Nancy - BARNARD, Lloyd 30-JAN-1824
HOCKER, Nancy - FULKERSON, John 03-FEB-1801
HOCKER, Nancy - HEARST, Isaac 15-JUN-1802
HOCKER, Nicholas - COOPER, Clarissa 25-SEP-1827
HOCKER, Nicholas - RENDER, Hester 14-AUG-1813
HOCKER, Philip - COCHRAN, Rachel 01-JUN-1816
HOCKER, Philip - HUGHES, Nancy 04-MAY-1816
HOCKER, Philip - LEDDINGTON, Nancy 04-MAR-1816
HOCKER, Polly - FOSTER, Peter 18-MAY-1819
HOCKER, Polly - REDMOND, Felix 26-JUN-1812
HOCKER, Quisenberry - COOPER, Betsy A I 13-APR-1840
HOCKER, Quisenberry - COOPER, Betsy A L 13-APR-1840
HOCKER, Rebecca - COLEMAN, Richard 23-JAN-1823
HOCKER, Richard Weaver - DAVIS, Mary Ann 30-JUL-1836
HOCKER, Sally - BARNES, John 05-JAN-1836
HODDEN, Rosey - ALM, James 21-MAY-1808
HODGES, John - LIMER, Ally 03-OCT-1818
HODGES, John - LINER, Ally 03-OCT-1818
HODGES, Mary - GENTRY, William 18-MAR-1816
HOLEMAN, Anthony - YOUNG, Nancy 29-OCT-1835
HOLEMAN, Polly - VICTORIES, Jacob 03-MAY-1828
HOLMAN, James - TONG, Rebecca 14-APR-1809
HOLMAN, Patsy - WARD, Jacob 22-DEC-1827
HOOVER, Elizabeth - JONES, James 20-DEC-1822
HOOVER, Garrison - GENTRY, Sally 15-SEP-1829
HOOVER, Jacob - JONES, Polly 15-JUN-1822
HOOVER, John - KELLEY, Salina 07-MAR-1833
HOOVER, Jonathan - ROACH, Mahala Ann 08-JUL-1828
HOOVER, Leonard - FORD, Ann 19-DEC-1812
HOOVER, Millie - ATHERTON, Aaron 21-MAR-1819
HOOVER, Millie - EATHERINGTON, Aaron 24-MAR-1819
HOOVER, Milly - COOPER, Jacob 18-NOV-1839
HOOVER, Polly - NEIGHBORS, Thomas 04-MAY-1821
HOOVER, Sally - AMBROSE, John 28-JUL-1828
HOOVER, Susan - MADDOX, William 12-NOV-1834
HOOVER, Susan - MADDOX, William 22-NOV-1834
HOPKINS, James - BAIRD, Polly 17-DEC-1803
HOPKINS, Ruth - BOYLE, Alexander 13-JUL-1820
HORNBECK, Elizabeth - GENTRY, James 21-JUL-1803
HORNBECK, Mary - SALLEE, Thomas 02-DEC-1809
HORREN, Jane Henry - FIELD, William 27-SEP-1832
HORSEMAN, Jesse - JOHNSON, Nancy 07-OCT-1837
HOSTUTE, Catherine - CONDIT, Allen 14-APR-1810
HOUSE, Jacob - REED, Sarah 03-AUG-1836
HOUSELEY, Dosby - TAYLOR, Johnson 02-FEB-1833
HOUSLEY, Elizabeth - CONDIT, Peter 07-DEC-1826
HOUSLEY, Robert - CONDIT, Abigail 06-FEB-1832
HOUSTON, Sally - WICKLIFFE, Isaac 04-NOV-1824
HOUTCHINS, Jesse - CLIFFORD, Betsy 08-APR-1818
HOWARD, Allen - OWEN, Patsy L 05-OCT-1829
HOWARD, Elizabeth - BENTON, Erasmus 27-MAR-1830
HOWARD, James - WHITTINGHILL, Polly 06-JAN-1838
HOWARD, Nancy - SHULTZ, Joseph 31-AUG-1822
HOWARD, Nathaniel - STEWART, Elizabeth 16-OCT-1822
HOWARD, Samuel - JOHNSON, Polly 19-APR-1838
HOWARD, Samuel - MONTGOMERY, Nancy 11-DEC-1822
HOWARD, Susan - WILSON, James 05-APR-1835
HOWELL, Frankie - NANNY, James 29-SEP-1829
