Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Passport Applications - James H. Anderson - 1922

How lucky you would be if one of your ancestors applied for a passport. The applications often tell us where people are living at the time of the application; some tell what the applicant does for a living; some tell the place where their father lives; some tell the name of the applicant's spouse; some include a photo; and some give detailed physical descriptions.  All-in-all, they contain some interesting information; especially if the application helps you find an ancestor that moved away from Ohio County.

I have found about 80 of these applications and I plan to post them all, although it will take some time to do so.  They will be posted in alphabetic order.  Here is the first:

Name:  James H Anderson
Birth Date:  6 Nov 1862
Birth Place: Point Pleasant, Ohio County, Kentucky
Age:  60
Passport Issue Date:  16 Dec 1922
Passport Includes a Photo:  Yes
Residence:  Knoxville, Tennessee
Father Name:  S. W. Anderson
Father's Birth Location: Pennsylvania
Father's Residence: Owensboro, Kentucky

James Hughes Anderson was born at Point Pleasant, Ohio County, 6 November 1862. He married Annie M. Waller, who predeceased him. He operated a retail store in Knoxville most of his adult life and he died in Knoxville, TN 22 may 1949.

The right part of the first image below is the first page of original Passport Application for James H. Anderson. I do not think the left side of the first image is in any way related to James H. Anderson; it is the previous person in the file. The second image below is the second and third page of the Anderson Application.

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