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JOHN CHINN, farmer, Ohio County, was born March 31, 1842, and is the eldest of his father's family. His parents were Robert S. and Mary Masterson Chinn, who were both earnest and industrious people and members of the Methodist Church. The former died in December, 1860, and the latter in May, 1875. His grandfather, Rolla Chinn, came from Virginia and settled first in Scott County, and afterward near Hartford, Ohio Co., Ky. Game at that time was exceedingly plenty, as many as fifteen deer having been seen in one drove, and wild turkeys were so plenty that rail pens were built in which hundreds were caught. Mr. Chinn was married on Christmas day, 1867, to Temple D. Sublet, of Warren County, Ky., who was born in 1846. Her father died when she was only three days old, and she was brought up by her step-father, John Pirtle. They have seven children: Annie Lee, Eliza Bertie, Leslie T., Robert Pirtle, Thomas H., Bedford Forest, Grover Cleveland.  Mr. Chinn enlisted in Company C, Ninth Kentucky Infantry, under the command of Capt. John E. Pendleton in the fall of 1861, and served two years and three months. He was captured in the fall of 1863, and was a prisoner two months. At the close of the war Mr. Chinn was penniless, and had his mother, two sisters and a brother to provide for. By industry and perseverance he has earned for them, and has now a pleasant and comfortable home.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note: Mr. Chinn died 6 April 1938 in Ohio County and is buried in Sunnyside Cemetery.

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