Monday, December 31, 2012

William Brooks Leach

Went by nickname "Brooks." Nickname taken from newspaper article regarding death of infant child.

Ohio County Court Records: Will Book D,  p. 265, Will of W. B. LEACH, of Horton, Ohio County, KY, gives to wife Lizzie LEACH and his children Francis J. LEACH, Mary W. B. LEACH, James S. LEACH and Decota (sic) B. LEACH, his entire estate, both real and personal, each to share equally with the other. Appoints James F. SULLENGER as Guardian for his three oldest children, Francis, Mary and James. Appoints H. C. LEACH, L. L. TAYLOR and T. H. FAUGHT as executors, to serve without bond, and at their discretion, they may sell and convey any and all of the estate, real and personal, at such time on such terms as they may desire. Asks that the executors make no return of any appraisal or sale bill, all laws to the contrary notwithstanding. Asks that wife, Lizzie LEACH, be Guardian for fourth child, Decota (sic) B. LEACH. Executors to have three years, if necessary, to wind up his estate, and that no suit be brought against them for any legacy herein given until after that time shall have expired. January 16, 1889. J. T. MUIR and William B. DeHAVEN, witnesses. Statement signed by wife, same date, that she has this day had the will of her husband read in her presence and that she is and will be satisfied with the said will and will in no way object or give any trouble after his death. Signed before T. J. SMITH, County Clerk. Probated February Court 1889.

Note: First wife was Mary F. Sullenger, who died 9 May 1884 (Hartford-Herald: May 14, 1884.  The wife of W. B. Leach of Elm Lick died on Fri. last after long illness). Second wife was Elizabeth (Lizzie) H. Atherton. Six children born to first marriage; one child to second marriage. Home was near Rosine, Ohio County, KY.

William Brooks Leach fought for the North in the Civil War. There is a W. B. Leach listed as a member of the Cromwell Home Guards, a volunteer unit that protected Ohio County during the Civil War (June 1861 -  about Jul 1862).  He is listed as a Pvt.  Later, he was in the 17th Kentucky Infantry. Rank: Private; Company or Division: H; Unit/Regiment/Flight: 17th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry; Military Service began: 4 Jan 1862, Calhoon (sic) KY; Military Service ended: 23 Jan 1865, Louisville KY; Source: The Kentucky Adjutant General's Report, p.84.

William Brooks Leach is buried near Horton in an old Family Cemetery with his father Talbott, his first wife, small children and a Kinchen Martin believed to be his Brother- in-Law.  A military headstone was provided by the US Government.

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