Saturday, May 4, 2019

Joseph A. Foreman

Joseph A. Foreman was born 4 Jul 1880 in Hartford, KY.  Joseph’s wife was Elizabeth Brown, who was born 22 Nov 1884 in San Francisco; her mother’s family was originally from Louisville.  They had two daughters,  Josephine Elizabeth Foreman and Phyllis Catherine Foreman, both born in San Francisco, CA.

Near the end of the Spanish-American War Joseph traveled to the Philippines to work and stayed there a few years. He returned to San Francisco about 1905 and stayed there the rest of his life. He married in 1908. Joseph died in San Francisco 24 Feb 1955 and is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Colma, CA.  His WWII Draft Registration says he was 5’11” and weighed 162 pounds:

I have not been able to identify Joseph’s father. Joseph’s grandmother, who raised him and lived to be age 104, is shown in the 1900 census living in Hartford and is listed as Amy Nall, age 70 (born Jun 1829, died 1934).   

Most of this information was found in an oral history book concerning Joseph’s daughter, Josephine E. (Foreman) Cole, who was quite famous.  A library was named for her in San Francisco. The oral history book is dated 8 my 1978 and is about 85 pages long; I have copied the first 9 pages that are primary references to Josephine’s father (since he was born in Hartford) but there is a reference on page 48 of the book to the Sandefur family, which were referred to as white neighbors of the Foreman family (in the book their name is spelled Sannifers).

Josephine Elizabeth (Foreman) Cole

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