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ELLIS JASPER MADDOX: The subject of his sketch, whose parents were A. P. and Remus Maddox, was born in 1859, near Rockport, (Ohio County,) Ky. At the early age of fifteen years he was born again and baptized, the baptizing being done by D. J. K. Maddox, an uncle of the younger Maddox. He was licensed to preach when about twenty-one, at the same time with Bro. H. P. Brown, of West Providence Church, in Ohio County. At the age of twenty-eight, on November 5, 1887, he was ordained to the full work of the Gospel ministry. In June of 1890, he graduated at Bethel College, receiving the A.B. degree in October of the same year, he was married to Ellen Bow, who, with one child, a daughter, survived him. During his stay at Bethel College especially the last three years, in connection with his laborious school work, he began to be quite actively engaged in actual ministerial labors, serving Muddy River Church, of Bethel Association, Mt. Carmel of Gasper River Association, South Carrollton and Sugar Grove of the Daviess County Association. Gradually he was called to other churches near Owensboro, namely: Zion, Southampton and Mt. Carmel. In the meantime he had been called to the care of the Walnut Street Church of Owensboro, which call he declined. At the time of his death he was pastor-elect of Fordsville Church, having previously resigned the care of Mt. Carmel. He departed this life in September, 1895, at the early age of thirty-six, a life short when measured by years, but filled with labors of love for his Master. During his school life his work was a credit to himself as well as to the institution which he attended. His disposition, as shown among his fellow students, was such as to gain their high esteem and love. As a pastor, he endeavored so to fulfill his duties, and did it so well that it was a puzzle to the churches to know whom to secure to succeed him. But he built wisely, and the churches have gone on in the work he was called so early to leave. He was secretary of Daviess County Association in 1893-1895. He served both faithfully and efficiently giving satisfaction to all. The last sermon he preached was one of a series on "The Final Perseverance of the Saints." His last preaching was indicative of his ministerial life. He realized the saving grace of God and felt that he was being kept by that same power. And feeling thus he persevered as a preacher of the gospel. He preached the Annual Sermon before the Association in 1895, the year of his death. 

A HISTORY OF THE DAVIESS-McLEAN BAPTIST ASSOCIATION IN KENTUCKY, 1844-1943" by Wendell H. Rone, Probably published in 1944 by Messenger Job Printing Co., Inc., Owensboro, Kentucky, pp. 335-336. 

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