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I found the following in a book titled History of KY by William Elsey Connelley and E. M. Coulter, Vol 5, published 1922.  

"ANDERSON D. PARK, M. D. While one of the busiest physicians at Rockport, where he began practice after graduating in medicine twenty years ago, Doctor Park is perhaps even better known for his active leadership in business affairs. He has been president of the Rock­port Deposit Bank from its establishment, has several other active business interests, and at the same time has been deeply concerned with movements representing the civic enterprise of his locality. Doctor Park was born at Olaton in Ohio County, Ken­tucky, January 31, 1875. The Park family is of Scotch ancestry. From Scotland they first moved to Nova Scotia, but established a home in Pennsylvania in the Colonial period of history.     

Doctor Park's grandfather was born near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and spent most of his life there on a farm. He lived for a few years at Dayton, Ohio, and late in life came to Ohio County, Kentucky, and died near Olaton in 1861. He married a Miss Fitzgerald, a native of Maryland, who also died in Ohio County.

Jesse B. Park, father of Doctor Park, was born at Dayton, Ohio, in 1826, and was about fourteen years of age when the father moved to Ohio County, Ken­tucky, in 184o. He became a farmer near Olaton, and when the Civil war came on he espoused the Union cause and enlisted in Company B of the Seventeenth Kentucky Infantry. He was in service about a year, participating in the battle of Shiloh. He always voted as a republican and was an active member of the Meth­odist Episcopal Church. Jesse B. Park who died near Olaton in 1879, married Mrs. (Iler) Daniel, who was born near Rosine in Ohio County in 1832 and died at Hartford, this state, in 1911. They were the parents of five children: Joseph, a farmer near Horse Branch, Ohio County; James F., a rural mail carrier living at Hartford; Janie, wife of Lee Mason, a merchant at Rockport; Fannie, who died at Olaton in 1894, wife of Henry Felix, now a farmer at Olaton; and Anderson D.

Anderson D. Park was four years old when his father died, but he grew up in the country district of Ohio County and had his first advantages in the rural schools there. In intervals of other employment he acquired a liberal education both in general subjects and medicine. He attended Hartford College at Hartford, Kentucky, and in 1897 received the Bachelor of Science degree from the West Kentucky College at South Carrollton. For two years he was a student in the Hospital College of Medicine at Memphis, and completed his course with one year in the Hospital College of Louisville, where he graduated in 1901. Doctor Park at once began practice at Rockport, and his work has identified him with this community continuously except for six months during 1905-06, when he had his office in Hartford. His professional offices are in the Rockport Deposit Bank Building.

The Rockport Deposit Bank was opened to business in January, 1904. It is a state bank, has capital of $15,000, surplus and profits of $7,500, and deposits of $75,000. The officers are A. D. Park, president; Ernie Curtis. vice president, and C. H. Fraim, cashier. Doctor Park has been president and active head of this institu­tion from the time of its organization. He is also a stockholder and manager, secretary and treasurer of the Rockport Lumber Company, Inc. This is a business operating saw mills on the bank of the Green River along the Illinois Central track, and manufacturing rough lumber, beams, and other hardwood products.

Doctor Park represented Ohio County in the State Legislature during the Sessions of 1904, and for four years served as town trustee of Rockport. He is a republican and was prominently associated with the various war activities in Ohio County.

In 1903, at Hartford, he married Miss Ida Smith, daughter of Joseph H. and Diana (Platt) Smith, both now deceased. Her father was a stationary engineer in the mines at Echols, Kentucky. Doctor and Mrs. Park have four children: Helen, born August 3, 1906, a student in the Rockport High School; Woodrow, born October 21, 1910; Edmund, horn February 21, 1915; and Dorothy, born December 24, 1918."

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