Thursday, April 18, 2013

Forest Taylor and Calvin Taylor

Hartford Herald
June 4, 1913

Forest Taylor Drowned.

Forest Taylor, son of Thomas Taylor, Borah, Ky., was drowned while crossing the lake near Cromwell last Monday morning. He was on his way to work and the boat capsized, throwing him out. Forest, who was nineteen years old, was a nephew of Dr. J. W. Taylor, of Hartford. Mr. Taylor and family have the sincerest sympathy of every one in this, their sad bereavement.

Hartford Herald
November 6, 1907

Sad Accident

Calvin Taylor, the ten year old son of Mr. W B Taylor, fell off of the boat We Three last Friday afternoon about 2 o’clock and was drowned. His remains were brought to Hartford and taken to Capt. Wm. Foreman’s residence where they were kept until Saturday at 2 o’clock p. m., when interment took place in Oakwood cemetery.

The accident occurred while the boat was making the bend Just below the mouth of Muddy creek about two miles West of Hartford. The boy was standing on the deck near the kitchen and when last seen was sliding over the guard of the boat into the river. The alarm was given and the boat stopped as quickly as possible, but while every possible effort was made to rescue him he drowned before aid could reach him. His remains were recovered in about five minutes after he sank. All known means were resorted to restore him to life but to no avail. His father, Mr. Taylor, has the Herald’s profoundest sympathy in this his sad bereavement.

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