Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Passport Application - Robert Lee Barnes 1919

Robert Lee Barnes, son of Weaver H. Barnes and Avadna Ann Barnes, was born in Prentiss, Ohio County 7 October 1879. Robert's wife was named Pearl. This application tells us that Robert L. Barnes is a Major in the US Army; he served in the Philippines in 1902 - 1907; he was living in Washington, DC in 1919; and he desired to travel to Nicaragua, Panama, Cuba, and the West Indies to investigate business possibilities. Robert died 26 November 1947.

Name:  Robert L. Barnes
Birth Date:  7 Oct 1879
Birth Place:  Prentiss, Kentucky
Age:   39
Passport Issue Date:   24 May 1919
Passport Includes a Photo:   No
Residence:   Washington, District of Columbia
Father Name:  Weaver H. Barnes
Father's Birth Location:   Kentucky
Father's Residence:  Prentiss, Kentucky

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