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GEORGE RENDER was born in Culpeper County, Virginia, in 1772, and died in Ohio County, Kentucky, on July 20, 1849, at age seventy-seven. He was a son of Robert Render I (1750-1825) and Sarah (Rowe) Render (c. 1752- c.1810). His parents were natives of Culpeper County, Virginia, died there in 1778. He had married Sarah Lewis, the daughter of Surles Lewis of Westmoreland County, Virginia. Robert Render I was a Revolutionary War Veteran. His wife, Sarah (Rowe) Render, was the daughter of George Rowe; and they were married in the year 1771, probably in Culpeper County, Virginia. Having sold their property there, they came to Woodford County, Kentucky, residing there in 1796-1799. While in that County they held membership in the famous Forks of Elkhorn Baptist Church (1788), where the grand old pioneer Baptist Minister, William Hickman (1747-1830), served as the Pastor. There their eldest sons, George and Robert (1775-1861), who were to reach such prominence in Baptist ranks in Ohio County years later, reached early manhood. 

On July 20, 1800, Robert Render I bought 150 acres of land on Lewis Creek, in Ohio County, Kentucky, from Ignatius Pigman, and moved upon it with his family. The area is now called Render. His wife, Sarah (Rowe) Render died about 1810. He died in 1825. Both are buried in the Render Memorial Cemetery at McHenry, Ohio County, Kentucky. From 1800 until their respective deaths, they held membership in the Beaver Dam Baptist Church. The following is recorded in old Minutes of Beaver Dam Church: "The Church met according to appointment, on the fourth Saturday, April, 1804, and after divine service, proceeded to business." The Church granted a letter of admission to Brother Inglebright, then opened the door for the reception of members. Received GEORGE RENDER, ROBERT RENDER, JOSHUA RENDER, John Maddox, Jacob Keel, Mary Shults, Nancy Bays, Polly Atherton, Sarah Leach, Elizabeth Springston and John Atherton by experience." These were duly baptized by the Pastor, Benjamin Tolbert, shortly thereafter. 

George Render was united in marriage to Elizabeth Miller, in Bourbon County, Kentucky, on January 13, 1798. Both George and Elizabeth (Miller) Render are buried in the Render Memorial Cemetery, McHenry, Kentucky, but the tombstone bearing his wife's name gives no dates. She is thought to have died about 1841. 

On October 7, 1797, George Render, then of Woodford County, bought of Ignatius Pigman 125 acres of land in Hardin County (later Ohio County), Kentucky, "on Williams Creek, a draft of Green River," for which he paid $150.00. Having become a member of the Beaver Dam Church, in 1804, George Render served as the Clerk of the Church in 1805-1814. He was ordained to the Baptist Ministry, at the request of the Church at Tanner's Meeting House (now Buck Creek), in 1813, and the Beaver Dam Church acquiesced in it, agreeing to also "travail for a Deacon until next meeting," as he had served as such in 1805-1813. He was ordained by Baptist Ministers Benjamin Tolbert and Joseph Taylor. He served the Tanner's Meeting House Church in 1813-1818; was one of the three Baptist Ministers who assisted in the organization of Walton's Creek Church, in 1814 - Joseph Taylor and Benjamin Tolbert being the other two. He often supplied the pulpit at Walton's Creek in Brother Tolbert's absence, and served as a Moderator at business meetings. He served the Pond Run Church as Pastor in 1841-1842. He joined Baptist Ministers Joseph Taylor and Alfred Taylor in the organization of the Green River Church in 1836; and the New Hope Church, Muhlenberg County, was organized by he and Pastor Alfred Taylor, in 1838. He also served as a Messenger from the Beaver Dam Church to the Gasper River Association in 1813-1814; 1832-1834; and also, as a Messenger to the Red River Association in 1810-1811. 

The Children of George and Elizabeth (Miller) Render were: Thomas Render (b. 1798 - d. 1828); Joshua Render (b. c. 1802 - c. 1831), George Render (b. c. 1804); and Mary "Polly" Render, who married Baruch Austin. They became the parents of Pastor James F. Austin, who served Green River Church three times in the office. He was a grandson of George Render. 

Harrison Taylor said of George Render: "(HE) ... The oldest son, was a preacher, well accepted where he was known, spent most of his time on his farm. He preached only at such suitable times as occurred, receiving no pay or salary from the Churches. He was a man of remarkable strength and melody of voice, which was pleasing and enchanting to his hearers. "George Render's children, so far as recollected, died early in life. Green and George Render, and Reverend James Austin, his only grandchildren, rank among our best citizens." Another said of George Render: "He was highly esteemed for consistent piety, rather than for any superior ability."

A Sesquicentennial History of the Green River Missionary Baptist Church 1836-1986, Written and Compiled by Wendell Holmes Rone, Sr., For the One Hundred And Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Founding Of The Church.

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