Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Masons Elect Officers

~ Masons Elect Officers ~

          At the annual meeting of Hartford Lodge No. 675, F. & A.M.,
The following officers were selected for the ensuing year;

          Dr. E. W. Ford, Master
          J. H. Patton, Senior Warden
          W. S. Tinsley, Junior Warden
          W. G. Hardwick, Secretary
          J. C. Riley, Treasurer
          Rowan Holbrook, Senior Deacon
          G. B. Likens, Junior Deacon
          J. P. Miller & V. G. Barnett, Stewards
          James Sullenger, Tiler
Past Master  J. T. Smith presented the Lodge with two beautiful framed pictures, one of  Geo. Washington opening and the other of Lafayette closing a lodge.  The Lodge prizes the pictures very highly and extended a vote of thanks to the donor. 

                                        George Washington, Masonic member since 1752

Source:  The Hartford Herald
Dec. 31, 1902, Page 3, Col. 5

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