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The Hartford Herald, February 06, 1889 - Beaver Dam Notes

The Hartford Herald, February 06, 1889


February 4, 1889. Clark Ferguson, son of Mrs. Rachel Ferguson, of this place, came to his death under circumstances peculiarly sad, on Friday evening last. He was in usual health, but had imbibed too freely of whiskey, which he and others procured from Jno. Hall, and perhaps some unknown party. Young Ferguson wag found in the rear of Jesse Shevan's livery stable in a lifeless condition, and all efforts made to resuscitate him by Drs. Taylor, Mitchell and McKinney failed to restore him.

Squire R. T. Render held an inquest I over the body, and the jury, after hearing the testimony of the physicians and others, returned a verdict of death occasioned by an epileptic fit superinduced by alcoholic intoxication. Young Ferguson was just 21 years of age, and was regarded  as a very quiet young man, but alas led astray in an unsuspecting moment. Two other young men, who drank it is supposed of the same liquor --were in a dying condition the same evening, and but for the timely aid of friends and physicians,, who were watching them, would, it is thought, have scarcely recovered. The impression is with some, that the "gray mule," who was in jail some months ago for peddling whiskey, was in the woods, and that his whiskey was badly "doctored." It would be well for the proper authorities to look after these walking dispensers of liquid poison before more serious consequences follow.


Awtrv. Wm. Awtry, Jr., son of Esq. W. M. Awtry, died at his fathers residence near Rosine, Monday, the 4th inst., of inflammation of the brain. Ho was 14 years old.

Wilson. At his homo near Rosine, Saturday, Feb. 2, James Wilson, of paralysis, in the 85th year of his life. Mr. Wilson was one of the first settlers in the eastern part of Ohio county, and has been a leading citizen in this country for a number of years. One by one the old land-marks pass away.

Butler. - Miss Mollie Butler, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Butler, of Shreve, died near Aetnaville last Saturday morning at eight o'clock. Miss Butler had been teaching school near Aetnaville  and contracted a bad case of measles. She was nearly recovered when she took a relapse, from the effects of which she soon died. Miss Butler was at one time a pupil in Hartford College, and is well known in this county. She was respected and loved by all who knew her. The remains were buried at Shreve Monday, and many were the friends who attended this last sad ceremony.

Marriage licenses since our last report: J. E. Keown to L. S. Simpson; H. H. Mabrey to Sallie A. Tichenor; H. B. Burdett  (probably Henry Bennett) to Almeda Leach; Alex King to Resenia Daugherty; Wm. J. Baize to Susan Rice.


V. R. Morton, a noted timber dealer, has cut a White oak log 36 feet long, 6 feet in diameter at the large end and 4 feet at small end. This log was cut on the Rowan land above Livermore, Ky., and will be rafted with other logs and taken to Evansville and delivered to Herman & Son, who will send it to Paris to be exhibited at the exposition there The log was hauled by John Greenwood's team. So, you see Ohio county is to be represented at the great exposition to be held at Paris.

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