Saturday, June 27, 2020

William Aston Maddox

          William Aston Maddox, born 31 May 1791, Virginia, son of John Maddox III and Eleanor Aston, died  February, 1866, Ohio County, Kentucky. He is thought to be buried in the Maddox Cemetery, McHenry, Ohio County.

          William married Elizabeth Gray (abt 1797- 1870) on 30 Nov 1815 in Ohio County and they had eight children: John 1820; Thomas 1821; James 1824; Martha E. 1830; William L. 1832; Samuel W. 1834; Daniel A. 1836; and Nancy Jane (Shepherd) 1839. 

          William served with the Confederate Army during the Civil War.  It is thought their home was located near McHenry or Centertown.

          As you can see in his Will, below, he made an agreement with his son Daniel for Daniel to take care of Elizabeth, his wife, until her death, and left his other children only $1.00 each.

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