Saturday, February 1, 2020

Aunt Frankie

             Although this remarkable lady lived most of her life in the vicinity of Logansport, which is not in Ohio County, her farm was only about four miles from Cromwell and she came to Beaver Dam & Hartford for business.  According to the second article below she moved to Cromwell as she became older.  In any regard, she is too interesting for us to disregard.

           Frances N. Fuguson was born 2 Apr 1807 in Butler County and married Mark H. G. Flowers in 1831.  From reading the Hartford Herald article below you can see that, due to her husband's injuries, Aunt Frankie did all of the manual labor at their farm.  She died 27 Jul 1892, outliving her husband by about two years.  They had three children.

Hartford Herald 3 Nov 1875:

The Ohio County News 20 Jan 1886:

        I also found a long article in the Hartford Herald dated 5 Jul 1882 from Logansport describing a violent thunderstorm that badly damaged many farms in the area, including the Flowers' farm; so that might be when the family relocated to Cromwell.

     Here is the last reference I found about Aunt Frankie; sorry but I cannot identify the source (I found it on Findagrave):

And here is her grave marker, also from Findagrave:

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