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Hartford Herald
June 4, 1919


One of the saddest events that has over occurred in the county took place near Horse Branch Sunday when two brothers, Hubert and Millard Geary, were drowned in Caney Creek, while in swimming. About 9 o'clock the two boys, together with a small boy, went to Caney Creek at a point just above White Run, with intention of going in bathing. The small boy did not go in, and it was he that gave the word that the Geary boys were drowned.

It seems that the channel of the creek at this place is very narrow but deep, it being some seven feet in depth at this place. The boys misjudged the depth and the younger boy plunged into the water which was very cold and immediately took cramp. The older brother, seeing him struggling, jumped after him, but the boy was drowning and struggled so fiercely to get to the shore that both were drowned. The boy who was with them became frightened and ran home. Their lives could possibly have been saved had he retained his self-control as some men were in a field nearby when the accident occurred.

The boys remained at the bottom of the creek for about two hours. A search for the bodies, which lasted for over an hour, resulted in finding them and they were taken to the home of their mother, Mrs. Fannie Geary, near White Run. They were buried Monday in the same coffin, at the request of their mother. Mrs. Geary is very low with tuberculosis and the shock was so severe she is not expected to recover. Hubert was 21 years of age and Millard was 14.

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