Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Leach Family Bible

The following came from J. L. Thomas, Morgantown, KY.  He says he is the grandchild of Margaret J. Leach & Nathaniel J. Thomas.  He furnished copies of two pages from an old Leach Bible.  I obtained a copy of this from the Allen County Public Library, Ft. Wayne, IN (April 2005).

Leach Family Bible (actual words)                 |        Charles Leach comments

(family of Wm. C. and Nancy (nee Leach)

Sallie B. Leach was borned June 22, 1813         |       probably a child of his first    
John H. Leach was borned March 10, 1817       |                  

Lucinda Leach was borned Dec 6, 1818            |       married Ewen Morris

Leonard W. Leach was borned April 15, 1821  |      married Rosanna Morris

R M. Leach was borned June 27, 1823             |                   

Wm. F. Leach was borned Dec 9, 1827            |        married Sarah F. Anglea

Joseph Leach was borned Feb 14, 1835            |                               
wife Kitty Ann

Mary C. Leach was borned Feb 2, 1837            |        married Elizer L. Crowe
(family of Leonard W. & Rosanna
(nee Morris)              

Sarah E. Leach was borned Aug 2, 1843           |         married Henry Allen

Ewen Leach was borned March 29, 1846          |                    

Wm C. Leach was borned March 28, 1848       |                    
married Nancy M.                                                       (Young?)

Nancy E. Leach was borned Oct 1, 1850          |        married Robert Simpson

? H. Leach was borned Feb 1, 1853                  |
Amanda C. Leach was borned Dec 2, 1855       |        married Anthony Maden
Hester A. Leach was borned June 11, 1857       |        married Ezra Young

Leonard C. Leach was borned April 1, 1859      |                                                        
married Ola Cox; buried in O’boro

Margaret J. Leach was borned Sept 1, 1861       |                                
Married Nathaniel J. Thomas; buried Butler Co.


L. W. Leach & Rosana Morris was
married Oct 10, 184?

Note:  This document also says that William C. Leach remarried, after the death of Nancy Leach, to Mary C. Crow (1812-1884), and had four children.  It says the youngest child was Warren C.

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