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Ohio County, KY

Teachers’ Programs and Meetings

From The Hartford Herald
September 16, 1903
~ . ~


Program of the teachers for the Centertown Magisterial District to be held at Centertown, Saturday, September 1903, beginning at 1 p.m.:

1.   “What stress would you place on rhetoric in the public school?” – by W. S. Hill and Louanna Ford
2.   “What place has literature in the public school?” – by Oma Maddox and J. H Wood
3.   “The Importance of School Discipline” – by G. W. White and Carrie Rowe
4.   “How to cultivate friendship between pupil and teacher” – by H. H. Davis and Mattie Tichenor
5.   “Number work in primary grades” - by Maggie Davidson and E. M. Kimmel
6.   “How to teach diacritical marks” – by Everett Smith and Louanna Ford
7.   “Opening exercises, how conducted” – by W. H. Hill and H. H.
8.   “How to make grammar interest to beginners” – by Clarence Overhuls  and E. M. Kimmel
9.   “Difficulty of participles and infinitives”–by Everett Smith, Otto Kimbly and Carrie Rowe            
10.   “Word or A. B. C. method in primary grader” – by Mattie Tichenor and J. H. Wood
11.   “How to secure better daily attendance” – by G. W. White and Oma Mad
12.  “Should the school term be lengthened” – by Maggie Davidson and Herman Maddox
                  Com.:     E. M. Kimmel, Carrie Rowe and J. H. Wood
~ . ~


The teachers of Cromwell Magisterial District will meet at Rosine, Ky. Friday,  September 25, 1903.

10:00 a.m. – Devotional exercises - W. G. Stewart
                        Address of Welcome – Charles Crowder
                        Response – Leonard Sandefer
                        Object of Teachers’ District Association – Blamer Renfro, Mack Cook
Noon -           How to govern a district school – Birch Shields
1:00 p.m. –   Roll call address – Supt. James DeWees
                        An Essay – Miss Jessie Raley
                        How to teach beginners arithmetic – O. N. Stewart, H. C. Hunter
                        Language Lesson – Misses Maggie Paxton & Mary Holloway
                        How to teach reading – Clarence James & Lucien French
                        How to secure longer school terms – Charles Crowder &  S. P. McKinney &                                 Clarence Allen
                        Select Reading – Miss Rosa Berryman
                        How to arrange a daily program – Alex Boswell & Lonale Leach
                        Composition – Miss Flora Gray
Friday afternoon’s exercises:  Nettie Sulser, Birch Shields, H. C. Crowder.  All teachers are required to attend and teach an extra day.

                        Com.:     Leonard Sanderfer
                                        Mack Cook
                                        Birch Shields

Note: Some of the names are misspelled, but this is the way the newspaper published them. Thanks to Janice Brown.

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