Monday, August 13, 2012

Browning Genealogy Database

Browning Genealogy Database

Although it might seem like a stretch, I have found some information about the death of several Ohio County, KY residents in this wonderful database. While most of the individuals in this database were residents of Evansville and nearby towns, it is certainly worth the effort to check this resource.

The Browning Genealogy Database is the lifetime work of Charles Browning, who compiled the obituary records of Vanderburgh County and surrounding southwestern Indiana from the Evansville newspapers: The Evansville Courier, The Evansville Press, and now The Evansville Courier and Press. As owner of Browning Funeral Home since 1954, Mr. Browning began 45 years ago compiling and cataloguing obituary records. 
Information on each deceased person listed in the database includes fifteen categories, encompassing age, date of death, survivors, funeral information, cemetery, occupation, and activities.  This attention to detail provides a vital community resource and source for genealogical research.

Currently, the database is complete from the early 1900s to date and is kept up-to-date by the Browning family and the dedicated staff of the Browning Funeral Home. 

The search results are divided into two categories, i.e.  information entered before 1990 and after 1990, with the former being limited to information that was entered on index cards that are viewable, and the latter being saved in a digital format. You can conduct a search by just entering a surname.

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