HOWELL, John - BATES, Winifred 30-MAY-1813
HOYLE, Levi ---, --- 08-MAR-1813
HUDSON, Ann - FRENCH, David 20-DEC-1820
HUDSON, Barnett - HUDSON, Susannah 22-MAY-1810
HUDSON, David - GRANT, Sally 01-FEB-1816
HUDSON, Edmund - MAKIN, Isyphena 12-OCT-1838
HUDSON, Fanny - FRENCH, Samuel 29-AUG-1821
HUDSON, John - HIPSLEY, Elizabeth 08-MAR-1821
HUDSON, Joseph - STEWART, Rebecca 26-OCT-1813
HUDSON, Joshua - MILLS, Virginia 28-MAR-1831
HUDSON, Lewis - HUDSON, Nancy 1830
HUDSON, Lewis - HUDSON, Nancy 17-FEB-1836
HUDSON, Nancy - HUDSON, Lewis 1830
HUDSON, Nancy - HUDSON, Lewis 17-FEB-1836
HUDSON, Nancy - PATTON, John 29-AUG-1821
HUDSON, Nancy - PATRON, John 29-AUG-1821
HUDSON, Patsy - SIMMONS, Charles 16-DEC-1833
HUDSON, Providence - HIPSHEY, Amos 05-DEC-1808
HUDSON, Sally - FRENCH, George 03-DEC-1827
HUDSON, Susan - TARLTON, Townstead 29-OCT-1812
HUDSON, Susannah - HUDSON, Barnett 22-MAY-1810
HUDSON, William - COFFEE, Cleo 29-AUG-1810
HUDSON, William - FRENCH, Margaret 20-AUG-1821
HUFF, Aquilla - WHITE, Elizabeth 25-MAR-1805
HUFF, Charles - WHITLER, Polly 12-MAR-1835
HUFF, Elizabeth - RICHARDS, Thomas 17-OCT-1829
HUFF, Gallsburry - RICHARDS, Matilda 01-SEP-1818
HUFF, Lewis - HAYNES, Polly 17-FEB-1829
HUFF, Nancy - COBB, Henry H 10-FEB-1840
HUFF, Sally - HALE, Caleb 11-MAR-1817
HUFF, William - MARLOWE, Eliza 12-NOV-1835
HUGHES, Joel - ATHERTON, Amelia 06-OCT-1825
HUGHES, Nancy - HOCKER, Philip 04-MAY-1816
HUGHES, Sally - LANHAM, John 12-JAN-1826
HUGHSTON, John - SHOEMAKER, Mary 14-NOV-1809
HUMPHREY, Catherine - HUMPHREY, James 24-MAY-1832
HUMPHREY, Eliza - HUMPHREY, William 04-AUG-1837
HUMPHREY, James - HUMPHREY, Catherine 24-MAY-1832
HUMPHREY, Margaret - BRASHERS, Emanuel 09-JAN-1830
HUMPHREY, Matilda - NEELY, Math S 16-NOV-1833
HUMPHREY, Raughley - CAIN, Jane 15-FEB-1827
HUMPHREY, Sally - INGLEHEART, James 08-MAR-1813
HUMPHREY, Sarah - BROWN, Presley 24-SEP-1829
HUMPHREY, William - HUMPHREY, Eliza 04-AUG-1837
HUNT, Christine - PERRY, Thomas 12-OCT-1807
HUNT, Delilah - GABBERT, William 15-APR-1814
HUNTER, Abigail - YOUNG, William 23-JAN-1822
HUNTER, Anderson - WAKELAND, Nancy 16-MAR-1835
HUNTER, Elizabeth - PEAK, Alexander 07-DEC-1823
HUNTER, Elizabeth - SMITH, Jesse 22-SEP-1830
HUNTER, Jane - PEAK, Alexander 22-OCT-1832
HUNTER, Mary - KIMBLE, John 06-AUG-1832
HUNTER, Nancy - MATTHEWS, Alfred 21-DEC-1826
HUNTER, Nancy - POWERS, John 29-JUN-1801
HUNTER, Nancy - WAKELAND, John 30-DEC-1828
HUNTER, Reuben - BRYANT, Mary 02-APR-1810
HUNTER, Reuben - GIBSON, Nancy 29-SEP-1817
HUSTON, Caleb  - MATTHEWS, Lusanna 4 JUL 18??
