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Jesse Ashford and Rufus Fulkerson

Hartford Herald
July 14, 1909

Young Man Drowned

Jesse Ashford, the 18yearold son of Mr. Tobe Ashford, living in the Horton vicinity, was drowned last Thursday evening about 3 o’clock, while he and a younger brother and a neighbor boy were bathing in Muddy creek near their home. Alarm was immediately given and a searching party at once begun dragging the creek for the body, which was found about five o’clock the same evening about three hundred yards below where it disappeared. Funeral services were held at Bethel church Friday afternoon and the remains were burled in the cemetery near by. It seems that young Ashford couldn’t swim and when he saw that he was sinking he caught hold of his brother and came near drowning him. The current was strong and he was soon washed away. He was quite popular and is mourned by a large circle of friends and relatives.

Hartford Herald
August 9, 1911


Mr. Rufus Fulkerson, a miner of McHenry, Ky., was accidentally drowned In Green river, near Rockport, Ky., last Friday evening. In company with his young nephew in a skiff, he had been running a trotline and stopped near the shore for steamer Hartford to pass by. Evidently intending to ride the rolling waves a little or to swim to the other shore, he plunged in, his scant clothing being already wet. He swam a short distance and then called for help. He was known as a good swimmer, but notwithstanding this, his nephew first started to paddle the skiff to the drowning man, but making little headway, plunged in and swam to his assistance. Mr. Fulkerson sank out of sight just as his rescuer came up near him and never arose again.

A search was at once begun and Mr. Fulkerson's body was recovered about two hours later near where it went down. It is supposed he was suddenly taken with cramps. The fact that he was a good swimmer and his cry for assistance, indicated that some sudden danger had overtaken him.

The body of the unfortunate man was buried at Pond Pun graveyard Saturday. Rev. Birch Shields and the Red Men, of which lodge he was a member, conducted the funeral services. He leaves a wife and one child.

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