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1879-1880 Deaths - Cromwell, Ohio County

1879-1880 Deaths - Cromwell, Ohio County

In 1880 a census was conducted that lists the deaths for nine townships in Ohio County for the previous 12 months (June 1, 1879 through May 31, 1880).  These records are hand written and are difficult to read. Common surnames are recognizable, but unusual names are almost impossible to decipher. Also, the age of death is sometimes difficult to read as is the cause of death. I have done my best to transcribe these documents but I feel certain I have made some errors. I have included a question mark to indicate some of the most difficult words.

Persons who DIED during the year ending March 31, 1880 in Cromwell, Ohio County, KY

Name                             Age   Gender                        Month               Cause
                                                                                  Of Death           of Death

Taylor, Henry C.           5          M                   Sep                  Scarlet Fever
Insler, Ann E.               1/12      F                    May                 unknown
Kuykendall, Tabith        85        F                     May                 Inflammation bowels
Kuykendall, Isabel        1           F                    Mar                  Measles
Draper, Alice A.            1          F                    Sep                  Cholera
Maddox, Willis W.        5          M                    Mar                  Carcinoma?
Calbert, Willie               5          M                   Jan                   Measles
Patterson, Nettie D.      6          F                    Apr                  Pneumonia
Morton, Benn                10/12   M                   Sep                  unknown
Shangler, Wm.              81        M                   Oct                  Cirrhosis
Daniel, Edward             4          M                   Nov                  Croup
Shields, Olive                4          F                    Sep                  Paralysis
Tilford, James               11/12   M                   Feb                  unknown
Shultz, Alvin                  1          M                   Nov                  Measles
Reed, Benj.                   1          M                   Oct                  Measles
Daniel, Alsina               3/12      F                    Dec                  Phthisis

Source:  U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules

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