Saturday, October 19, 2013

Passport Applications - Oscar Edgeworth Bloch - 1899 and 1906

Oscar Edgeworth Bloch, son of Adolph Bloch and Belle Kahn, was born 9 September 1871 in Cromwell, Ohio County. This is the son of the lady below, Mrs. Belle Bloch. Oscar Edgeworth Bloch applied for two passports, the first in 1899 and the second in 1906. He was born in Cromwell and lived in Louisville at the time of both applications.  He was a physician.  His wife was named Katharine. He died 23 June 1951 in Louisville, KY.

Name:  Oscar Edgeworth Bloch
Birth Date:  9 Sep 1871
Birth Place:  Cromwell, Kentucky
Age:   27
Passport Issue Date:  10 Jun 1899
Passport Includes a Photo:   No
Residence:   Louisville, Kentucky

Name:  O. E. Bloch
Birth Date:  9 Sep 1871
Birth Place: Cromwell, Kentucky
Age:  34
Gender:  Male
Passport Issue Date:  2 Mar 1906
Passport Includes a Photo:  No
Residence:  Louisville, Kentucky
Spouse Name: Katharine

Note that his wife, Katharine, accompanied him on this trip.

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