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Tom Leisure and H. J. Ranney

Hartford Herald
April 18, 1906

Accidentally Drowned

Mr. Tom Leisure, son of Mr. John Leisure, who formerly lived in Hartford and died here last summer, was accidentally drowned near his home about 7 miles above Hartford on Rough river, last Sunday morning.

It seems that somebody had borrowed his boat and rowed it across to the other side of the river and left it. Mr. Leisure wanted to use the boat and concluded that the best plan was to swim across and get it. Accordingly he pulled off his coat and plunged into the river.  He had gotten nearly to the boat, which was floating over the deepest part of the river at that point, when he went down. It is supposed that a sudden cramp seized him for he was a good swimmer. Several parties saw him go down and search was immediately begun for the body but it was not recovered until Sunday evening.

Mr. Leisure was a young man about 23 years old and leaves a wife and child.

Later. – Mr. Leisure and his wife had been separated about a week, and Sunday was the day set for them to divide their household goods. He hurried to the crossing place but found that others had preceded him and taken the boat across. Nothing daunted, he pulled off his coat and started to swim the stream with the above result. Being hot from running and fast walking it is supposed the cold water cramped him, resulting in death.

Hartford Herald
December 25, 1907

Near Cromwell Ky - Tragic
Fate of a Man Returning
From Hunting Trip

Mr. H. J. Ranney was drowned in what is known as the Sep Taylor lake in Butler county near Cromwell this county about 5 o’clock last Friday evening. Mr. Ranney and Mr. Ed Dorch had been bird hunting and on their return trip, while crossing the lake, the small dinky boat capsized, throwing them into the lake. Mr. Dorch, who had been in the front of the boat, breaking a thin sheet of ice, caught to the beat as he came to the surface but Mr. Ranney, though a good swimmer, failed to catch the boat and drowned. Mr. Dorch, who was holding on to the boat, finally succeeded in summoning aid and was rescued but almost frozen. The search was then begun to recover the body of Mr. Ranney, which, after constant work, was found about 8:30 o’clock that night. His gun was found near where his body was. It is supposed that two bird dogs that were in the boat, and near Mr. Ranney, caused the boat to capsize.

The deceased, who was the son of Mr. S. P. Ranney, leaves a wife and one daughter about fourteen years old. His remains were interred in what is known as the Brick House burying grounds near Bald Knob Saturday afternoon.

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