Friday, April 19, 2013

George M. Hocker and Tichenor child

Hartford Herald
July 15, 1885

Mr. George M. Hocker was drowned in Green River, near South Carrolton last Sunday evening. He and several other men were in bathing. They concluded to swim the river, and when about half way across Mr. Hocker was taken with cramp in the legs and drowned before help could reach him He is a .man about 30 years old, with family and a son of John W. Hocker.

Hartford Herald
June 8, 1881

A little five-year old son of W. H. Tichenor, was drowned on Tuesday of last week at Rumsey lock on Green river. The little fellow was on the lock watching a passing boat and just as the boat got clear he fell in and the fierce current immediately drew him into the pit and between the gates. Life was extinct before help reached him.

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