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Hartford Herald
August 2, 1916

An All-Day Search Was Made,
But Body Finally Drifted
To Surface

A deplorable affair happened at Dundee, this county, last week, in which Ferda Lee, a young man, son of Steve Lee, of Sunnydale, lost his life.

Thursday afternoon, Constable Charlie Wedding approached young Lee at Dundee with a warrant of arrest, charging him with breach of the peace and threat to kill, which it was alleged occurred a few days previously. Young Lee refused to listen to the reading of the warrant and started running towards Rough River, near by, and up the river bank into the underbrush, with Constable Wedding in pursuit, Constable Wedding fired three shots into the air, to arrest the flight of the fugitive, but pursuit was soon abandoned.

Young Lee continued his flight and little more was thought of it. Next morning, however, when he did not show up nor was heard from, search was begun, which lasted all day Friday. The river was dragged and inquiries were made.

Early Saturday morning the body of young Lee was found floating in tile mill pond, just above the dam at Dundee. Coroner Dr. A. B. Riley, of Hartford, was summoned to the scene. A coroner’s jury was not empaneled, but Dr. Riley, assisted by Drs. Godsey and Duff, made a good examination of the body of young Lee and reported that they found no wounds nor abrasions on the body. It was their opinion that the young man plunged into the water while overheated and was overcome with cramps, which caused his drowning. It is said that he was a good swimmer.

Coroner’s Verdict.

I, A. B. Riley, M. D., coroner of Ohio county, Ky., after a post-mortem on the body and questioning of witnesses, find the deceased, Ferda L. Lee, came to his death July 27, 1916, between 1:30 and 2 o'clock p. m., by accidental drowning in the waters of Rough river, in Ohio county. Ky.

A. H. RILEY. M. D.,
Coroner of Ohio County, Ky. This July 29, 1916.

The witnesses above mentioned were: S. A. Lee, (father of the deceased), Tom Smith, W. T. Morris, J. T. .Miller, and Charles Wedding. Mr. Lee testified that his son was 23 years old. Had heard his son had got into trouble but did not know exactly what it was. Tom Smith said he got the body out of the water. W. T. Morris testified that he saw the tracks of young Lee in the mud on Rough River bank, watched for the body and finally saw it after it had arisen to the surface. Says the deceased could swim. J. T. Miller said he sat up all night watching for the body, and found it next morning on the mill dam. Charles Wedding stated he attempted to arrest Ferda Lee, when the latter ran. He called "halt” two or three times and then shot three times - "first time in ground, second time in ground and third time about six feet just to his right," and that Lee "kept running towards the bridge." Says he "did not shoot at him at any time."

The affair caused considerable excitement in the neighborhood for awhile, but the verdict of the doctors explained the matter.

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