HUSTON, Ann - ALLEN, William 08-FEB-1813
HUSTON, Samuel - STEVENS, Lydia 18-APR-1831
HYNES, Sally - CARSON, John 21-OCT-1812
IGLEHART, Sarah - TANNER, Samuel 09-DEC-1824
IGLEHART, Thomas - WARDEN, Nancy 17-FEB-1835
IGLEHEART, Ann - SOUTHARD, Robert 16-OCT-1839
IGLEHEART, Eliza - IGLEHEART, Thomas 11-MAR-1826
IGLEHEART, Henry D - BENNETT, Amelia Ann 10-DEC-1834
IGLEHEART, Jacob - TICHENOR, Ann 17-SEP-1829
IGLEHEART, Janet - MULLER, Jesse 17-MAR-1825
IGLEHEART, John - CONDIT, Emeline 28-NOV-1832
IGLEHEART, Matilda - MILLER, Hiram 30-AUG-1828
IGLEHEART, Rebecca - MOORE, David 22-MAY-1833
IGLEHEART, Sarah - THOMSON, John 01-FEB-1820
IGLEHEART, Sarah - TANNER, Samuel 09-DEC-1824
IGLEHEART, Thomas - IGLEHEART, Eliza 11-MAR-1826
IGLEHEART, William B - CONDIT, Rhoda OCT 1827
ILER, Eliza Ann - FAUGHT, Thomas 02-DEC-1840
ILER, Elizabeth - PIERCE, Benjamin 13-MAR-1826
ILER, Jacob - LEACH, Elizabeth 28-SEP-1813
ILER, Jacob - MILLER, Polly 28-JAN-1818
ILER, Jane - PEARCE, Solomon 19-OCT-1832
ILER, John - LEAH, Sarah 22-SEP-1818
ILER, John - LEACH, Sarah 22-SEP-1818
ILER, Mary Ann - KEOWN, Nathan 25-SEP-1836
ILER, Nancy - CANNON, John 05-JAN-1826
ILER, Patsy - IZEL, James 29-OCT-1827
ILER, Perry - COOKSEY, Eliza 11-FEB-1831
ILER, Sally - LEWELL, Samuel 20-FEB-1812
IMLEBER, David - TICHENOR, Peggy 20-MAR-1830
INGLEHEART, Eliza - ASHLEY, Jesse 27-JUN-1800
INGLEHEART, Elizabeth - ASHBY, Jesse 22-MAR-1830
INGLEHEART, James - HUMPHREY, Sally 08-MAR-1813
INGLEHEART, Janet - MULLER, Jesse 17-MAR-1825
INGLEHEART, Julian - BARNETT, James 14-SEP-1817
INGLEHEART, Polly - BELL, David 12-FEB-1824
INGLEHEART, Rebecca - MOORE, David 22-MAY-1833
INGLEHEART, Rhoda - DAVIS, Thomas 18-APR-1836
INGLEHEART, Sally - ADDINGTON, Joshua 07-OCT-1834
IRELAND, Jane - GRIDER, Henderson 11-NOV-1822
ISLER, Polly - LEACH, William 11-NOV-1811
IZEL, James - ILER, Patsy 29-OCT-1827
IZEL, Jeremiah - JEMISON, Eliza 24-NOV-1836
JACKSON, Ann - JACKSON, Elias 01-DEC-1817
JACKSON, Catherine - ARNOLD, John 02-DEC-1818
JACKSON, Cesna - LANDRUM, Sally 14-MAR-1819
JACKSON, Chris E - SHANKS, Camilla 18-DEC-1827
JACKSON, Elias - JACKSON, Ann 01-DEC-1817
JACKSON, Eliza - MASON, John 26-SEP-1808
JACKSON, Hannah - WHITE, John 22-AUG-1822
JACKSON, Hannah - WHITMAN, John 22-AUG-1822
JACKSON, Polly - CROWE, John 08-JUL-1835
JACKSON, Polly - RENDER, Joshua 23-DEC-1812
JACKSON, Providence - HAYDEN, Moorman 29-DEC-1828
JACKSON, Rebecca - MOOREMAN, Jesse 29-DEC-1828
JACKSON, Roby - CARTER, Peggy 04-MAR-1814
JACKSON, Sally - THOMAS, William 16-NOV-1824
JACKSON, Samuel - TAYLOR, Ada Priscilla 24-FEB-1828
JACOB, Elisha - HILT, Elizabeth 27-FEB-1813
JAMES, Fleming - ROBERS, Margaret Ann 24-NOV-1839
JAMES, Fleming - ROGERS, Margaret Ann 24-NOV-1839
JAMES, John - TAYLOR, Margaret 29-AUG-1803
JAMES, Lucy - ROGERS, William Cass 22-APR-1822
JAMES, Mariah - AMBROSE, Jacob 18-JUN-1823
JAMES, Moseley - ROGERS, Elizabeth 08-NOV-1813
JAMES, Polly - LUGG, Joel 28-FEB-1800
JAMES, Samuel - ROGERS, Patsy 19-OCT-1818
JAMES, Susannah - TAYLOR, Thomas 17-JAN-1814
JAMES, William - CRAVENS, Jane 28-JUL-1825
JAMES, William - PARKER, Catherine 16-APR-1801
JEMISON, Eliza - IZEL, Jeremiah 24-NOV-1836
JOHNSON, Ann - GENTRY, Benjamin 14-DEC-1839
JOHNSON, Cyrus - TABER, Eliza 04-JUN-1838
JOHNSON, Elizabeth - BROWN, William 09-JUN-1817
JOHNSON, Elizabeth - GALLOWAY, David 08-DEC-1809
JOHNSON, Elizabeth Ann - BENTON, Nathan 05-JAN-1826
JOHNSON, James - BRUCE, Polly 13-MAR-1809
JOHNSON, James - TABER, Deborah 16-JUL-1833
JOHNSON, Jane - TABER, Ambers 09-MAY-1833
JOHNSON, John - HALE, Zamira 06-NOV-1835
JOHNSON, John - MALIN, Ann 03-APR-1833
JOHNSON, John - UNDERWOOD, Elizabeth 12-JAN-1809 

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