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Knights of the Maccabees

"The stars my camp, the Deity my light."

K.O.T.M. – Ohio Co., KY

           The local lodge Knights of the Maccabees gave a lunch and smoker at their regular meeting  time last Thursday  night, which was highly enjoyed by all those present.  Initiatory work was first gone through with, after which came the entertainment.
This lodge has had a phenomenal growth since its establishment here fifteen months ago.  The membership now numbers fifty.  It has especially made itself felt by the good it has done.  The personnel of its membership includes some of the best men of this and adjoining communities.  They have lately purchased a $100 set of paraphernalia, which, together with a well drilled degree team, makes their lodge effects and initiatory exercise first-class and magnificent.

The following roll-call of officers, lately installed:

Sir Knight Commander,   R. T. Collins
Sir Knight Past Commander,   E. B. Pendleton
Sir Knight Lieut. Commander,   Edward Bennett
Sir Knight Record Keeper,   D. E. Thomas
Sir Knight Finance Keeper,   R. R. Riley
Sir Knight Chaplain,   Alva Taylor
Sir Knight Physician,   E. B. Pendleton
Sir Knight Sergeant,   C. P. Nowlin
Sir Knight Master at Arms,   Henry Nall
Sir Knight 1st M. of G.,   Charles Howard
Sir Knight 2nd M. of G.,   Chas. Bach
Sir Knight Sentinel,   S. M. Phillips
Sir Knight Picket,   Chas. Sullenger

Source:  The Hartford Herald, January 13, 1904

History and Beginnings of “The Knights of the Maccabees”
Fraternal Organization


The Knights of the Maccabees began as a fraternal benefit association of a type extremely popular in the United States in the late 1800s. A related but separate organization, Maccabees of the World was also established, the two merging under the title The Knights of the Maccabees of the World (KOTMOTW) later shortened to the Maccabees in 1914.


Fraternal Benefit groups were quite prevalent in the late 19th century. Many insurance companies were not interested in sales to ordinary people, and there was little in the way of safety nets. Groups like the Maccabees provided a margin of protection against catastrophic events along with opportunities for pleasant social meetings and other gatherings.


Originally it operated on an assessment basis: whenever a member died, each living member was assessed 10 cents to go into a pot to provide the widow $1000. After reorganization in 1881, it became much more sophisticated, collecting monthly assessments based on payouts. By the 1890s it provided not only death benefits but also sick benefits, disability benefits, and funeral benefits.
Source:  Internet History

             Sample of Grave Marker

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